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“If they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them."-Isaiah viii. 20.

No. 55.

OCTOBER, 1844.

Vol. V.

RELIGION OF MONEY, OR THE I leave to the reader, father as he may be, MONEY RELIGION.

brother, or husband, the business of forming

the conclusion; and if he has the courage (Concluded from p. 75.)

after this to send his daughter, his sister, DISPENSATIONS.

or his wife to the confessional. “ Ist. Dispensation of every kind for the “ 3rd. Dispensation from the celebration celebration of marriages, and for the ren- of masses for which any one has become dering valid of faulty marriages.”

responsible, and which he cannot celebrate, For example. By espousing a heretic, or have celebrated, for want of means. 27 you expose your own soul and those of your francs.” children to damnation ; and this is the rea- In La Religion d'Argent, I had affirmed son, without doubt, why the Church is op- that a town priest who undertakes masses to posed to such unions : but take a dispensa- say at 30 sous each, might discharge himtion, give money—your marriage shall be self from going through them for half-price, allowed, and you shall be free to expose on a priest of the country. It appears that yourself to the being damned. Eternal I have not said enough, and that even this shame! Shame to the men who pretend to broker-priest may be dispensed, not only believe in Satan to carry on their trade by from the saying, but also from the causing alarmed consciences, and who next consent to be said, the masses for which he is paid themselves to open to them, with a key of in ready money, provided that he turns over gold, the doors of hell.

to the Pope the sum of 27 francs. There“ 2nd. Dispensation of the vows of vir- fore, guileless Roman Catholics pay, as you ginity, &c."

do, your curate for chanting or mumbling Yes! Reader, you have rightly read; and over a mass for such or such an object: he I have rightly copied. It is written in the will receive your money; he will remit 15 circular : Dispensation of the vows of Vir- or 20 per cent to the Pope, and your mass ginity,and that circular is addressed to will not be said, either by him or by others. the clergy! Let us be short, and to the It had been much better to have kept your point! A priest cannot be dispensed of money to yourselves. celibacy, but he can of virginity. He can- “4th. Dispensation from the recitation not marry, but he may....No, I will not of the Breviary and other prayers or works defile my pen with these Roman turpitudes. of obligation. 21 francs, 60 centimes."

That the Pope releases from works of act, because there might result from it the obligation, such as fasts, devotions of nine refutation of a bad book, a refutation which days, &c. I understand, for I was aware might turn to the salvation of souls. But before that these punishments have only not the Pope, who sells every thing and been invented to render dispensations indis- all sorts of things, lays out nothing in any pensable; but there is in that article another case. We must then come back to our monstrosity which deserves to be remarked: first supposition. The books prohibited by the Pope therein gives dispensation from morality are authorized by Rome; and the saying “ prayers." This is the strongest priests themselves can have them, as a sort proof that he does not believe that God of dainty, for a certain payment of money. hears those who pay to him, and that accor- “2nd. The power and faculty to bless ding to the Romish Church, address to God priestly ornaments, and to give other beneis not prayer in the true sense of the word, dictions reserved to the bishops, &c. 12 merely a recital of works imposed as an francs, 50 centimes." infliction. At college, the professor gives Again the Pope is cutting away the grass for a pensum, a page to be copied ten, from under the feet of the bishops. I am not fifteen, or twenty times; in the same way, at all astonished that they are anxious for and in the church, the priest imposes fifteen or stir up actions at law against the Agency. twenty paters to be repeated. But it turns “3rd. The power and dispensation to out that the collegian has gained in the give the papal benediction to the dying." week notes of exemption; he gives them I declare that the Pope would sell himover to the master, and in consequence has no 'self if he could find a buyer! more pensum to copy out. Just so, the faith- Enough! enough! I have not courage ful has money; he gives it to the priest, and to go on copying any longer. Know only immediately he has no more pater to repeat that in the remainder of the circular, if you If the Pope and his clergy assure me that wish to print an useful book, in place of it is not thus, and that they have confidence assisting you, the Pope levies a tax upon in the efficacy of prayers to obtain the vou in exchange for his approbation, Thus favours of God, I answer them--If you be- then, when you see at the head of a Roman lieve that God hears the prayers of the Catholic work these words, “ with approbafaithful, and at the same time you dispense tion of the Pope or of the Bishops,” know the faithful from praying, it follows that you full well that this simply signifies that the deprive them of the favours of heaven to get bookseller has turned over into the pocket possession of their money; you yourselves of the Bishops or of the Pope, a sum which too help forward their damnation.

it says “varies according to the formalities

which must be gone through." Powers and Faculties.

Do you wish to have a saint in your “1st. To read prohibited books, and to family? My tariff gives you in addition keep them in your possession, &c. 21 francs the price it costs to introduce the cause of 60 centimes.”

the beatification and the canonization, so As I copy such words, the pen falls out that at some period you may get honoured of my hand. Nevertheless, my readers, let as the saints of the calendar your cousin or us have the courage, both of us, to go on to your uncle, and bye and bye the multitude the end. If such or such a book is prohi. may come and kneel before your golden bited by the Pope, it is doubtless because calf, prepared for the purpose by the Pope the reading of it would be pernicious. How himself. then will 21 francs 60 centimes uninfect the In conclusion, the price-current offers reading? I understand not, and I must you relics even of the true cross; only it is conclude that the Pope consents even to said in a parenthesis, that, as to this last defile the soul of his priests, provided that article, “it is obtained with difficulty," as a the priests will give him money. Never- bookseller would advertise you in his catatheless we will endeavour to find a good logue that there only remains of such a motive for the permission to read bad books. work a very small number of copies. Perhaps, in fact, it may be to furnish a At its close, the prospectus advertises you means for refuting them. But if the priest that for the regular making up of orders, wishes to read a dangerous work with an the amount of the billet ought to be at intention so praise-worthy, why make him least 25 francs; that several persons may pay for the permission to accomplish what unite to make a common order, but that is good ? Not only would it be proper to one person alone ought to sign it. This give it him gratis, but it would be still more last article brings us back to our travelling christian-like to encourage him in such an agent.

He had presented himself to an Abbé, this for yourself. For myself, I have deand had received an order ; from thence he sired to perform towards you a two-fold had gone to another priest, had shewn him duty: to show you your error,—I have done the commission of the first, had obtained this,—and to set the truth before you. This from him a second; and thus to one and I am about to do. another, until the orders given in the dio- In condemning the doctrines of the cese made it worth while to open a corres- Church of Rome, I do not in the least depondence.

gree in the world condemn those of ChristiSome weeks later a packet arrives at * * * anity; on the contrary, I separate these two Let the reader know for certain that I can things as the wheat from the tares. Chrisput a proper name in the place of these tianity is the good grain ; Catholicism, or stars, and that if I do not do it, it is because Romanism, the bad. The one will enter into my intention is in no way to attack persons, heaven; the other will be cast into the fire. but only things. I respect or I grieve for But by what mark, you will say to me, the clergy of Rome; I abhor its institutions. can I distinguish true Christianity, since The packet of relics, of indulgences, and Catholicism itself professes to be this? The dispensations, comes then to the Abbé, who, answer is easy. The good grain was sown full of joy, prepares himself to sell in retail by the sower, the bad did not spring up what he had just bought wholesale : but, oh until afterwards brought in by the enemy. disappointment! the Bishop refuses his ap- It is thus, the good grain of Christianity probation.—But, my Lord, these relics and is that which has proceeded from the hand of these pieces are thoroughly authentic. — the master- from Christ and from his aposThat's true.—They have then the same virtue tles; and the bad grain of Catholicism is that which those have which you yourself draw which was brought in later by the Roman from Rome to resell to us ?-That is also clergy, too friendly to honours, to power, true ?-Then why hinder me from going to and to gold, not to be enemies of the truth. the source, and compel me to pass by your In other words, the truth, that is, the gosintervention ?-Because...-Because why? pel, proceeded from the mouth of Jesus - Because ....-I do not undertand.So Christ, and from the pen of his Apostles ; much the worse.—But then, my Lord, what the false is the whole of that which the is to be done with these relics ?-Return priests have added to that gospel. But them to the travelling agent.—And if he there is such a contradiction between that does not wish to take back his merchandize? gospel and the doctrines of Rome, that it is -You won't pay him.

impossible not to be struck by it. From The Abbé was forced to yield to the the height of his throne the Pope cries to Bishop. But at least he was willing to you—“Bring, bring me money, and I will stand out against the agent, and he refused save your souls." From the height of his to pay. To strengthen himself in his re- cross Jesus says to you—“You are saved fusal, he joined with him those of his fellows by grace; it is a gift of God.” The Pope, who happened to be in the same plight. in alarm at the hearing of that word written The travelling agent, although the repre- in the Bible, interdicts the reading of the sentative of a house which pretends to act sacred book ; but, thanks to God, societies solely for the glory of God, becomes angry, are formed, and in spite of the thunders of institutes a suit, and the matter is carried Rome, they spread abroad the divine word before the tribunal which condemns him. over all the quarters of the globe. The

My readers, let us leave there the agency Pope, in a rage, says to you—“They deand its agent, and let us come to what is ceive you, do not read.” True Christians more important to Rome, and to her trade. answer—“Do not so much believe us in Tell me, tell me, with your hand upon your what we say, but read.”—“No; shut your conscience, Is that, yes or no, a religion of eyes.”—“On the contrary, search."-"Trust gain ? Does not the colour mount up into to me, for I'm Pope.”- Trust rather in the your face, when you think that it is the reli- Gospel; it is the word of God.”—“ I tell gion of your countrymen, that of your family, you, that you must have dispensations for perhaps your own? So many turpitudes ! will reading bad books; pay me, and then you they not at length open your eyes to the light shall read the Bible.” We, on the contrary, plain good sense, stified by custom and pre- we say to you-Here is the Bible, read it judice ? Can you any longer without weak- without paying; as Christ speaking to all ness, without shame-what did I say?-can the people, as the Apostles writing to all you without danger to your eternal destiny the Churches; we have nothing to keep remain in a church which makes a trade of secret; we proclaim the truth in the streets, your soul's salvation? You must answer on the house tops : and that book which contains the words of Christ and of his dis- sonable enough: it is, Examine. You ciples, take it without gold or silver if you already know that you are deceived by are poor; for, as you know, we give it Rome; but to recognize an error is not away.*

enough; we must, in addition, find out and Come to Rome!

believe the truth. I finish then with these No, go to Christ.

words which I take from the word of God, I will give my benediction, for I am and which are worthy of your whole attenPope!

tion. “God so loved the world that he gave Christ will give you salvation, for he is his only begotten Son, that whosoever beGod.

lieveth in him should not perish, but have I will confess you, you shall perform everlasting life.” Then as you have heard penitence, or what is better still, you shall this declaration, Jesus adds, “Light is come buy it of me, the successor of St. Peter. into the world, but men loved darkness

Peter rises up, and in the Scripture cries rather than light.” Are you of this numto you" Thy money perish with thee, be- ber? If so, hear how Jesus explains your cause thou hast thought that the gift of God preference for darkness : “ Because,” saith may be purchased with money.”-Acts viïi. he, “their works are evil.” But on the 20.)

contrary, do you desire to find and to reBuy, buy, my chaplets, which have been ceive the light; then it is respecting you blessed; my ecclesiastical dispensations, that he says, that their “ deeds are wrought my plenary indulgences.

in God;” and it is in regard to you that he No! “Čome without money, and without adds, “ Whosoever believeth in me shall be price.” Come unto me, saith Christ, all saved.” ye that are weary and heavy laden, and ye shall find rest unto your souls.” I am THE TEMPORAL BLESSINGS OF meek and lowly in heart.” “I came to save that which was lost.” “Believe, trust

POPERY. in me, and ye shall be saved.” (Isaiah lv. “Now look at Italy, at the states of the St. Matthew xi. 29, 30. See the first chap- church, where the Pope is both absolute king ters of the Gospel of St. John.)

and absolute high-priest. The patrimony No! no! it is false. Buy-buy!

of St. Peter's is the worst governed country And the thunderbolt from heaven falls, in Italy, and therefore of course in Europe. and makes silent the thunders of the Vati- More people are put to death every year by can. Luther, Calvin, rise up with the the Pope's authority, than are executed in Bible in their hand: God sends them aid the three kingdoms, and in France. The in the discovery of printing: the sacred soil is rich, the climate beautiful; the peoscriptures are multiplied in all tongues, and ple wretchedly poor, savage in their habits, the nations astonished ask, the one from the ignorant ; the government keeps back purother, how they could sleep for so long a posely agriculture and trade and commerce ; time beneath the yoke of Rome. The the only roads kept in good order, are the breath of God goes forth over the earth, few which bring travellers and pilgrims to and in a few years, the third part of Chris- Rome, in the interior of that fine country tendom abandons the Pope to follow Jesus the roads are hardly passable for carts ; no Christ; whilst the rest, too careless to take sign of liberty anywhere, the press not free, the pains to examine, remain in the Church, not a single arena of public discussion on and receive therein in outward form bap- any question; the people, and gentry, and tism, the host, and extreme unction, all the noblemen, &c., all hate the government; while remaining in unbelief, and living in every year, plots and rebellions, put down sin.

in blood, and by treachery, and by Austrian Catholics of Rome, for the most part, this assistance; the government does not blush is your position; consider whether you to use any road to its end ; letters are notoought to remain in it. You may well and riously opened by the police in the post without danger set at nought the Pope; but office; the confessions of religious penitake heed, none can set at nought God. tence, elsewhere inviolate, are notoriously What I advise you is simple enough : it is, laid at the service of the minister of police Read the Bible. What I ask of you is rea- by a degraded priesthood; no public honor,

all men ashamed of their country, and of its * When the Romish clergy had pretended that our Bibles were falsified, the author of these lines institutions, formerly the most glorious in answered by the newspapers that he was willing to the world; the whole country seems to groan get distributed a Catholic or Romish translation of the New Testament, if the clergy would approve

under an insidious and invisible tyranny." it. He received for answer an anonymous Letter, The above is from a review in the Dublin which bid him keep silence.

Warder of a recent pamphlet on Ireland by of those who can, ex animo, write as in the Mr. Porter, written with a view to bring above extract from Mr. Porter's pamphlet, about, in a somewhat modified way, some of of Popery and its effects in Italy, and yet the worst of Mr. O'Connell's dreams. We would advocate the adoption of measures call them dreams, for such they will be, that would extend to other countries the and nothing more, if the Protestants of the evils prevailing there. The present contest United Kingdom faithfully discharge their in Ireland is not a national one, but a party duty. It rests with them to realize or to one-a politico-religious one-the contest defeat O'Connell's predictions.

is not between Ireland and England—but It is astonishing to behold the infatuation between England and Rome.

[merged small][graphic]

An instance of the gross bigotry and in- lic curate who accompanied them on the tolerance so often exhibited by the lower occasion also thought proper then to become orders in this country, and by others who a peacemaker. Thus, the remains of the ought to set a better example, occurred in deceased could, under the protection of an this town yesterday, and was near producing armed force alone, be interred where herself serious consequences. It appears that the and her husband wished, despite of the wife of a corporal belonging to the 69th sovereign will of the priest, and the mob regiment, before her death on Sunday last, collected to prevent it. A happy country, requested, though a Roman Catholic, as we is it not !-Mayo Constitution. have been informed, that her remains should be interred with those of her child in the new church-yard, the burial place of Protes

ANECDOTES OF THE BIBLE. tants exclusively. Her husband, being a M. De Pressense, an agent of the Bible Protestant, wished to carry out the intentions Society, relates the following anecdotes:of the deceased, and perhaps it was his own desire also that the body of the mother

Paris, June 8, 1843. should be placed with that of the child in “In a village, the inhabitants of which the burying ground attached to the Protes- were nearly all Roman Catholics, a religious tant Church; but others, total strangers awakening has been manifested, immediately to the man and his deceased wife, would not after the visit of the Bible colporteurs, propermit this; the body should be deposited, duced by their sales and the addresses which not where they wished, but where a mob they delivered. Several of the inhabitants and its leaders pleased. When the funeral have been truly converted; and now pass procession was turning into the gate of the under the designation of Bible people, since, churchyard, the mob, brought together for to every objection and to all attacks upon the purpose, made a rush to prevent the them, they reply, with mildness and pru , coffin from being brought in, and demanded dence, by quoting passages from the Bible. that it should be taken to the old church However, as it is written that all who will burying place, where Roman Catholics are live godly in Jesus Christ shall suffer per. interred. The soldiers who were present secution, the enemies of the Truth, not resisted this insolent dictation, drew their content with ridiculing and taunting the bayonets, and soon cleared a passage for Bible people, have recently done them bodily those who bore the coffin. As soon as it injury. It happened in the following manwas got inside, the gate was closed, and the ner :--A wedding was celebrated among mob made several attempts to force it in these friends. Desirous of supplicating a They might have succeeded, and serious blessing from the Lord on their union, all results might have followed, but for the who were of the same mind, and determined timely arrival of Mr. Barron, R.N., and to love and serve the Lord, set out early for Col. Blake, with a strong body of police. a place in the neighbourhood where a faithful The mob then gave way; the Roman Catho- minister of the Lord Jesus Christ resided.

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