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their library has been extended, and contains of information that is being diffused at so works on history, science, Religion, and par- very insignificant an expenditure. The subticularly on the points of dispute between scription being small and the work so great, the Church of England and the Church of it is almost needless to say that with the Rome. The members have just concluded entirely gratuitous labours of the Committee the consideration of their second list of ques- and Tract Society, and with the strictest ecotions, and have commenced the examination nomy a very large increase of funds is wanted of Pope Pius' Creed in detail.

to enable the Committee to carry on the The Committee are happy to announce operations of the Association. It has been the formation of a Protestant Tract Society suggested that a higher rate of subscription among the members. Shortly after the might, without much inconvenience be paid declaration in last year's Report of their by each member; but as the Committee preintention to form such a society, the Com- fer gaining larger funds by increasing the mittee received the hearty and zealous assis- number of their members, they leave the tance of many members in furtherance of subject of a higher subscription to those who this object. The society was formed, rules feel inclined to increase the amount voluntafor the guidance of its operations have been rily; and trust that each member will try to printed, and a large number of tracts circu- raise the fund. by inducing as many true lated in this Borough, by the untiring Protestants as he can to join their ranks and patient labours of the kind friends who have help them in opposing the common foe. consented to become distributors. The Re- With respect to the future, the Committee ligious Tract Society, the Protestant Asso- feel that there is every reason for hope, ciation, and the British Reformation Society, resting on that gracious promise of our Lord; have kindly assisted the feeble endeavours “On this Rock, [i.e. this faith in himself] of your Committee by a liberal grant of will I build my church, and the gates of hell tracts; for which the thanks of the Associa- shall not prevail against it." tion are here most gladly recorded.

Faith in this divine promise has sustained As they cannot depend upon gratuities, the Church of Christ in all ages, and it will and their supplies are almost exhausted, the sustain our Church also. Committee earnestly entreat the helping Pagan power and fury thought to crush hand of those who are interested in diffusing her in her infancy,but sustained by the rock the principles of Protestant truth, and of of ages, she weathered the storm of Pagan uprooting Popish errors, and who can assist hostility, and saw her haughty foes dashed to either by contribution of tracts, subscrip- atoms at the foot of the foundation of her tions to the fund, or as distributors.

faith. In the early part of the summer, many Popish malice has thrust sore at her that members of the Association joined the other she might fall, and for a time the church Metropolitan Associations in a trip to the sitting in sackcloth appeared to be subdued delightful scenery of Richmond.

before her scarlet foe, and it might seem During the year in various ways besides that this gate of hell had prevailed against the operations of the Tract Society, the her; but when to human eyes all hope was Association has distributed gratuitously gone, her Lord arose to succour and to save several thousands of handbills and tracts, her, cleansed her from the filth of ages, and for which they are at present in debt to the at the Reformation she broke forth with reParent Association.

newed and extended lustre. In the name of this Association the Com- Since that auspicious era, Popery and Inmittee have to tender their sincere and hearty fidelity, and lately Anglo-Popery, have been thanks to the Rev. Dr. Holloway for the trying to destroy by artifice, by sapping and kind and free use of his chapel for their mining that edifice of truth, the Church of Annual Sermon; and at the same time they England, which they dared not attempt by would express their gratitude to the Rev. R. open force. Colleges of those satanic engiW. Dibdin, for preaching a most appropriate neers, the Jesuits, have been founded and and instructive sermon on that occasion. maintained, in which our fellow creatures are

To the Morning Herald for its impartial trained to obey any command, and to acreports of the proceedings of the Association, complish any design, however diabolical, and for its unwavering advocacy of true which may effectually destroy the Church of Protestant principles, the thanks of the Asso- Christ, and advance the interests of the ciation are due.

Church of Rome. The Committee desire to call the attention Since the fatal bill of 1829, by which of their fellow Protestants to the amount of Popery, that implacable foe to civil and relabour which has been created and employed ligious liberty, was not only let loose but effectively, and to the quantity and quality put into power, Rome has spoken out; and now she makes little or no secret of her de- Yet we are not left wholly without hope, sign to subjugate again the minds and the there is a little band of stanch and faithful consciences, the persons and the property of Protestants left; the laity too, have began to all who bear the name of Christ. Her pre- stir. And, knowing the peculiar position of tensions are haughty, her hierarchy are many of the clergy, it is a matter for sincere united, her armies are mustering under the thankfulness, to find so many of them banners of Repeal; and in the guise of tee- holding forth the truth of the gospel in the totalism, mass houses, nunneries, and Jesuit face of so much calumny and reproach. colleges,-are increasing, not to supply the Add to these, several ministers and congredemands of Roman Catholics, but for the gations of our Dissenting brethren are purpose of entrapping unwary Protestants. awaking to the dangers that surround us, The Court is beset with Papists, while Par- and have had meetings to remove the prejuliament patiently hears a proposal to take dices in favor of Rome, which had prevented papal priests into state pay. Is not Rome them perceiving this fact before. making a vigorous, a deadly thrust ? And Yet it is certain that however glorious the well she may, for it is her last struggle. result, however fatal to these combined foes

While Rome is thus engaged in the field, of Christ and his Church, however beneficial Oxford is artfully working the mine. Anglo- it will finally be to the progress of holiness popery seeks to destroy our Protestant faith and of happiness,-a time of severe trial there by artfully sapping its foundations. No ex- will be. pense deters, no labour appals, no amount of It is therefore that the Committee would patience, of learning, or of skill is thought earnestly invite all who know and love the too great if it can but un-Protestantize the truth as it is in Christ Jesus our Lord, to establishment, and lead her back to the em- band themselves in his name, that they may braces of Rome. While erroneous doctrines not only exhort, comfort and strengthen each and perversions of truth are insinuated into other in his name, but that they may be handsome folios for the wealthy; tracts, happily instrumental in bringing many of ballads, and pamphlets are the medium of their fellow-men to the knowledge and extheir diffusion through the middle and lower perience of true gospel liberty. ranks of society.



(Concluded from p. 79.) And what have been the results of this those iniquitous judges whose conduct gave unworthy traffic in holy things? You are rise to the saying, "A golden key will open enriched, I allow, but you have ruined re- any door,' for amongst you the golden key ligion by exposing it to public contempt.— will open heaven itself. Your avarice has The humblest of your parishioners cry in destroyed the faith of the people ; your.amall the corners of the streets to any one who bition has extinguished their piety: and if will hear them, that you are making a for- the people believe more in Voltaire than in tune ; that there is no room in your paradise God, you have to thank yourselves for it. but for the rich; that you are worse than Where will you find in the New Testament a single word that authorises all this eccle- neither silver nor gold, neither fast nor absiastical chicanery? Nowhere. Besides, you stinence, neither penance nor maceration ; forbid the reading of the Holy Scriptures he asks nothing of you! On the contrary, because you know it is written there, “ Woe he gives you, and gives you gratuitously unto you, Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, Č.—What ? for ye devour widows' houses, and for a M.-Eternal salvation! And if you pretence make long prayers : therefore shall doubt it, hear these words taken from the ye receive greater damnation." You know Holy Bible,-“God hath concluded them that we there read that Simon the Sorcerer all under sin, that he might have mercy having wished to purchase the gift of the upon all.” “Ye are saved by grace and Holy Spirit with money, St. Peter said to not by works.” “God so loved the world, him, " Thy money perish with thee, because that he gave his only begotten Son, that thou hast thought that the gift of God may whosoever believeth in him should not pebe purchased with money." You, who call rish but have everlasting life.” “While we yourselves successors of St. Peter, should were yet sinners Christ died for us." imitate his conduct and make this answer to “ Christ hath been made for us wisdom, those who bring money for a mass.

righteousness, sanctification, and redempBut enough, my dear curé; you have tion.” “Come without money and without made me sufficiently acquainted with your price." Now I think this is clear. I have religion : permit me now to lay mine before quoted ten passages; I could have quoted a you; and whichever of us two shall be con- hundred, or a thousand, which all proclaim vinced, may reasonably determine to follow that God gives heaven gratuitously and comthe religion of the other.

pletely to him who believes with the heart And first, mine has one only source, the on Jesus Christ. Here is generosity! here Bible; but one teacher, God himself. I is greatness ! here is love! Can you conplace on one side your traditions invented ceive of anything more grand, more worthy by man-your pretended infallibility of the of God? And can you think of anything Pope, in order to submit' my understanding, that would better merit the name of religion ? my conscience, and my heart, to the sole If you were to try, what means could you authority of the Word of God. Here is a invent more efficacious than the pardon of system of religion much more simple, and a all sin, and the absolute and gratuitous gift foundation for faith much more solid. of eternal life, to move and win the heart of

I open then this Bible, and in its first man to his God ? Tell me, my dear friend, pages I see, by the history of our first fa- must you not love God, when he loves you ther, that the human race has fallen into sin. after this sort ? Could you forbear to obey As I continue to read, I discover, by the him, by doing good works, sanctifying your history of the Jews, that men have always life, and helping your brethren ? Ah! my lived in sin; and when in the Old Testa- dear friend, if at first I appeared severe in ment I read the decalogue, and in the New judging your religion, you will understand the precepts of the Gospel, I see clearly now that my final intention was to disabuse that if man ought neither to kill, nor to your mind of error to lead you to truth, and steal, nor to bear false witness, nor to covet, to convince you that if truth is found any nor to think a bad thought, certainly all where on earth, it must be in the doctrine men, and myself the first, are condemned which teaches us that God gives everything according to these words of this same Bible, in the kingdom of grace, as he has given _"There is none that doeth good ;” and everything in the kingdom of nature. The "God hath concluded all under sin.” God who has given us this fleeting life, gives

C.-But, my lord, your religion is fright- us also life eternal; the God who preserves ful!

our health by his Providence, preserves us M.-Wait a moment; answer me first: in holiness by his Spirit; the God who gave does your conscience tell you that you have us parents, has given us a Saviour. He sinned ?

gives all, he sells nothing; and it is to deC.—That is according

grade the Creator to the level of the creaM.-No evasion! answer explicitly ;- ture to think that he requires anything on have you done evil or not?

our part, and that a bargain may be struck C.-Well, then, I have.

between Him and us, as between man and M.-Then with me you are condemned; man. for, once more, the Word of God says so. Oh, dear friend, let us enlarge our ideas ;

C.--That is precisely what alarms me. instead of abasing God to our level, let us

M.-—But listen—what follows will com- try to raise ourselves to the height of his fort you. Now that you feel the justice of love. Let us appreciate his greatness, his your condemnation, God requires of you goodness, his power, and acknowledge that again!”

he will give us everything, if we will but Those who know nothing, and enquire accept everything.

nothing, may doubt. but examination produYes, I can say from experience, if I have ces conviction. State papers-our state been enabled to do any good, it is because trials-our statute book_our book of commy heart has been opened and gladdened by mon prayer-all rise to corrupt the assertions faith in this doctrine that I have been saved! of those who would cast into the shade of completely saved ! for ever saved! This is forgetfulness or non-existence an event the secret of the blessings I delight to scat- which ought to call forth our most signal ter over your parish.

gratitude to God for past deliverance, our The curé took the hand of his friend with- most fervent prayer for continued protection, out replying; and after a moment's silence, and our strenuous exertions and unremitting said to him with emotion, “ We shall meet watchfulness, that we do not ourselves reck

lessly throw away our blessings, nor permit

Popery, by force or wiles, to deprive us of THE DANGER AND IMPOLICY OF them.


Sir Richard Musgrave, in his Memoirs of

POPERY. the different Rebellions in Ireland, p. 85, A little Tract has been published at Derby, observes, that “ Soon after (i.e. 1792) go- which we much recommend to our readers. vernment having swerved from their opinion The title of it is, “ Truth must prevail; or, and conceded the whole of what they had the cruelty, persecuting spirit and falsehood peremptorily refused, encouraged the Ro- of the Romish Priesthood, as set forth in a man Catholics to rise in their demands, Letter in the Tablet Newspaper, and replied particularly because they were thought to to by the Rev. Henry Lewis Oxley, late a have been influenced by terror, as the De- member of the order of Dominicans, Popish fenders were at that time desolating many Priest of Leeds and of Leicester; and also parts of the kingdom, and were terrific in Chaplain to a Nunnery in Leicestershire, the environs of the capital. To this system and now a member of the Church of Engof terror, succeeded by concession, we may land. The tract may be had at the office of in a great measure impute the Rebellion.”' the Association, 11, Exeter Hall.

It gives an account of the conversion of

Mr. Oxley from Popery; and while it beFIFTH OF NOVEMBER 1605.

trays his weakness in again relapsing, and The Roman Catholics, and some Protestants the mercy of God in again opening a door effect to disbelieve that the Gunpowder Płot of escape for him, it demonstrates the appreever existed, and so we may suppose that hensions of Romanists lest the secrets of 200 years hence, Roman Catholics and some their prison-house should be thus betrayedProtestants may effect to disbelieve that any their anxiety to reclaim one who has departed efforts were made in 1843 to Repeal the from them and then how they treat him Union. The Atrocity of the Plot is certainly with cold and contemptuous neglect, when startling, but not contrary to the principles they think he has again returned to them. or practice of Popery. The murderer of the Mr. Oxley, in writing of the pretended Waldenses, the executioner of many martyrs friendship of one who led him back to for their faithfulness to Christ, the contriver Popery, says, “ Alas! I gave him credit for of rebellions, massacres and insurrection: sincerity, and was undone; and in a frame what is there in the nature of the thing to of mind which your readers will conceive lead the mind to exonerate the Church of better than I can describe, signed the docuRome from this charge? It was but of a' ment which appeared in the TABLET. I do piece with her other proceedings. Had the not wish even to palliate my weakness. I plot succeeded, it would have been one more have bitter cause to lament it, and to confess trophy, and Bartholomew's Eve might have that I have acted imprudently, God knows, then been rivalled in the annals of the perhaps sinfully, but as I thought conscienChurch of Rome, by the 5th of November, tiously, throughout the whole of this, for me a thanksgiving might have been ordered for trying, I might add, agonizing affair—for it the success of the plot; but it pleased the is, indeed, an awful undertaking, to have to God of all mercies to order otherwise. The contend with the priests of Rome. No snare was broken, and our ancestors were sooner had I made, as I thought, my peace delivered. The fact of the existence of this with the clergy, than I was made quickly to conspiracy is attested as clearly, or more so feel, how true is the proverb, that the priests almost, than any other historic fact can be. never forgive. I can fearlessly affirm, as

even most amiable and highly respectable The Churches of England and Rome. Roman Catholics have admitted, that I had some one having used the hackneyed sarjust cause to complain of the treatment I casm, that between the Churches of England experienced at the hands of the priests; cold and Rome there is but a paper wall" True," and cutting neglect-haughty and insulting it was replied, “but the whole Bible is printed lectures on past misconduct-continual and on it.” and severe reproaches for tampering, as it was falsely asserted I did, with Protestant friends To TUE PROTESTANT OPERATIVES. after my return to Papal slavery-jealous and suspicious watchfulness over my most ENGLISHMEN and Christians, I conjure you innocent actions. It would appear that spies in the name of our most holy faith, and as were placed over me even within the domestic true believers in Christ, that you stick sanctuary, of what I took to be a friend's together as the heart of one man, and conhouse. Thus it was deemed a crime in me tend most strenuously for that faith once to indulge two or three times a week at the delivered to the Saints; and I hope and most in the perusal of a newspaper, and a trust, through the help of God, that the most insane thing, to express once or twice, bright and glorious spark of Protestantism not more frequently I am sure (what I think which exists in Great Britain will not be your readers will deem very pardonable for eclipsed by the dark extinguisher of Popery one in my sad position) a wish to know what which seems to throw its dark shade over my Protestant friends said on the subject of our native land. May he whose word is a my submission to the Bishop. The non- light to our feet and a lamp unto our path, fulfilment of promises repeatedly made and still deign to shine upon us, that we may the utter absence of that spirit of brotherly bear more the image of Christ, to the conlove and pity, which if we are to look for it fusion and condemnation of all our enemies, any where surely we might expect to meet that we may sit under our own vine and fig with it in those who style themselves the tree, none daring to make us afraid. ministers of the meek and lowly Jesus, mark- Let British Christians nerve their hearts ed the conduct of the priests of Rome towards To stem the 'whelming flood, a poor and every way heavily afflicted bro. And act the martyrs' firmest part, ther, whose great crime in their eyes was that Stand as their fathers stood. he loved TRUTH, JUSTICE, and LIBERTY, and

Protesting 'gainst the base design hated INIQUITY, HYPOCRISY, and PRIESTLY

Of Popery's perjured crew; TYRANNY. "Accept, Sir, my grateful and respectful

Who led by Satan fierce combine thanks for affording me an opportunity of

E T' uproot the faithful few. removing, as I trust I have done to the Their altars, deck'd with tapers bright, satisfaction of your impartial readers, some Unwary souls may charm; of the foul aspersions cast upon my character But those whom Grace has taught aright by those who have hated me without cause.” Escape the deadly harm.

To Christ the very paschal Lamb THE ENGLISH BURIAL GROUND,

Alone we bow the knee;

P, Nor can we be absolved by man,

'Tis Christ that makes us free.
A walk to this retired and unostentatious No mass, no penance, can atone
little Cemetery, suggested feelings of un- For sins tho' e'er so small,—
usual and melancholy interest. The graves We must be wash'd in blood alone,
of so many of our countrymen, reposing in Or not be wash'd at all.
ground unconsecrated by the religion of the No costly rites perform'd by man,
country, seems to exert a peculiar claim Though deckid with human art,
upon our mournful sympathy. The living If Christ be wanting, ever can
have ties and recollections to recall them
home; but here death has sealed and chro-

True grace to souls impart. nicled a sentence of everlasting exile.

Then let us e'en through death's dark shade Catholic Magazine.

Hold fast the gospel's light,
And look to Him who does engage

To put our foes to flight.

Nor burning torch, nor fiery flame, Personal religion is invariably the foun- From bigots of Maynooth, dation of all true exertion and future use. Whilst Christ the Lord our cause maintains, fulness.

Shall rob us of the truth.

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