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SIR MATTHEW HALE'S RESOLU- when her recantation was made. The lover TIONS.

then informed her, that he had paid his ad

dresses to her for the good of her soul, mar“Morning.-1. To lift up the heart to riage being out of the question, as he was a God, in thankfulness, for renewing my life. priest and a Jesuit-a fact of which she was 2. To renew my covenant with God in convinced, when taking off a wig which he Clirist, by renewed acts of faith receiving wore, he showed her the tonsure, or shaven Christ, and rejoicing in the height of that crown, which is a distinguished mark of relation, and by resolution of being one of Popish priests. his people, doing him allegiance. 3. Adoption and prayer. 4. Setting a watch over my own infirmities and passions, over the

SLAVE ANECDOTE. snares laid in our way. Perimus licitis. “ Day Employment.—There must be an

Pompey, a negro, previous to the Ameriemployment of two kinds : 1. Our ordinary can revolution, being suspected of having calling; to serve God in it. It is a service stolen goods in his possession, was taken to Christ, though ever so mean. (Col. iii.) before a certain justice of the peace, in the Here faithfulness. diligence. cheerfulness. county of Philadelphia, and charged with Not to overlay myself with more business the offe

pes the offence. The negro acknowledged the than I can bear.2. Our spiritual emplov. fact, and made the following decisive dements : mingle somewhat of God's imme

e fence. “Massa Justice, me know me got diate service in this day.

dem tings from Tom dere, and me tink Tom “Refreshments. - 1. Meat and drink: teal dem too; but what den, Massa ? dey moderation seasoned with somewhat of God. be only a piccaninny knife and a piccaninny 2. Recreations: 1. Not our business. corkscrew; one cost sixpence, and tudder a 2. Suitable. No games, if given to cove

e shilling, and me pay Tom for dem honestly, tousness or passion.

Massa.” “A very pretty story, truly,” said “If alone. -1. Beware of wandering, his worship; " you

his worship ; "you know they were stolen, vain, and lustful thoughts ; fly from thyself and yet allege in excuse you paid honestly rather than entertain these. 2. Let' thy for them ; I'll teach you better law than solitary thoughts be profitable.—view the that, Sirrah! Don't you know, Pompey, evidences of thy salvation,—the state of thy

the receiver is as bad as the thief? You soul.--the coming of Christ.-thy own mor- must, you black rascal, be severely whipt!" tality ; it will make thee humble and watch- “ Berry well, Massa, if de black rascal be ful.

whipt for buying stolen goods, me hope de “ Company. Do good to them. Use white rascal be whipt too for same ting, God's name reverently. Beware of leaving when you catch him, as well as Pompey." an ill inpression, by ill example. Receive

“ To be sure," replied the justice. “Well good from them if more knowing.

den," says Pompey, “here be Tom's massa; “Evening.-Cast up the accounts of the hold him fast, constable; he buy Tom as I day. If ought be amiss, beg pardon. Ga- buy de piccaninny knife and de piccaninny ther resolution of more vigilance. If well. corkscrew. He know berry well poor Tom bless the mercy and grace of God that hath be stolen from his old fadder and mudder; supported thee."

de knife and de corkscrew had neder ;Such was the justice as well as the severity

of Pompey's address, that after a short JESUITISM.

pause, the magistrate, with the consent of The following anecdote is current in Ger- the action.

Tom's master, dismissed him and discharged many, and illustrates the disguises often assumed by Jesuits to forward Popery. When the Duke and Duchess of Anhalt

MISCELLANEOUS. Cothen embraced the Romish faith a few T HE PAPACY AND THE PAPAL STATES.years back, the court followed their exam, Bologna, July 23, 1840.--"And now this is ple, with the exception of one maid of the last night, I trust, in which I shall sleep honour, who abided by her Protestant prin- in the Pope's dominions; for it is impossi. ciples. Shortly after, a young gentleman ble not to be sickened with a government arrived from Vienna, who won the affections such as this, which discharges no one funcof the lady, but informed her that being a tion decently. The ignorance of the people Roman Catholic, he could not ally himself is prodigious—how can it be otherwise ?to a heretic. She consented, after a strug- The booksellers' shops, sad to behold-the gle, to forsake Protestantism, but fainted very opposite of that scribe instructed to the

kingdom of God, who was to bring out of

POETRY. his treasures things new and old, these

THE SALVATION OF INFANTS. scribes, not of the kingdom of God, bring

A Mother, who had lost an infant, received much out of their treasures nothing good, either consolation from the following epitaph, written by new or old, but the mere rubbish of the past the late Rev. R. Robinson of Cambridge. and the present. Other governments may Bold Infidelity, turn pale and die ; see an able and energetic sovereign arise, to Beneath this stone four hapless infants lie; whom God may give a long reign, so that Say, are they lost or saved ? what he began in youth he may live to com- If death 's by sin, they sinn'd, for they lie plete in old age. But here every reign must here ; be short ; for every sovereign comes to the If heaven 's by works, in heaven they can't throne an old man, and with no better edu- appear, cation than that of a priest. Where, then, Ah! reason how depraved ! can there be hope under such a system, so Revere the Bible's sacred page, the knot 's contrived, as it should seem, for every evil untied end, and so necessarily exclusive of good ? They died, for Adam sinn'd; they live, for I could muse long and deeply on the state Jesus died. of this country, but it is not my business; neither do I see, humanly speaking, one gleam of hope." --Arnold's Letters, vol. ii.

INTELLIGENCE. p. 423, Appendix C.

"PRAY WITHOUT CEASING.”—1 Thess. v. 17. MR. Locke, in a letter written a year before his death to one who asked the question, La Religion d'Argent, or The Religion of "What is the shortest and surest way for a Money, continued. — A translation of this young gentleman to attain to the true know- little tract, appeared in the pages of the ledge of the Christian religion in the full Operative. Our readers will be glad to and just extent of it?His answer is, learn that it has since been adopted as one "Let him study the Holy Scriptures, espe- of the Society's publications; and that at cially the New Testament. Therein are the suggestion and expense of a generous contained the words of eternal life. It has friend, nearly 2000 have been sent gratuiGod for its author; salvation for its end; tously, to various parties in the University of and truth, without any mixture of error, for Cambridge. its matter."

A meeting was held on Thursday evening, What a quiet world we should have if

wa have if January 9th, at the Educational Institute,

"Blackfriars Road, to expose the proceedings every thing and every person knew its own place! If the sea kept its own place, we

*at meetings held in a Temperance Hall and should have no inundations. If men kept

Catholic School Room in the vicinity, by a theirs, we should not see such floods of sin

fan Mr. Daniel French, who has for some time

been advocating the claims of Popery in

that neighbourhood, and who, after chal"What a beautiful place heaven is !” said lenging discussion of the various topics he a little boy, not four years old. “Why do you adverted to in his several addresses, emthink so?" said his mamma. “ Because,” ployed and directed an infuriated audience said he, alluding to the stars, “ the nails in to expel by FORCE from his meetings every the floor are so beautiful.”

Protestant who dared to stand forward to offer any reply to his vile and abusive attacks of the clergy of the neighbourhood, and the misrepresentations he so often made

of the faith of Protestants, although he had CABINET

secured for himself money from them on Selfishness is a swamp that sucks in all their admittance to those meetings. The and gives out nothing.

persons who had thus been maltreated imPride is a cold, stormy, barren mountain; mediately called a meeting of Protestants, humility a warm, serene, fruitful valley. to counteract such principles and practices

He who indulges ill tempers, warms and of the Popish advocates, and to shew the nourishes a nest of vipers to wound himself public this spirit of Popery, at work even in and his friends.

the heart of the metropolis. This meeting He that will be his own teacher, will be was very numerously and respectably atistantly finding out that he has a fool for tended. Mr. R. H. Binden presided ; and

Messrs. W. Allen, Ballard, and A. V. Allen

and misery.

con his scholar.

were the speakers. One universal feeling Bavaria.--The number of Protestants at of indignation was expressed by the audi- present in Bavaria is 1,226,753. In the ence, with a determination to maintain a last four years there has been an increase of more than ever decided protest against the 25,531. In that period 8,805 Protestants claims of Popery, to what she calls equal emigrated from the kingdom; 281 turned privileges, which in reality means only Romanists, and 179 Romanists became liberty to do with the faith and persons of Protestants. Protestants whatsoever may best answer her United States.—The Boston Tribune states ends.

that there are no less that thirteen colleges It appeared from the statements made at in the United States under the charge of the this meeting, that this Popish advocate was Papists, ten of which have been established not recognized by any party in his Church since the commencement of Jackson's adto lecture on Popery. Dr. Doyle, in a let- ministration. There are now being educated ter to the Chairman, disowned him, and the in these institutions about 1300 students." Roman “Catholic Institute" have rejected him from its body since 1842. He has upon , Belgium.-- An ordonna

Belgium.-An ordonnance of the King of more than one occasion violently conducted the

sted the Belgians (the Protestant Leopold) anhimself at Westminster:-he created an nuls the resolution of the Municipal Council uproar. even to preventing the continuance of Verviers, which opposes the installation of service in a chapel during a lecture by a of the Jesuits in that city. King Leopold Clergyman. by demanding to be heard in represents this municipal resolution as conreply to the Rev. Gentleman's address. trary to liberty, such as it is proclaimed in At Woolwich, at a Protestant meeting, be- Belgium.-L'Esperance. A prayer, asking cause he was refused admittance with his of God the conversion of England to the band of disturbers, brickbats were thrown Cat

bats were thrown Catholic faith, has just been published in through the windows into the meeting, but Belgium.—Novelliste de Flandres. providentially without injuring any one, the Italy. -- According to a correspondence object nevertheless was the same. Thus, in published in the Gazette d'Augsbourg, the this land of freedom, as in America, Popery governments and various communities of the begins to manifest and practically develope Italian States rival each other in restoring her dogmas of persecution. The proceed- the secularised property which they held ings did not close until after 11 o'clock. to its former masters, for the establishment

City of London Association.-A Tea and of new ecclesiastical foundations, and es. Public Meeting of the members and friends pecially for the benefit of the Order of of this Association was held in the Royal

o Jesuits. British Institution, Cowper Street, City :

city Hackney. The temporary (Popish) chapel Road, on Thursday Evening, December 26.

& in this neighbourhood is said to be too small Mr. Callow presided at the Public Meeting.

ne for the congregation. The Society of St. The Speakers were, the Revs. A. S. Thelwall

Ann and St. Mary Bethnal Green has been and J. R. Barber, and Messrs. Sibley,

dissolved, and the funds and property made Binden, and A. V. Allen.

' over to the priest of this chapel. The members of the Metropolitan Asso

Clifton, Bristol.-A Popish Mission has ciation held their united Quarterly Prayer lately been established here, and a chapel, Meeting at 11. Exeter Hall, on Wednesday cemetery, and school-room purchased. Evening, January 1. The Meeting was well Conversions. — The Rev. J. B. Murphy, attended. The members take an increasing late Superior of Youghal Monastery, has interest in their meetings for prayer.

left the errors of the Church of Rome, and Health of the Pope.-Munich, Jan. 17. a letter from him in the Record, stating Letters recently arrived here from Rome, many important circumstances connected state, that the Pope is in a most alarming with his conversion, and that the entire state. His Holiness is upwards of 79 years Community have since conformed to the of age.--Frankfort Postal Gazettee.

Protestant Faith.
Published under

the direction of



at 11, Exeter Hall; SIMPKIN, MARSHALL & Co.


W. DAVY & Son, ]
Seven Shillings per Hundred, for Distribution.


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"If they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.”—Isaiah viii. 20.

No. 60.

MARCH, 1845.

Vol. VI.

THE PROPOSED ENCREASED the Country, and the proceedings of ParliaGRANT TO MAYNOOTH

ment, destroying all sound Protestant energy COLLEGE.

and spirit. To what a pass are we coming!

Protestants in Ireland,' day after day, may The very heading of this article will aston- be murdered ; and yet the religion-oh! ish many of our readers. What !--they profanation of the name !!— the religion may exclaim, an encreased grant-and that which prompts to the commission of the from a Conservative Government!! The murder,—which sanctifies the deed, and late administration would not have dared lends her influence to the concealment of this. But so it is: and before the present the assassins—that religion must not even session has gone by, we must expect to see be spoken of as false, cruel, bigotted, and severe blows struck at the Protestant Insti- intolerant ! tutions of our country. Not, indeed, by Protestant Operatives of England, have avowed enemies no, they could not have you no sympathy with your brother Protesdone it.—but by professed friends, and that tants in Ireland ? Will you not exert yourtoo, without such timely notice as might selves to stay the plague in that Country ? have enabled the country to manifest its Ah! if you do not, it may soon extend its full and determined opposition against them. ravages amongst you. It will fall more

The grant to Maynooth is to be encreased, heavily upon you than upon the higher and one or more colleges to be erected in classes, for you cannot so easily get out of Ireland, where education is to be carried on, its way. as we are informed, upon liberal principles An aristocrat, or a wealthy commoner, – that is, without principles. It is also may now and then indeed, fall victims under rumoured, that alterations of a serious kind the mild and paternal government of the are to be made in the Dublin University. Pope, in Ireland, or in England !! but, the Whatever truth there may be in these re- majority are, and will continue to be, taken ports,-whether some or all of these innova- from your own rank in Society. But what tions will be made,—time itself must de- can you do, it may be said, against Popery? velope. Meanwhile, we have enough before And so it might have been said by each us to make it plainly apparent, that the soldier at Waterloo-" What can I do baneful drug of expediency is to be more against Buonaparte and his conquering and more filtered into the Constitution of Frenchmen?” “What? it might have been

replied; why, you are all armed-you have errors of Popery, the whole weight of governthe right on your side, and you have your ment influence seems thrown into the scale King and Country to fight for, and Welling- against them. The power of the mighty ton for your leader. So, Protestant Opera- frowns upon them ; and the Protestant edutives, we say now in reply to your question cated Maynooth Priests go forth to agitate -What can we do?—Why, every man can against the Protestants, by whose misplaced do his duty; and England expects that you bounty they have been educated. should do it.

We would never advocate a persecuting Popery is the enemy against which you are principle or a persecuting measure ; but we to fight, not the Papist; and tho' you have feel it a bounden duty to protest against no Wellington for your leader, yet the great such measures, and to petition against them, Captain of your salvation is looking on. The by whomsoever they may be advocated, and weapons with which you are to contend are against whomsoever they may be directed. not carnal, nor formed of earthly materials; We trust, therefore, that our Operative your sword is to be the Sword of the Spirit, Readers will not neglect the use of this which is the Word of God, used with all right of petitioning, amongst other means, prayer, and diligence, and watchfulness.- vested in them by the laws and constitution Yes,—the Bible is the best weapon against under which we live. Let them petition Popery: nothing can blunt its edge, nothing immediately, numerously, and unanimously, withstand it. It cuts right down the infalli- that no grant be given to support Popery at bility of the Pope; it sweeps away the fig- Maynooth; that no money be given for supment of tradition ; overturns the false plea porting Popery in the Colonies; and that of Catholicity, Apostolicity, Antiquity, and every due protection be given to converts so forth, so frequently put forward in defence from the errors of the Church of Rome. of her corruptions, and teaches you to regard the Truth-the Truth as it is in Jesus-as

THE CHARTER. paramount over all other considerations.

The adamantine chain. woven and twisted A Dialogue between JOHN HOBBS, who is of these varied links of Popish errors. melt well known in his neighbourhood as the and dissolve like snow before the noon-day Pious Shoemaker, and Sam Idle, better sun, when the light of Divine Truth, poured known by his nick-name, Young Soaker, forth from the Sacred Oracles, is shed upon from his drunken habits. them.

Soaker.-Well, Master Hobbs, always This then do: pray for your Roman hard at it, there's nothing like leather. Catholic fellow-subjects, that the Lord of Hobbs.“If any will not work, neither his mercy would be pleased to convert them, shall he eat;” “an idle soul shall suffer delivering them from that blindness, hard- hunger, but the hand of the diligent maketh ness of heart, and contempt of his word and rich;” that's my way, Master Soaker. commandment, into which Popery has led Soaker.-I know you work hard for little them. This further do: whenever you are money; why don't you strike? We pitmen confronted with them, meet them in the have turned out, and shan't turn in, till we spirit of love, but in the spirit of truth also; get more money and less work. knowing that you dare not compromise, or Hobbs.—The more money, the more drink, compliment away the Truth. We doubt not will just do for the Chartist leader at the but that if this were done by all our Opera- Redcap; but, friend Soaker, I have often tives throughout the empire, that Popery in told you, “ drunkards, who rise up early that Great Britain would be shaken to its centre, they may follow strong drink, shall in this and the Word of God would have free course world have poverty and rags ;” and I tell and be glorified. The mighty moral and you again, it is declared, “they who do such religious influence moving upwards from a things shall not inherit the kingdom of vast multitude, would do more than all mere God.” human legislation has yet effected upon the Soaker. You're always hard on me about subject. Yet legislation must not be de- the drink; but you see a poor man can't get spised; for though it be powerless as to on with such wages,-you see the big 'ons forming a single real converted character, it take it all. is powerful in throwing obstacles in the way Hobbs.-Stop! stop! as to money, Soakof the progress of truth, or removing them er, where I get fifteen shillings, you can get so as to facilitate the progress of error. five and twenty ; but you know, when I'm Each of these two processes is now going at my lapstone, you are at skittles; on Sabforward throughout our country. Whilst bath day as I go to Church, I meet you many in Ireland are coming out from the coming from the Public; so you see, your

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