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A troop of young infidels, set on by the "My husband! The Bible ! the Bible ! bigots of the place, being informed of the We have at last got it again !! On hearing proceeding, determined to put the patience her cries a man came running in. “What!' and meekness of the Bible people to the test. said he, 'the Bible ? Where is it? where is Accordingly, they posted themselves at a it?' At these words the woman turned certain place where the parties returning again to the colporteur, who held a Bible from the wedding were obliged to pass; and in his hand; and, hastily seizing it, she on seeing the peaceful company of our pressed it to her bosom, exclaiming at the friends approach, burst out into discordant same time, “No! no! I shall never let it yells, overwhelming them with the most go again! opprobrious epithets. These humble dis- “The following may serve as an explanaciples of the Gospel continued their journey tion of the foregoing: The Bible had acin peace, replying in the mildest terms tually been once in the house ; it had been to the insults offered to them. In propor- read; but in a moment of fear it had been tion to their meekness, however, the rage of given up to the curé, who had destroyed it. their enemies increased. These latter, de- As much, however, of it as had been read, termined on having it in their power to say made a lasting impression upon the readers that the Bible people could resent an injury, and hearers; and not a day passed but sighs proceeded to a clover field belonging to one and prayers were offered up for the return of the friends, and cutting down a sufficient of the Bible-seller. quantity, strewed it in the high road, in the “Does not this remind you of the woman same manner as the Roman-Catholic pro- in the Gospel, who, having found again the cessions in the country are conducted ; and piece of silver which she had lost, called her then, with branches of trees in their hands, friends and neighbours together, saying, they ranged themselves on both sides, and, Rejoice with me, for I have found the as the friends passed along, cried out, with piece which I had lost.' The resemblance boisterous tones, · Long life, long life to the between her and the woman in my narrative Bible people!' The parties thus insulted was in every respect great; for the latter endured the new affront without flinching; actually went about among her neighbours until at length the fury of their opponents to announce her good fortune in having increased to such a degree on their re-enter- succeeded in repossessing herself of what she ing the village, that they actually took up considered the most valuable of all treastones and pelted them, hoping thereby to sures.” exasperate them, and to shew that the Bible people could be angry as well as others. Here, however, they were again disap

REVIEW. pointed; for our friends quickened their The Child's Book of Martyrs, in one vol., pace, and took hasty refuge in their houses. published by the Protestant Association, The Mayor, having been informed of what 11, Exeter Hall, Nisbet's, Baisler's, and had taken place, immediately instituted in the Protestant Depôt, 55, Aldermanbury, quiries among the sufferers, hoping to engage London. them to prefer their complaints at law against This interesting little work, which has those who had injured them so wantonly; appeared in numbers, is now complete, and but the answer they gave was, that God had bound up in one small and neat volume. put it into their hearts to forgive the evil We wish we had space in our columns to done to them; so that, not out of vain give the whole of the Editor's address, as boasting, but in the true spirit of the Gospel, that would perhaps best shew the motive they earnestly entreated the Mayor to take and object of the work-we however insert no notice whatever of the whole affair. This the following: is assuredly one of the noblest triumphs of “It is, then, the object of this little book the Bible, and is, at the same time, a noble to record the troubles and sufferings of some result of the labours of our colporteurs. of those faithful witnesses, who suffered in

England for the truth of the gospel,-the “ In the Department of Mayenne the reason why they suffered,--and the evidence following affecting circumstance occurred:- they gave of their attachment to Christ, in One of our colporteurs, on entering a small defending that truth against all their advertown, went into the first house that was open. saries. Hoping that, while reading the his• Would you please to buy a Bible ?' said tories of many, ' of whom the world was not he to a woman whom he met with. Scarcely worthy,' you will learn the great lesson, that had he asked the question, than the woman, those who honour Jesus shall be honoured, hastily rising from her seat, cried out lustily, while those who despise Him shall be lightly

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esteemed; and that you may be very thankful

POETRY. that God has cast your lot in this land, at a time when the Bible is freely circulated, and the gospel freely preached.


The martyrdom of Cranmer excited signal indigthing in mind. The gospel teaches us to nation in England, as a remorseless murder, comnate sin: we cannot hate sin too much : bining all the tyranny and cruelty of Rome. But

Cranmer's rank, as the first Prelate of the Church, but it no where teaches us to hate sinners. his eminent learning and his exemplary character, God hates sin ; the Bible teaches us, that rendered him only å victim more eagerly desired 'He is of purer eyes than to behold iniquity;

by the bloodthirsty supremacy of the Popedom.

After a trial, in which all the principles of justice but God does not hate poor sinners. In and religion were equally violated, the venerable giving His beloved Son to die, 'the Just for Archbishop was brought to the Stake. He perished the unjust,' you see, at once, how God hated flame. to be burned first, as the instrument of his

with sacred constancy, holding his right hand in the sin, and how he loved the sinner. Well, unhappy recantation, and, with extraordinary forthen, you will find in the conduct of the titude, declaring his sorrow for that single act of

weakness, by crying out-"This unworthy handmartyrs of Jesus, that they followed the this unworthy hand!” until he died. example of their Blessed Master, who, when He was reviled, reviled not again. They The mighty city's voice is still, never, through fear of persecution, kept As on her spirit hung a cloud, back or concealed the truth,--they never As if some sudden sense of ill spoke lightly of sin to please and obtain the Awoke her anguish, deep, not loud ; favour of sinners; but, like the apostle of As when we stand beside the wave, old, they counted the loss of all things,' And see those sink whom none can save. yea, even life itself, a positive gain, so that And man meets man with looks of gloom, they might win Christ ;"—they went on And eyes weep then that seldom weep, their way, a faithful and a prayerful band, And steps, as if they trod the tomb, knowing that while they were weak, and From street to street in silence creep; insufficient of themselves to do any manner And groups are seen, with startled ear, of good, He in whom they trusted had Catching each distant sound of fear. promised that · His grace should be sufficient for them.' Mark well, then, in the following

But, clustering round a prison door, histories, the conduct of the persecutor and

Are seen the soldier's plume and lance ; oppressor, on the one hand, and of the bold

And sullen crowds around it pour, faithful servant of God on the other. Mark,

With clenching hand and frowning glance, how vain, how useless, were the efforts made

do And prayers that quick for vengeance rise, to stop the progress of God's word, or to for, on that day, a martyr uit

4 For, on that day, a martyr dies ! stop the mouths of those whose hearts God And now the prison-portals ope, had filled with His truth. And, if your And from its arches, deep and dim, hearts are led to love Jesus and to hate sin, Gleam silver cross, and broidered cope, -that bitter thing that nailed him to the And swells of death the chaunted hymn, cross,—your prayer will be, that you may And in the torches' tossing glare be enabled by His grace to resist every Throng mitred brows and tonsures bare. temptation to evil,--that you may be faithful But there moved one-his step was slow, and true to His word, and 'choose, rather His eye was cast upon the ground, to suffer affliction with the people of God, And, when out burst the cry of woe, than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a

Enjoy the pleasures of sin for a He looked as if he heard no sound , season.'"

As if his step alone were there; We trust further to advert to this publi- But his wan lips were moved in prayer. cation in our next number.

And now the train has reached the pile

There stands the monk, the man of blood: CABINET.

Upon his cheek the bigot's smile, It was well said by an old divine, that it is the office of a Romish Bishop to teach

tch And round him, wrapped in cope and cowl, men to be ignorant.

His tools of murder, fierce and foul. The best things corrupted become the No longer stooped that prisoner's browworst : a bad man is the worst of all crea- His form was sudden majesty ; tures--a bad Christian the worst of all men His cheek was lighted with the glow -a bad professor the worst of all Christians - Of one who saw deliverance nigh— and a bad minister the worst of all pro- Who longed to leave a mighty name,

Tried by the test of gore and flame.


And now the ancient man is chained, bers of the Associations would do well if they

And now around him bursts the blaze. were to attend these meetings more numeInquisitor! thy cause is gained !

rously; for in the proportion that we seek Harlot of Rome, thy pæan raise! [filame the blessing of God in prayer, may we look Watch, murderers, watch-perchance your for the prosperity of the Associations. May sting his lips to words of shame!

Lectures.-A course of lectures will be The martyr stood within that flame

delivered, D. V., before the members and As standing in his own high hall !

friends of the Finsbury Tradesmen and But one dark memory o'er him came, Operatives' Protestant Association, in the Like Peter's tears for Peter's fall.

School Room attached to the Northampton And still he cried—“This worthless hand!” Tabernacle, Rosoman Street, Clerkenwell, Until it was a burning brand.

in the following order:~Monday, Sept. 30, Then all was past—the furious monk,

Mr. A. V. ALLEN, Secretary of the City of The guard, the weeping crowd were gone;

nei London Association ; Subject — The unIn dust the fiery pile had sunk

changeable character of Popery. Monday, The martyr's starry crown was won ;

Oct. 7, Mr. E. RIGLEY, Secretary of the And Rome exulted o'er his grave,

Lambeth Association; Subject—The SuperAnd thought that England was her slave!

stitions of Romanism argued, exposed, and

exploded. Monday, Oct. 14, Mr. C. Sibley, But from that grave her spirit spoke

City of London Association ; Subject—The The Bible made the nation free;

Inquisition. Monday, Oct. 21, Mr. R. H. By Cranmer's gore was burst her yoke

BINDEN, Secretary of the Marylebone AssoTruth was the Christian's liberty !

ciation; Subject, The cruel persecutions of And shall we ope the murderer's den,

the Church of Rome. Monday, Oct. 28, And bid him light the pile again?

Mr. Moulton; Subject—The Spirit of Po

pery. Monday, Nov. 4, Rev. E. PARRY, INTELLIGENCE.

Minister of the Northampton Tabernacle;

Subject—The duty of Protestants at the pre“PRAY WITHOUT CEASING."-1 Thess. v. 17. sent eventful crisis, in relation to the Popish

controversy. Each Lecture will commence THE PAPAL GOVERNMENT.—The political at Half-past 7 o'clock. annual for the Papal States has just been Another Metropolitan Association was published. It contains the following facts : formed on

ts: formed on Tuesday, September 24, which On the 18th inst. the Pope will have accom- has been denominated " The Chelsea, plished his 79th year. He has occupied the Brompton. and Pimlico Tradesmen and Holy See since the 2nd of February, 1831. Operatives' Protestant Association. It is The sacred college consists of 60 cardinals,

S, expected that its first public meeting will be 6 of whom are cardinal-bishops, 44 cardinal

I held about the middle of October. priests, and 10 cardinal-deacons. There are still living 2 cardinals, created by Pius VII., Our friends are informed that the ProOppizani and Riario Sforza, and 7 by testant Almanack for 1845, both Sheet and Leo XII. The 51 remaining were appointed Book, will be published on the 1st of Noby the present Pope. Monsignor Tardini, vember, with numerous embellishments, a the oldest cardinal, is 85 years of age; and new chronology, and much valuable and the youngest, Monsignor Schwartzelberg, interesting information relating to the 35. At the close of 1843, Rome possessed Popish controversy, price 2d.-Early orders a population of 170,701 inhabitants, exclu- should be given. sive of Israelites.

The Child's Book of Martyrs.-No. 1 of The Quarterly Prayer Meeting of the the second Volume of this very useful and Operative Associations was held at 11, Ex- interesting book will appear in the course of eter Hall, on Monday evening, September 16. this month, price 1d. The first volume may The attendance was very good. The mem- be had, neatly bound, price 1s. 8d.

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Published under

the direction of



EN PROTESTANT DEPOSITORY 124, Oxford-street; Forsaga

at 11, Exeter Hall; SIMPKIN, MARSHALL & Co.


W. DAVY & Son,] Seven Shillings per Hundred, for Distribution.


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"If they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.”—Isaiah viii. 20.

No. 56.


Vol. V.

PRAYING TO SAINTS. please, apply to the saints, but we choose to

ask of the great Giver of all good. In doing This is one of the numerous points in which so, we think we are much more likely to Roman Catholics and Protestants differ from receive than if we invoke the saints. each other. They, the Roman Catholics, pray It is true, being sinners, we need an adto departed saints. This they acknowledge vocate with the Father ; but we do not need they do, nor are they at all ashamed of the more than one, and him we have in Jesus practice, but endeavour to justify it. If any Christ, as John, another saint, testifies: “If one doubts that they hold to the invocation any man sin, we have an advocate with the of saints, as they express it, let him consult Father, Jesus Christ the righteous." (1 the notes to their own Rhemish Testament, John ii. 1.) John speaks of only one advoor look into their book of prayers, where he cate; and Paul asserts that as there is but will read the very language in which they one God, so there is but one mediator bemake their supplication to the saints. tween God and men. Yet the Catholics will

We Protestants do not pray to saints, and have it, that there are advocates many and we think we have pretty good reasons for mediators many. The notes of the Rhemish not doing it. We will mention some of translators on 1 Tim. ii. 5, and 1 John ii. 1, them, in the hope that they will appear to assert the doctrine of a plurality of mediabe equally good reasons why Catholics tors and advocates. The object of those should not pray to saints.

notes is to show, that if any man sin, he has 1. We do not feel the need of saints to many advocates with the Father, and that pray to. We have a great and good God to that there are more mediators than one go unto, whose ear is ever open to our cry, between God and men; the very reverse of and we think that is enough; we do not what those texts assert! I am aware that want any other object of prayer. Whenever the Catholics say that saints are mediators we feel the need of any thing, we judge it only in a subordinate sense; but I say they best to apply directly to our heavenly Fa- are mediators in no sense. Does the Bible ther, especially since James, one of the speak of them as mediators in any sense ? saints, testifies, that “ every good gift, and Those words, “ mediator” and “advocate,” every perfect gift is from above, and cometh are in the Bible sacredly appropriated to down from the Father of lights." (Jas. i. Christ. There is but one, and it is He. 17.) Others may, in their necessity, if they We come to the Father by Him. To Him

we come immediately. Here we need no praying to a saint in heaven, and asking a daysman.

fellow-traveller to Zion on earth to pray to 2. We Protestants have always regarded God for us. Every one must see that. prayer as a part of worship, as much as When a Christian asks his minister or his praise and confession of sin. Now, our Sa- Christian friend to beseech God for him, he viour says, “ Thou shalt worship the Lord does not consider that he is praying to him thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.” or invoking him. Besides we never ask one We dare not, therefore, pray to any other to pray for us, unless we know he is within than God. We should not like to be guilty hearing. We should think it very silly to of the idolatry of worshipping a creature. do so. We must have proof of his presence

3. If we were disposed to pray to the before we think of making any request of saints, yet we should not exactly know how him. Yet the Catholics are continually to do it. Were we to pray to them ge- making requests of creatures, of whose nerally, without singling any out by presence with them they have not a particle name, it would be a kind of praying at ran- of proof, and who, being creatures, it is cerdom: and we strongly suspect that our tain cannot be present with all that call requests would not be attended to, for it upon them. How many individuals are may be among saints in heaven, as it is every day, at the same hour, calling on the among their less perfect brethren on earth, blessed Virgin for assistance! It is all that what is made every body's business folly, unless she be omnipresent-a goddess, comes to be regarded as nobody's. If, on which the Bible certainly does not represent the other hand, we apply to specific saints, her as being. She occupies but one small and invoke them by name, this supposes spot in the universe of God, and it is prothat we know just who the saints are. It bably a great way off. She cannot hear, implies either that we could see into their even if she could help. Do you suppose hearts while they lived, or that we can see that her calm repose in heaven is suffered into heaven now—both which far outreach to be disturbed by the ten thousand conour power. We might make some sad mis- fused voices that cry to her without ceasing take in praying to deceased men who have from earth ? Never. passed for saints. It is easy enough to as- In looking over the Bible, the book which certain who the church regards as saints, contains the religion of Protestants, and but the canonized may not exactly corres- which, being older than the Roman Catholic pond to the sanctified. But, supposing this religion, proves the seniority of Protestantdifficulty removed, and that we know certain ism over Popery, I find no account of prayindividuals, who, having once lived on earth, ing to saints. I do not read of Joshua are now in heaven; the next thing is, to praying to Moses; or of Elisha invoking make them hear us, for there is manifestly Elijah. No, there is not a word of what no use in preferring requests to those who constitutes so much of the devotion of the cannot hear them. How is this to be done? Catholic, in either Testament. We do not The saints are in heaven — the suppliant find anything in the Acts or Epistles about sinner is on earth, and the distance between praying to the beloved Virgin, whom they them is great. Saints in heaven are not call our Lady, in allusion to the phrase our within call of sinners on earth. Where is Lord. Those writers say nothing about the the proof of it? If I say, “ Peter, pray for mother. It is all about the Son. What heme," how is he to know I say it? Peter is retics Luke and the rest of them were ! How not omnipresent. Do they say that God worthy of being excommunicated ! Catholic communicates to him the fact; but where is books are full of the blessed Virgin. The the proof of that? Besides, what does it Bible is all about Christ. There is the amount to ? God, according to this theory, difference. informs Peter that a certain sinner on earth But I forgot. The New Testament does wants him, Peter, to ask Him, the Lord, to record one instance of prayer to a departed grant hiin something. This is a roundabout saint. The record is in Luke svi. The method of getting at the thing. The man saint prayed to was Abraham. The supplihad better, a great deal, not trouble Peter, cant was a rich man in hell, and he made but say at once,“ God be merciful to me a two requests. Here is the Catholic's autho. sinner.”

rity for this doctrine of praying to deceased But the Catholics ask with an air of tri- saints, so far as he gets it out of the Bible. umph, if we do not request living saints to Let him make the most of it. When, howpray for us. We do, for we have inspired ever, he takes into consideration that it was authority for that. But that is not praying offered from hell, and by a man who lived to them. There is a wide difference between and died in ignorance and in neglect of

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