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A FEW WORDS OF EXHORTATION was willing once again to be entangled in

the same yoke of bondage as bound her in OUR OPERATIVE READERS.

the dark ages. Courting an alliance with

the Pope for the purpose of governing PoWe are glad in these eventful times to pery the better, there are to be found too see our operative friends and readers not many who wish to see what are termed ashamed to be called the sons of the Re- friendly relations established between the formation.

Court of St. James, and the Vatican ; and Scarcely an event more glorious is re- certainly when public opinion shall be sufcorded in the pages of history.-If the ficiently in favor of such a disastrous step, Israelites had cause for unceasing gratitude it will, we have little reason to doubt, be to the Almighty, for his miraculously de- taken, or at least attempted. We therefore livering them from the cruel bondage of desire that each Protestant should do his taskmasters set over them by Pharaoh, and utmost to influence his own circle and pubfrom Egyptian darkness,—surely we also lic opinion, by gaining and imparting inought unceasingly to rejoice that our ances- formation where needed, and setting forward tors, and we in them, have been thus deli- the urgent necessity of acting upon sound vered from the taskmasters of the Pope, and Protestant, Constitutional, Christian, princibrought out from a worse than Egyptian ples. The present is a time in which more darkness into the glorious light and liberty than in any other Protestant England exof the Gospel of Christ Jesus.

pects that every man will do his duty. We would exhort them therefore to hold fast the profession of their faith without wavering; to provoke one another to love and to good works ; to use what influence

TRACTARIANISM. they have and everyone has some — to maintain the civil and religious privileges

Petition adopted by the Committee of the which their ancestors procured for them,

Protestant Association to the Queen. which they, our operative friends, yet enjoy, Our columns are too small to allow us, but which others are determined, if possi- however briefly, to touch upon all the leadble, to wrest from them and their posterity. ing topics of the day. We have scarcely

Alas! it appears as if Protestant England space to notice the great topics which are

ress has


now agitating more and more deeply both nished her usefulness, and done serious the theological and political world.

injury to the advancement of true religion Tractarianism pursues its course with among all classes of your Majesty's subjects. varied success; and the fearful leaven of “We cannot but regard such changes and Popery brought in by the disturbers of our innovations, connected as they evidently are church, works, and will continue to work a with erroneous teaching, as most in judici. deadly mischief, long after those who intro- ous, and as having a manifest tendency to duced it may have closed their earthly ca- impair the spirituality of our Church serreer.

vices, and to assimilate them to the superThe proceedings in the diocese of Exeter stitious practices of the Church of Rome, have created a not unjust alarm; and though thereby driving thousands into dissent, and a truce to hostilities exists now for a little alienating the affections of the people from while, and in consequence of a pastoral their appointed pastors. address from the Archbishop of Canterbury, “We therefore humbly implore your Masome requirements have been withdrawn, jesty with the advice of your Council, to and a temporary peace seems restored-yet take these matters into your royal considethe ter

not given satis- ration, and to devise such measures as may

tend, by the blessing of God, to restore harOn the subject of that address, a Dublin mony and peace amongst us, and to secure journal remarks, and very justly — “But the preaching of the glorious doctrines of there is one lack in this as in all the other the gospel of Jesus Christ, as carried out at similar documents which have appeared, and the Reformation, in all their fulness and which is striking. We mean the powerful simplicity thoughout your Majesty's domipointed allusion that might or ought to be nions. made to doctrine as the prominent essential “And your petitioners will ever pray." business of the clergy, prelacy, and church of England. The salvation of souls is the end for which the ecclesiastical constitution exists. If men were in earnest here, there

THE CONCORDAT. would be no room or leisure for such trifling. If the Archbishop of Canterbury would urge

The following documents appeared in this in the style and with the vigour of a ti

vigour of the Evening Post of Thursday last, and sufPaul, and rebuke the original disturbers on ficiently explain themselves. such grounds, he would soon produce uni

Mountjoy Square, formity without specifically ordering it."

15th Jan. 1845. We feel it the duty of the laity to exert My dear Sir. themselves as far as possible, and notwith

I have just had the honor of receiving standing the difficulties which surround the

e from His Excellency, the Lord Lieutenant, case, still to shew themselves with mild but

an important communication, of which I beg determined confidence, in a humble, prayerful, but faithful spirit, resolved to a man not

to enclose a copy, in the hope that you will to aid in the introduction of Popish obser

have the goodness to give it a place in your

• next publication. vances—to look to the animus, the motives"

I have the honor to remain, of those who bring them in—and never to

My dear Sir, connive at, or sanction, what they believe

Very faithfully yours, to be dangerous, because Popish innovations.

D. MURRAY. The Committee of the Protestant Associ.

;. F. W. CONWAY, Esq. ation have adopted the following petition to

( Copy. ) the Queen, on the subject of the erroneous teaching and innovations in church forms

“Viceregal Lodge, and ceremonials, revived, introduced, or

"Jan. 15th, 1845. sanctioned by Tractarian innovators.

“ Lord Heytesbury presents his compli

ments to Archbishop Murray, and begs to May it please your Majesty,

inforın him that he has been instructed to “We, the undersigned, deeply regret give to him, and to Archbishop Crolly the the strife and discord which now distract strongest assurances on the part of the our Church, occasioned by the efforts of the Government, that there has never existed Tractarian party to revive obsolete ceremo- the slightest intention of entering into any nies and the observance of disused portions negociation with the Papal See upon the of the Rubrics, whereby they have dimi- subject of a Concordat."


hot irons to the hands and feet of men, and

the breasts of women. At Nantes they hung The method of dragooning the French Pro- up several women by their feet, and others

testants after the revocation of the Edict of by their arm pits, and thus exposed them to Nantes, under Louis XIV., taken from a public view. They bound mothers to posts, French account translated in the year 1686. and let their sucking infants lie languishing "The tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.”

el » in their sight without letting them be suckled

for several days, but leaving them crying, The troopers, soldiers, and dragoons went moaning, gasping for life, and dying for into the Protestants' houses, where they thirst and hunger. They took children of marred and defaced their household stuff, four or five years old, and when they had kept broke their looking glasses and other utensils them so long as that they were dying for hunand ornaments, let their wine run about ger, brought them to their parents, and with their cellars, and threw about their corn and horrible imprecations and oaths assured them, spoiled it. And as to those things which that except they would turn they should see they could not destroy in this manner, such their children die in their presence. Some as furniture of beds, hangings, tapestry, they bound before a great fire, and being linen, wearing apparel, plate, and things of half roasted, let them go. Some, both men the like nature, they carried them to the and women, they beat in the most outrageous market place, and sold them to the Jesuits manner, and others they tormented night and other Papists. By these means the and day, dragging, beating, and tossing them Protestants in Montauban alone were, in about without intermission-which was the four or five days, stripped of above a million ordinary mode of conversion practised by of money. But this was not the worst. these military apostles of the Popish Church. They turned the dining rooms of gentlemen In the mean time they were prohibited from into stables for their horses, and used the departing the kingdom (a cruelty never Protestants in person with the greatest in- practised by Nero or Diocletian) upon pain dignity and cruelty. Sometimes the sol- of confiscation of effects, the galleys, the diers took the persons of the houses where lash, and perpetual imprisonment; insomuch they quartered, and walked them up and that the prisons of the sea-port towns were down in a room, tickling and tossing them crammed with men, women, boys, and girls, like a ball from one to another, without who endeavoured to save themselves by flight giving them the least intermission for three from their dreadful persecution. With these days and nights together, without meat, scenes of desolation and horror the Popish drink, or sleep. And when they were clergy feasted their eyes, and made only a wearied almost to death by these means, matter of laughter and sport of them. And they laid them on a bed, continuing to tickle though my heart aches whilst I am relating and torment them as before, and when they these barbarities, yet for a perpetual memothought them somewhat recovered, made rial of the infernal cruelty practised by these them rise and walk about afresh, sometimes monsters, I beg the reader's patience to lay tickling and other times lashing them with before him two other instances, which, if he rods to keep them from sleeping. And hath a heart like mine, he will not be able when one party of their tormentors were to read without watering these sheets with weary, they were relieved by another, who his tears. practised the same violence, insomuch that The first is of a young woman, who being many of the poor Protestants were distracted, brought before the council, upon refusing to and others become stupid and mopish, and abjure her religion, was ordered to prison. remained so.

(The cruelties practised upon her, motives At Negreplisse, a town near Montaubon, of delicacy prevent our bringing forward.) they hung up Isaac Favin, a Protestant The other is of a man, in whose house citizen of that place, by his arm pits, and were quartered some of these missionary tormented him a whole night by pinching dragoons. One day having drunk plentiand tearing off his flesh with pincers. They fully of wine, and broken their glasses with made a great fire round about a boy of about every health, they filled the floor of the ten years old, who, with hands and eyes lift room where they were drinking with the up to heaven, cried out, “My God, help fragments, and by often walking over them me.” And when they saw the lad resolved and treading on them, reduced them to still to die rather than renounce his religion, smaller pieces. On this, in the insolence of they snatched him from the fire just as he their mirth, they resolved on a dance, and was upon the point of being burnt.

told their Protestant host that he must be In several places the soldiers applied red one of their company, but withal, that he must dance quite barefoot, to move more was first incorporated upon earth. However nimbly. And thus barefoot, they forced various be the forms of Church government, him to dance upon the sharp points of glass. however multiform the modes of Church And when they had kept him thus dancing discipline, which exist among those who as long as he was able to stand, they laid bear the name of Christ, we must, as did the him on a bed, and after some time, that he Apostle, recognise the working of grace in might come to himself, stripped him naked all who “ love the Lord Jesus Christ in sinand rolled his body from one end of the cerity ;” all whose doctrine is Gospel truth, room to the other, till his skin was stuck whose practice apostolical fellowship, whose full of the fragments of the glass. Then bond of membership with Christ is the sathey laid him on his bed, and sent for a craments ordained by Him, and whose bond surgeon to cut out the pieces of glass of membership with each other the Lord's from his body, which put him to the most day assemblage for associated prayer. exquisite and horrible pains.

The holy Catholic Church of Christ upon These, fellow Protestants, were the me- earth, is the blessed company of all those, thods used by the most Christian King's known to Him alone, who are at any one Apostolic Dragoons, to convert his heretical time in a state of salvation, under whatever subjects to the Popish faith! These, and circumstances and through whatever instrumany others of the like nature, were the tor- mentality. The visible Church of Christ ments to which Louis XIV. delivered them upon earth comprehends any and every one over, to bring them to his own Church. of those communities, among whom may be And as Popery is unchangeably the same, discerned the four notes or marks, stated in these are the tortures prepared for you, if the context; although, like our brethren of ever that religion should be permitted to the Presbyterian Church in Scotland, or become settled amongst you. And as the some of the Reformed Confessions on the attempt is now openly made to introduce it, Continent, they may administer the power awake, arise, Britons, in defence of your of the Episcopate through the medium of a Protestant Queen, her family, your religion, consistory or a synod, or even, like some and your liberties. Your souls, your bodies, denominations of Dissenters among ouryour estates, your wives and children, all selves, may exhibit nothing at all corresdemand your immediate care. The agents pondent with the episcopal function and of Rome are just ready to seize and worry office—that office which is, according to our you. Seize the present moment, before the apprehension, so clearly defined in Scripture, dreadful destruction overwhelms you, in and which has been, according to our expeorder to prevent it. Let every heart and rience, so conducive to the order and unity hand unite. The ruin that threatens you of the Church in every age. We would is universal. The toil you are called to is that they received this mark or note of the great but glorious. Strengthen yourselves, Church; but we cannot so draw the line as therefore, and be of good courage, and be- to exclude them because they do not. And have valiantly for your people, for your our reason for coming to this conclusion is Queen, and for the cities of your God; and simply this. After the first indication of may He who is the great disposer of victory, the Church, as manifestly identified by cerand holds the fates of nations in His hand, tain notes or marks, which must distinguish crown you with success, and make you tri- it everywhere, at all times, and in every umph over all your enemies.

individual member, we find communities springing up in various places, which while

they exhibit the common marks, are equally THE HOLY CATHOLIC CHURCH. named Churches. Thus in the eighth chap

ter of the book of Acts, we read of “the When we would define, in its fullest and Church which was at Jerusalem,” as distinmost enlarged sense, the holy Catholic guished from Churches in other places; and Church of Christ upon earth, resisting the in the ninth chapter, the same thing is encroachments of Rome on the one hand, directly affirmed— Then had the Churches and yet preserving the apostolical order and rest throughout all Judea and Galilee and discipline of episcopacy upon the other; we Samaria, and were edified; and walking in are constrained to abandon all restrictions the fear of the Lord, and in the comfort of or qualifications, excepting those which we the Holy Ghost, were multiplied.” Now, expressly find in the scriptural portraiture though the Holy Catholic Church, the mysof that “chosen generation,” that “royal tical and invisible Church of Christ, was priesthood,” that“ holy nation,” that“ pecu- then, and ever will be, “one body,” aniliar people," from among whom the Church mated by “one spirit," "even as we are


called in one hope of our calling;” though France, is extracted from the half-yearly there is, and ever will be, "one Lord, one circular of the Evangelical Society of Gefaith, one baptism;" yet it is very far from neva. manifest, that even in those early times “A gunner belonging to the garrison of there was one and the same standard of T h ad several conversations with one ecclesiastical regulations, for the internal of our evangelists about the salvation of his administration of every particular Church. soul. After their separation they continued Generally, the apostle Paul inscribes his to correspond. The letters of the gunner Epistles—“To the Church that is at Co- show how the work of Divine grace prorinth "_" To the Church of the Thessalo- gresses and ripens and fructifies, little by nians," and the like; but he departs from little, in the soul which has received religithis form in the case of the Galatians, where ous impressions. He writes thus to our he addresses himself to all “ the Churches,” evangelist on the 22nd August last :-'I and at Philippi, where alone he makes ex- find your letters so interesting that I wish plicit mention of the orders of the ministry to receive one every day. My eyes are —“the saints in Christ Jesus which are at opened, and I value more and more each Philippi, with the bishops and deacons.” day those good things that I never did be

As, therefore, the orders of the Christian fore. I now see that all those pleasures ministry, as existing among ourselves, were which we seek after with so much avidity not fully developed and drawn out at the are only ephemeral, and that we ought to time when “the Lord added to the Church aspire after the possession of those which daily such as should be saved,” it is clear, are more stable and can never end. Behold, that the visible Church must now be taken Sir, the new sentiments which animate me to be just what it was in the days of the since I resolved to abandon my impious and Apostles. Wherever there are the marks or profane reading, and to give myself up ennotes originally imprinted by the finger of tirely to reflection and to the important the Spirit of God-apostolical doctrine, business of salvation. I shall never forget apostolical practice, apostolical sacraments, the six days that I passed at T—-, for it and apostolical prayer--there we must con- was there that Providence willed I should fess a community of Christian men; there meet with you.' we must have fellowship one with another in “On the 3rd of October, adds our evange" the blood of Jesus Christ, which cleanseth list, he wrote to me again :-'I entreat you from all sin ;” there, putting out of sight to send me immediately by the post a copy the points of discipline on which we differ, of that most excellent book the Bible, which we may hold sweet spiritual communion affords the best nourishment for the soul.' with those, who are like minded on the I hastened to send him a Bible by one of points of doctrine concerning which we our brethren, to whom the gunner wrote agree; and we may rejoice, we ought to re- testifying his gratitude, 'In my letter to joice, in the anticipation of that day, when Mr. said he, 'I shall inform him how the Church shall be one even as its Lord ; quickly you have delivered to me the dewhen there shall be “one fold” even as lightful book for which I asked. Having there is “one Shepherd,” and all minor much spare time, I hope to derive a great blots or blemishes, which arise out of the deal of instruction from the perusal of it, natural frailty or infirmity of man, shall be and shall preserve it as a precious rememlost for ever, in the contemplation of “the brance of Christians of the reformed faith. glory that excelleth," “ the fullness of Him Although born of Roman Catholic parents, that filleth all in all.”

and myself a Roman Catholic, I delight to Such we believe to be the mind of our attend your religious meetings, for I feel own Church; and because it is her mind, much edified by them. We know not what and because it is the mind of holy Scripture, may be the effect of this reading upon the therefore we love her, we trust her, we cleave heart of the gunner; but when we thus see to her, we cling to her.

a sinner become serious and attentive to the voice of God, renouncing his evil reading in

order that he may attach himself to the THE FRENCH GUNNER AND Bible, we may hope that the Lord will conTHE BIBLE.

tinue to enlighten his mind, for He will not The following interesting circumstance,

allow any to seek him in vain." which is connected with the extensive evangelical awakening now taking place among the Roman Catholics in many parts of

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