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ciation. My working friends, I hope you the word Protestant has done us much misare all Protestant advocates in the workshop chief, because we have used it with too much and by the cottage fireside, and in the as- latitude, and we have let Rome use it with semblies where you meet your Romish too much latitude. Do you think, that we friends, as well as when you come together make common cause with the Socinian, beto encourage each other in your Protestant cause he calls himself a Protestant? Do Meetings. I admire, I recommend, I might you think that we make common cause with almost say love the zeal of the poor Roman- the Mormonite, or with all the wild sects that ist. You find him true to one theme: call themselves by the name of Protestant? " the Church—the Church-the Church.” No, verily. If any of the orthodox bodies I freely confess, that I admire it; I only of Christians make common cause with us, wish there was a change of the word, or we will heartily welcome them ; but if they rather a change of the principle, and that it will not join us, we cannot go over to them ; were" the Saviour-the Saviour—the Sa- they must show themselves fast and firm viour.” But next to the Saviour, and for friends of our Church ; and I would to God the Saviour's sake, it is to be the Church; that they did, and I believe the day is not far and to “set forward the salvation of all distant, when it will be the Church of England men," is the best way to “set forth the or the Church of Rome, and the faithful hearted glory of God.” Yet, shall the Romanist will have to come back to the old ark again. be more zealous to “compass sea and land But, my Christian friends, in your controto make one proselyte” to error and to versy with Rome, I pray you, keep to your antichrist, than the follower of Jesus to make Church, and to the principles of your Church, a convert to truth and to God? My friends, If the Romanist says—I do not understand be missionaries amongst your Romish bre- this Protestantism of yours; it is such a thren. Go to them kindly, with the Bible heterogeneous jumble, such a great chaos ; in your hand. They have hearts like your if I go to the Socinian, he tells me it is one own, consciences like your own, feelings thing; if I go to the Mormonite, he tells me like your own, however they have been fet. it is another thing; if I go to the Baptist, tered and manacled and crippled by man's he tells me it is another thing; which is Prosystem; and you may “by manifestation of testantism ?' I answer, my Protestantism is the truth commend yourselves to their con- not negative, but positive; here is a plain sciences in the sight of God." The Bible, summary of the great doctrines of Christ, whether it be made to bear on Papist, or which I have subscribed, and by which I am Pagan, or Jew, or Turk, or Infidel, or Athe- prepared to live and to die—the Articles, the ist, has a mighty purchase and power; for Creeds, the Liturgy, the Homilies of my there is a witness for God in the secret Church. If there are little specks in them, chambers of the mind, that gives back a there are specks in the sun; but taking them response to the truth, in spite of prejudice, as a whole, a more glorious confession and passion, and appetite and superstition. of faith has never been penned since the And therefore I have no fear to engage the apostles' days. I do not for a moment dishonest working-man in controversy even parage or dishonour the blessed Word of with the wiliest Papist ; if he lodge his ap- God; but while you look to the sun, without peal in the conscience, and that appeal come which all were darkness, do not be afraid from his Bible, and in the spirit of prayer, to take the moon, the companion of the God will bless it, and will use the poor fool- sun, which shines in the light that he imish man (as the philosopher may think) to parts. And therefore I say, while you take do what the philosopher, with all his wise your New Testament, take your Prayer-Book dom, could not accomplish. For God still too; and if the Papist turns upon youchooses “ the foolish things of the world to "Why the New Testament, the Socinian takes confound the wise, and weak things of the that, and all the various sectarians take it; world to confound the things that are what is your Protestantism ?'-say to him, mighty.”

Here is our summary of what we conceive Let me further give you a word of caution, that Book to teach; we do not receive it on Christian brethren, with respect to your ral- the authority of the Church, but because it lying point. My resolution speaks of the can be read in and proved by the Word of struggles of Popery, as calling for the most God; here is our Protestantism ? You may strenuous exertions of the true members depend upon it, my working friends, you and friends of our Reformed Protestant must have some substantial standard in goChurch," to oppose and counteract them. ing amongst the Romanists. If you are to In the controversy with Rome, definitude throw your shield over all the motley group, and precision are of the last moment. Now that call themselves Protestants, you have

no change with the Romanist. He tells you sensitive horror about it, that they are some

-Look what your Protestantism has done ; times too much afraid of it. But if they how it has split up religion into a thousand start even at bowing to the East, or at a fragments. I say, No; such Dissenters are stone altar instead of a table, though the yours, as much as ours. We do not mean to thing is of no importance in itself, as a sign say, that any but the orthodox Dissenters and symbol it is of importance ; and I am have anything in common with us; indeed, glad they are so sensitive, and I hope they the rest have more in common with Rome will be. I would have their Protestant conthan with us. I grant, that the orthodox science like their eye; so tender, that the Dissenters hold the great truths of Christi- smallest speck of dust gives them pain, and anity; though they dissent from us in dis- they are anxious to protect themselves from cipline; and so far as they hold those truths it. When a Socinian leaven got into the broadly and fairly, and prefer Christian truth Church of England, in the days of Watson to Dissent, I believe they will be friends to and Clarke and others, our noble Thirtyour Church, and not foes. They must up- nine Articles and our orthodox Liturgy and hold her, as the great “pillar and ground of Confessions proved too strong for the heresy, the truth” in the land, and the great bul- and the expulsive power of the Church of wark God has erected to defend the truth in England neutralized it and cast it out; and our country; and surely they ought to open I trust, it will cast out the semi-Romish their eyes, and see, if they have not seen as leaven, that in later times has infected her, yet, that if the Church of England be carried, and that the Church of England will be there is no Dissenting body to stand before proved too sound in heart, and too staunch the winds of error.

in the Reformation, ever to harbour long But, my Christian friends, oh! let your in her breast, men who would creep into labour be a labour of love. In your en- her bosom, in order that they may stab her deavours to win Papists, make it apparent, to the heart. that however you hate their Popery, you do I cannot but hope, then, that the English love their souls, and their bodies too; you mind will rouse itself; and that as it was a love them as much as you love Protestants, glorious English Queen, that nursed and except their Popery. As St. Paul said, cherished the Reformed Church in its com“ Except these bonds;" so say you—' Ex- paratively weak and unfinished state, and cept your Popery, we love every bit of you.' brought it to its noble stature and proporAh! my friends, if a district visitor wants to tions, so it will be a British Queen again, undo good, let him get the love of the people; der whose fostering care and protecting hand, if a Sunday School Teacher wants to do good, the Lord enabling her, that Church will be let him get the love of his scholars; if a rescued in the time of her peril. A Queen, minister wants to do good, let him get the who has given good sign of it, in that she love of his flock: not by trimming, but by had the noble dignity and fearlessness to faithfulness. If a man wishes to do good to take a step, which, though perhaps in orhis neighbour, let him win his confidence. dinary and calmer times unwise, in the If you want to do good to your Romish present juncture was a glorious protest from neighbours, get their love. Speak to them one who holds her crown as a Protestant; in love; pray for them in love.

for she went to worship in the house of worThese few simple counsels, Christian ship of a Church, that has been branded as friends, I trust you take in kindness, as they “ Samaria ;" shewing, that neither England are given in kindness. I shall now go back nor England's Queen is so bigotted or so to Manchester, and bear with me the good narrow-minded, as Tractarianism would have tidings, that whoever may be discouraged, or her. may be deserting the Protestant cause, the working men of London are staunch, and firm,

INTELLIGENCE. and true; that if they fought at one time under the banners of noble and titled men, "PRAY WITHOUT CEASING."-1 Thess. v. 17. of whom fewer will now grace their assemblies, they will fight without them as they Increase of Monasticism in Belgium.--The fought with them, for their God and their Constitutionnel states, that in North Brabant Captain has not forsaken them. For my the monastic orders are multiplying, and own part I do not despair; I trust in God, appear to wish to extend their influence even the good feeling and the honest spirit of over the army. A lieutenant of infantry, the Englishmen, will rouse though late. It has son of a functionary who, previous to 1830, roused itself very much in the case of Trac- took an active part against the clergy, had tarianism; and the laity have shewn such a assumed the monk's cowl.

Popish Relic.-At Treves and surrounding Chelsea. —A meeting of the Chelsea, districts, in Germany, there has, of late, Brompton, and Pimlico Association was been a great excitement among the Roman held in the Cadogan Literary Institution, Catholic population, owing to the exhibition Sloane Street, on Tuesday, Nov. 26th. It of a piece of cloth, said to be part of the was well attended. Mr. James Chant was "holy coat" worn by the Saviour. The in the Chair. The Speakers were the Revs. number of persons who have visited this J. R. Barber and J. Stimpson, and Messrs. relic of superstition is estimated by some at Binden, Allen, Sibley, Theophilus A. Smith, 800,000—by others at more than a million. Spicer, and Clarke. The exhibition of this relic has turned out a The Quarterly Prayer Meeting of the profitable speculation for the priest and for Metropolitan Associations will be held (D.v.) other Popish purposes. Already, the money in the Rooms of the Protestant Association, received exceeds £20,000, one-third of which 11, Exeter Hall, on the evening of January is appropriated to the priests, and the re- 1, 1845; the first day of the year being the maining two-thirds to the town of Treves, time when many Christians, at the suggesand to the erection of the Cathedral of tion of the Rev. Haldove Stewart, of LiverCologne. It is said that a touch of the pool, repeated annually for some years past, “ holy coat,” repeated a third time, has have been in the habit of meeting together already cured a cripple of the name of for Special Prayer. The meeting will comM. Jeanne Aroste, who had been unable to mence at half-past 7 o'clock. use her limbs for four years, and who had Our friends are informed that the “Protried all other means of cure in vain. One testant Almanack” for 1845 is now ready, poor devotee was heard making use of the both in the form of a Sheet and Book, price following language before the shrine :- 2d., with numerous embellishments, a new “ Holy Coat, pray for us !" In what res- chronology, and much valuable and interestpects can such devotions be better than the ing information relating to the Popish Coninvocations of the poor Hindoo to Brahma troversy. or Vishnu. If such devotions do not deserve Nos. 1 and 2 of the second volume of the the name of idolatry, what do ?— Archives • Child's Book of Martyrs' are also ready, du Christianisme.

price ld. each. The first volume may be Converts from Popery.-On Sunday, Nov.

had, neatly bound, price 1s, 8d.

ov; The Protestants of the United States have 10th, four persons, who formerly belonged fun

onged found it necessary to check the advance of to Priest Walsh's congregation, took the Popery amongst them. A writer in the sacrament in the Presbyterian Meeting

ing- Times, (Jenevese Traveller,) under date house, Ballycastle. Their conversion was N.

Nov. 9, says,-“The religious people of brought about by reading the sacred Scrip

ip- every persuasion are gradually uniting tures in the native tongue.-Belfast Chro- the

through the native Americans, in opposition

to the Papists; many Protestant families Increase of the Jesuits.-L'Esperance, of refusing peremptorily to employ them as Oct. 15, says,—“The Jesuits have made servants or day-labourers." their appearance at Berlin. The Liguorians Popish Funds in America. The associawalk about in their long black robes, with a tion for promoting Popery at Lyons, white cross on their breast.”

France, has sent to America, during the

past year, 1,044,895 francs—i. e. more than Five Roman Catholic priests in Ireland— 200,000 dollars, to aid in the establishment Messrs. Frost, Burke, O'Brien, Brasbie, of Popery in this country,--nearly as much and Macnamara — have lately renounced as has been received by the American Popery, and are now preparing for the min- Board for evangelising the entire Pagan istry of the Church of England.

world.--Boston Recorder.


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Isaian viii. 20. " If they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.”









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