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he pretended that it was not the spiritual down holds.” This sword hath hewn down grace which they made the people pay for, in many places the cruelty, tyranny, simony, but only its administration. But I remarked insatiable greediness, the errors, ignorance, to him, that the simple believer is not good darkness, vanities, hypocrisy, superstition, logician enough to understand such distinc- and idolatry, which have been brought into tions, and that if the priest only pretended the Church, and used by Antichrist. These to sell his trouble, the people do not less were the pillars, and strength, and glory of believe that they buy the sacrament and sal- His kingdom. vation by him. I withdrew then, well per- And here mark the Apostle's speech ; he suaded of having said nothing but the pure saith not God shall convert Antichrist, or truth in the Religion of Money.

change his heart, that he may be saved; but Now, five years later, one of the most he saith, Whom the Lord shall consume... curious pieces has fallen into my hands. Such is the hardness and blindness of his In the Religion of Money, the reader has heart, he will not receive the love of the only seen the public part of the Roman truth, he will not believe the truth, that he commerce; in that which is about to follow, might be saved; therefore destruction shall he will see the private part. One can form an come upon him. idea of the nature of a trade by the show of Hereby we are taught what to think or the warehouse: but in order to know it fully, hope of reformation of the abuses and errors one must penetrate into the back-shop, listen of the Church of Rome. They have been to the clerks, open the books, and unrol unto advertised of them, not only by the profesthe end the merchandise. Now, the sample sors of the Gospel, but also many of themof the warehouse, is that which we have al- selves have spoken for reformation of sundry ready read; the back-shop, is that which we abuses ; they have kept many councils and are going to read. It is necessary that this assemblies; they have promised redress; fraud be unmasked, that this ecclesiastic they have sat in consultation many years. traffic be overthrown, and that the house fall What one thing have they reformed ? See upon this infamous commerce which ruins and look over their acts and sessions ; they souls in order to gain money. It is to this are abroad in print. Hitherto they have end that my efforts are tending, not for the reformed nothing ; no, not their pardons ; pleasure of demolishing, but in order to no, not their stews; they have hardened facilitate the edifice that ought to follow. their hearts, and set themselves against the The throne cannot be occupied by two Highest. Therefore shall the glory of the monarchs: the Pope and Jesus Christ. It Lord show itself in their destruction ; with is necessary that the Pope descend from it, the breath of his lips they shall be conand that Christ ascend it, for the system of sumed, and brought to nothing. the Romish Church is the deification of the Let us imagine a battle of two mighty clergy, as Paganism was the deification of Princes, both of great power, and of great the idol; and if I labour to overthrow the courage; they meet together in the field, idol, it is in order to restore the pedestal to they join in battle ; both sides encounter God, the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, to together; either part is bent to beat down whom alone it belongs.

the other.... Just upon the point of commencing my Now let us by this make some resemsubject, I experience an embarrassment. blance of the battle between Christ and That which is about to follow is so strange, Antichrist; between Christ the Son of God, so enormous, that all my fear is that the and Antichrist the son of the Devil; either reader will not believe this excess of mon- of them is well prepared; they are both struosity. What shall I do then, to persuade mighty, and have both of them soldiers and him? Here it is: I declare to him that I knights to attend upon them. Antichrist have in my possession, and that I can put shall come from the earth, for all his glory the following original and authentic pieces is upon the earth ; his power shall be the at his disposal to read. (Persons can apply power of Satan. Christ shall come from the to the Publisher, 2, Rue Bouchet, à Paris.) heaven above, even from the bosom of his (To be continued.)

Father.... The ensign of Christ shall be everlasting truth; the ensign of Antichrist

shall be falsehood, and vanity, and all deROME ANTICHRISTIAN. ceitfulness. By these marks shall either be

known.... Antichrist shall desire to mainSt. Paul saith, 2 Cor. x., “We do not tain his own traditions. Christ shall mainwar after the flesh, for the weapons of our tain the holy Word of God; Christ shall warfare are mighty, through God, to cast procure the glory of His Father ; Antichrist

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shall maintain his own glory.... We have hath wrought these things; He hath triheard briefly of Christ and Antichrist, their umphed through the name of His Christ ; states....what armour they shall bear, by He will bless the things He hath begun; what title they shall claim, what they shall He will overthrow the whole power of Antiseek, and where the fight shall be ; that it christ by His presence, and by the glory of shall be made in the consciences of the peo- His coming. Then shall it appear who is ple. There shall Antichrist sit, there shall the successor of Peter, who is the true Vicar he be worshipped as God, there they shall of Christ, and who is Antichrist.-Bishop call him the holy and most holy father; Jewell on 2 Thess. ii. 11, 12. there shall be given to him the power of heaven and earth; there he himself shall rouse himself, and be settled, and shall say, THE PROSELYTE RECOVERED; I sit as a Prince, I shall never be removed,

OR FACTS FOR YOUNG MEN. I cannot fall. But Christ shall blow him down with the breath of His mouth, and shall (By the Rev. John East, M.A., Rector of St. abolish him with the brightness of His coming.

Michael's, Bath.) Let us be glad and rejoice, and give glory In these days of Tractarian treachery and to Him, for she is fallen, she is fallen, Romish activity, it is especially desirable Babylon, that great city, there she lieth, the that the people of England should be furmother of filth and fornication; there lieth nished with Facts illustrative of the opposing Antichrist, the man of sin, the son of perdi- systems of Popery and Protestantism. One tion, which is an adversary which hath sat such may effect more good than many treain the Temple of God, and exalted himself tises upon abstract doctrines. Arguments above all that is called God; that wicked may be evaded: but “facts are stubborn and lawless man lieth there.... I have told things.” In an elegant brochure of 34 that he should be a Reverend Father, and pages, the reader has here presented to him wear a mitre, and be a Bishop, and a Bishop a narrative, possessing peculiar interest, and of Bishops ; so saith St. Gregory, so Jerome, replete with the most salutary cautions; So Augustine and Bernard, and others. while the story rests not on hearsay evidence, And cannot we tell who it is, that calls him- but on the indisputable personal testimony self a Universal Bishop, the Bishop of all of the Rev. writer himself. It is shortly Churches? Do we not hear of such a one ? this. About four years ago, a young man, Do we not know him? Whatsoever he be, who was known to the Author, left the Prowheresoever he dwell, what countenance testant communion for the Papal. He took soever he bear, he is Antichrist.

this momentous step with lamentable preAntichrist shall sit in Peter's chair, and cipitation: and then well nigh succeeded in Rome shall be the seat of his kingdom.... proselyting another young man, who had I told you he shall prevail by falsehood, and " in great measure been led to adopt the by feigned miracles; by bulls, by pardons, doctrine of the Church of Rome respecting by purgatories, and by such other devices the Lord's Supper by reading the ‘Tracts and shifts of Satan. I told you, he shall be for the Times,' which he found in a certain contrary to Christ, in sacraments, in sacri- library in Bath, provided for the instruction fice, in prayers, in life, in doctrine, in reli- of youth.” After a time, he quitted his gion, in the whole form and order of the employment in that city. “By his new inChurch. He shall shut that which Christ structors he was deemed a fit person to be hath opened, he shall open that which Christ trained for the priesthood: and he was hath shut; he shall curse that which Christ placed in a kind of monastic establishment hath blessed, and bless that which Christ (we presume, in Lancashire), with a view to bath cursed. No man shall be accounted his future office.” After the lapse of three faithful, no man Catholic, no man the son years, he returned to Bath, with ruined of the Church, no man may be saved without health; and, in the course of the two months him, such credit and countenance shall he which finished his earthly career, was, at his bear.

own particular desire, frequently visited by I told you, he shall be confounded and the Rev. narrator. At the interviews which beaten down by the force and power of God's took place between them, the dying man mighty Word. His Word is omnipotent; made various statements respecting his treatit shall disclose the works of darkness; it ment and his experience during his noviceshall hew down idolatry, superstition, and ship. He also left behind him a manuscript, the whole kingdom of Antichrist, as our eyes confirmatory of those statements, He dedo see this day. Blessed be God the Father scribed Romanism as a “system of tyranny of our Lord Jesus Christ, His mighty hand for grinding down both the body and tlie

soul.” And he regarded himself as a victim alarm, alternately pursued, however, it is to the "self-willed austerities” which, under probable that, with few exceptions, these it, he had unhappily practiced. “This," pitiable novices have relinquished every desays the Rev. writer, “ he told me distinctly gree of judgment or choice, before they reach and repeatedly,” The Author continues the close of their feigned probation. They

“Eleven months had not passed over take the final step, perceiving no possibility W. H., when, disappointed and disgusted at of retreat. Their position resembles that of the insight he had gained into the mechanical the criminal condemned to walk the plank. working of the Papal system, and worn down It is, indeed, his own step onward that overin mind and body by the part he had to take balances the instrument of his destruction, therein, he communicated to the superior and he sinks to rise no more till “the sea his wish and purpose to quit the establish- shall give up her dead,' at the voice of the ment at He did not avow his intention Judge of all. But is that step voluntary! to quit the Romish Church: ‘Had I done Is it not the act of sullen or terrified despair 80,' he said unto me with deep emotion, 'I in both the criminal and the novice ?do not think I should ever have again seen Referring to the religious establishment the outside of those walls !' Whether his from which the young man had been emanfears on this point were well or ill founded, cipated, the writer says it may be difficult for us to determine. But "Did you study the Bible when in that the fact, resting on his own declaration to me, establishment ?' I asked. “The Bible ! Oh, the fact that he had such fears, and that he no! The Bible was treated as a book to be therefore disguised his real purpose, speaks wholly laid aside. There was, I believe, a forcibly. What followed speaks as loudly copy in the house, but I never saw it in any in support of the claims of the ORDER, in person's hands; and I never had the Scripwhich he had begun his novitiate, to the tures to read till a few weeks before I came specious title of the Order of CHARITY :-- away, when I secretly bought and kept a . From the time that I made known my copy for my own private use. My reading design to leave the house,' said he to me, was chiefly confined to such books as would

the tone and conduct of all was greatly qualify me to go through the various seraltered towards me. I became subject to vices, and to the lives of saints.'" such persecution as the circumstances and various other features of the Papal system time allowed. The most awful denunciations are instructively developed in these pages: were uttered or read from books, in my but we can make room for only one more hearing, of the peril, and even the certain extract. After detailing the circumstances damnation, to which persons expose them- of the young man's death, the writer addsselves who leave a religious order after “Thus W. H. died; a recent convert to having entered it. This was intended to Rome, but re-converted to the Protestant frighten me; but I saw through it. I was faith by the grace of God, through disgust very anxious,' he added 'to bring away with at what he found behind the scenes upon the me the Rules of the Order: I should have Popish stage. To him Popery proved to be liked to shew them to you. They were very like the fabled garment said to have been numerous, minute, and severe. When I given to Hercules by Dejanira, which, when packed up my box, I was putting in my own he put it on, infused a deadly poison into copy of the Rules: but I was watched, and his whole frame, and destroyed his life." the copy was taken from me.'

The false step in religion which cost this “ The world, generally, has an impression young man so dear, may be traced mainly that a novice enters a novitiate upon trial, to two causes-his permitting himself to be for the double purpose of being himself led, “ by curiosity, to attend à Roman tried, as to his sincerity and competency for Catholic chapel; and then hastily venturing the high and solemn profession in contem. to renounce the faith in which he had been plation, and also that he himself may make brought up, without first conferring with trial beforehand of what, if done, is to be persons competent to counsel and advise an irrevocable act--a step for life. A novi- with him in so weighty a matter. We eartiate for youth of either sex, before the nestly commend this remarkable narrative taking of the veil, or the monastic and other to the early attention of our readers, not vows, may seem to be not only a reasonable, doubting that they will thank us for introbut even a kind and humane arrangement, ducing it to their notice. Its circulation that the young and inexperienced may not must prove very influential. be betrayed, by feeling and imagination, into a course afterwards to be regretted, but in vain. From the system of enticement or

PROTESTANTISM A BLESSING- Newfoundland School Society, requiring a POPERY A CURSE.

prayer to be read previous to commencing,

and that all the children should kneel, the “Oh how fervently do I pray for a bless. Popish parents have withdrawn their chiling on dear Old England! God bless iny dren, and the Romish magistrate has sumcountry! She is a blessing indeed to many, moned one of the teachers (Hood, of East may she never, never forget her privileges. Hemingford) to appear before him, charged You know not the happiness of your Protes- with an assault upon one of the girls, tant land and Protestant faith ; here all is the real cause being, his complying with tumult and disorder and ferment, owing to Mr. Hagard's rule. This morning Hood Popery, just as it is in Ireland. I have came down to shew the summons and relearnt here practically, what I before be- quest of Mr. H. a line to Capt. Nisbett, to lieved theoretically, that Popery is un- ask him to appear on his behalf. I was changed--unchangeable. Thank God! there much pleased to hear, on my saying to him, are still some faithful Protestant hearts, but 'Do you really believe that this is in conit is a time of trial.' As Mr. Hagard often sequence of the rule of the Society being tells them, 'Be not firm merely from poli- put in force ?' he said, “I know it is, for tical motives. There are so many Pro- Clancey (the magistrate's name) sent me testants of this description, who will cry word last week, that if I would excuse the 'Long live the Church and the Queen, but children kneeling, he would withdraw the alas ! know not, or love not supremely the summons, but I told him that I would go to King of Kings ! In consequence of Mr. prison first,'"-Extract of a Letter from Hagard putting in force the rules of the Therington, Lower Canada. May 6th, 1844.

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"Not outward magnificence, not state, not without leaving even a name, will come wealth, not favour of the mighty, but the presence with magical impression on his mind, while of God in his ordinances, is the glory of Israel," it is contemplatively darkening into the awe BISHOP HALL.

of antiquity, But he will be recalled, the One of the most striking situations for a sculptures, the inscriptions, the sanctuaries reflective Protestant is, that of passing a enclosed off for the special benefit, after solitary hour under the lofty vaults, among death, of persons who during life cared not the superb arches and columns, of one of the about their salvation, and various other insplendid Cathedrals remaining at this day in signia of the original character of the place, our country. If he has sensibility and taste, will help to recall him to the thought, the magnificence, the graceful union of so that these proud piles were in fact raised many diverse inventions of art, the mighty to celebrate the conquest, and prolong the creation of genius that quitted the world dominion, of the Power of darkness over the

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souls of men. They were as triumphal because it was made the resort of a common arches, erected in memorial of the extermi- traffic, with what aspect and voice, with nation of that truth which was given to be what infliction but the “rebuke with flames the life of the world.

of fire,” would he have entered this mart of As he looks round, and looks upwards, on iniquity, assuming the name of his sanctuary, the prodigy of design, and skill, and perse- where the traffic was in delusions, crimes, verence, he may imagine to himself the and the souls of men ? multitudes that, during successive ages, frequented this fane in the assured belief, that the idle ceremonies and impious super

CHURCH EDUCATION SOCIETY stitions, which they there performed or

FOR IRELAND. witnessed, were a service acceptible to

SPECIAL ENDOWMENT FUND. heaven and to be repaid in blessings to the offerers. He may say to himself. On this The following letter on this important subfloor, under that elevated and decorated ject has been addressed by Col. J. R. Ward, vault, in a “ dim religious light” like this, to the Secretary of the Down and Connor but with the darkness of the shadow of and Dromore Diocesan Society. death in their souls, they prostrated them

“Tubbernacarrig, July 1, 1844. selves to their saints, or their “queen of “Dear Sir,- Being deeply impressed with heaven;" nay, to painted images and toys of the importance of the education question, I wood or wax, to some ounce or two of bread think it right, while sending through you and wine, to fragments of old bones, and my contribution of 101. towards the Special rags of cast-off vestments. Hither they Endowment Fund of the Church Education came, when conscience, in looking back or Society, to state publicly my objections to pointing forward, dismayed them, to pur- the principles of the National Board, and to chase remissison with money or atoning enter my protest against them. penances, or to acquire the privilege of “Whilst it seems evident that funds colsinning with impunity in a certain manner, lected from individuals cannot hold out or for a certain time; and they went out at against the resources of the nation, still a yonder door in the perfect confidence that protest goes for little if unaccompanied by the priest had secured, in the one case the some sacrifice. suspension, in the other the satisfaction, of “The unsound principle of the National the divine law. Here they solemnly be- Board having been so often and so unanlieved as they were taught, that, by gifts to swerably exposed, it now only remains for the Church they delivered the souls of an individual like myself to enter his public their departed sinful relations from their protest against that establishment. state of punishment; and such as had pos- “I. As a national sin, sessions went out at that door resolved “II. As a national disgrace. to bequeath some portion of them, to ope- “It is a national sin-Because the board rate another day in the same manner for has been established in open violation of the themselves. Here they were convened to first and plainest principles of our Proteslisten in reverence to some emissary from tantism, inasmuch as it recognises the right the Man of Sin, with new dictates of blas- of a priest at home and a Pope abroad to phemy or iniquity promulgated in the name grant or withhold the word of God from the of the Almighty; or to witness some people. trickery devised to cheat or fright them . “It is a national disgrace-because it out of whatever remainder the former im- holds out a temptation to the ministers of positions might have left of sense, con- the Gospel, and especially to those of the science, or property. Here, in short, there Established Church, to sell their people's was never presented to their understanding, birthright; and is, in fact, a Protestant disfrom their childhood to their death, a com- pensation to the Pope of Rome for the supprehensive honest declaration of the laws of pression the Bible. duty, and the pure doctrines of salvation.* “ It is a suicidal blindness in rulers to To think! that they should have mistaken submit the standard of a nation's faith, which for the house of God, and the gate of heaven, is the Word of the living God, to the intera place where the Regent of hell had so pretation and control of those who are shört away to come from his dominions, and openly opposed and conscientiously deterhis agents and purchased slaves so short mined against its free circulation, and who away to go thither. If we could imagine a cannot, or who will not, understand it in any momentary visit from Him who once en- other sense than that in which a foreign tered the Jewish temple with a scourge, potentate shall decree.

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