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among the Aristocracy of England is, to by Mr. Birks for the Association on the soften down the prejudices which have exis- Evening of Nov. 5, in Fitzroy Episcopal ted against the Church of Rome, but which Chapel, price 2d. are, unhappily, fast disappearing from among FOREIGN.-The Russian Provinces on English Society - Liverpool.Plans for a the Baltic.Treatment of the Protestants.Popish cathedral on a grand scale have been The latest news from these provinces is of a submitted by Mr. Pugin. Its length will be most melancholy nature. The work of Rus400 feet. The cost will exceed £ 100,000. sianizing the people is proceeding unhinSubscriptions of £ 500 to £ 2,000 each are dered. The people are of the Esthonian or already spoken of.

Lithuanian race, and since the Reformation IRELAND. - Converts from Popery.- have become Lutherans, fond of their Bibles, On Sunday, Nov. 9, nine Roman Catholics hymn-books, and clergy. Attempts are read their recantation from Popery in the being made, as with the Roman Catholic parish church of St. Audeon's, Dublin, and population of Russia, to induce these Prowere received into the Church of England testants to enter the Greek Church. The by the Rev. T. Scott, a most zealous and Protestant theological seminary at Dorpat excellent clergyman, who preached on the is likely to be extinguished. The authorioccasion to a very full congregation. The ties are taking advantage of the present want Dublin Packet states that more than thirty and destitution amongst the peasantry, and respectable inhabitants of Dingle, in the offering money to those who enter the Greek county of Kerry, have lately renounced Church. But few of the evangelical clergy, Popery and become Protestants. --The it is expected, will soon be required, whose Infidel Colleges.—The Dublin Warder salaries will then be cut down by the Gostates that Priest Kirwan has been appointed vernment to the lowest possible amount. The to the professorship of the new College at result of this cannot be doubtful.-From the Galway, and his appointment notified to him Allgemeine Zeitung.- Turkey.The Laby the Chief Secretary in a disgustingly zarist priests, who are missionaries confulsome letter. The following is an extract: nected with the Propaganda, and under the "His Excellency is induced to select you direction of the Jesuits, have for some time for that important post, in consideration of established themselves at Bebec, on the your connection with the county of Galway, banks of the Bosphorus, about four miles as a minister of the Roman Catholic reli- from Pera. They have established colleges, gion in one of its most extensive parishes, and schools for children, the latter under and in deference to the testimonials in your the care of the Sisters of Charity at Bebec, favour which his Excellency has received.” Smyrna, Aleppo, Alexandria, Damascus, Even the Evening Packet, which usually Beyrout, and many other neighbouring losupports the ministerial policy, terms this calities. The French Government have for "a gross violation of all public decency.It some time taken the Lazarists and their calls loudly for no less than “ everlasting establishments under their protection, and shame" upon the Government of Sir Robert now, as in the South Seas, Popery and Peel for this pro-Popery act. This appoint- French interests go hand-in-hand. -ment is pretty significant of the intention of Baden.More Anti-Catholic Movements. Government to allow the “ godless colleges" The Augsburg Gazette announces that a reto become in the hands of the Popish faction, form movement is beginning to manifest that which the Irish national schools are itself amongst the Popish clergy of Baden. Popish schools. Another priest, named United States. The New York Herald Kane, has been appointed President of the states that a movement, somewhat similar to “godless” college at Cork. ---Fifth of that commenced by Ronge in Germany, has November.-The anniversary of the Gun- recently originated among the Roman Capowder plot, and of the landing of King tholics of Cincinnati. It seems that a William, was well kept up at Derry, Saint- Church has been organized there in direct field, Downpatrick, Ardmore, Inniskillen, and avowed opposition to the domination of &c. The lodges mustered in great strength the Pope and the hierarchy of the Romish and attended divine service; and during the Church. A number of the most intelligent day there were various rejoicings. At and influential Roman Catholics in that Ardmore the Papists attacked the Protes- region have associated themselves together tants, who were quietly passing.

in perfect independence of the Papal See. The Protestant Association has just pub- The distinctive tenets of the Romish Church lished “ Twelve Letters on the Act of last are to be rigidly maintained, with its rites, Session," (The Maynooth Endowment Act,) ceremonies, and sacraments; a priest has by the Rev. T. R. Birks, M.A., Rector of been authorized by the people to minister to Kelshall, price 6d.; also the Sermon preached them with all the imposing ceremonial of the Church from which they depart.---Abridged three hundredth anniversary of the opening from the Times, Nov. 20.- Belgium.-In of the Council of Trent. Those prelates the recent debates in the senate, on the pro- have addressed circulars to each of their ject of address, in reply to the King's speech, curés on this subject, and with each of the it was objected to the new Government, by circulars they have sent, to be distributed some speakers, that contrary to public opi- among the faithful, a large number of copies nion, as clearly manifested at the recent of a Romish Catechism, printed at Rome, elections, it had been re-modelled on a sys- at the end of which is the bull which protem as favourable as ever, if not more so, to nounces anathemas against Luther and his the Roman Catholic or Jesuit party, and followers. These are significant acts, at a that that party still continued to exercise moment when all Germany is each day beconsiderable influence in it (the Govern- coming more interested in religious quesment). - Bavaria.—The Morning Herald, tions. All this proves the serious danger Nov. 20, has the following :-A letter from which threatens the Church of Rome in Munich, of the 12th inst., says,—“The elec- Germany. What will be the effect of these tions of our deputies have been brought to a acts of Rome ? that of the wind upon a fire close in almost every locality. The greatest -to fan the flame.“ The Augsburg Ganumber of the former ones, and particularly zette confirms the rumour of the speedy those who were remarked for their zeal for publication of an encyclical letter by the Catholicism, have been worsted in the elec- Pope, addressed to the German clergy, on toral struggle.”

the subject of the new reformation in that The German Catholic Church.-L'Espe- country.”—Dublin Warder.--Popery unrance, of Nov. 7, has the following :-The changed. When the deputation to the Jews, German Catholic Church is steadily increas- from the Church of Scotland, landed at ing; it has lately held a Council at Stut- Leghorn, they thought there could be no gard, when Ronge was present, which has crime in giving away a few tracts in a free been followed by one at Berlin, the delibera- port. They gave eight Gospel tracts to as tions in which were of an exceedingly inter- many men, who carried up their luggage. esting and important nature. This Church Scarce an hour elapsed ere an officer apis strengthening itself. It is quite a new peared, inquiring if they had distributed body in the religious world. The separation these tracts. Their whole books were from Rome is definitive-it is an act of the straightway carried off, and themselves most decided character, and there is not the summoned before the commissary of police slightest probability of a return to the pre- without delay. The result was, that, on the vious state of things. L'Univers is exceed- censor's report, many of their tracts were ingly rejoiced at the conversion of Mr. kept, and along with them all copies of Newman. Without denying the importance Keith on the Prophecies, as containing inof this event, which we regard rather as a terpretations opposed to those of the Church good than an evil, we repeat that the move- of Rome; that the members of the deputament commenced in England by Pusey is tion were commanded immediately to leave nothing, compared to that which Ronge has Leghorn, and had passed on them a sentence accomplished in Germany. In the former, of perpetual banishment from the Tuscan several ecclesiastics have caused the stir ; in doninions. In Sardinia, every Bible is the latter, the masses have separated with or taken out of the people's hands by the without their priests. The Bishop of Bres- Popish Government. Protestantism is oplau is preparing to launch his anathemas posed in Belgium by the priests threatening against two priests who have become con- every proprietor who may seem inclined to verted; they write from Bonn, that all the grant a spot on which a Protestant church Popish archbishops and bishops of Germany might be built, with being allowed to drop have received an invitation from Rome to into hell without the rites of his Church-a celebrate with great pomp the approaching threat commonly successful.


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Isaiah viii. 20. “ If they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them."







We are drawing to the close of a most eventful year,-a year during which much has been done to establish Popery, and much also to promote and establish Protestantism.

Great activity has pervaded, and still pervades, each party. The end is not yet. Rome's efforts are prodigious—without a parallel — and, according to her own foresight, she seems sure of victory. The race, however, is not always to the swift, nor the battle always to the mighty.

There is another agency than that of man at work. The struggle is between the truth of God and the lies of Satan. And we know with whom the victory will be.

Defeat may, for awhile, seem to follow defeat, and disaster to crowd upon disaster, but they who are on the side of truth are on the winning side. All that is pure and holy and religious is with them, and the Lord Jesus, for whose truth they contend, is with them.

They, however, who are on the side of error, are on the losing side ; prosperity may seem to smile upon them, and each effort to be crowned with success; but it is only to prepare for a more fatal ruin, that shall be “speedy, sudden, terrible.”

A knowledge of futurity does not belong to man, except in those cases where He, to whose mind the past, the present, and the future are one, has been pleased to reveal it, and then the exact period at which predicted events are to take place is oftentimes wisely hid from man.

But the broad outlines of prophecy are given to direct and guide us, to be a light to our feet, and a lantern to our paths. Especially with reference to Rome do we seem to need such light.

Though the truths of the Gospel are so plain, that the simplest mind may comprehend, embrace them, and be saved—there are also mysteries, into which the wisest of mankind, aided by mere human wisdom, seek to dive in vain. In the present times, when so many efforts are made to mystify the doctrines of Christianity, to assimilate Popery to Protestantism, and Protestantism to Popery, and so to amalgamate truth with error, that they too often succeed in mystifying themselves and others, is it not a great and gracious boon to have the sure word of prophecy ? to be able to point out Rome as Babylon ?-Popery as the predicted Apostasy? To say to those who would draw off others from the simplicity of truth, as the truth is. in Jesus—who would entangle in the maze of Jesuitical refinement, or scholastic subtleties—we have the more sure word of prophecy, whereunto we do well to take heed ?

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