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vinists. Throughout the whole of this matter ing majority we ought to endow. I confess, they have taken a most prominent part; I my lord, that the most startling part of this thank them-I hail them as brethren; we whole subject, is not the measure itself, but are brethren in arms, and rivals only in re- the infidel principles broached in the disnown. Our Independent and Baptist bre-cussion. If the principle of a national esthren, the last body of Nonconformists, also tablishment depends for its existence solely have fought nobly. God grant that this on majorities, it is not worth keeping up for union, begún under so favourable auspices, another twelvemonth. It is indefensible. and cemented round the altars of our father But truth depends upon no such basis. If land, may never be dissolved in feeling or the whole of this hall were to catch some sympathy until the Church in grace be lost dreadful inspiration of the damned, and to in the Church in glory—the Church militant cry out with fearful infatuation and with in the splendour of a cloudless millennial unanimous shout, that Popery is truth; and morn, and the Church of Britain has become if but one child stood forth in that gallery the Church of mankind. You have heard at the other end, and exclaimed that Popery the ancient fable of the woodman, who ap- is false, and Protestantism true; that child plied to the trees to give him wood sufficient would be right, and the whole hall would be to make a handle for his axe, and at last wrong. We do not count heads for orthofound a tree stupid enough or traitor enough doxy-we appeal to texts alone. Truth reto give him a branch; possessed of which, mains truth, when we must follow her to the he instantly set to work and hewed down the stake; falsehood remains falsehood, when whole forest. Daniel O'Connell applied to all the riches of the earth are piled upon her the Church of England, but has got no altars, and the embroidery of the world is handle, or a very rotten one; he tried the heaped upon her shrines. “To the law, Church of Scotland and has gotten a few and to the testimony; if they speak not rotten sprigs, and these do not fit; the according to this word, it is because there is Wesleyans will not give even a twig; and I no light in them.” hope the old disturber will get no handle for It has been urged, that the Church of his axe, or one that will snap asunder, and Rome merely holds a little more than we so these majestic and glorious olden trees, do, and that as she embraces all that we that have been the beauty and bulwark of hold, she must have as great a chance of Old England, will yet flourish, when his salvation as we have. This may be matheremains moulder at their roots.

matics, but it is not morals. You are aware, It has been earnestly urged, that the that the most celebrated and authoritative measure will produce peace. Í value peace, formulary of that Church is the Creed of and I wish it universally prevailed; but Pope Pius IV.; the first twelve articles of it peace, let it be remembered, is not a root constitute the Nicene Creed, and belong to it is only a product. Truth is the stem- the year 325; the last twelve articles of it peace is the blossom. Cut down the blos- constitute the Popish creed, strictly so som, and the stem will hear the accents of called, and belong to the year 1564. It is returning spring, and again throw forth perfectly true, that both Churches do hold beauteous buds, to be unfolded in more the Nicene creed. But here is the difference beauteous blossoms; but cut down the stem, --we receive the articles of that creed in eradicate the root, and no sun will make order to believe them, but she welcomes bud or blossom appear any more. Sir them as Jael welcomed the traveller-to pin Robert Peel is trying, honestly but impo- him to the earth and destroy him. Herein tently, to produce peace without truth is “the mystery of iniquity.” She shows the blossom without the stem. And even you twelve panes of glass, and bids you peace may be purchased at too high a price. mark how the rays of the sun pour into the If the endowment of Popery be eventually room through them; and when she has inthe disendowment of one Church in Ireland, troduced you, she puts twelve shutters upon and the extermination in the long run of all them, and leaves you to the dim lights of the others, I fear we shall find our Irish her traditions. She shows you twelve tum, peace purchased at too dear a rate. Ireland blers of pure water, taken from a good must be Protestant before it be peaceful. spring; but then she lets fall into them The God of heaven has pronounced its cha- twelve drops of prussic acid. Most pure, racter--"they say, Peace, peace, when there no doubt, is the water; but such is the virus is no peace."

of the additional element, that it neutralises It has been argued also, that there is an and poisons the whole. overwhelming majority of Roman Catholics It is said, that Popery is now a changed in Ireland, and the creed of the overwhelm- religion, and that it is absurd to rake up


obsolete canons, and fling them like mud in standards. By so doing, you pour oil upon the face of the modern Church of Rome. the flame, you add fuel to the smouldering This argument involves the admission, that fires, and nourish, unintentionally it may be, the Church of Rome has been something the very enmity you would quell. Should worse than we see it now. But it overlooks it be permitted, in the providence of God, the fact, that her canons are stereotyped. that England should be plunged in foreign She is a fixture. She is infallible; she is, war, let her continue at peace with God, by therefore, unchangeable. Prove to her peo- loyalty to His will, and she will emerge from ple that one stone has fallen from her arch, war like gold from the furnace. To escape that one article of her faith has been re- war with man, we may not rush into war pealed, and you prove that she has ceased with God. Wellington's laurels, bright, ento be what she pretends to be-infallible; during, imperishable, (oh! that there had and thus the main element of her witchery not been among them one fading leaf!) were is gone. I know, the Roman Catholic will not the produce solely of his transcendant thank you to say she is changed; but he genius, or of the bravery of his brave sol. laughs in his sleeve at your folly, and diers, but of the prayers of England's firepockets the fruits of your delusion. He sides and widows and orphans. While our believes that she has undergone no change; country was Protestant, her armies swept that she remains in her persecuting prin- wide Europe, and left the impress of their ciples, the same as when Dominus Dens prowess wherever they left the vestiges of lighted his fires in Ireland, or Dominick his their presence; and, befriended and blessed in Spain. Semper eadem is her motto; or, of Him to whom the shields of the earth to give you the Irishman's translation of belong, her battles will again be victorious, that phrase, as he applied it to his wife, and the roll of her conquering drum the “she gets worser and worser.”

prelude to yet more brilliant achievements. But I beg you to bear in mind, that a Another plea has been adduced, that this new principle is now introduced in national endowment will give a better education to policy-a new movement in a new direction, the Irish priests. Mr. Roebuck, in one of prolific of new and ominous results; or, as his excursus in the Commons, said, that if Mr. Shiel called it," the first of a series of they were Hindoos or Mahommedans, he new measures towards Ireland.” Do you would educate them by national endowments think, that if Maynooth gets £ 26,000 a in their respective creeds. He would eduyear, Stoneyhurst and Oscott will be quiet, cate the Trinitarian in the faith, that ' Christ or ought to be quiet? No; they will come is God;' he would educate the Socinian in to the Government, especially in a day when the scepticism, that. Christ is not God.' one sin is made the pretext and pioneer for He would teach the Romanist to worship another, and they will ask for an endowment, the Virgin Mary; and he would educate the not then as liberality, but as equal justice. Protestant to pronounce it idolatry. What You are opening a door, which will be limit could be assigned to such liberality? crowded with applicants, no longer suppliant In what would he not educate humanity? for boons, but thundering for rights. And Only teach, and it is of no consequence as for Rome, she must be all, if she be any- whether it be falsehood, fanaticism, or folly! thing-aut Cæsar, aut nil.

But will the education at Maynooth really It has been urged, that unless you thus improve the rising priests? Will it be educonciliate, you will have internal civil war; cation in the truths of the Bible, or in the or Ireland may be made an outpost, on fables of the Breviary? in holy ethics, or in which America and France can plant their the immoralities of Bailly, and the anti-social forces, and wage a successful conflict with dogmas of Thomas Aquinas? It may be in England. On this point I believe the re- anything, and in any way; for so little conmarkable statements made in the Lords by troul is the State to have over teacher or the Duke of Wellington—I do not believe lesson, that, as it has been stated, in order the representations of those, who adduce not to spoil the “grace" of the measure, this reason; I firmly believe there is no England shall merely stand at the door of danger of either result. But if you want to Maynooth, holding a bag, into which the produce civil war in all the provinces of priests may dip their digitals, and help Ireland, if you want to apply those elements themselves. They may teach the principles that will excite and madden every fell pas- of murder, sedition, privy conspiracy, rebelşion in the unregenerate man's heart, till he lion, still the State will apply no check, and is driven by them, as by a whirlwind, pay exercise no controul England must be for inculcating the fierce principles con- merely the dumb purse-bearer of Maynooth. tained in the Maynooth class books and If it be just to pay for teaching Jesuitism in

1845, it was wrong to expel the Jesuits in the Conservative government. Surely, we 1829.

select men to be the organs of the principles It has been urged, that Maynooth is very we espouse, and the exponents of the policy poor, and therefore we ought to help it on we prefer, and not to be popes, whose rethe ground of charity. Thus, Romanism scripts we must bow to, whether they be can either demand as a right, or sue and consistent or not. I respect Sir Robert supplicate as a boon. Will not Tuam, and Peel - I revere and defer to the Word of Waterford, and Carlow, soon find out their God. I respect him so much, that I cannot poverty also ? But the Irish Romanists worship him. The path of principle is the send about £ 1000 a month to the Propa- path of policy; better embarrass a party, ganda, and contribute about £ 400 a week than place in peril the most precious into O'Connell, and the cause of repeal. Does terests of the empire. Were a man walking this look like poverty?

blindfold to the edge of a precipice, or preBut, says Mr. Macaulay, what the State paring to drink a cup of poison, would you does, the State ought to do well. True; let him walk to the one, and quietly take and if Maynooth has proved a national bles- the other, assigning the plea, that you did sing, and is entitled to distinctive rewards, not like to disturb him? The premier of by all means let the State reward it, and do England may yet live to thank your lordship it well. But if Maynooth can be proved to and Exeter Hall for its remonstrances, and have been, within its limits, rather a national to feel that his majority on the 18th of April curse, then the State's right way of doing it was his most disastrous defeat; and what well is to root it out altogether, and endow seemed the laurels of the conqueror, were, in its stead the Kildare, or other scriptural in reality, only the fillets around the head of schools.

the victim. It is said, that this endowment will make the priests loyal. The almost invariable

INTELLIGENCE. rule of former times, was to reward men because they were loyal; the new process,

“PRAY WITHOUT CEASING."-1 Thess. v. 17. strange as it may appear, would seem to be, to reward seditious men, in order to make MAYNOOTH BILL IN THE TWO HOUSES OF PARLI

THE PRINCIPLES OF THE MAJORITIES ON THE them loyal. Does the warm embrace of the AMENT.-1. Fifty years' practice of any iniquity will State generate loyalty in rebels? Is Irish make it a holy work.-2. The professors of all reliloyalty a marketable article?

gions, whatever their quality, ought to be provided Does loyalty

with religious consolation according to their respecleap into the priest's heart the moment the tive tenets.—3. If a man is dying in a state of reliState stipend descends into his pocket?

gious delusion, he ought by all means to be con

firmed in his delusion.-4. If the tenets of any reliBut if this new plan is tried at Maynooth, gionists be bad, they ought to be furnished with may not the rogues in the Old Bailey be abundant means of teaching their tenets, as the paid so much a head, in order to make them

surest way of destroying them.-5. If any false

religion have numerous professors, it is a work of honest? Thus, neither prevention—the pre- mercy, benevolence, and goodness to support it.scription of Christian philanthropists; nor 6. In the government of nations, the word of Burke punishment—the preference of statesmen; having sworn that a religious system is idolatrous,

is more to be heeded than the word of God.-7. The

is not inconsistent with the cultivation of such cating all moral evils, and fostering the idolatrous system.-8. That having engaged to drive

away all false doctrine, is not inconsistent with contrary virtues! Endow Maynooth, and, the encouragement of false doctrine. lo! Luthers and Knoxes will go forth from its

Correspondent of the Record. cloisters; endow Botany Bay, and Howards On Monday afternoon, the 16th June, the Earl of and Ashleys will start up in it, while its de. Winchilsea had an audience of Her Majesty, and

presented 348 memorials and addresses to Her Masert acres will blossom as the rose! Out on jesty, against the Maynooth Endowment Bill. The such fooleries!

object of the petitioners was to entreat Her Majesty But it is alleged, that by our pursuing the to

to withold her Royal assent from the Bill till the

sense of the nation had been taken by a general course we have adopted, we shall embarrass election.

er to make MAENO.1. Fiftwork... Tiky, ought to their respection



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"If they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.”—Isaiah viii. 20.

No. 65.

AUGUST, 1845.


A SKETCH OF OUR DANGER, out to the soul of man; whilst her own AND AN EXHORTATION apostate sytem is painted in the most attracTO DUTY.

tive colours, represented as different to that

which all history, both ecclesiastical and of Our readers well know that Popery is the annals of martyrdom, declares it to be, spreading very rapidly. In political power and it is brought up somewhat to the mark It has acquired an immense influence in this of Protestantism in the professed absence country, since the passing of the Roman from its system, of all that is notoriously Catholic Relief Act in 1829: each session unscriptural. Besides which, the priests, the ve hear of some fresh demand by Popish sisters of charity, and a male visiting society, gitators, which, in spite of the voice of the as well as a thousand agencies set at work lation, is conceded by a faithless legislature. by the Jesuits, lie in wait at every turn to the cormorant appetite of the Papacy, we wheedle, and buy, and entrap the unwary hay rest assured, will never be satisfied until Protestant into Popery.

has obtained all we have to give. The It cannot be denied that watchfulness and eligious influence of the Church of Rome activity on the part of Protestants, are more n this country: this country, is diffusing itself throughout needful now than at any period since the

land to a most fearful extent; and the Reformation. Protestants must make themumeries and idolatries of Popery, which selves thoroughly conversant with the Word

Protestant forefathers once flung from of God, for the Bible is, undoubtedly, the hem wit

with holy horror, are again embraced “best weapon against Popery;" furnishing many of their degenerate descendants. the most complete exposure of that apostate this is a fact which cannot be denied, we system, and the best arguments to be offered now; from amongst ignorant and cre- in reply to the sophistry of the Popish ad

Protestants, Popery is constantly vocate. With the Scriptures in his hand,

8 converts. To this end, she gets up assisted by the Holy Spirit who dictated both pous and theatrical shows, she circulates them, the humblest Protestant Operative

y written tracts, depreciating Protest- need not fear to meet the most clever Papist, and exalting her own wicked system, whether layman or priest. As a valuable ating the former as a new religion, auxiliary to the Bible, there are many parts Divine and Apostolical authority, of the controversy between the Church of is requirements, false in its creed, Rome and Protestants, with which our Opesfactory in the prospects it holds rative friends ought to be familiar; the

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iell kn

ulous Protestants,

epre rithout Divine and Apos larsh in its requirements, ind unsatisfactory in the

“Manual,” translated from the French of same period, the reformed Christians of Dr. Malan, the first part of which appears in German Switzerland, having declared themthe present number, affords valuable infor- selves eidgenossen, or bound by oath, as to mation, and is easy and interesting in its the Bible, they were called, in France, at style. It may be read with much advantage. first Eigenots, afterwards Huguenots.

We would, therefore, urge on our Opera- Stranger.-But is it not considered that tive friends the necessity of exertion. Let the last name is one of insult ? them be up and doing. The enemies of our Disciple.--You see that it is, on the conProtestantism are emboldened by the success trary, a very high encomium, since it signiof their attacks, and the cowardice of the fies decidedly faithful to the Bible. professed defenders of our dearest rights. Stranger.-But a priest with whom I have We must offer a bold and manful resistance, conversed frequently, has positively assured or we are undone-ourselves, our children, me that this Luther and Calvin, of whom you and our country, compelled to succumb speak, were not very worthy men. What do to the Man of Sin, or suffer the martyr's you think? fate. Let us remember that all we hold Disciple.-That if that were true, they most dear is at stake, and calculate accord- were not so despicable as many of the ingly all that which our families, our coun- Popes whom I could name. If then the try, our religion, and God, require of us argument is against Luther and Calvin, it is and act at once and with vigour. Prayer and much more against the Popes of Rome. But honest Protestant exertion have often been recommend the priest to read without presuccessful; and why not again? Let us try! judice the life, writings, and familiar letters

of those two men of God, and I am sure, if

he does that, he will retract his assertion. MANUAL OF THE TRUE

Stranger.–And you tell me that it was PROTESTANT;

the Bible to which the Reformers gave the

pre-eminence ? Or, Short Answers of a Disciple of the Bible Disciple.—Only the Bible.

to the principal questions of the Romish Stranger.-They are then neither reformed controversy. By Dr. Cæsar Malan of nor Protestant who do not believe the Bible? Geneva. (Translated from the French.) Disciple.—The Bible is the testimony of FIRST CONTROVERSY—THE BIBLE.

God. He who does not believe it, makes

God a liar ; and such a man is not called a A Stranger.-I come from afar. I read Christian. (1 John v. 10.) the Bible, and other books also; and as I Stranger. It was not then a new religion am earnestly solicited to enter the Church that the Reformers preached ? of Rome, I desire to know what you, who Disciple. When they reformed the calenare called a Protestant, think of that Church. dar, they corrected it, but they did not make I wish you then to hear me with patience, another. So, after that Rome had, by deand answer me; and first tell me, I pray grees, perverted its belief from all conformity you, what is a Protestant ?

with the Bible, God raised up, in the 16th A Disciple of the Bible.-A Protestant, or century, and precisely when that corruption a Reformed, or a Huguenot, is a Christian, was at its height, men who, by the reading of who believing the Bible, and the whole Bible, the Bible, discerned this corruption, made protests against everything that is not in it known to the world, and repaired that accordance with the Bible; whether in doc- which Rome had defaced. trine or in practice.

Stranger.- Why did the priest say to a Stranger.—What is the origin of these Protestant, in my presence, “Where was three names ?

your religion before Luther and Calvin ?”. Disciple.--All three accord with the Bible. Disciple.—Because, most probably, the First, in 1529, at Spires, biblical Christians priest had not read, or reflected, or was wanthaving protested against certain pretensions ing in frankness. He has not read, since ne of the Romish Church, the name of Protest- is ignorant that long before the Reformation, ant became from thence that of the disciples the same doctrine which the Protestants now of the Bible. At the same time, many emi- believe, was preserved from apostolical times, nent men, such as Luther. Zwingle, Bullin- among divers people, and even in the great ger, Viret, Farel, Cranmer, Ridley, Latimer, Churches of Europe and Asia. Calvin, Knox, and others, having reformed Stranger.---Are you certain of that fact.. the doctrine and government of the Church, Disciple.--I am certain ! For example, according to the Bible, the Christians who was it not Vasco de Gama who in the 16th regarded these reformers as ministers of God, century, found near the extremity of the were called Reformed. And last, about the East Indies, which he discovered, the hun

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