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POETRY. . . . London:- The City of London Associa

tion met at the George Hall, Aldermanbury, AWAY TO THE MASS! on Monday Evening, December 5, 1842. On seeing a number of professed Protestants attend. Mr. R. Binden in the chair. The Hall was ing the opening of a Roman Catholic Chapel densely crowded. The speakers were Mr.

C. Sibley, Mr. Dalton, Mr. Lord, and Mr. Away to the mass ! there is music as fine

As money can purchase, or science supply ; Callow. There is swinging of censers with odours divine,

ha . The Annual Meetings of the City of LonAnd much that may ravish the mind through the eye.

don and the Shoreditch and Hackney AssoOl once there were Britons who_but let it pass, ciations, will be held (d.v.) in the month of We are liberal now-So away to the mass !

?? January, and the Monthly Meeting of the As to which creed is true, since we cannot agree,, It were harsh to infer that one's neighbour is

Southwark' Association early in the same wrong;

month. The Annual Meeting of the Tower 'Tis as likely that I am in error as he;

Hamlets "Association is expected to take Then why should debate the old rancours prolong? We had fathers who reasoned not thus-but alas, place in February, and its Monthly InstrucThe Briton is changed.-So away to the mass ! tion class (open to all members) will be There cannot be peril; the water they use held on Tuesday evening, January 10.

Is water, the wafer is but what it seems;. The crucifix, made of what metal they choose,

: The Protestant Almanack. We find that 18 metal,—then who is 't of evil that dreams? we were mistaken in stating that there would Our Fathers were men of a different class, And would blush for such sons. But away to

be more wood engravings in the Protestant mass!

Almanack for 1843 than the one for 1842. Go, Protestant men, to yon edifice go!

Still we most heartily recommend it to our Encourage the rites, if you do not partake Operative friends, and feel great pleasure in Encourage by joining and swelling the show

Your fathers would rather have died at the stake! praising the way in which it is put out of But then they were bigots—the man is an ass hånd by the compiler and printer. That thinks as they thought.-So away to the mass ! Take your offspring, your sons, and your daugh

Anecdote.- A Nobleman of Venice deters, to look

clared that the Pope might be excommuniOn crosier, white rose, and on altar illumed;

cated; the Pope hearing of it, ordered him Your fathers, that could not idolatry brook

Those fathers would sooner have seen entombed! to be seized and brought before the conclave; But those fathers sleep under the churchyard's when there, he was asked by the Pope,

rank grass, And a new, giddy race-But away to the mass i

Whether hy any power on earth he might be

excommunicated? The Nobleman told him, R. S.

he might. The Pope desired to know how? INTELLIGENCE.

“ Sir," said the Nobleman, you are our

brother, or you are not our brother; if our “PRAY WITHOUT CEASING."-1 Thess. v. 17. brother, then you are equal to us and may Finsbury.—A meeting of the Finsbury

be excommunicated; if you are not our broOperative Protestant Association was held

hoa ther, why do you say. Paternoster, Our on Monday Evening, November 28th, in

in Father?” The Pope was in a dilemma, the British School-room, Tabernacle Walk,

until a Cardinal whispered in his ear that City Road. Mr. Edward Dalton in the

* he could never answer that argument but by chair. Messrs. Lord, Sibley, Callow, V. Allen,

declaring to the Nobleman that he had never and Spurgeon took part in the proceedings.

said a Paternoster since he came to the Southwark.--A meeting of the Southwark

Si Popedom, which he did, and the Nobleman

F Operative Association took place in the

was sent to the Inquisition.”From The National School-room, Borough Road, on Jesuit's Catechism," 1012. Tuesday Evening, November 29. Mr. Éd- The Protestant Magazine for January ward Dalton in the chair. The speakers contains a very beautifully executed steel were Mr. Theophilus A. Smith, Mr. Binden, engraving of the Right Hon. the Earl of Mr. Jarvis, and Mr. Chant.

. Winchelsea.

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"If they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.”—Isaiah viii. 20.

No. 35.


Vol. IV.


“It is proposed that all religious per

suasions should be free, and their worship The language used by the Church of publicly exercised: but we have rejected Rome to excite the crusaders to take up this article as contrary to the canons and arms against God's people was as follows: Councils of the Catholic Religion, to the “There was, said they, to those ferocious peace of human life, and to the welfare of and superstitious warriors, no crime so dark, the State, on account of the deplorable conno vice so deeply rooted in the heart, the sequences which ensue from it."-(History very trace of which a campaign of forty days of Jesuits, p. 17.) in the south of France would not obliterate. “Pope Pius VII. in his instructions ad

"Paradise, with all its glories were opened dressed to his Nuncio, Vienna, in the year for them, without the necessity of purchasing 1805, mentions the pretended right which it by any reformation of their conduct.”— the Romish Church has ever assumed of (Sismondi, Crus. p. 61.)

deposing heretical Princes; and he deplores The Council of Toulouse forbid the read- the misfortune of those times which, as he ing of the Scriptures (see 14th Canon, p. says, prevent the Spouse of Jesus Christ 430) in the following terms: “ We prohibit (the Roman Catholic Church) from putting the laity from having the books of the Old those holy maxims into practice, and conand New Testament. We forbid in the strain her to suspend the course of her just most express manner to have the above severity against the enemies of the faith.”books translated into the vulgar tongue. (History of Jesuits, p. 18, 19, and 20.) We command that whosoever shall be ac- In reference to the superstition and cused of heresy, or noted with suspicion, tyranny of the Catholic religion in Spain shall be deprived of the assistance of a phy- and Portugal, Mr. Pinkerton states as folsician.”—(Sismondi, p. 227.)

lows: When Napoleon Bonaparte proposed free “The monks being extremely numerous liberty of conscience in the exercise ofre- and human passions ever the same, those ligious worship to those who dissented from ascetics atone for the want of marriage by the Romish religion, Pope Pius VII. wrote the practice of Adultery, and the husbands, a formal letter to all the Cardinals, dated from the dread of the Inquisition are conthe 5th February, 1808, of which the follow- strained to connive at this enormous abuse; ing is a copy :

the conscience is screened by the practice of

absolution.”—(Pinkerton's Geography, vol. done within the prefixed time, accompanied 1, p. 409 and 413.)

by a sincere, entire, and true manifestation Re-establishment of the “holy Inquisi- of all they may know and remember against tion " again in Spain, by Pope Pius VII. themselves as well as against others, they The edict of the Spanish Inquisitor, dated shall be charitably received, absolved, and Madrid, April 5, 1815, will shew what Pro- incorporated into the bosom of our holy testants have to expect from Rome. It is Mother the Church, without their having entitled, “ The Edict of the most excellent thereby to apprehend the infliction of the Lord Inquisitor General, Don Francisco punishment ordained, nor the injury of their Xavier, Miery Campillo.” After deploring honor, character, and reputation, and still the injury which the Catholic faith had suf- less the privation of the whole or any part fered in Spain, the Edict observes, “ It is of their property; since for those cases for not strange, that all the lovers of religion, which they ought to lose it, and the same should turn their eyes to the holy tribunal ought to be applied to the exchequer and of the Faith, and hope, from its zeal for the treasury of His Majesty, in conformity to purity of doctrine and manners, that it will the laws of these kingdoms; His Majesty, remedy, by the discharge of its sacred minis- using his natural clemency, and preferring try, so many evils, through the ways and the spiritual felicity of his vassals to the inmeans granted to it by the Apostolic and terests of his royal exchequer, exempts them Royal authority with which it is invested for the present from this penalty, and grants

"Nothing can be more urgent to the truth, them grace and pardon whereby they may nor more conformable to our institution; return and preserve the said property, on for in vain should we be sentinels of the condition that they appear within the time peace of the Lord, if we were to remain prefixed." asleep in the midst of the common danger to religion and our country. “God will not permit us thus basely to

CONVERSATION abandon his cause, nor to correspond so ill BETWEEN TWO FRIENDS ON THE DOCTRINES to the exalted piety, with which the King our AND CEREMONIES OF THE CHURCH OF ROME. Lord has re-established us in the weighty functions of our ministry; in which we have

(Continued from p. 83. Vol. III.) sworn to be superior to all human respect, Mr. B.-Now a thought has suddenly ocwhether it be necessary to chastise, persuade, curred to my mind—When the Church of and cement, or whether to separate, CUT or Rome had extended her sway so far that she TEAR down the rotten members, in order became the Universal Church, and allowing that they may not infect the sound ones.” that she has departed from the doctrines of The edict, after observing that, “Now as scripture, what became of the Church of well as ever, moderation and charity ought Christ? had it ceased to exist ? was Christ to shine forth, as forming the character of without a church on the earth at that time? the Holy Office, and that before using the Mr. A.—No, certainly not. The Redeemer power of the SEVERE, granted to us against was never without a church, neither was the contumacious and rebellious, we ought the Church of Rome ever universal. The to attract them by presenting to them the name Catholic, or Universal, was originally Olive Branch,” concludes in the following applied to all the Christian churches, or colremarkable terms, “ Wherefore, far from lected number of Christians in different adopting for the PRESENT measures of se- parts; meaning that all true believers, formverity and rigour against the guilty, we have ed but one body, of which Christ was the determined to grant them, as we hereby do Head ; but when Rome assumed the supe. grant, a term of grace, which shall be from riority over the others, she took the name of the date of the publication of this our Edict, Roman Catholic ; implying that she was the till the last day inclusive of this year, in Catholic or Universal Church; and from long order that all persons of both sexes who may custom we usually call her members in the unfortunately have fallen into the crime of present day Roman Catholics, which howheresy, or feel themselves guilty of any ever is an inconsistency, because, although error against which our Mother the Church we acknowledge 'a Catholic Church,' meanbelieves and teaches, or of any hidden crime, ing the union and communion of all saints or whose cognizance belongs to the holy office, believers, (for in the Gospel the terms Saint may recur to the latter, and discharge their and believer are one.) we do not acknowconscience, and abjure their errors, under ledge the Church of Rome to be Catholic, the security and assurance of the most in- she having erred from the primitive faith. violable secresy; and on the same being Mr. B.-Well, you have answered my question as to the term Catholic or Univer- told me when the Church of Rome is consal, and I acknowledge the term never could sidered to have taken the principal step of be properly applied to the Romish Church; separation from the true Church. but where then was the Church of Christ at Mr. A. -- Errors, as I have observed, this time?

came in gradually : sometimes the weakMr. A.-She was a little flock, as our ness, or the mistaken opinions of well-meanSaviour called his disciples, and for many ing men assisted their growth, as in the years a sadly persecuted flock, obliged to case of St. Augustine, and also Pope Greflee into the wilderness, but never left or gory the 1st, who introduced pictures and forgotten by the “good Shepherd.”

images into the churches in order to instruct Mr. B. - Did the Romish Church at the people in scripture history: he peronce begin to persecute them ?

sisted in doing this, although remonstrated Mr. Ă.—Yes. When the Church of Rome with on the subject by Bishop Serenus, who had established those doctrines which you foresaw the too probable abuse of the prachave seen to be unscriptural, and had de- tice in future times—and so it happened, creed by her councils that all who refused for his successor, Pope Gregory the 2nd, to obey her decisions, should be accursed commanded that these pictures and images and condemned as heretics, she commenced should receive homage from the people. those dreadful persecutions of which history Then it was but to ascribe some miraculous will inform you, when the Christians suffered powers to them, which was a step soon as much as they had formerly done under taken, and the people began to pray and the cruelties inflicted by the heathen empe- make their offerings to them ; indeed, so grarors of Rome. It is recorded that by one dually did many of the worst errors creep in, of the agents of the church, (Dominic by that commentators have never been agreed as name,) by means of the Inquisition alone, — to the time of the rise of the beast mentioned of which he was appointed First Inquisitor'in Rev. xiii. 11, which almost all agree deby Pope Alexander the 3rd, in the thir- scribes the Papacy. However, it is geneteenth century,—that one hundred and fifty rally considered, that the rapid decline of the thousand Christians, who would not receive Church of Rome from the pure faith of the her doctrines and traditions, were destroyed Gospel, may be dated from the reign of Conby various tortures within the space of thirty stantine, in the fourth century. When that years!

emperor professed the Christian faith, ChrisMr. B.-Most truly indeed said one of tianity became the pathway to honor and prethe elders, when explaining to St. John, ferment, both in the church and at court; who those were who were arrayed in white consequently vast numbers of the worldlyrobes : “ These are they which came out of minded and ambitious, both Jews and heagreat tribulation, and have washed their thens, professed to believe the religion of robes, and made them white in the blood of Christ, (which till this time they had either the Lamb: therefore are they before the persecuted or dispised,) and became canThrone of God, and serve Him day and didates for Baptism. It may easily be night in his temple ; and He that sitteth on imagined that this accession of numbers, the Throne shall dwell among them.” – unconverted in heart, though Christians in Rey. vii. 14-17.

profession, would prove fatal to the purity *Mr. A.- In this manner pursued and de- of the church : some, probably from misstroyed as heretics by the persecuting bulls taken zeal, and a want of discernment in of successive Popes, the sheep of Christ spiritual things, followed their own opinions were obliged to take shelter in the secluded of what was great and glorious, and thereglens and valleys of Piedmont, in caverns, fore laboured to raise her in the estimation or sometimes in the most inaccessible parts of the world by the means of external pomp of the Alps, from whence they were never and magnificence: for this purpose cereentirely exterminated by their inhuman monies were instituted, which partook both pursuers. Here then, Christ had a Church of the Jewish and the heathen forms of worwhich, though scattered, poor, and few in ship, according to the inclinations of the number, continued to exist, and hold the new converts, and their influence in her pure truths of the Gospel. Now, if Heresy church enabled them to introduce one or consists in departing from the true doctrine, the other ; but all this time the pure and which were the real heretics, the persecuted spiritual doctrines of a religion whose only or the persecutors ?

recommendation in their eyes had been the Mr. B.-A question not very difficult to patronage of royalty, were disliked as much decide, my friend. But you have not yet as ever; “ For (as the Scripture says) the

carnal mind is enmity against God; it is Apocrypha, and Tradition. It was afternot subject to the law of God, neither in- wards decreed by the Council of Trent, as deed can be.”—Romans viii. 7.

I have already said, that the Apocryphal The truth and simplicity then of the Gos- Books, and all Tradition, should be received pel of Christ was gradually obscured and and acknowledged to be of equal authority lost sight of under a load of rites and cere- with the word of God!! Here then an inmonies, which amused and fascinated the exhaustible mine was opened; for whatever people, forming a substitute for the heathen could not be found in Scripture, was easily worship they had left. If you read a little supplied by Tradition, and according to the work entitled “ Heathen Rome," from “Voice of the Church " it was to be held which I have made several remarks, you equally sacred!! This proceeding stamped will perceive the source from which many of authority on all the idle fabulous tales which these ceremonies were taken ; for the names had long been circulated among the people, only have been changed ; and no Roman so as to entirely supplant the word of God, Catholic can read it, without being struck which became proportionably scarce, and if with the resemblance, not only to the cere- attainable, its true doctrines were buried monies, but to the doctrines of his Church. under the interpretations of the Church of In this state of things the rulers soon began Rome, and shortly became forbidden altoto “Lord it over God's heritage,” giving gether; while from the ever-flowing source little heed to the admonition of the Apostle of Tradition proceeded all the pretended whom they profess to reverence so much: miraculous legends of Saints and Relics, “Feed the fock of God which is among together with cures performed by wonderful you, taking the oversight thereof, not by pictures, and images brought down from constraint but willingly; not for filthy lucre, heaven, which have inundated the Church but of a ready mind; neither as being of Rome ever since. lords over God's heritage, but being ensam- Mr. B.-The contrast is indeed wonderples to the flock(1 Epis. Pet., 5th chap.); ful, as I have observed since I have read the even the true signification of the term Bible, the people must indeed, as you say, Church became little understood; it now have been gradually weaned from the one implied the Pope, Cardinals, and Bishops; and introduced to the other. It would have and all the decrees passed in the councils been impossible to have made them pass they held, became identified with them, as from one to the other all at once. the “ Voice of the Church !" To maintain

(To be continued.) and extend this power therefore was their constant aim ; and while they professed to exalt the Church as the “Holy Mother

WHO IS HAPPIEST, THE INFIDEL Church,” and the “Spouse of Christ,”

OR THE CHRISTIAN? whose judgment was infallible, they assumed universal dominion in her name, and INFIDELS may scoff at Christianity as the word of God was made to speak accord- much as they like, but it would be easy to ing to their interpretation as the “ Voice of prove that it imparts a happiness to the soul the Church” to the deluded people ! · which embraces it, which renders the true

Mr. B.-But how could the people be so Christian the happiest of beings. It would deluded if they still had the Word of God ? be as easy to prove that the heartlessness

Mr. A.-Until now they had had that and cold selfishness of Infidelity prevented blessed word, but not as we have it, in our the Infidel from enjoying real happiness. own tongue and in rich abundance. With The contrast between the Christian and the all our boasted light, with all our privileges, Infidel is great in this world as well as that which are great and many, and call for our which is to come, and confirms the declaraunbounded gratitude to our gracious God, tion of Scripture, that “Godliness hath the yet still amidst all these advantages there promise of the life that now is, as well as of are many in our own days, who talk of in- that which is to come.” For instance, what terpreting God's blessed word by man's a difference in the two following references foolish fables ! We see the motive which to the birth of the individuals. induced the Bishops of Rome to change “Who,” says Voltaire, “ can without hortheir rule of faith : so many things having ror, consider the whole world as the empire been introduced which the Scriptures could of destruction ? It abounds with wonders ; not in any way be made to authorize, it be- it also abounds with victims. It is a vast came necessary to have some other source field of carnage and contagion. Every speto draw from: and this source was the cies is without pity pursued and torn to

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