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hath conscience enough to do so, may not God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, deny anything to be what all the world sees for the prosperity with which, He, “ without it is, or affirm anything to be what all the whom nothing is strong, nothing is holy," world sees it is not, and this without any has been pleased to bless the labors of the possibility of being further confuted. So association during the past year. The third that the business of transubstantiation is not year of its existence has proved the most a controversy of scripture against scripture, prosperous. The meetings have been more or of reason against reason, but of down- numerously attended, and a warmer interest right impudence against the plain meaning has been manifested in the great cause for of scripture, and all the sense and reason of which the association is combined. mankind.

Your Committee appeal with confidence " It is a most self-evident falsehood; and to those meetings that have been held during there is no doctrine or proposition in the the past year, and to the subjects brought world that is of itself more evidently true, before your notice on those occasions, as than Transubstantiation is evidently false. furnishing proof that they have never con

“He that can once be brought to contra- ceded one single point, nor been deterred by dict or deny his senses is at an end of cer- any notion of expediency, from maintaining tainty; for what can a man be certain of, if an uncompromising and unshackled opposihe be not certain of what he sees? In sition to the principles and practices of the some circumstances our senses may deceive Papal Antichrist in every form it has assumed. us, but no faculty deceives us so little and Your Committee beheld with regret and so seldom; and when our senses so deceive christian indignation, the Jesuitical efforts us, even that error is not to be corrected made by certain parties, chiefly at Oxford, without the help of our senses.

to impregnate the Protestant Established " This doctrine of theirs being first proved Church with the leaven of Popery ;-to by us to be destitute of all divine warrant create a distaste for the scriptural principles and authority, our objections against it, from of the glorious Reformation,—to pour conthe manifold contradictions of it to reason tempt on the venerated names of those and sense, are so many demonstrations of blessed martyrs who sealed their protest the falsehood of it. Against all which, they againt the “ mystery of iniquity," with their have nothing to put in the opposite scale blood,-to place tradition on a level with but the infallibility of their church, for the word of God, -and to lead the minds of which there is even less colour of proof from the people away from that precious treasure, scripture than for Transubstantiation itself. to the barren teaching of fallible and erring But so fond are they of their own inventions man. They unhesitatingly laid before you and errors, that rather than the dictates of the great danger which threatened the their church, how groundless and absurd Protestantism of England, from the treachesoever, should be called in question,- rous machinations of this subtle faction. A rather than not have their will of us in im- documentary detail of their principles was posing upon us what they pleased, they will brought before you, and it was proved that overthrow any article of the Christian faith, they were in direct contradiction to the and shake the very foundations of our com- principles of that Church which they had mon religion. A clear evidence that the sworn to uphold, and whose wages they were Church of Rome is not the true mother, receiving, and especially in opposition to since she can be so well contented that the sixth article, which so plainly sets forth Christianity should be destroyed, rather “the sufficiency of the Holy Scriptures for than the point in question should be de- salvation.” cided against her.”

The attention of the members and friends of the association has been directed to the

gross inconsistency of a Protestant GovernTHIRD ANNUAL REPORT

ment paying annually a large sum from the

public funds to the College of Maynooth, OF THE CITY OF LONDON TRADESMEN

where the students are trained for the priestAND OPERATIVES' PROTESTANT

hood of the Romish Apostacy, in all the ASSOCIATION.

idolatrous, superstitious, and persecuting The Committee of the City of London doctrines of that iniquitous system, and a Tradesmen and Operatives' Protestant Asso- petition numerously signed was sent up to ciation, in bringing before the members and the House of Commons, praying for its disfriends of the Association the Third Annual continuance. Your Committee also laid beReport of their proceedings, desire, with fore you the inconsistency of giving an equal gratitude, to ascribe praise and honor to the amount of legislative power to the followers of the Papacy, when history and experience Puseyism." On May 29th,“ Puseyite Iunohave again and again proved that the princi- vation and Popish Aggressions.” (At this ples of that system are at warfare with the meeting there were more than 1000 persons welfare of the community, and altogether in- present.) July 24th, “The Popish and compatible with the principles of our Protes- Disloyal Tendency of Puseyism.” On Oct. tant Constitution. Your attention has like. 16th,' “ The urgent necessity of Christian wise been directed to the means which the Union to counteract the movements of Romish party are using in order to gain Popery and Puseyism." These subjects ascendancy in our land. The principles and and the deep interest excited by them, may the practices of the infamous order of Jesuits, be sufficient to prove that the object for their organization and increase, and the which the association is combined, has been inevitable consequences of their unchecked faithfully maintained, and that there has been existence, have all been recorded. And it no compromise. The motto of the associabecame a solemn duty to speak plainly on tion has been steadily kept in view. “The this subject, seeing that the Papacy, to use wisdom that is from above is first pure, then the words of the bishop of this diocese, peaceable;" and may your association be “ again employs as her chosen defenders and ever preserved from maintaining a sinful emissaries, a society of men, bound together silence while a system of impurity stalks by a vow, to uphold by all methods and at all through the land, assuming the name of hazards, not Christianity but Popery, and Christianity, “speaking lies in hypocrisy," who, in accordance with that vow, have deceiving and being deceived. framed a society so hideous in its principles, A very considerable number of tracts and so mischievous in its effects, that it well handbills have been circulated during the deserves to be described as having embodied past year, also many copies of the excellent the very mystery of iniquity."

and faithful sermon preached before the Your Committee beheld the revival of members and friends of this association, by the same means that Rome employed to gain the Rev. R. J. M'Ghee, on the 5th of July her ends in the reigns of Charles II. and last, to whom the thanks of the association James II. The unwearied efforts made to are preeminently due, for the kind and ready papalise the Protestant universities, and to manner in which he responded to the invitascatter the seeds of dissension among the tion given him to preach in behalf of the various branches of the Reformed Churches; association. to widen and increase their differences, that Your Committee desire to acknowledge the enemy might more easily divide and the kind service of those ladies who have conquer. They were convinced of the im- rendered important assistance to the objects portance of a closer union among all those of the association, by taking collecting cards, Protestant Christians, who, while they differ and so, obtaining a considerable addition to in many non-essential points, are all agreed the funds. If this simple plan were more that Popery is the determined foe of the generally taken up by our members, the gospel of Christ; they urged upon you the funds would be more than doubled, and the open principles of the association, and ex- means of usefulness greatly increased. horted you to lay aside the things on which There is still wanting much exertion in order differ, and to unite on those in which we to circulate Protestant information more all are agreed. The result has fully proved extensively in the city of London. the possibility of such a union, and your Your Committee before closing their association now numbers many in its ranks Report, desire briefly to record some of those of the different denominations of Protestant public acts of Popery during the past year, Christians, who are earnestly engaged with which prove it to be unchanged in its hideous their brethren in maintaining a faithful and character, while they serve to shew the imdecided protest against the errors of the mense importance of more energetic and Man of Sin."

faithful efforts on the part of Protestants, to Your association has held five public counteract the movements of such a system meetings during the past year; the subjects of despotism and persecution. At the close for your consideration were announced in of the last annual Report, your attention was the printed bills, and the importance attached directed to the case of Dr. Millengen, a to them, was manifest by the numbers that British subject and a Protestant, whose three flocked to listen to them. On the 25 Jan. children were arbitrarily detained by the the subject brought before you, was “The court of inquisition at Rome, in defiance of Workings of Popery in the 19th century.” the claims of their father. Twelvemonths On the 10th of April, “Our Danger and have passed away, and still those three Duty.—The Apostacy of Romanism and children are there detained, in spite of the most solemn protestations of their father, Owing to the influence of opinion, this and are being educated in the errors of oppressive and persecuting edict' has been Popery. This outrage upon the great prin- withdrawn; it is not however abrogated, and ciples of civil and religious liberty, proves may again be issued whenever a favorable the despotic and persecuting spirit of Popery, opportunity of carrying it out without interand the madness of giving political powerference shall present itself. This edict to such a system of inherent tyranny.' The against the Jews, proves that, in the year violent and unjust aggression on the island 1843, Popery is unchanged in her fierce of Tahiti is another instance of Popish hatred of the ancient people of God; in times oppression, which, in 1843, occupied the past she poured out their blood like water, attention of the Protestants of London. and the wine cup of her wrath is not yet full.

Ample evidence was brought forward The attempt made in January, 1843, at to prove that the advancement of Popery Youghal, in Ireland, to get up a similar imand the depression of Protestantism, were posture to that exhibited recently in the the main objects in that act of violence and Tyrol, furnishes us with another proof that oppression.

Popery is the predicted apostacy, “whose The next proof of the persecuting spirit coming is after the working of Satan, with all of Popery in the year 1843, is the case of power and signs and lying wonders." These Dr. Kalley, a British subject in the Portu- instances, all occurring during the past year, guese island of Madeira, who has been are surely sufficient to prove to every Proimprisoned and threatened with death, for testant, that Popery is unchanged in its daring to circulate the word of God, and to spirit and principles, and that it is the same proclaim the truths of the gospel. He had, fierce enemy of liberty of conscience and at his own cost, established a hospital for the freedom of the human mind that it ever the sick and poor, but, as a faithful Protes- has been. And if to these we add the distant, he could not rest content with merely loyal sentiments put forth by the Popish doing good to the bodies of men, he spoke press, we shall further see that their noisy to them of the wages of sin, he pointed out professions of loyalty are not the result of the way of salvation, and many believed and fixed and sterling integrity. An article aprenounced their errors. Popery could not peared in the Tablet of February 8th, 1843, endure this ; and so Dr. Kalley was thrown headed “Catholic Politics,” which asserts, into the common jail, on a charge of blas- and produces Popish authority for the asphemy, and as an accomplice in the crimes sertion, that every Papist in her Majesty's of heresy and apostacy. This has been done army and navy is bound to have it determined in defiance of the treaty signed by her for him by his priest, as to whether the Majesty and the Queen of Portugal, in 1842, cause he is engaged in be a righteous one which gives full liberty to British subjects or not. This doctrine, if acted upon among to worship God in their own way, both in the Popish soldiers and sailors, would pretheir dwelling houses and in chapels ap- vent their serving against the Papal powers. pointed for that purpose. This is a proof An article also appeared in what is called that Rome still acts, when she can, upon the Catholic Magazine," March, 1843, the horrible doctrine, that "no faith is to be entitled “the last of the Stewarts,” evidently kept with heretics," whenever those heretics written with the intent of exciting Popish are not numerous enough, not powerful interest and sympathy in behalf of the enough, to check her tyranny. British in- apostate James and his family. It states fluence has however interfered in the case that there are, at this time, two brothers of Dr. Kalley, and it is hoped that his residing in the highlands of Scotland, lineal persecution will soon terminate, and amends descendants of Charles Edward ;—that Lord be made for the injury he has sustained. Lovat, a Popish nobleman, has provided them

An edict of the inquisition at Ancona, with an ancient dwelling, fitted up with relics dated June 10th, 1843, was issued against of 1745 ;—that over the entrance gate is inthe Jews, forbidding them to employ Chris- scribed, “ the Lord gave and the Lord hath tian nurses in their families, restricting them taken away, blessed be the name of the to closely confined unhealthy quarters, called Lord;"-and that on Sundays they punctuGhetti (Jewries); they are further forbidden ally attend mass in a Popish chapel, built by by this edict to associate at table with Lord Lovat. Do not these things prove the Christians, even in the public houses or real character of the Popish movement of ordinaries of the city—to frequent the houses the present day? Emboldened by Protesof Christians--to enter into familiar conver- tant concessions and Protestant liberality, sation with them in their houses-or to main- falsely so called, they begin now to speak tain friendly relations with them.

and write more plainly than ever.

And how long shall these things go on, of the Lord, to the help of the Lord against and the Protestantism of England still the mighty;" proclaim abroad that the slumber? How long shall they pass un- bible, and the bible alone, is the standard of heeded by? How long shall apathy and your religion, and that while you wish negligence and indifference characterize the “grace, mercy and peace" to Romanists, Protestants of the City of London, while you are determined to have “No Peace with energy and activity characterize the friends Rome!” of the Papacy. Let the objects of your The following Resolutions were unaniassociation, then, be carried out through the mously adopted :--Moved by Mr. Sibley, length and breadth of this great city-multi- Seconded by Rev. A. S. Dubourg,—That ply lectures and meetings and Protestant the Report just read be adopted, printed, tracts—rest not until every Protestant in and circulated, under the direction of the the city of London be thoroughly acquainted Committee; and that the following gentlewith the real principles and practices of men be the Officers and Committee for the Popery-exhibit before them Romanism di- year ensuing, with power to add to their vested of the gorgeous externals with which number. human pride and folly have concealed its Moved by Rev. J. R. Barber, Seconded deformities — let it be seen only as the by Rev. W. Killick,—That the recent pro“beast” of the Apocalypse, drunk with the ceedings of Popery, as exhibited in the cases blood of the martyrs of Jesus!

of Dr. Millingen, Dr. Kalley, and the edict Protestant Citizens of London, England against the Jews at Ancona, supply ample has especial claims upon you for the defence proof that it is unchangeable in its persecuof Protestantism! Yours is emphatically ting spirit; that it is systematically opposed the City of the Martyrs ! The best blood of to social and mental freedom; is a political some of England's slaughtered saints has and persecuting system, and that its peculiar been poured out in your midst—the Proto- interests and designs are incompatible with martyr of Mary's reign, Rogers, Vicar of the safety of the British Constitution. St. Sepulchre's, suffered in your own Smith- That this meeting, believing that a plan field this very day on which you are assem- is projected, in order that the priests of bled in the heart of the city of London to this system of iniquity, in Ireland, should maintain your Protestantism-this very day, receive payment from the Protestant Govern289 years ago, Lawrence Sanders, Vicar of ment, firmly protest against any such Allhallows, Bread-street, was led through measure, as unscriptural, dishonorable to the streets of this city, on his way to Coven- God, and inimical to the welfare of the try, where he was burned for protesting Protestant faith, succession, and constitution against Popery. At the same time, the of England. pious and eminent Bishop Hooper was in a Moved by Rev. E. Pizey, Seconded by cell of Newgate, awaiting a similar fate. Rev. Raphael Ciocci, That the organization These holy men knew what Popery really and increase of the infamous order of Jesuits, was ; they had seen it in all its idolatry, and the continual attempts that are being superstition, and blasphemy; they felt it, made to kindle discord and animosity within too, in all its cruelty; but they preferred the Protestant reformed churches, prove the dying an agonizing death, rather than hold necessity of a closer union among all those communion with, or cease to protest against Protestant Christians, who, being “one in such a system of iniquity.

Christ,” hold the head, and possess the true Your martyrs died in your midst that you unity, “the unity of the spirit, in the bond might be free, that the blessings of an un- of peace.” That this meeting, strongly shackled gospel, and liberty to read and to convinced of the importance of such a union, declare its glorious truths, might belong to urges upon all Protestant Christians, to you, and to your children for ever. Oh, unite in opposing the progress of Popery, by then, rally round this association, combine every scriptural and legitimate means, without with us in defending and maintaining the reference to the differences in government privileges you enjoy ; let your Protestant and discipline existing among the Reformed fellow-countrymen see that the city of Churches. London, amidst all its commerce and its wealth, is not unmindful of the price at which its liberties were purchased, but that

LETTER FOR CHILDREN. you are determined to maintain them, and to

(Translated from the French.) protest against any concessions to that fixed

INTRODUCTION. and unchangable enemy of civil and religious The following is extracted from a letter adliberty-Popery! Come, then,“ to the help dressed by a very pious man a few years ago

to children. Some slight alterations have that is to say, holy. Adam then lived by rendered it still more simple, still more easy the spirit of God; he knew the Lord, and to comprehend. Blessed be God! the great the Lord walked with him in Paradise, a truths of the gospel are so clear, that chil- large garden filled with fruit trees, and with dren can understand and believe them, all kinds of good things, of birds and of through the teaching of the Holy Spirit animals. Then the lions and tigers were Repentance towards God, and faith in our without ferocity, the herbs were not unwholeLord Jesus Christ, are required from young some, the vipers and serpents had no sting, as well as from old people; for we cannot be but all was good and agreeable. Adam also saved without believing in Christ who died was just, and pleased Ğod; God loved him, for our sins. Therefore the children who and he loved God, and there was nothing read this, ought to pray to God to open their like evil or sin in the world. Now God hearts, and to give them faith in the Lord commanded Adam not to eat of a tree which Jesus Christ, whose blood cleanses from all was in the middle of the garden, saying sin; thus they will become the lambs of his to him, If thou eatest of it thou shalt flock, they will be kept in the arms of their surely die; that is to say, thou shalt become Saviour, they will never perish, and none can a poor mortal; but though God had made take them from his hands.

. this prohibition to him, yet his wife Eve eat Good Shepherd! upon thy bosom,

of it, and gave him also some of it, for the The weakest lamb is in safety.

devil who tempts men now to be wicked,

induced them to eat of the forbidden fruit, Letter for Children.

and persuaded them that they should not Dear Children,-It is because the Saviour certainly die; it is thus that they were deloves you, and because I love you, that I ceived. As soon as our first parents had write this letter, to teach you how you can sinned, God would no longer let them dwell be saved. Some among you suppose that in Paradise, but banished them from it. when you become old, it will be time enough Adam and Eve and all their children thus then to think about heaven, and you fancy became subject to death, according to the that Jesus Christ does not make himself threats of the punishment; besides, God known to children like you. It is Satan would have abandoned us and them to eterwhich makes you think thus; and because nal fire, but he is so merciful that he had you love not our Saviour, you give place to compassion on us, and gave his Son to be such thoughts; for if you loved Christ, you our Saviour. This good Jesus descended would be pleased to know him now, and you from heaven ; he was born as a little child, would not delay any longer in seeking him. and when he came in this corrupted world, The devil says to people that there is time he was born in a stable, and was put in a enough for them to be converted, that they manger. Even as he grew up he was hated can think about it when they know how to and despised; scarcely was he loved by any read better, when they become old, or may body; they treated him very ill; the devil be ill and ready to die. Then, when people tried to tempt him, and excited a wicked believe him, they will not hear Christ spoken people to kill him. When he died upon the of; on the contrary, they take his name in cross, he bore the punishment of all our vain, sing songs, swear, steal, lie, and are sins; it is thus, that in suffering and dying well pleased to live without loving the good for us, he obtained from God pardon and Saviour.

favour for sinners. They act thus until they become old and When our Saviour rose from the dead, ill; then the devil tries to persuade them He ascended into Heaven, where all the that it is too late, so that they abandon angels worshipped him: He is now there themselves to despair, and at last go perhaps seated at the right hand of God, and there to hell, vainly wishing that they had remem- he prays for us. His spirit, which is the bered their Creator in the days of their youth. Holy Spirit, excites ministers to tell men But there are some who have their heart so what he has done to redeem them, how he hardened by their long life of sin, that when died for them, and how he wishes that chilthey become old they will not believe and dren should come to him. For this reason be saved. For fear that it should be thus children, even little children, ought to bewith you, I am going to teach you something lieve that he loves them as well as older about the state of your souls, and of what persons. Whilst he was upon this earth, our dear Saviour has done for you; after- he took little children in his arms, blessed wards I shall invite you to come to him and them, and, when his disciples rebuked those to be saved. When Almighty God made who brought some children to him, he was Adam, he made his soul in the image of God, much displeased, and he said ; “Do not

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