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“Then opened he their eyes, that they might TEXTS FOR THE TIMES. understand the scriptures." Pray then

No. 2. earnestly that what he did for them, he may do also for you; and doubt not but that he

“ Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit will do it. for Christ came to seek and to you like men, be strong."-1 Cor. xvi. 13. save that which was lost, and has said, “ Ask,

“ Take no heed unto all words that are and it shall be given ; seek, and ye shalls

echou spoken.”—Eccles. vii. 21. find.” (Luke xi. 9.)

“Prove all things ; hold fast that which A. L. is good.”—1 Thess. v. 21.

“There be some that trouble you, and

would pervert the Gospel of Christ.”—Gal. WHEN SHALL WE AND ROME i. 7. BE FRIENDS ?

“ Teaching for doctrines the command

ments of men.”—Matt. xv. 9. ROMAN CATHOLICS often declaim against “Take heed what you hear.”—Mark iv. Protestants for their honest aversion to 24. Popery, and taunt them with bigotry and “Be not carried about with divers and narrow-minedness; and liberal Protestants, strange doctrines.”—Heb. xiii. 9. men who know not, care not, for the truth, “Mark them which cause divisions and often chime in with Rome's whining cant of offences, contrary to the doctrines ye have liberalism, and denounce those of their fel- learned, and avoid them.”—Rom. xvi. 17. low Protestants who have sounder principles “ Search the Scriptures.”—John v. 39. and clearer views on the subject of Popery “Which are able to make thee wise unto than themselves. But we must stand firm, salvation, through faith which is in Christ and learn to bear the gibe, the sneer, the Jesus.”—2 Timothy iii. 15. scoff. We must be true to Christ here, if “The word of the Lord endureth for ever, we would reign with Christ hereafter. Truth and this is the word which by the Gospel is is better than error-Protestantism is better preached unto you.”—1 Peter i. 25. than Popery—and Christ to be obeyed and “The power of God unto salvation to loved and honoured and preferred before every one that believeth."-Rom. i. 16. Antichrist. If Christ is on our own side, and we are on his side, we need not fear. The world may be against us; but he who

NOTES OF A SERMON made the world, and rules the world, is for BY THE REV. R. J. McGHEE, us—" and who is he that shall harm you, if ye be followers of that which is good ?

Taken by Mr. R. H. Binden, When then shall we and Rome be friends?

June 28th, 1843. When light and darkness, truth and error, SUBJECT:-THE CHURCH OF ROME ANTIand all that is most opposite in nature, are CHRISTIAN AND IDOLATROUS. united. When shall we cease to charge Rome with unholy and dangerous princi

TEXT-1 John ii. 22, 234" Who is a liar ples? When she ceases to hold them. The

but he that denieth that Jesus is the language used by Baxter in his “Key for

Christ? He is Antichrist that denieth Catholics to open the juggling of the Jes

the Father and the Son. Whosoever deuits,” supplies a good answer to Roman

nięth the Son, the same hath not the Catholics who ask the question. “Renounce

Father ; but he that acknowledgeth the your treacherous principles, and we will son, hath the father also." cease to charge you with them. Let a EXORDIUM.-Some persons suppose that General Council and Pope but decree the the Man of Sin, as spoken of by St. Paul, contrary to what the fore-cited Pope and has not yet been revealed, but that he is yet General Council have decreed, or else do to arise in a person full of power and awfully you (Roman Catholics) all declare that you blasphemous. They also deny that the head think this Pope and Council erred; and of the Papacy, in its succession, is included then we will shake hands with you, for then in the prophecy, or at all meant by the you will either cease to be true Papists, or apostle. " 2ndly. There are others who apat least become tolerable members of hu- ply it to the Popes of Rome with undoubted man society? Why does not the Pope him- certainty ; and 3rdly, there are those in our self at least condemn these doctrines, if own day (the Puseyites) who say that Rome really he disown them? The case is too is our mother and a true church. There plain.”

must be some error in the views of those of the first class ; for who dare limit the extent of God's word? and who can say what shall hood far transcends it all. His power was or shall not be in futurity? All that we not so fully exhibited then, as when God with any safety say is, that it applies to all became at the same time a man. He was, equally who bear the marks specified by the and is, the God-incarnate-the mystery of apostle, writing under the direction of the godliness—God manifested in the flesh. Holy Spirit.

This was the masterpiece of Deity. It The second class includes some of the was impossible for God to exceed this most pious and able divines of the christian work. It was his work alone. Then no church in every age. The marks of Anti- wonder that angels and glorified spirits, and christ are by them so clearly applied to the the hosts of heaven, should ascribe all the Church of Rome, as to leave no doubt as to honor and glory, might and power, to the the correctness of the assertion being unde- Lamb of God who sitteth upon the throne niably true, This view does not exclude for ever and ever. This work stands alone, any other portentous form of Antichrist until another Saviour is found to die for which may yet arise ; for all are included by man. If another is needed, then has Christ the great Inspirer who bear any semblance died in vain. See him in his birth-life to the marks here laid down. The day of ministry-death-and triumph; he is not to Pentecost was only a type of the entire ful- be equalled. He left his ordinances in his filment of the Prophet Joel's prediction ; personal absence-Baptism by water, and yet this was included. The return of the bread and wine to be used in his supper, as Jews from the Babylonish captivity was only remembrances of him. a figure of the accomplishment of the ever- Now then, what does the Church of Rome lasting deliverance of the Israel of God from with the Godhead of Christ? She takes a its earthly bondage; and the destruction of poor sinner-educates him as a priest, not Babylon was only a type of the destruction out of God's love, but out of her own-he of every nation guilty of the same sins as then comes forth; and what does he do?this proud, adulterous city.

He is to create his CREATOR!-God!! and The third class speak some truth as far this in obedience to the decrees of the as they themselves are concerned; for if Council of Trent. (Sess. 13, chapter 4.) they view Rome as a true church of Christ, “That by consecration the whole substance then she is truly their mother; they, bearing of the bread and wine is converted into the her likeness, proving both to be of one com- substance of the body and blood of Christ." mon stock, and enclosed in a mutual em- And again, “ That the whole and entire brace.

Christ exists under the species of the bread, The God of heaven has written the name and under every part of the species; and of the Church of Rome on her forehead, also under the species of the wine and its and all who assimilate to her, are of her, parts.In the first canon of the mass, it and must perish with her by the same des- says, “ That if any one deny that in the truction.

sacrament of the most Holy Eucharist are

truly, really, and substantially contained The text is supposed by some, who wish to the body and the blood, together with the exonerate the Church of Rome from this soul and divinity, of our Lord Jesus Christ, charge of being Antichrist, as referring to and therefore not a whole Christ; but say two distinct parties. This cannot be. All that he is only in it in a sign or figure, or are Antichrist who oppose Christ, and so virtue; let him be damned.” In canon 6, must be deniers of Christ, and the liar here “If any one say that in the most holy spoken of; for deniers are liars. It is our sacrament of the Eucharist, Christ, the only duty to denounce Antichrist as it appears in begotten of God, is not to be adored with the Roman Church, and the double Anti. that worship called Latria, even the exterchrist as seen in the Church of England. nal worship, and therefore not to be veneAt the same time, we should assure our rated, either in a peculiar festive solemnity, beloved Roman Catholic friends of our love nor according to the universal and laudable for them ; exhort them to mark what we custom of the Holy Church to be carried say, and ponder over what we prove, so that about, or that it is not to be held up pubthey may fly from the eternal doom awaiting licly to the people in order to be adored, all who are opposed to Christ.

and that its adorers are idolaters, let him be Ist. The Church of Rome is Antichrist damned.Is not this Antichrist? The as opposed to the Godhead of Christ. third canon of the mass declares that only

The power of God in creation was far the appearance of bread and wine remain above our finite comprehension; but the after consecration by the priest, and all are uniting of the eternal Godhead with man- damned who assert the contrary. In the litany of the mass, as found in their prayer The principle is found in 26th sess, of the books" Catholic hours," page 110 — we Council of Trent on invocation, where all have the following, addressed to the bit of are to be instructed to fly to the Virgin and paste :

Saints for their prayers and assistance to “Jesus, TREMENDOUS and life-giving Sa- appease the wrath of the Saviour. Now crament, have mercy upon us."

for her practice. “ Jesus, made FLESH by the omnipotence In a work of a saint, canonized by the of the word (of the priest), have mercy upon present Pope Gregory XVI. in 1839, which us."

work is declared by the Church of Rome as " Jesus, UNBLOODY sacrifice, have mercy being without a single error, we obtain a upon us."

knowledge of her practice of this principle. *Awful and dreadful blasphemy! Is not See “ Glories of Mary," 3rd edition, p. 138, this Antichrist? The absurdity of this dog. All is subject to Mary's Empire, even ma might be shown, but it is not now neces- GOD HIMSELF.” At p. 190, “St. Anselm sary. Here is a wafer: it is held in the says, our prayers are more speedily heard in hand: see, it is broken in twain: it is not heaven by invoking Mary than her Son.”'!! two, but only one Christ. The separation, “St. Bernard says, if God should cast me off, though by violence, gives no pain and sheds I will throw myself at the feet of MARY his no blood! Yet Christ is whole and entire Mother.” At p. 180 it says, “We read in in every particle, and we are damned for the Chronicles of St. Francis, that brother disbelieving it. Break it again and again; Leo once saw in a vision two ladders, one cast the fragments to the winds, and yet red, at the summit of which sat Jesus Christ is not divided. Is not all this a Christ, and the other white, at the top of proof she is Antichrist ? [Mr. McGhee which was the Virgin, his Blessed Mother. suited the action to the word with the wafer.] He observed many who endeavoured to If the canon of the mass is false, then there ascend the red ladder, after mounting a few is no Christ in it, and her dogma falls to steps, fell down, and on trying again were the ground. If true, then the doctrines of equally unsuccessful, so that they never Scripture are false and untrue.

reached the summit. But a voice directed The sixth canon proves her to be idola- them to make trial of the white ladder : trous. She calls upon all the angels and they soon gained the top, the Virgin having heavenly hosts to worship it-men are to held out her hands to help them." bow down before it--all are to set their Is not this Antichrist ? But what saith heart's affection on it, and to give it the the scripture—“Come unto me, all ye that supreme worship as unto the living and labour and are heavy laden, and I will reeternal Jehovah. Is not this idolatry? fresh you.”—“Him that cometh unto me I

2nd. She is Antichrist as opposed to the will in no wise cast out.”—“God sent not manhood of Christ.

his Son into the world to condemn the It is certainly impossible for us to say world, but that they might have life through whether Christ is to be more glorified by his name.”—“ I am God, and besides me us, as God, or as God in human nature. there is no Saviour” (Isa. 45.) Rome shuts He is God's fellow, and man's equal. He out the Saviour; robs Christ of his glory, stands between the two. He has the right and denies his work and power. Mark what arm of Deity, by which he lays hold on the she says in the authorised work just quoted. highest attribute of the Godhead, and an Mary is all; God is nothing. Mary is arm of manhood, by which he embraceth powerful, and Christ powerless. Mary gloeven his most humble servant and believer, rified, and Christ set at nought, and trampled though they be the most vile and despised under her feet. The devil himself could by man--even a Lazarus, a thief, or a not exceed this. The present Pope in 1832, Magdalen ; none are too mean for him. He and since in a similar manner, says thus :who is the fellow of the most holy God, is “ That all inay have a successful and happy also at the same time, bone of our bone and issue, let us raise our eyes to the most flesh of our flesh, for he is our Brother. blessed Virgin, who ALONE destroys heresies! He can lay his hand upon both. (See Zech. who is our greatest hope!! yea, THE ENTIRE xiii. 7, and Heb. ii. 16.) What then does GROUND OF OUR HOPE.” !!! Is not this she with the manhood of Christ ? She Antichrist ? destroys its bessings by transferring its 3rd. She is Antichrist as opposed to the glories to the Virgin. She makes him a salvation of Christ. fierce judge, and not a Saviour---an avenger This charge lies at the root of every one and not a mediator; and this by placing of her dogmas. The Gospel is of God mediators between Christ and the sinner. alone. All is done by him : we cannot do anything. He is the Lord our righteous- are enjoined, not as a duty, but as a means ness. He is our surety. We are under the of earning salvation of God. The priest is curse of a broken law; but for us he obeyed, as God in the mass and confessional; and for us he died. “He bore our sins in his the blood of Christ thereby counted an unown body on the tree," &c. (See Isa. 53; holy thing. Is not this Antichrist? The Acts 2, Peter's sermon.) The whole system directions given to the penitent attending of Rome is built upon a corrupt notion of confessional, as found in their prayer books, the Gospel, supposing it not to be true. “Catholic Hours,” and “Daily Companion,"

The office and acts of the priest are Anti- &c., is as impressive and declarative as christ. Christ, and him alone, is our great though they were to confess to God himself. High-priest—he alone is our resting place 4th. She is Antichrist as opposed to the —to him alone we turn. (Heb. vii. 16, to word of Christ; by denying it to the laity, the end.) In Heb. x. the Apostle St. Paul by corrupting it, and opposing it in theory proves that a sacrifice that needed to be and practice. often offered and repeated, proved “per se" 5th. She is Antichrist as opposed to the that the last one offered was insufficient. If Church of Christ. then the offering of Christ was full and suf- History teems with the records of her cruficient, it then needed not repetition : all elty to the Church of Christ. All belonging offering for sin now by a sacrifice is Anti- to Christ are opposed by her. She is drunchrist. The whole system of Rome is to ken; she is dyed scarlet with the blood of the propitiate for sin, and to make to God an saints and martyrs of Jesus. She has left atonement for transgression, which is no- her first husband-Christ, and become an thing short of Antichrist. The office and adultress with another opposed to Christ. and act of the priest in the mass is Anti- She is “the mother of harlots ;” all the christ. If any one, either in the Church of abominations of the earth are found in her. England, or the Church of Rome, offers or Let us then oppose her to the utmost. We pretends to offer a propitiatory sacrifice to must hate what God hates, and oppose what God, it is Antichrist. If Christ was to suf- is opposed to him and his truth. Love and fer again, it would be Antichrist; it would pray for all who differ with us; and let the reduce the Bible to a fable, and destroy all remembrance of our past apathy and cold our hopes of salvation. Christ by his last indifference move us onward now to duty, words declared all was “ finished;" Rome and oppose to the utmost this antichristian says it is not. Is not this Antichrist? The and idolatrous system of Rome. mass-purgatory-merits_penances, &c.- If we had, as Protestants, done our duty. are Antichrist.

we should not now have had the necessity of In a book sanctioned by the National opposing Popery within and without our Board of Education of Ireland, directions National Church. Let us remember why similar to the following are given, as a we have an open Bible, and value its blesmeans by which God is appeased, -viz. by sings, and maintain its precepts: then, and wearing hair cloth near the skin-falling at only then, are we able to wage war against the feet of priests to confess your sins— every part of the great Antichrist, and overmerits-tears-prayers, and such like: these turn every species of idolatry.


THE ARK OF OUR SAFETY. If the past, the present, and the future, taken of things as they are seen by the light could be centred into a moment, and a view of truth, what a melancholy picture would

our own country at this moment present! In It is not in Coventry that the 'sub tuum religion, in politics, we have gone astray? and præsidium' of the Tablet will find objectors.perplexity and difficulty beset our rulers in Correspondent of the Tablet. church and state; our wonted stability and « The sub tuum præsidium of the Tablet and peace seems gone, and in a state of bewil, wants a little explanation. The Tablet has derment men are lost in wondering at the an image of the Virgin Mary with the Holy present crisis. Why have we thus weakness Child in her arms stamped upon it; and instead of strength; and turbulent discon- round this image is a motto in English and tent instead of peace? Why is the cry for Latin, Sub tuum præsidium confugimus, bread made to those who have it not? Why sancta Dei genitrix,' .We fly to thy protecdo the famished thirst in vain? We have tion, O Holy Mother of God.' When this forsaken the ark of our strength-We have image and motto were first adopted, some forsaken the fountain of living waters. The Papists were offended at them, and said that ark of our strength was our Protestantism. England was not yet sufficiently far advanced Deserting that, like the dove deserting to endure such an exhibition of Popery; and Noah's ark, we find no rest. We may surely there was ground for such an appreproudly soar for awhile borne up by strong hension, for in this motto it is plainly aspinions, but each moment of our Aight bears serted that a Papist desires the protection us farther from the ark; and when at length, of the Virgin Mary rather than of the Saviour while storms and clouds are gathering of men. But to return to the question, what around our church and nation, we would is Popery? We answer, that Popery at fondly return to the forsaken ark, there may Coventry (according to the Tablet's sub be no light left to re-direct our flight-no tuum præsidium' correspondent, we presume strength to secure it—the pall of night may the Roman priest) is the religion which has hide all our glory-our proud wings may two objects of Divine worship, viz., OUR fall fluttering upon the waters, and the dark LORD, wearing a crown and globe, by which abyss be the end of our ungodly policy. we suppose is meant that our Lord is King

We make these few monitory observations of EARTH; and our LADY, also wearing a with reference to Popery at Coventry; crown, and carrying the sceptre, as Queen of wherein we shall see how progressively we Heaven; and that of these two objects of are departing daily from the true worship of Divine worship the Papists of Coventry seek God, and one by one fresh evils are flowing the protection of the latter rather than the in, as a prelude we fear to more extensive former. Is it not high time to re-insert in mischief.

our Liturgy, 'From the Bishop of Rome Popery at Coventry. We are sometimes and all his detestable enormities, good Lord asked, what is Popery: and when we have deliver us?'answered, “It is a gross corruption of Christianity, which has added the worship of the Virgin Mary to that of the Redeemer," we have been called uncharitable. We have

TRACTARIANISM. now before us the Tablet, containing the following notice of the Popish mode of cele- The Protestant Association has adopted the brating the month of May in the centre of following memorial to the Dignitaries of the England:

Church on the subject of Tractarianism. 6. Coventry. The month of May has Desiring to contend earnestly for the faith been observed throughout with much fervour once delivered to the Saints, as it becomes here. An altar was erected in the school, every man to do, they have felt it their duty, surmounted with a triptych of oak, finished in prayerful reliance upon the blessing of within with stars and devices. Here stood the Almighty, to record their protest against an ancient image of our blessed Lady and errors so nearly allied to Popery, and yet Child, our LADY wearing a JEWELLED SIL- held by the Clergy of a Protestant State, VER crown and wreath of stars, and an and above all a Protestant Church. We are azure robe powdered with stars; whilst our happy also while writing on this subject, to LORD wore a CROWN and globe, and Mary be able to inform our readers that a meeting her sceptre as HEAVEN'S QUEEN. * * has been held at the Freemasons' Hall, The purifying and spiritualising influence Lord Ashley, M.P. in the chair, to adopt an of the devotions of this month, and the address to the Chancellor, the Vice Chanhallowed beauty of these scenes have pene- cellor, and the Heads of Houses of the trated deeply into the hearts of the poor, University of Oxford, praying them to exand have exercised a wide and attractive ercise their authority for the discountenaninfluence beyond the circle of the faithful. cing and suppressing Tractarianism.

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