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expedient for the country. I, however, think of this grant ? Both principle and expediit a direct support of an idolatrous and su- ency concur against it. Maynooth has alperstitious religion. In the eye of God's ready promoted discord—it is not expedient word, Maynooth is a nursery of idolatry, to pay for the teaching of idolatry, which is (cheers) the sin denounced by God. In 1839, rebellion. It is not expedient to provide the Queen, whom God long preserve and training in those doctrines which would conbless! signed in Parliament the declaration sign Protestants to the stake. It may be you heard read just now; and now, not eight expedient to remove alienation, but not to years afterwards, she, who declared Popery reward insults by bribes. What the Prime to be idolatrous and superstitious, is asked Minister has described as gracious and libeby the same Parliament to sign an Act for ral, is, in fact, mean, petty, and hollow. the training up of teachers of that idolatrous When the Minister had committed himself, and superstitious religion ; this, too, during by stating his intention of proposing this her youth and inexperience. The Prime grant, Mr. Shiel warned him that the meaMinister must have made the same profes- sure would not satisfy the Catholics, for they sion. He is a member of the Church whose made it a point of honour, that Trinity ColArticles declare the doctrines of Rome to be lege, Dublin, should be thrown open to repugnant to the word of God. Surely, he them. If the State cannot uphold principle, does not hold the Articles in a “non-natural and the truth of God must be maintained as sense.” (Cheers.) Is he in one breath second only, it is best for the State to let to say, in the words of the Thirty-first Arti- all alone. (Loud cheers.) What should we cle, “that the mass is a blasphemous fable," say to paying the teachers of Christ's truth and in another, “I will compel all who be- and those of Juggernaut ? The principle is lieve in that Article, to contribute to train the same. But if the State feels itself inup those who believe these blaspemies to be competent to choose between truth and truth”? It will not do for the Prime falsehood, would it not be best to leave all Minister to sneer at the truthful maxim, to themselves; but to support truth and " that what is morally wrong cannot be po- falsehood at the same time is not wisdom, litically right,” the observance of which has but presumptuous meddling with sacred gained our dear Lord Ashley so much love. things. It is a principle of the Constitution Popery is a persecuting religion, and May- that no one can reign but he who derives nooth teaches that doctrine to its pupils. his authority from Christ and governs by Will nothing open our eyes : not Achill, his laws. We owe all our blessings to our Dingle, Madeira, Tahiti ? (Cheers.) Popery national adherence to the pure word of God, is the pointed object of prophecy as evil and and our avoidance of the corruptions of Podangerous. To those who have scriptural pery. Let us not then join our people to knowledge, it is clear that Popery is pre- these abominations, but transmit this faith dicted as the grand corruption of Christi- unimpaired to our children's children. But anity, as “Babylon the great, the Mother of the grand question is, how can we practiHarlots.” (Cheers.) This is the testimony "cally work at the present moment ? The of the Church in which I live, of Cranmer danger is intensely imminent. The differat the stake, and Ridley in his parting letter. ent political classes that will unite against God mercifully delivered this country from us are most formidable. Those who ought this apostasy at the Reformation, and since to have been the leaders in the opposition then, our country has been peculiarly ho- to it, have gone over to the enemy's camp. noured. Let us not be guilty of the ingra- All mere political parties are against us. It titude of slighting our best mercy. God is a grand religious question. (Hear, hear.) appeared too at the Revolution in 1688, Nothing but downright Christian principle which was the foundation of our constitution, can make men stedfast for the word of God and if Maynooth prospers, the right of the against all party considerations whatever. Queen is reversed. This grant is paying We have seen how the Roman Catholic money to undermine the throne as much as Emancipation Bill was carried, in 1829; If it had been spent in buying the barrels we have seen how the Socinian Endowment of gunpowder which were used by Guy Bill was carried last year, against a meeting fawkes. Our national evils have brought similar to this; and unless far larger and mis upon us. We have been ungrateful for more prayerful efforts are made, the Maythe blessings we have received. I confess nooth grant will be carried this year, and

| mourn over the semi-Popery which this country will be involved in all the guilt das arisen in our Church. (Cheers and of training up teachers of idolatry. (Cheers.) near.) Let us humble ourselves, therefore, This is a time specially needing, first, the

the sight of God. What are the motives union of all who love the Lord Jesus Christ


in sincerity. I hope God is drawing us Sir CullING EARDLEY Smith, Bart.-I nearer and nearer. Let us lay aside, as do not think Her Majesty's Government much as may be, our differences. We agree could have calculated upon such a Meeting in main things. Let us, now those main as this being held here to-day; but when I things are in danger, merging all minor say the Government, I would not forget differences, contend together earnestly for men of all parties in the House of Commons, the faith once delivered to the saints. and from what I know of politics, they have Let us give the right hand of fellowship been reckoning either upon our differences to all our brethren, who love the Lord or our divisions. It is too much the habit Jesus Christ in sincerity. (Applause.) with public men to measure the religious Then, secondly, let there be zealous exer- fervour of the country by what they know of tions throughout the country; and I hope the religious temperature of the House of this will be the beginning of Meetings Commons: they are too apt to imagine that throughout the land. (Hear, hear.) Let us because we are not entirely agreed upon take a lesson from our enemies. How was some occasions, we are not really and solidthe Socinian Endowment Bill carried ? I ly united upon such an occasion as this. have in my hand an extract from a Report But this Meeting will undeceive them. of the Presbyterian Union, delivered in (Hear, hear.) Such an opinion can only May, 1844. It is short, but it is exceedingly rest upon a false estimate of the religious instructive as to the way in which they ex- feeling of the country; but a few weeks more erted themselves. It attributes much of will tell all public men that there is such a their success to the labours of that Associa- Protestant feeling in the country that it tion, saying how much they have laboured, must not be trifled with by any party. and with what skill they have conducted the (Cheers.) I have the honour to submit to business entrusted to them; with what pati- this Meeting the third Resolution :--"Reence, and zeal, and ardour, they have en- solved, That believing the proposal for incountered and overcome difficulties; that creased public support to the College of they have succeeded in getting numerous, Maynooth, made by Her Majesty's Governrepeated, and almost daily interviews with ment, to involve the whole question of natithe leading members of Government, and onal endowment of Popery, and regarding it with noblemen and gentlemen of influence as an importants

nen of influence as an important step towards the full estabconnected with the Legislature, by deputa- lishment of the Romish Church in Ireland, tion after deputation, and conference after this Meeting would call upon all true Proconference. Friends on the platform! Lis- testants of every denomination, throughout ten and see what you have to do to make the empire, to unite in opposing a measure men clearly understand the merits of the fraught with such pernicious consequences; question, and to imbue them with a strong and by Petitions to Parliament, and all feeling of the necessity and justice of your other constitutional measures, to make interference. (Hear, hear.) The Report known their utter repugnance to the natigoes on to say, “ It is not possible for your'onal recognition and maintenance of the Committee in this Report fully to unfold or Romish faith."-Whatever may be the posiexhibit the importance of these labours.” tion of this question with regard to the Well, let us learn from them a lesson of existing grant, the people of this country zeal. (Hear.) But beyond all, we want a will most strenuously resist any increased realizing faith in the omnipotence of God. grant to Maynooth. (Hear, hear.) The (Hear, hear.) True it is, our difficulties Resolution states, that the new proposition do seem very fearful and very tremendous is part of a series; an important step to in removing the obstacles to our success; wards the full establishment of the Romish but God has the hearts of all in his hand, Church in Ireland. I wish I could say that and in him we trust. He can move monarchs this was the first step; but I think that the and statesmen, and Lords, and Commons, Irish Charitable Bequests Act passed last and Administrations. Oh that our God year did involve the proposition of the estabwould bring us to a more simple faith in the lishment of the Romish Church in Ireland. Omnipotence of God, and to more fervent By that Act, the succession of the Roman and united prayer for his interposition on Catholic priesthood was recognized and our behalf, for “ vain is the help of man!” legalized for the first time; and now they (Hear, hear.) It is only as our God ap- have given the priests a legal status they pears for us that we can hope to triumph would provide them with the means of occuin that all-important work we have brought pying that status. (Hear, hear.) After they before you, in preserving our Protestant have educated them for it, they will pay faith in our beloved country.

them for occupying it. (Hear.) I think J.C. Evans, Esq. seconded the resolution.

you, Sir, (the Chairman,) will go back to You justly esteem true religion to be the the House of Commons with increased satis- pearl of great price. You regard the Bible faction, and you will feel that the Protestant as your best earthly treasure, and are enChurch stands by you; and while this scene gaged in a great and good work whilst enis fresh in your mind, you can go back and deavouring to make known to others the tell them of this truly Catholic Meeting. glorious truths which have imparted peace You can tell them that, though there were to your own consciences. You desire that differences on minor points, we all agreed the Word of the Lord should have free in our opposition to this grant; and if you course and be glorified. How, then, can are met by any one saying that you are you consistently support the Church of blind to the principles of religious liberty, Rome, which seeks in every way to obstruct tell them that there were men here who the progress of the everlasting Gospel, and understand them as well as any one in the cast it in the back-ground, by placing the House of Commons, for no one can under- dark shadows of traditions before it. stand them who does not understand religion D o not your missionaries, when they reitself, and that there is no bigotry and blinde turn from Pagan lands, or from various ness so great as that of public men, who are countries on the Continent, speak to you of so set on governing Ireland through the idolatrous practices exhibited there by PoRomish hierarchy, that they would throw pery, not so gross, perhaps, but equally disour religion and liberty at the feet of the honouring to God – equally dangerous to Roman Catholic clergy.

the souls of men as the various superstitions The Rev. GEORGE CUBItt shortly se- of the East, or other Pagan countries? How conded the Resolution, and urged that the often is the Jew, when addressed to change Roman Catholic religion claimed a supre- his state of unbelief, for Christianity, stummacy over all Europe, and while they eagerly bled by witnessing the idolatrous practices sought to make proselytes everywhere, scru- of the Church of Rome, and identifying pulously denied to Protestants the same Christianity with Popery? privilege in countries where it was established Do not those who are employed to ciras the religion of the State.

culate the Holy Scriptures in benighted The Rev. WM. CHALMERS of the Free countries, where Popery prevails, report Church of Scotland, moved, in a powerful constantly the fierce opposition raised up and energetic speech, the fourth Resolution, against them by the priests of the Church to the effect, " That a Petition founded on of Rome? Are not proceedings in England the Resolutions which had been passed, and Ireland oftentimes obstructed by the should be adopted by the Meeting, and lie active energies of Roman Catholics ? Do for signature at Messrs. Seeley's, Nisbet's, not the Scripture-readers, the agents of the &c.; and that the gentlemen whose names Pastoral-Aid, the Foreign-Aid, City Miswere read, form a Committee to carry out sion, and other Societies, bear too ample the objects of the Meeting.”

testimony to this, to allow the fact to be The Rev. WM. CURLING, of St. Saviour's, disputed ? Southwark, seconded the Resolution at some To say no more of the manner in which length.

Popery stealthily works her way, what recent The Petition for signature was then read. exhibitions have we lately had of Rome's George Finch, Esq., then moved a vote of fixed determination to establish her superthanks to the Chairman, which was seconded stition on the ruins of Gospel light, scripby the Rev. Edward Pizey, and the Meeting tural primitive Christianity ? What but separated at five o'clock.

Popery has been the latent, if not the avowed, cause of the evils brought upon Tahiti ?

What but Popery has been instrumental in AN ADDRESS

blasting there, for a season, the bright

prospects of missionary labour ? To all those who, in England and Wales, Is not the same spirit exhibited in the

Scotland or Ireland, take a part in the proceedings which have lately taken place at various religious Societies for maintaining Madeira ? Do not the fierce persecutions at and promoting Protestant Christianity, Dingle, Achill, and elsewhere in Ireland, whether at home or abroad, the following clearly demonstrate that Popery seeks still suggestions are offered as of special and to quench the light which would expose her practical importance in the present critical errors, extinguish the flame of pure religion position of affairs, as affecting the question which you by your pious labours would kinnow under consideration, for increasing the dle, and rob mankind of that blessed bookamount of money yearly given to disseminate the Bible -- his inalienable birthright, his the Errors of the Church of Rome. best companion from the cradle to the grave ? What then would we now call on you to to the Crown, deprecating such iniquitous, do? To cease your labours, because they and unscriptural, and anti-Protestant proare opposed ? No; but to increase them, ceedings. Assist your representatives, by and so to concentrate and direct them, that Protestant energies from without, to oppose by the Divine blessing upon them, you may and stand against the Popish feeling within be no longer called on to support measures the House of Commons. for defeating your own exertions. Whilst Let those who have votes in returning you, whether amongst those who adorn the Members of Parliament, write to their rehigher walks of society, or whose lot has presentatives without delay; let them also been placed by Providence in a humbler meet and address them, and earnestly ensphere, are subscribing, collecting, or in treat them to oppose any such measure when other ways contributing to aid in the glorious brought before Parliament. Tell them that work of proclaiming the truth “as it is in you believe Popery to be unchanged in its Jesus,” Parliament, the national representa- nature, and that you deem it a matter of tive, is making grants to counteract all your such vital importance to have those as your pious labours, and proposing to increase representatives in Parliament who will fully largely, and establish perpetually a college and fairly represent your views on the queswith endowment from the State to aid the tions affecting the endowment of Popery, apostate Church of Rome!! Against the that if they betray you, you shall, at the national guilt involved in such a measure next election, now close at hand, give your we call on you, alike as it is your duty and votes and interest to those who will, when privilege, to protest.

in Parliament, give their votes against the Whilst you are collecting with zeal worthy endowment of Popery. The Protestants of of a good cause, your pence, your shillings, the United Empire have only to do thisor your guineas, to send abroad Bibles, instantly, unanimously, respectfully but deParliament is granting its thousands, and is cidedly, and they will be instrumental in about to grant its tens of thousands, to train warding off from their country an evil of far up those who will take away those Bibles, greater magnitude than has for a long time and whose duty and office it is to keep the threatened it; and the present Administrapeople in spiritual darkness, slavery, and tion may deem it far wiser and safer and bondage ;—whilst you are sending abroad more expedient, to yield deference to the your missionaries, the Church of Rome is Protestant opinions of the United Empire, also sending abroad those whom your libe- than to quail before the turbulent agitation rality is training up, to counteract those of the Popish party. efforts ;-whilst you would aid in proclaiming the glad tidings of salvation to heathen A Committee, denominated the “ Central lands by faith in Christ Jesus, the ONLY, Anti-Maynooth Committee,” composed of but ALL-SUFFICIENT Saviour and Friend of Protestants of various bodies, has been sinners, Parliament is granting money to formed for the purpose of opposing the prohelp the emissaries of the Pope, who calls the posed increased grant to Maynooth. Virgin Mary the sole foundation of his hope, After the evening service at Percy Chaand ascribes to her the incommunicablé pel, the Rev. R. Montgomery addressed his offices which belong only to her Son. congregation on the subject of Popery, and

The call, then, is now made upon you, after pointing out its unscriptural nature, that as far as means and opportunity allow, impressed upon those present the great imyou manifest an increased devotedness to portance of petitioning against the grant to the truth you love; and oppose, as far as Maynooth College. A Petition is now in your influence and example may tend, the course of signature there. proposed, continued and encreased endowment of error.

The ANNUAL MEETING of the Protestant Let every one who can, sign Petitions to Association will take place on Wednesday, both Houses of Parliament, and Addresses May 14th. Published under

the direction of




at 11, Exeter Hall; SIMPKIN, MARSHALL & Co.


W. Davy & Son] Seven Shillings per Hundred, for Distribution.




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“If they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.”—Isaiah viii. 20.

No. 62.

MAY, 1845.


ON THE IMPORTANCE OF OPPOSING ing and lessened prejudice, and emancipate ERROR IN A RIGHT SPIRIT. her from the thraldom under which she

groans, let us not be deceived by such soIt is perhaps impossible for those who are phistry, remembering that nothing can make at all alive to what is now passing around her free but the truth as it is in Jesus, that them, to remain wholly unmoved at a time truth which the Romish Church so cruelly like the present, when the whole Protestant and systematically persecutes. feeling of the country seems roused to op- Let us view this struggle in its right chapose a measure fraught with more dangerous racter; let us regard it as a struggle between consequences to those interests, which are, the powers of Light and Darkness the or ought to be, dearer to Christians than the enemies and the friends of the Almighty. air they breathe or the life they enjoy. It Let us look well to ourselves, lest Protesis well it is our bounden duty to contend tants only in name we fall from our stedfastearnestly for the faith once delivered to the ness in the hour of trial; let us oppose by Saints, but it is well also in meekness to every lawful means in our power, but let instruct those who oppose themselves, and love to our God, and love and pity to our to take heed what manner of spirit we are of. fellow creatures, misled and deceived as we It is well to attend the crowded meetings, believe them to be, be the motives from which to lift our voices as the voice of one man we oppose; let us fix our eye on the first against what we believe to be subversive martyr of the Christian Church-follow him of the glory of God—the present as well as he followed Christ. We ought to have as the dearest interests of our fellow-men; the spirit of martyrs, though we may not be but it is better for us to bow our knee in called to martyrdom. the secret chamber, and there to lift our Happily as yet the power of persecution voice in earnest prayer to Him who turned is not sufficiently revived by the Church of the Council of Aħithophel into foolishness, Rome. But we have an abundance of proof to spread the cause as Hezekiah spread the to shew, that not the will, but the power to letter of Sennacherib before the Lord of persecute is wanted by her. Witness all Hosts, the God of Israel. Whilst many re- the proceedings at Malta, Madeira, Tahiti, gard the proposed measure, as to Maynooth, Dingle, Switzerland, and elsewhere; and as one which will heal the wounds of Ireland, then in a perfect consciousness of the danand convince Romanists of our kindly feel- gers of giving ascendency to the Romish

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