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Belvidere, in Great Denmark Street, facing does the Jesuit or ultramontane party. Bien Great George Street North; in the splendid Social has been plentifully abused by the Chapel and Presbytery of St. Xavier, Upper French bishops, who are now trying to put Gardiner Street; in the School and adjoin- it down. Some few months since, a great ing Monastery, Margaret Place, North stir was made in France, in consequence of Circular Road; and at Drumcondra House, a young Protestant female having been purchased for a trifle from the New Corpo- stolen from a boarding school by priests, to ration of Dublin, where they have a college be educated as a Papist. A similar event for missionaries.

has just taken place at Privas. A ProtestCOLONIAL.-Grenada.–Five new Po- ant named Garay, had placed his daughter, pish Churches are being erected in this 13 years of age, with a Romish family, for island.

education. À Jesuit priest named Robin, FOREIGN.- Norway.The Storthing

of Louvesc, stole her away, and placed her of this country has imitated our own foolish

in a convent. When justice, urged to the and suicidal act in granting emancipation to

discovery by the unhappy parent, traced the the Romanists of Norway. A Church and

child, the Jesuit fied from one place to anoSchool are about to be erected at Christiana. ther

ther with his prey, and it was not until after Belgium.-A correspondent of the Record,

many months that the father recovered pos(English) June 30th, writes thus:-“I

session of his daughter. The Jesuit fled to

Belgium, “the classic ground of Jesuitism," send you an extract from a Brussels paper, which will more than bear out what you have

and a number of priests and others concerned said on the subject of Continental manners.

in this kidnapping affair, have been tried in That the passion of our blessed Saviour (it a

ii a court of justice, and notwithstanding strong is shocking to write the words) should be

evidence, and the clear testimony of the child made part of a dramatic amusement, and !

they had stolen, were acquitted. This case exhibited on a Sunday to a mixed crowd of is only one among many others. play-goers, as the sequel of a spectacle, the The Popish Propaganda.The following first part of which consisted of conjurer's document has appeared in the papers, which tricks, dancing, Indian games, and comic shews the activity of this proselyting college : interludes, might have appeared incredible; Roman Catholic Missions.—The receipts of it was nevertheless the every-day amusement the Association for the propagation of the in Brussels, in the month of May last. The Catholic faith amounted in 1844 to 4,035,207 Record gives the play-bill in French. The francs, and the expenditure to 3,743,908 following is a translation of the last part:- francs, leaving a balance in the receipts of • La Spectacle will be closed by the 291,299 francs.” The amount of contriPASSION OF OUR SAVIOUR JESUS butions in the different nations is specified: CHRIST; in which the various stations that under the head of The British Islands (places) will be represented. In the last and Colonies, is 236,914 frs. (about £ 9450). view, the theatre will undergo a change; The Dublin Warder remarks “ The sum angels and cherubims will be seen to des- above set down for the British islands and cend; at that moment, the Saviour will take colonies is only about £ 1000 per annum his Ascension to heaven, in the midst of more than that which is subscribed by Roclouds, and the theatre will be entirely illu- mish Ireland alone, to the funds of the Prominated by fires of various colours. This paganda. By this it is plain that Ireland is last view will be finest and most imposing.'able to do alone the whole proselyting work France.—A Journal has lately been estab- of Popery for Britain. How wise, then, and lished in this country by several Roman how generous, is it not, for Peel to come to Catholics. It is entitled Bien Social ; its the help of the Pope, and to do the work by object is to expose certain abuses in the the funds of Parliament, so as to free the Romish Church in France, and may be said Irish subscriptions to the Propaganda, for to represent the moderate party, as L'Univers some extensive and active operation."


Published under

the direction of



PROTESTANT DEPOSITORY 124, Oxford-street ;

at 11, Exeter Hall; SIMPKIN, MARSHALL & Co.


W. DAVY & Sox,] Seven Shillings per Hundred, for Distribution.


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Martin Luther most vehemently de- till that moment was a priest of the Church claimed against this.

of Rome, and probably never thought of “How," said he, “has the devil dressed being otherwise. But seeing the blind up dead bones, garments, and vessels, into superstitions in which the people were inthe holy bones, garments, and vessels ! how volved, and how their spiritual guides were confidently have men believed all impudent aiding, instead of seeking to dissipate the liars. How have they crowded on the pil- delusion, he addressed to the Bishop of grimages. All this, the Pope, the bishops, Treves a bold, powerful, and eloquent letter the priests, and the monks, have confirmed, upon the subject. or at all events, they have been silent, and . « Laurahtüte, 1st October, 1844. quietly received the money and offerings, “ Christian friends of the nineteenth cenwhile the people go astray.”

tury, you have heard,—you know it, ye men In the year 1655, and again in the year of Germany, and you, ye German teachers 1810, this coat was made the object of a of religion and learning, that what would general pilgrimage to Germany; and in the once have sounded in our ears as mere fable year 1844, the public exhibition of this pre- and delusion, is neither fable nor delusion, tended relic took place, to which we now but truth and certainty! Bishop Arnoldi, refer.

of Treves, has exhibited, as an object of We call it a pretended relic of the holy religious contemplation and adoration, a coat, because we believe it to be nothing garment, designated the Coat of Christ! more. Such pretended relics, as in our own According to the last report, no less than country, pretended to work miracles, during 500,000 persons have already made a pilthe dark ages of Popery, ere the light of the grimage to this relic." Reformation had burst upon our forefathers, From addressing the people generally, and taught them to reject these lying won- with great power and at great length, he ders, and to cast their idols to the moles turns to Bishop Arnoldi, and thus apostroand to the bats.

phises him: But the exhibition of 1844, took place “ Bishop Arnoldi, of Treves, I turn to under circumstances which aggravate yet you, and in virtue of my vocation and office more the guilt of those who contrived and as a priest, as a teacher of the German sanctioned it. Pope Leo X. had pronoun- people, and in the name of Christianity, in ced in favour of the coat at Treves, by his the name of the German nation, and in the Bull of February, 1514 ; but the present name of all public instructors, I call upon Pope by his brief of 22nd August, 1843, you to put a stop to the unchristian expogives the same character to the coat depo- sition of the holy vestment, and withdraw it sited at Argenteuil ; and to crown the whole, from public view, that the scandal which it whilst this Roman Pontiff believes, or pro- has already occasioned be not further infesses to do so, that the real holy coat is in creased! For do you not know--as Bishop the church of Argenteuil, he yet authorises you ought to know that the founder of the a pilgrimage to the fictitious one at Treves ! Christian religion bequeathed to his disciples

Doubtless, a pilgrimage to either would and his followers, not His coat, but His be of equal benefit to the deluded pilgrims. Spirit? His coat, Bishop Arnoldi, of Treves, Still, they went in crowds; and up to Octo- fell to the lot of his executioners! Do you ber last year, it was calculated that more not know-as Bishop you ought to know than 500,000 had visited Treves.

that Christ taught, God is a Spirit, and In the late pilgrimage, as soon as the they that worship Him must worship Him different files of pilgrims entered the cathe- in spirit and in truth?' And He may be dral, a signal was given, upon which they worshipped everywhere, not only in the all prostrated themselves before the relic, Temple at Jerusalem, on Mount Gerizim, and worshipped it, singing a hymn, begin- or at Treves, before the holy coat; do you ning with these words, Höly coat, pray for not know—as Bishop you ought to knowus!” many crying out, “O holy coat, we that the Gospel expressly forbids the worpray to thee ! ” and other similarly impious ship of every image and of every relic?" adjurations.*

The animating address thus concludes :But the spirit of Ronge seems to have “Finally; you, my dear brethren in the been aroused by this, as the spirit of Luther ministry, whose sole aims and wishes centre before had been by the sale of indulgences, in the welfare of your flocks, the honour, and hence has resulted a conflict between liberty, and happiness of your country, keep truth and error, light and darkness, such as no longer silence! you sin against religion, has not been known for centuries. Ronge against your native land, against your holy * Apostolical Christians, p. 20.

calling, if you longer hesitate to give effect

to your better convictions. I have already Disciple. Since to answer you in detail addressed you elsewhere, and, therefore, would occupy too long a time, I will speak confine myself to these few brief lines. to you only of the Apocryphal Books and of Prove yourselves to be the true disciples of Tradition. Him who sacrificed all for truth, light, and Stranger.- What are the Apocryphal liberty; prove that you have inherited, not Books ? His coat, but His Spirit!

Disciple. They are ancient writings, in “JOHANNES RONGE, which are found certainly some good things,

Catholic Priest.* especially as to the history of the people of The effect of this has been prodigious: God; but they were not written in the “This protest was copied into every news- Hebrew language, the Jewish Church did paper, and read with avidity by both Roman not receive them, our Saviour and the AposCatholics and Protestants. At Leipsic alone tles never quoted them, and they contain an edition of 50,000 was sold during the first things contrary to the Word of God: for fortnight. All felt that this one extraordi- example, the justification of the sinner by nary man had given utterance to the thoughts his merits, sorcery, commendation of suicide and feelings of thousands. The echo of his and assassination, lies, &c.; and besides words reverberated through the glens and which, the primitive Christian Church never mountains of his native land, nor did they admitted them as inspired. die away till they were caught up by the Stranger. And the Romish Church does distant hills along the banks of the Rhine, this? and awakened a deep response in the northern Disciple.-Yes, and anathematises those capitals of the empire." +

who do not receive them as divine. She For this Ronge has been excommunicated. also quotes them in support of certain of But if this work now commenced be of God, her doctrines : for example, prayers for the it cannot so be stopped, but will progress in dead. spite of all the opposition excited against it. Stranger. But is it not said, that Pro

We could wish the intrepid man had taken testants receive them also ? more gospel ground as the basis of his Disciple.—Some Protestants, according to opposition to Popery. To overturn error is ancient custom, still place them at the end one thing; to build up the truth is another; of the Old Testament, but they always warn and we look forward to the overthrow of the reader that they are not divine. HowPopery, only that the truth as it is in Jesus, ever in the present day but few Protestant may be established on its ruins.

Bibles contain them. Oh! may Ronge, and those who with Stranger.—That is the reason, perhaps, him, at the sacrifice of friends, country, why the priests say that the Protestant family endearments, the risk of life itself, Bibles are incomplete. are now entering upon an arduous conflict Disciple.--I suppose so. But as this reagainst the dark apostacy, be aided with proach attaches also to the Bible of the light and wisdom and strength from on high Saviour and the Apostles, it need not disequal to their day, as they will if rightly quiet you. You will agree that if I have asking it; and may their exertions not only the same Old Testament which the Lord be instrumental in pulling down the strong. Jesus had, I certainly have it complete. holds of error, but in the setting up of that Stranger.--And what, I pray you, is Trakingdom which is righteousness, peace, and dition ? joy in the Holy Ghost.

Disciple.--It is, says the Romish Church, doctrine, and practice also, transmitted ver

bally, and not by writing, from the Apostles MANUAL OF THE TRUE

to their first disciples, and from them to PROTESTANT;

those who succeeded them, and these are Or, Short Answers of a Disciple of the Bible what that Church calls the Unuritten Word to the principal questions of the Romish of God. They are found, Rome says, in the controversy. By Dr. Cæsar Malan, of writings of the Fathers of the Church, and veneva. (Translated from the French.) in the decisions of the first Councils; and FIRST CONTROVERSY—THE BIBLE.

you will understand that it is not a little

labour to search for them, collect them (Continued from p. 60.)

together, and above all to verify them. Stranger.-Do the Romanists then add to Stranger.-I understand; but if tradition the Bible ?

really came from the Apostles, why reject * See Apostolical Christians, &c., p. 23, 27.

it ? + Ibid., p. 28.

Disciple.--You do well to say IF; for that is essential. As there could be no contra- Stranger.—Is that the reason why the dictions in inspired men, it is evident that Pope prohibits his Church from reading the tradition, which in many points contradicts Bible in the vulgar tongue ? the doctrine of the Apostles, is not apos- Disciple. That Bull only repeats pretolical.

vious prohibitions. The Index of the CounBesides, if this tradition is divine, why cil of Trent had before prohibited the reading does one part differ from another, whether of the Bible to the people. The Inquisition as to its contents, which have nothing in had burnt in Spain, in France, and in the common; or as to its order of position, Low Countries, those who contrary to that which varies ?

order dared to possess or read the Bible; Lastly, if divine, how is it that the most and Pope Leo XII., in 1824, anathematised important part of tradition, the decretals, are Bible Societies, in styling them "scourges found to be in a great part only the clever and poisoned pastures.” work of a certain bishop of the ninth cer- Thus the present Pope shews that he is tury ?

that which the Bible declares him to be, the Before this discovery was made, the de- man, or the power," who opposeth and excretals were everywhere received, affording alteth himself above all that is called God." strong support to the doctrines and rights (2 Thess. ii. 4.) Those at Rome and many of Rome. What becomes of them since other places, who have ventured to read the the falsehood has been discovered?

Bible in Italian, have been put into prison. You see then if tradition comes from the Stranger.-Nevertheless the Latin was at Apostles. At the same time you will ob- one time the common language : the people serve whether the six commandments of the then read the Bible in their own tongue. Church, which Rome receives especially by Disciple. The priests do not like to be tradition, as the feasts, the Eucharist, fast- reminded of this; since the Romanists of ing, confession, abstinence from meat, &c., France, or any other country, would have are not what the Bible calls commandments some reason in wishing to have the Bible in of men, (Matt. xv. 9, Col. ii. 16—23,) and their own language, and consequently the lies in hypocrisy of those who depart from the Pope would be made to appear to have comfaith.(i Tim. iv. 1-5.)

mitted a great error in interdicting it. It is then the Bible, the whole Bible, and The people, if they like, may read in their the Bible only, that Protestants receive and own language the writings of the most licenfollow.

tious poets and romancers; but not the Stranger.-In what language are you per- Holy Bible. They may also, or rather they mitted to read it ?

ought, to study the Epistles of the Popes ; Disciple.--Always in that which we un- but not those of the first of those Popes, as derstand; for since the Bible is the revela- they are pleased to style St. Peter. Here tion of the grace of God to man, and as it is the Head of the Church of Rome is absoto all men, to the poor and the “ simple” lute : the Bible, in intelligible language, is as much as to the rich and learned, that prohibited ; and even the desire is a sin, wisdom speaks, (Prov. viii. 4, 5,) it is neces- which every diligent priest ought to cause sary that the language should be so plain, to be expiated by penances. that even the most simple can understand it. Stranger.--I think that, at least, their

You see also that God, on the day of Latin Bible is a faithful version. Pentecost, by his Holy Spirit, gave the Disciple.—That Bible, which is called the ability to speak the language of every people, Vulgate, because Jerome, the first author of to those whom he sent to proclaim his grace this version, made it for the people, * is so to the world; for the angel is described as far from being correct, that it is found to be “ having the everlasting gospel to preach contrary to the sacred text in two thousand unto them that dwell on the earth, and to instances. every nation and kindred and tongue and Stranger.— Thus then the Church of people.”—(Rev. xiv.)

Rome never positively knows what God has Stranger.—Why then do the priests read revealed to man. the Bible, and but a very small portion of it, Disciple.-"The more ignorant the people in Latin only ?

are,” says one of their doctors, “ the more Disciple.-It is perhaps to keep up an meritorious is their faith.” appearance of antiquity, as the Latin was “Let them hear the Church, and that will the language of the Romans in the time of suffice : for it is the Church which comprethe Apostles; it is also, perhaps, that the hends and interprets the Bible; and it is the people may not be able to compare that the common or rather the vULGAR people, as which the Church of Rome teaches with the they were formerly, but not offensively, termed.Word of God.


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