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"If they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.”—Isaiah viii. 20.

No. 64.

JULY, 1845.


THE PRESENT STRUGGLE logists Popery met with in the legislature,

during the late debate—the hollow sophistry The struggle between truth and error-be- with which a Popish Bill was defended in tween the powers of light and darkness, is our Protestant Houses of Parliament, and daily becoming of a more determined and its successful progress through those Houses, fearful character. To whatever quarter of in spite of the uplifted voice of the nation; the globe we may direct our attention, the these things have induced so much alarm enemy of all good is to be seen marshalling and apprehension in the minds, not only of his hosts for resistance to the progress of the previously watchful, but of those also truth. Foremost stands Popery, the great who have been careless, that all men are predicted Antichrist. Whilst the Protestant anxiously enquiring, what will be the end of Association has for years been sounding an these things ? and the conviction has at alarm, warning this country of the rapid length been induced in the minds of those strides towards the recovery of its long lost who not long since thought otherwise, that empire over the minds and liberties of man- Popery has gained, and continues to gain, kind, which this foe to civil and religious an immense amount of influence in this liberty, has been making, how few have been country, which she is using to the injury of found to heed the warning. Though late, all our political and religious institutions. we rejoice, however, to see men now roused to Amid the gloom caused by the fearful action ; and to find that the Protestants of progress of Antichrist, it is cheering to beEngland are awakening from their long hold the Sun of Righteousness still shedding slumbers. The Maynooth Bill has come his beams brightly, not only over our own upon them with all the force of a thunder- lands, but also over other parts of the world. stroke ; and however incredulous the people The increase of Gospel light and zeal among of England have hitherto been, liowever care- the true Protestants of England, the success less about the progress of Popery abroad, of our missions abroad, the numerous conyet the effrontery of the Government of versions from Popery on the continent, shew Protestant England, in daring to bring for- to us, that however the prince of darkness ward a Bill for the Endowment of Popery, may seek to envelope the world in the clouds that system which our ancestors so carefully of error, the work of the Lord still goes on; and, as they had hoped, so surely cast forth and we know from the Word of God, that, from the councils of this empire-the apo- whatever may be the amount of power which

Satan and his followers shall acquire, the ripple on the surface in one great flood of Lamb will overcome all his foes, and the opposition to the principle of this measure. Lord bring to nought the schemes of Anti- And I must say, that the conduct of the christ, until Babylon shall fall, and Christ Dissenters on this question has been most reign for ever.

proper ; it has been worthy of the Owens, In the present and future struggles, our the Howes, and the Baxters of old. If I Protestant Operatives have an important were a Dissenter, and actuated by a hostility duty to perform. Their zeal and usefulness to the Established Churches, greater than have long been acknowledged. This is not my love to my Saviour and my Bible, I the time to slacken their exertions; our should have supported the Maynooth EnAssociations should now be carried on with dowment Bill; because I should have armore energy and perseverance than ever. A gued, that if Sir Robert Peel endowed two great work is before us, and the Lord will so antagonistic churches in Ireland, like bless the labour of his faithful servants. an acid and an alkali they would neutralize Above all, we should use more frequently one another, and the issue would be no the best and most successful weapon in a Established Church at all. But while I contest like this, we should go oftener and believe that the measure is calculated to with more earnestness to a Throne of grace, sweep from beneath our feet the foundation to pray that the Lord would direct and bless principles on which a Church establishment our efforts, and avert the impending danger can be most successfully defended, I feel from our country.

the more delighted with the conduct of those, who have merged their Dissent in

their Protestantism, and joined heart and MAYNOOTH.

hand in this righteous movement. SPEECH OF THE REY. John CUMMING. D.D. I gave a glance at the newspaper reports

at the great Protestant Meeting, held at of the debates in the Lords this morning; Exeter Hall, on Wednesday morning, June and I read, not with surprise, but with con4. 1845. for the adoption of a Petition to siderable pain, the speech of a noble and the Queen against the permanent and en- learned lord, who is half a countryman or creased endowment of the Roman Catholic my own-I mean Lord Brougham. In the College of Maynooth. The Right Hon. course of that speech, he makes the most the Earl of Winchilsea, in the chair.

wanton and gratuitous attack upon Calvin,

as unjust to the dead Reformer, as it was I am most anxious, that it should be clearly unworthy of the living Baron. I wish his understood, and deeply impressed upon this lordship would read Calvin before he critigreat assembly, that in moving on this im- cize him, and then I am sure he will not portant question, we are actuated by no repeat his own too celebrated aphorism, enmity to the persons of Roman Catholics. “ that a man is no more accountable for his On the contrary, I believe that it is the creed, than for the colour of his skin or the almost unanimous feeling, that whilst we height of his stature.” His lordship draws abhor and detest their principles, we are a contrast between Thomas Aquinas and ready to suffer and to sacrifice for the wel- John Calvin, and he comes to the most exfare of their souls. I believe, that just in traordinary conclusion, (perhaps not extrathe ratio in which we detest the creed, we ordinary, however, from him,) that of the love the men that subscribe it. It is most twain, John Calvin was rather the worse important, that if any Roman Catholic is Now I have read a considerable portion of present, he should feel that our opposition the writings of John Calvin, and I have read to this measure is not an opposition to men the Secunda Secundæ-a very choice portion in the Protestant State or in the Romish of the writings of Thomas Aquinas; and the Church, but to measures ; and that it is be- contrast between them is just the contrast cause we are by solemn conviction, and on between liberty and slavery, between truth Scripture grounds, opposed to Romish prin- and a lie, between love and bloodshed, beciples, that we are anxious they should not tween light and darkness, between heaven be sustained and spread by the endowments and hell. His lordship is a learned man; of the nation.

he has read a great deal, and written a great I am also desirous that we should as much deal, and said a great deal more ; but it as possible, abstain from all that may trench “the bray of Exeter Hall" should reach his upon internal disputes. I have seen in the illustrious ear, I would venture to suggest Committee room to-day, complaints upon to him that his argument is not quite login this subject in The Patriot newspaper. It cal. If he can show us a collect in the is important, that we should merge every Anglican Prayer-Book, or refer to an authorized extemporaneous prayer by any clergy- prostrate ; never did I behold superstition man of the Church of Scotland, or minister so dense ; never did I so clearly see, that if of any Secession or Dissenting body in the Spirit of God do not eradicate the seeds Christendom, praying that we may imitate and dissipate the clouds of Popery, all the the example, and imbibe and preach the Acts of all the Parliaments and States of principles of Calvin, then he may hold us in Europe will not. They will fall upon it like some measure responsible for Calvin's senti- rain drops upon Etna, likely to fan, but ments. But he can point to no such thing. utterly unable to extinguish it. In wanderBut I can prove this to be the homage given ing through Belgium, I spent day after day, to Aquinas in the Roman Church. So truly from five in the morning till eight at night, does the Romish Church approve the perse- in the churches ; I was at matins, and vescuting dogmas inculcated in the writings of pers, and mid-day mass. I found in every Aquinas, that all her members pray on the one of the exquisite churches and great seventh of March in every year: “O God, cathedrals a huge statue of the Virgin Mary, who by the wonderful learning of blessed about five feet ten inches in height, cut in Thomas, Thy confessor, hast illustrated Thy oak, and clothed in beautiful blue satin, Church, and by his virtues hast enlarged it; trimmed with Mechlin or Valenciennes lace, grant, we beseech Thee, that we may under- with the best French kid gloves upon her stand what Thomas Aquinas taught, and in hands, and a rod or symbol of authority in our lives follow what Thomas Aquinas prac- her right hand, together with a crown upon tised.Will his lordship tell me, in reply, her head; and from morning till night, I on what day Protestants pray to be enabled saw the Belgians, some of them evidently thus to follow John Calvin ? Protestants belonging to the better classes, hurrying follow Calvin, as far as Calvin followed into the Churches, kneeling before this idol, Christ; Romanists follow the beatified and giving it the homage of their hearts and Thomas absolutely. But besides, the soli- the ascriptions of their tongues. I have tary sin to which Calvin was accessory, was here one of the popular prints of this idol; not the sin of directly preaching persecu- it represents the Virgin Mary with her foot tion, and advocating it in the case of Ser- upon the serpent's head, intended to illusvetus, but of acquiescing in the previously trate the text-“She shall bruise thy head.” existing law of Geneva, which condemned This was taken from the castle of Antwerp; him to death for his blasphemous creed. and when the gallant Chassè so nobly deNeither did Calvin teach principles of per- fended it against the French, it was said to secution in his creed, nor if he did, having be wholly owing to the Virgin's intercession. just emerged from a persecuting apostacy, I purchased several books of devotion there are we responsible for what Calvin taught. also, and they all go to show the depth of All his sins were the sins of humanity-his mental darkness prevailing under that esexcellencies were drawn from the Word of tablishment of the Popish priesthood by the God; a generous mind would forgive and Government, which is supposed to be the lose the one, in the splendour and the glory means of ameliorating Romanism. I counted of the other.

one day upon one of the pedestals on which But it has been supposed by some of the the statue of the Virgin stood, about fifteen advocates of a new course of treatment of silver hearts, and thirty wax arms and legs, Romanism, that the establishment or the nailed to it; and meeting with a priest, I endowment of a bad system is one of the asked him to explain it. I spoke to him in great prescriptions for curing all its errors. Latin, and he could understand my Scotch Attached as I am, personally, to the vast Latin, though I believe he would not underpractical value and principle of a national stand you; for in Scotland we pronounce establishment, I never could so far worship Latin in a different way from what you prefer it and exalt it. Two years ago I went up the in England. We think it the better and Rhine, part of the way in company with my more primitive style; though we may be friend, Mr. Plumptre, after I had travelled wrong. through Belgium, where the Church of [Here the Rev. Gentlemen repeated a few Rome is established by law, and liberally passages from the Æneid of Virgil, first with maintained, with an archiepiscopal seminary the broad pronunciation of the Scotch, and at Malines, probably the model from which next with that of the English.] Maynooth is about to be constructed ; and The explanation of this priest, endowed

is natural to ask-has the establishment by the Belgic Government, and educated at of Popery done there what Sir R. Peel is an endowed College at Malines, was this: sponsor for its doing here? It has not. In “ These wax arms and legs are votive offer

country did I see the human mind so ings; persons who have had diseases in the



leg or arm, which no physician's skill could hold in my hand a book, which I obtained cure, have had recourse to the blessed Virgin, after persevering search the celebrated and these are to commemorate her cures." Psalter of St. Bonaventure; for whom, as I asked him what were meant, then, by the well as Aquinas, there is a special collect silver hearts ? and he answered—“ If a wife in the Missal. In the Psalms edited by has a husband upon the distant sea, and she this cardinal saint, you have the name of hears the winds blow and the tempest beat, God expunged in every instance, and the she thinks of him, and goes to the Virgin, name of the Virgin introduced in its place. and promises her a silver heart if she will As in Psalm xcv.-"Oh! come, let us sing bring him safe home.” But I heard a dif- unto our Lady; let us heartily rejoice in ferent explanation from a hotel-keeper in the Virgin that brings us salvation ; let us Ghent; he said—“Suppose some ingenuous come before her presence with thanksgiving, youth were resolved to have some lady for and show ourselves glad in her with psalms." his partner in life, and found all the usual Psalm li. is" Have mercy upon me, O artillery of sighs and sonnets fail him; he Lady, who art called the Mother of mercy, has recourse to the blessed Virgin; and and according to thy great compassions blot some of those silver hearts are to commemo- out all mine iniquities.” It opens in the rate the effects she has produced upon the preface with—" Come unto Mary, all ye hearts of obdurate young ladies."

that are weary and heavy laden, and she will But I will not dwell upon the characteris- give you rest.Then there is that beautiful tics of that unhappy land; I will only say, hymn in the Anglican Prayer Book, but that it is matter of too notorious observation, which belongs to the Church universal, for that the fostering care of Government has it was composed and sung before the Church not produced any amelioration of Roman of England was endowed; namely, the Te Catholic principles or practices beyond the Deum; which is made to run thus"We channel. "Romanism remains in Belgium, praise thee, O Mary, we acknowledge thee what its canons make it—a system, which to be the Virgin; all the earth doth worship displaces the atonement of God by the atone- thee, the spouse of the Eternal; to thee all ment of man—the worship of Jesus by the angels cry aloud, Holy, holy, holy art thou, worship of the Virgin; which puts a padlock O Mary, Mother of God." I know that on the Bible, and punishes the cottager who some object to what is called the Athanasian reads it, and confiscates the property of the Creed; but I presume they will not be bookseller who sells it; which incorporates reconciled by the version of it presented by all deadly error, and excludes all the pre- Bonaventure—“ Whosoever will be saved, cious and renovating principles, which ema, before all things it is necessary that he have nate from God, and are embodied in the a firm faith concerning Mary," &c. The oracles of everlasting truth. It is not be- Litany of the saint runs in the same way— cause it is an anti-social system, that I so “ Spare us. O Lady: from all evil and mismuch deprecate its endowment; it is because chief, deliver us, o Lady.” I recollect a it dishonours God, and ruins precious souls. clause in the English Litany, which made a It is not her crimes against my country, but deep impression upon me, when I first came her blasphemies against my God, that I to England and went for the first time into condemn. As a minister of the everlasting a parish Church, and heard its sublime lanGospel, I would scarcely come upon this guage not read, but prayed—"In all time platform, to protest against its anti-social of our tribulation, in all time of our wealth, tendencies; but, zealous for the glory of the in the hour of death, and in the day of judggreat Head of the Church, I come here and ment, Good Lord, deliver us.”—words wor. protest, in the name of God and of all that thy of a Christian to pray, and of a Church is sacred, against any national recognition to prescribe; but in this execrable version of its awful conspiracy against the glory of in my hand I find it thus caricatured"In heaven and the salvation of souls; its eclipse the hour of death, and in the day of judgof the one, its ruin of the other. This, my ment, from all evil, and from the torments Christian friends, is too solemn a thing for of the damned, good Mary, deliver us." you to receive with bursts of cheering; it is Now this is a book, the teaching of the a very grave and a very awful matter, that principles and practices of which we are to the Parliament of mighty England should endow. But you say — " It is an obsolete to any extent form itself into an auxiliary to document.” I have got ten successive edi, the Propaganda, for maintaining this terrible tions of the Psalter and Te Deum, published system.

at Rome, between 1831 and 1840, under the I have spoken of its superstition and sanction of the present Pope and all the idolatry. May I briefly illustrate it? I authorities of the Vatican." I have these

editions in Latin, and in Italian, and with devised. Eminently powerful, it is yet the all the authority it is possible for the Church most elastic and accommodating; retaining of Rome to impress upon any document that all its principles, and yet adapting itself to comes out under her auspices. Shall we every class; one day it will flatter the despot aid this blasphemous teaching, this heinous on the throne, and the next day pander to idolatry? Shall we concur in nationally the fierce democracy; one day it will put a endowing what dishonours God and involves rod of iron into the tyrant's hand, and the the destinies of souls throughout eternity ? next day blow the trumpet of a wide-spread

But I will say, (though it may be in some sedition; one day, raging like a lion, it will measure unpopular,) I cannot concur in rouse and array all the passions that disturb unmeasured attacks on Sir Robert Peel; society, and the next day it will gambol and there are mitigating points, we ought not to slumber like a lamb. It finds society rent forget in our estimate of the course pursued and torn, and it comes to statesmen offering by the ministry. They mean what is good, to heal it; it finds kings threatened with and their motives are good. And do not rebellion, and it asks for power, and proforget that a considerable body of learned, mises to quell it by its bulls. Its promises accomplished, persevering divines in the are Paradise; its performance PandemoChurch of England have been labouring, nium. Facit solitudinem ; pacem appellat. during the last ten years, to impress upon I rejoice exceedingly, that there is not a the minds of our peers and senators that Christian body, which has not stood forth Romanism is the true type of Christianity, by great majorities against the endowment and the Roman Catholic the primitive faith, of this system. The Church of England, and that the nearer the Church of England notwithstanding some episcopal and presbyapproximates to it, the more it approaches terial defaulters, has on the whole given a the Ante-Nicene or ancient Church. Is it sound Protestant opposition to this national matter of surprise, that illustrious statesmen, dereliction of duty. The Church of Scotnot accustomed to discuss theological ques- land, to which I belong, has resolved the tions, and of whose state we are not called other day in the General Assembly, by a to pronounce any judgment in reference to majority of 187 to 41 to petition against it; that great principle, " Except a man be and of the minority of 41 in the General born again, he cannot see the kingdom of Assembly, (composed chiefly, I believe, of God," should at length have their minds in- lay elders,) there was not one that ventured fected by such teaching, backed by such to say he approved of the principle on which erudition, and sustained by such argumen- the measure is based. I rejoice to say, that tation? There is also another mitigating not only have the two Establishments thus point; we Protestants have unfortunately acted, but, among Nonconformists, that been divided among ourselves, and have active and zealous body, the Free Secession been so taken up in discussing the micros- Church, has acted very much in the same copic jots in which we differ, that we have way. Common principles are in jeopardy, ceased to proclaim with all our energy the When I, a minister of the Established olden cry—“No peace with Rome !" and Church, am tied to one faggot in Smithfield, thus allowed her to push her victories. I and my friend Mr. Hamilton of the Free trust that henceforth there will be consoli- Secession Church, (who, I believe, is to dated a permanent union upon Protestant take a resolution) to another, the flame that and scriptural principles; and that the result consumes us will show how microscopic of all this agitation will not be a mere were the points on which we differed-how political movement, but some arrangement majestic and glorious the truths on which for the extended preaching of the precious we are agreed. The Wesleyans too, another Cospel for the regeneration of Ireland—the Nonconformist body, have acted nobly. I Only panacea for its grievances, the only an- envy them the abuse they have received; I

ote to its wrongs, the only lever that can never was so tempted to become a Wesleyan, Nit it from the oppressive incubus under as when I read, that Daniel O'Connell, that which it groans, into that light and liberty composite of Nero and Nebuchadnezzar, wherewith Christ makes men free indeed. feeling his power to be shaken a little, wrote but there is yet a third mitigating point I an abusive letter about the Wesleyans on urge in behalf of our Premier. I believe one side, and when Lord Brougham, seeing

no mere man is a match for Popery; a a powerful demonstration roused against Tistian leaning on God is; a statesman Maynooth, waxed furious against the Wessting on politics is not. Such is the sub- leyans—though he must have forgotten wy oi that system, that it is the nearest some of his theology last night when he at

for Omnipotence the devil ever tacked them under the misnomer of Cal

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