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"J. R. WARD. Colonel

“Rome is fast approaching her perihelium, Mr. Keogh.-Have any crimes, such as and if this sin be not speedily repented of, murder, robbery, and other offences as she will be made the instrument in the hand heinous in character as the supposed crime of the Lord to punish this great nation for Mr. Fry committed, been committed in your her faithlessness, ingratitude, and fear. We parish ? have not been valiant for the truth.

Priest.—Many offences occurred there. “I am yours faithfully,

Mr. Keogh.—Did you ever apply for mo

ney to the Association to assist you in pro“To Captain Banks, R.N., Secretary secuting the offenders ? to the Church Education Society

Priest.-No; I would not consider it my of the Diocess.”

duty to interfere in such cases.

Mr. Keogh. You are quite right; it is PERJURY AND CONSPIRACY.

not your duty to do so, and I am very sorry

you interfered in this. You may go down, A most abominable conspiracy against the Sir. character and property of a most respectable So, here it comes out that the Repeal gentleman has been just developed at the Association conspired secretly to carry on, assizes of Roscommon.

through the instrumentality of a Roman Mr. Fry—the gentleman in question—was Catholic priest, a prosecution against a placed at the bar, charged with wilful and gentleman of landed property-not because corrupt perjury, committed for the purpose he is a Protestant, and “reputed to be an of recovering off the county compensation Orangeman,"--oh no, not at all; but befor the loss of a mare maliciously killed. cause, on the oath of two corrupt and perAmongst the witnesses produced against jured witnesses whom the jury refused to him were his own herd, the herd's son, and believe, he was chargeable with a crime. the Roman Catholic priest of the parish. The existence of this infamous AssociaThe two former testified to having killed the tion is incompatible with the laws of the mare by Mr. Fry's order; but their tale was land, with the peace of the country, and with so badly contrived, that while the father the life, property, and character of Her swore they had tied her four legs together Majesty's lawful subjects. The law must with a rope and thrown her down for the put it down, or it will put down the law. purpose of cutting her throat the son swore The issue of the trial was as follows: that they cut her throat and left her walking Mr. Bourke stated he would not place about until she bled to death. The priest such an importance upon the case brought was then placed on the table, and on his against Mr. Fry as to address the jury on cross-examination by Mr. Keogh, (a Roman his behalf, but should let the case speak for Catholic Barrister,) the conspiracy was ably itself. extracted from what we must call a reluctant Baron Lefroy charged the jury, leaving witness.

the case without any comment on the eviThe witness having sworn that there was dence entirely in their hands, and they at no money given by him for this prosecution, once acquitted Mr. Fry without leaving the nor any subscription raised in the parish tó box. defray the expense of an attorney and barrister to assist the Crown, and who had also been employed at the Petty Sessions, Mr.

CABINET. Keogh proceeded with his cross-examina- Justification by Faith.—The Church had tion:

fallen because the great doctrine of justifiMr. Keogh.—Who paid the expenses of cation through faith in Christ had been lost. these gentlemen's professional services ? It was therefore necessary that this doctrine

Priest (after some hesitation).--I expect should be restored to her before she could the Repeal Association will defray the ex- arise. “This article of justification," says penses; I wrote to Mr. John O'Connell for Luther, “is that which forms the Church, money, and was promised it.

nourishes it, builds it up, preserves, and Mr. Keogh.—Come, Sir, did you get any defends it. No one can well teach in the money?

Church, or successfully resist its adversary, Priest.I got 251. from the Association to if he continue not in his attachment to this pay the gentlemen who attended the inves- grand truth.” “It is," adds the Reformer, tigation at the sessions; I did not proceed referring to the earliest prophecy, “the heel against Mr. Fry because he is reputed to be that crushes the serpent's head.” an Orangeman, but because I thought he The righteousness of Christ Jesus is not committed a crime.

a treasure of indulgences, excusing us from

good works, but a treasure of grace quicken- practices of the Church of Rome ;” Mr. ing us to perform them. The righteousness Binden. - August 27. The Church of of Christ is applied to the faithful, not by Rome proved to be anti-Christian by her indulgences, not by the keys, but by the connection with the inquisition ; " Mr. C. Holy Ghost alone, and not by the Pope.


The annual Steam Packet Excursion of POETRY.

the Metropolitan Tradesmen and Operatives'

Protestant Associations to Richmond, took FAITH IN CHRIST. place on Monday, July 15. The eagle is said every ten years to fly to Popish College of Maymouth for the educa

The annual Grant for the support of the the sun, and thus renew its strength.

tion of priests, of £ 8000, was voted in the Ps. ciii. 5. “Who satisfieth thy mouth House of Commons, on Friday, July 19th. with good things, so that thy youth is re- It was opposed by Mr. Plumptre and a newed like the eagle's.".

minority of 30. The majority was 57. SeveIsaiah xl. 21. “ But they that wait on the ral petitions were presented on that evening Lord shall renew their strength, they shall against the grant, among others one from mount up with wings, as eagles; they shall the Protestant Association with 1749 signarun, and not be weary, and they shall walk, tures. and not faint.” .

City.-A meeting of the members and The Eagle when he finds his strength decay friends of the City of London Association With failing pinions upward wings his way;

will be held (D.v.) on the 12th or the 19th And as the glorious orb he joyful views, With youthful vigor he his strength renews.

of August. Just so the Christian, when his strength is weak Designs of the Papacy, and of France in Should in a Saviour's strength renewal seek; If the soul look towards Christ, it will revive,

the East.-There are many cogent reasons And ev'ry grace sball once more bloom and for apprehending a struggle at no distant

period of time, and whatever may be the imLord, let me ever feel thy genial ray,

mediate cause of a war, religion, and an atIn Christ renew my failing strength each day;

tempt to impose the yoke of the Papal Till from the grave, thy life-imparting power, Shall call me forth, to fade and die no more.

Antichrist, will have much to do with the controversy. France is making a sudden

and striking transition from total indifference INTELLIGENCE.

to all religion, to zealous labours for the

Papacy. The priests are acquiring great “PRAY WITHOUT CEASING."-1 Thess. v. 17. power and influence in that country. By

some arrangements of the French governA course of Lectures has been commenced ment, all ecclesiastics have a free passage in in connection with the Southwark Associa- the steam vessels of France which ply in the tion, in the St. George's National School Mediteranean. Not a vessel arrives at Malta Room, Borough Road. The following have without half a dozen priests proceeding to been delivered: July 2. “Introductory Lec- or coming from the Levant or France; and ture;" James Lord, Esq.-July 9. “The bearing in mind what is evident, that there Church of Rome heretical;” Mr. Chant. is, at this moment, an extensive, powerful, July 16. “ The cruelties of the Church of and well organized conspiracy amongst the Rome, the consequences of her persecuting heads of the Papal Church in all parts of principles;” Mr. R. H. Binden.—July 30. the world to crush Protestantism, it behoves “The Church of Rome the enemy of civil its faithful professors everywhere to exert and religious liberty;” Mr. Theophilus A. themselves with tenfold zeal and watchfulSmith. The following are to be delivered. ness, in order to counteract these dark and August 13. “ The cruel and persecuting baneful designs of the agents of Antichrist.


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"If they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.”—Isaiah viii. 20.

No. 54.


Vol. V.

RELIGION OF MONEY, OR THE pondent of the Catholic Apostolic Agency in MONEY RELIGION.

France, the central seat of which is at

Rome, having sold some of his articles for a (Continued from p. 66.)

certain sum to several abbots, and not being The original and authentic pieces referred able to get paid, came one day last year to to in the former part of this narrative, are one of my friends, to consult him upon the the following:-

proper means to be taken, in order to obtain 1. The circular addressed to the clergy, of justice, and he gave him, at the same time, which we are going to speak.

the circular which this friend sent to me, 2. Two letters addressed to myself by the and which I now submit to the reader without agent who signed them, and in which the any other preface ; for again, once more, fore-mentioned commerce is clearly avowed. nothing here is fictitious; all is limited to

3. A letter from a Catholic priest who à pure and simple assertion of facts. Here came to me from the above-mentioned agent, is then this mysterious circular addressed to in order to know precisely who I was; for the clergy, copied word for word, and acat first I had only given my name, and not companied with some of my own reflections. my title. It will be seen from this letter aci

etter AGENCY OF THE CATHOLIC APOSTLEthat they refuse to sell me a relic which

SHIP ESTABLISHED AT ROME, FOR would cost some francs, in order to oblige THE ADMINISTRATION OF ALL KINDS me to take the entire group of eighteen OF ECCLESIASTICAL AFFAIRS. relics; or rather, having learnt who I was, they no longer wished to give me up the

GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE. relic in question.

Circular to the Clergy of France. 4. An extract from a judgment pronounced by a tribunal of justice of peace in a public

(See the Gazette du Midi" for the 15th of audience, on the 14th of November, 1842,

24.2 October, 1833.) which verifies the fore-mentioned commerce “With regard to the fees, they will not of Papal merchandise, by the condemnation be paid until after the receipt of the pieces. of the travelling clerk.' The whole is stamp- "Sir,-It suffices that a work tends to the ed, signed, legalized. Having said this, I glory of God, to the edification of the faithenter into the exposition of facts.

ful, and to the increase of the respect which The travelling clerk of the general corres- persons owe to the Holy See, to which the

Church of France is strongly united by the But finally, let us come to the tariff: we closest tie, to be certain that it will be will abridge it, for one half will suffice to approved of by the French clergy, whose give the reader an idea of the remainder. zeal will assure the success of it." Delightful style of prospectus! But let


“1. For the personal indult of the privi" It is this certainty, Sir, which has made leged altar, by which persons can gain me undertake, during my stay at Rome, to plenary indulgence to the souls in purgapropagate in France the agency of the tory, for which they apply the holy sacrifice Catholic apostleship, in order to co-operate of mass, 12 francs, 50 centimes." for the benefit which it is called to produce It must be confessed that if the suffering in the very Christian kingdom.

souls in another world are relieved by the “ And it is with this view that I have the purchase of such an indulgence, it would be honour to transmit to you the list of the cruelty on the part of their friends and principal petitions which the agency under- relations not to avail themselves of the optakes to obtain at Rome, with the bulletin portunity of assisting them so cheaply. But destined to receive those which you may what I find still more cruel, is the conduct desire. Your zeal, Sir, for the glory of of the Pope who, having in his power all the God, and the salvation of the souls com- treasure of the supererogatory works, does mitted to your care, inspires me with confi- not apply it in a mass, and all at once, to dence that you will choose those articles save those who suffer in the flames. It the most likely to attain this double end in would cost him so little ! and the service your parish."

rendered would be so great! But no! the I ask pardon of the reader, but I again Pope expects 12 francs, 50 centimes, before experience the necessity of repeating that it relieving the least in the world, the poorest is not I who am speaking; I copy word for of souls! No money, no Pope. I would word a piece which I can, at his request, let much rather think that the Pope does not him see and feel. Having said this for the believe in purgatory than to suppose him last time, I continue.

cruel enough to leave millions of souls in “You will transcribe these articles lite- suffering, when it costs him nothing to save rally upon the bulletin, and after having them. It is right then that I am obliged to invested it with the forms there pointed out, conclude that the sale of an indulgence in you will address to me the copy, keeping which one has no faith, is merely a trade. ... one of them with you in order to be able to Will you not admit this latter supposition ? verify the accuracy of the petitions which let us return then to the first. One or the you may have made; but in transmitting to other, the Pope is very cruel or very hypome the duplicate of this bulletin, have the critical. charity to frank it;” (excellent!) “it is the “3. In order to gain plenary indulgence condition, sine quâ non, of its reception, and after having confessed, and received the of all the addresses relative to the agency.” sacrament on birthdays, baptismal-days, on

What precautions ! what distrust! and the occasion of the first communion, admisthat towards the clergy! But let us continue, sion in religion, the receiving of holy orders, and we shall see still better, or rather much and on any other great era in life, 10 francs, worse !

80 centimes.” “You will then receive as promptly as A dmire the convenience of indulgences: possible, and in the manner marked in the have you committed a fault? you confess bulletin, all the articles which you may have it; they impose upon you a work, and the asked, unless it is impossible to obtain them fault is effaced ; first transformation. But I at Rome.” “Accept of, &c."

suppose that the work to be accomplished “ The general correspondent of the agency wearies you, what will you do? You will of the Catholic Apostolate in France," (we buy the indulgence, which will absolve you suppress here the signature), “A Manduel, by from it, and, by the means of 10 francs, 80 Nisenes (Gard), 'to be franked.'” (Third centimes, you are delivered from all embarnotice for the postage to be paid.) “List rassment; second transformation. Now, as of the principal petitions which the agency the indulgences are thus sold, it appears of the Catholic apostleship undertakes to that, from transformation to transformation, obtain at Rome, as well as all those which the redemption of your fault is reduced to concern the glory of God and the salvation giving money. of souls.” (Without counting the advantage “4. In order to obtain the same favours which the Pope and clergy would find in twice a month, as well for one's self as for them.)

one's parents and relations, as far as the third degree of kindred or relationship in “12. For the commutation of vows of clusively, 10 francs, 80 centimes.”

every kind (the price varies according to the Perhaps you are astonished, candid reader, case).” that they offer indulgences for relations, See this is enormous! What, I have since these relations, if they wish it, can made a vow of celibacy, of poverty, of chasvery well take them in their name. But do tity; and from all that you can absolve me? you not understand that these relations may But let us wait, it may be said that we are perhaps not wish it, and that then the indignant without a cause, since nothing means must be furnished to the member who has yet been specified; the thing will be is a good Catholic in the family to buy some clearer a little farther on. for them, and in spite of them ? Thus, even “14. For a domestic chapel with power he who will not have any of them obtains to celebrate there, or cause to be celebrated them; it is an excellent means to sell to the there, the mass, ditto." obstinate unbelievers, and at the same time Ecclesiastical avarice finds you out even to extend indefinitely their favours and their in your dwellings; it will not permit you to traffic.

carry on a pious exercise in your own house “5. In favour of confessors to obtain for without purchasing the right of doing so. their penitents a plenary indulgence, after This reminds one of those directors of privihaving given them absolution to a certain leged theatres, who would not allow any fête day of devotion, 12 francs, 50 centimes." others to be opened in the same city, but

Why give an indulgence in favour of the on condition of a just indemnification being confessor which ought to be for the benefit made. In all this, the Pope acts like a of the penitent? Simply in order that the trader in patents, who grants the right of indulgence passing through an intermediate spiritual investigation in contract for kingperson from the person, may procure a little doms and provinces. Thus the sale is made benefit to the second.

in cargoes by the Pope, at wholesale by the “6. For license to grant indulgences- bishops, and at retail by the priests. bless beads, crosses, medals, &c., 12 francs, “15. Brief of extra tempus, extra tempora, 50 centimes.

and interstitiarum to receive quàm primum, The Pope blesses daily at Rome priests the sacred orders of sub-deaconship, deaconand people, men and things, which they de- ship, and priesthood, a quocumque episcopo liver to him or carry. But as the Pope cum sanctâ sede communionem habente.cannot, even by instituting jubilees, bring This Latin will make the reader who does together within the city the whole of Chris- not understand it, suspect that there is a tendom, he does not behold the benedictions mystery hid beneath. He does not deceive of the provinces passing from his hands into himself; but I will not scrutinize it myself. those of the bishops without regret. What The following note will suffice to explain it. does he then? Not being able to give the “ (It costs less when the candidate is furblessing in person, he sends it. Excellent nished with the dimissory of his bishop than means for multiplying and making it fruit- when he has only his own license; but either ful. The Pope blesses the cardinals, the one or other of these two papers is sufficient cardinals bless the bishops, the bishops bless to obtain this pontifical brief, of which the the priests, the priests bless chaplets, crosses highest price is 149 francs, 70 centimes.” and medals, and thus the Pope's benediction, In the midst of all this, I see clearly one divided and subdivided like a little stream thing, that the Pope endeavours to disappoint of water, spreads itself and penetrates into the bishops. In fact, regularly to obtain all the corners of the world, to return to him sacred orders, one must have received from as a vast ocean of gold and silver.

the latter a paper called a dimissory, and “9. For choosing a confessor clothed with which most undoubtedly they oblige to be all the powers of the Holy See, to absolve paid for, like all the rest. The Pope comes, from censures, irregularities, and cases re- mediates between the dealer and buyer, and served to the Pope, 25 francs.

offers to give himself the exemption from Behold how strange! the Pope sells the the piece sold by the bishop; he puts an end cases which he reserves. Why is this reser- to the bargain. Likewise the reader will see vation made ? Is it because the bishops farther on, that the bishops are very little were unworthy or incapable of judging? favourable to the agency of the Catholic No, because finally the Pope abandons these Apostleship. reserved cases to whoever will pay for them.

(To be continued.) The reserve was then simply a ruse to increase the value of the article. Thus all that which precedes costs but 12 francs each, but these reserved cases cost 25 francs.

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