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"To the law and to the testimony, if they tangled again with the yoke of bondage."'speak not according to this word, it is because Gal. v. 1. there is no light in them.”—Isaiah viii. 20. “Take heed that no man deceive you.”

“Buy the truth and sell it not.”—Pro. Matt. xxiv. 4. verbs xxiii. 23.

“Lest ye also being led away with the “Stand fast in the liberty wherewith error of the wicked, fall from your own stedChrist hath made us free, and be not en- fastness.”—2 Peter iii. 18.

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IN IRELAND. Most persons, it is supposed, know that especially strangers, who apply to them. individuals are employed in Ireland, to tra- Immediately, in answer to his petition, Billy vel its length and breadth, for the purpose heard a voice say, “ Come in, stranger, and of making known the existence and the con- welcome.” On lifting the latch, the family tents of the word of God, and are called were discovered at their frugal and scanty “ Bible Readers.” They not unfrequently meal of potatoes and salt, accompanied by carry in their pockets an Irish and an En- a noggin or little wooden mug of milk, glish Bible, so that they may be prepared which was handed round from one to the both for those who cannot speak English other. Mr. Dudley mentioned that the and for those that can, well knowing, more- family consisted of a father, mother, elder over, that the Irish, almost universally, will son, and elder daughter (Mary), with other attentively listen to any thing in their own children. The wife peeled a potatoe, and language, which many more are able to read handed it with some salt to the stranger: than is commonly supposed. Among these after he had taken as much as he wished, Bible Readers, is a man named William and expressed his gratitude to God, and to Moore, but generally known by the appella- them for their kindness, Billy said, “ And tion of Billy Moore. He is a faithful and now would you like to drink a little out of humble follower of his Lord and Master, has my bottle of milk?” “What, have you," been for many years in his service, and is asked Mary,“ a bottle of milk?” “I have,” now 82 years of age.

he replied ; and introducing his Bible, he Not very long ago, he knocked at a cabin read to them about buying wine and milk door, in the County of Meath, where the without price, and exhorting them as " new lower class are almost all Papists, between born babes, to desire the sincere milk of the twelve and one o'clock, saying, “ Can you word, that they might grow thereby;" addgive a stranger a drop of milk?" It is one ing other passages bearing a similar meanof the redeeming points of “the finest pea- ing. They seemed much pleased with what santry in the world,” as they are often called, they heard, and the father asked what book that they are truly and thoroughly hospitable it was ; Mary at the same time saying, “Oh, -ready and willing at all times to give a it is beautiful! Stranger, where can we get portion of their “bite and sup” to all, and a book like that?” Billy told them it was

the Bible. “Is that the Bible ?” said the and Pat, such answers as cheered him, from father ; “well, I have often heard of it, but believing they had received the truth in the never saw one before ; and I say with Mary, love of it. After pressing and urging them where can such an one be got ?" The vene- to a steady and open confession of the Lord rable Billy Moore said, " If you would really Jesus, and having committed them in prayer wish to have such a book, I can get it for to God, he departed. you; but can you read ?“Oh yes, I can, Some five or six weeks after this, Billy and so can Mary, and Pat, here, my son.” heard, that the change which had taken place The Bible Reader then requested him to in the minds of some in that cottage, had read some of it, which he and his two chil- become known; as also that a Bible Reader dren did. Billy then said, “I must not de- had been reading the Scriptures there. The tain you now, for I know that the hour for very next night, the cottage was set fire to, your dinner is out, and you must all return and the father perished in the flames; all to your labour; but, as I see you can read, the rest escaped with their lives, but with and seem inclined to make a good use of the little else! book, I will give it you, for I can get another At no great lapse of time afterwards, six for myself where this came from.” They men were taken up on suspicion of being were delighted with the gift, and after again concerned in this diabolical attack on a thanking them for their hospitality, Billy peaceful and unoffending family. And now, took his leave.

reader, mark the lovely, the unearthly efAbout twelve months after this a knock fect which the knowledge and the love of was heard about the same time of day, at the “the truth as it is in Jesus,” produced in same cabin door, and a voice said, “ Can the mind of the daughter Mary. No sooner you give a stranger a little meat?” Billy, did she hear of the imprisonment of these for it was he who knocked, heard some one characters, charged with the commission of say from within, “ It is the blessed stran- a crime by which her filial feelings were ger!” and immediately the father said, wounded to the quick, her domestic comfort « Come in, thou blessed man.” Moore en- destroyed, and her earthly means of support tered, and was received with peculiar marks reduced to what might be truly called the of welcome from the father, Mary, and the shadow of a shade, than she set off, applied elder son. He again partook of their food, to the High Sheriff, and having obtained and when they perceived he was satisfied leave to visit the prisoners, walked two and with eating, (for many of the poorer Irish, thirty miles to the county gaol to which they and Scotch also, manifest a delicate atten- had been committed ; and having procured tion, in this respect, to the hunger of the a lodging in the town, for eighteen weeks needy, a lesson which all would do well to did this humble and therefore lovely Chrislearn and copy,) Mary said, “Stranger, you tian daily visit these men, (strongly susasked if we had any meat; have you got pected of having caused the death of her any?” “I have,” was the answer; “but father, to whom she was fondly attached, before I present it to you, I must ask a few had endangered the lives of her mother, self, questions: Have you read the book I gave and family, and had destroyed their little you?” “Yes, we have, and much too; oh, worldly property), to read to them the words it contains blessed truths and promises." of the living God, which announce and pro“Well," says Billy, “I am glad you have, mise pardon and eternal life to every peniand that you like what you have read. But tent believing sinner, through faith in Christ have you made any confession of your Jesus. faith!” Here the heads dropped, the It is to be regretted, that Mr. Dudley cheeks blushed, and Mary's tears began to either did not know, or omitted to add, flow; but all were silent. Billy then pro- whether any favourable results were the conduced the Bible, and said, “I will now give sequence of Mary's work of faith and labour you some meat, and it is strong meat too: of love. But as we are told in God's book,

Whosoever is ashamed of me and of my that " a man is accepted according to that words, in this sinful and adulterous genera- he hath, and not according to that he hath tion, of him will the Son of man be ashamed, not,” “ her record is on high,” for “ she did when he cometh in the glory of his Father, what she could :" and there is a day coming, with his holy angels. “No man putting his when“ the secrets of all hearts shall be dishand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for closed," and when “every one will be rethe kingdom of God:'" adding other strong warded according to his works :" then will passages, declaring the same truth. They it be said to her, “ It was well it was in thine were deeply affected; but, conversing with heart.” them further, he drew from the father, Mary, Reader! hast thou not reason to be thank

ful, that thy lot is cast in a land where thou out Him; nothing under heaven can be of mayest freely and openly possess thy Bible, good if you want him. What are riches without fear of being burned in thy house without Jesus Christ? What is gold and for reading and believing it? The precepts silver without Jesus Christ, but rotten stinkof Jesus not only warrant thy having, but ing dung? What are the most royal robes command thee to search the scriptures; that ever were put on by the greatest Emtelling thee, by one of his sent servants, that peror without Jesus Christ? what are they " by faith they are able to make thee wise but polluted clouts? What is the most unto salvation.” Dost thou ask what this princely palace without Jesus Christ, but a wisdom is? where it comes from ? The pest-house? What are birth, endowments, apostle James will answer both thy ques- education, without Jesus Christ, but glittertions:-“The wisdom which is from above, ing sins ?' So your choicest comforts and is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, easy to accommodations without Jesus Christ, they be entreated, full of mercy and good fruits, are no better than gilded damnation. What without partiality, and without hypocrisy.” are all your outward blessings without Did not Mary prove she was a possessor of Christ ? no better than curses. this wisdom? Did not Mary prove she had learned of Christ meekness and forgiveness? to love her enemies, to forgive injuries, and

POETRY. not to return evil for evil; but to endeavour to overcome evil with good? Is not this to POSSESS THE SPIRIT OF CHRIST? And does

THE MARTYRDOM OF RIDLEY not the apostle Paul say, “If any one have

AND LATIMER. not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his," let his professions of doctrine, his outward

AT OXFORD-OCTOBER 16TH, 1555. godliness, or his morality be what they may ? [The spot where they suffered is still pointed out, Once more reflect on and copy Mary's un- in Broad Street, opposite Balliol College, weariedness in doing good: in this also she

and is marked by a cross.] followed Christ, who “ went about doing They stood beside a stake;

Their look was calm and high,

And no sign of fear from either brake,

Though there they stood to die.
Father of mercies! in thy word,
What endless glory shines!

Dark faces scowled around,
For ever be thy name adored,

Loud curses rent the air ;
For these celestial lines.

But reck'd they not of sight or sound,
Here, springs of consolation rise, While moved their lips in prayer.

To cheer the fainting mind;
Here, thirsty souls receive supplies,

Within their bosoms glow'd

A pure and living flame;
And sweet refreshment find.

And all erect and firm they stood,
Oh! may these heavenly pages be To die for Jesu's name.

My soul's sincere delight;
And still new beauties may I see, “ My friend, be of good cheer,
And still increasing light.

And seek the man to play ;
Divine Instructor! gracious Lord !

For never, I trụst, will the fire be quench'd

That we'll kindle here to day!”
Be thou for ever near;
Teach me to love thy sacred word,

Three hundred years have pass'd,
And view my Saviour there.

That flame still blazes bright;
Nor hand of power, nor stormy blast,

Hath quenched that beacon-light.

And let it still burn on; Jesus Christ is the only desirable good. Let it blaze more bright more high ; The common vote and voice of the world is For England's glory would be gone, this, Who will show us any good ?-(Ps. iv. If e'er that flame should die, 6.) But why do you not say, who will show us Jesus Christ, who is indeed the only Ay, mark with a cross the spot needful good, the all-sufficient good, the Where those mitred men were led ; soul-satisfying good? Assure yourselves And let not their names be e'er forgot nothing under heaven can do you good with Amid England's honour'd dead.


Ye may rear the pile, if ye will,

ORIGIN OF THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND. To the holy martyrs' fame ;

-The late pious and learned Bishop BurBut the church for which they died is still gess of Salisbury, as will be remembered A witness to their name.

by our clerical readers, addressed to the

clergy of his diocese (St. David's) a letter, And more high their record yet

entitled “An Inquiry into the Origin of the They labour'd in God's word;

Christian Church, and particularly of the Their hands unto his truth were set,

Church in Britain,” in which he clearly esAnd their work is with the Lord.

tablished, by the most abundant and satis

factory authorities, a few important facts, INTELLIGENCE.

which, for the information of those who sometimes read the “page of history” the

wrong way, it may not be amiss to transfer "PRAY WITHOUT CEASING."-1 Thess. v. 17.

. to our columns :-1. That St. Paul preached

the Gospel of Christ in Britain about the The Southwark Operative Protestant Asso- 14th year of the reign of the Emperor Nero, ciation held their Whitmonday Festival in A. D. 68. 2. That he appointed Aristobulus, the National and Parochial School-room, mentioned in the Epistle to the Romans, as Borough-road. As on the last occasion, the the first bishop, and established a complete room was tastefully decorated with flags, episcopal form of church government. 3. and the words “No Popery” were beauti- That the Church of Britain thus established, fully festooned in choice flowers across the was senior to that of Rome; Linus, the first front of the platform. There was an excel- bishop of the latter place, being appointed lent provision of tea and cakes, with their by the joint authority of Peter and Paul, in usual etceras; and after the feasting was the year of their martyrdom, after his return over, the tea things were removed, and a from Britain. 4. That the church of Britain meeting was held. The Rev. Henry O'Neal, continued to be governed by its own bishops M.A., in the chair. The meeting was ad- for 600 years, independent of any foreign dressed by the Rev. M. H. Seymour, Mr. church, and was found in the same state by Chapman, Mr. E. H. Stogden, and Mr. Austin, the Pope's first missionary; at Sykes. A feeling of deep interest and satis- which time they had schools and churches, faction seemed to pervade the entire assem- and a learned clergy, and were in a flourishbly.

ing state, and utterly refused subjection to City of London Tradesmen and Operative the Pope or his emissaries. 5. That the Protestant Association.-A Sermon will be British church was the first Protestant preached (D.v.) on behalf of this Association, church in the world, having, so early as 900 at St. Luke's Church, Old Street, by that years before Luther, strongly protested uncompromising champion of the cause of against the errors of the Church of Rome, truth, the Rev. R. J. McGhee, on Wednes- and refused to hold communion with that day Evening, July 5th, 1843. Divine ser- church. Their simplicity and purity of vice will commence at half-past 6. A col- worship was such, that they would not even lection will be made at the doors.

sit at the same table nor lodge under the NEW WORKS.—The Protestant Associa- same roof with the followers of Austin, on tion have just published a new volume account of their superstitious and idolatrous “ Thoughts on Popery, by Dr. Neving,”—a ceremonies. These items are commended most valuable and interesting little work, to the especial notice of those who talk of exactly suited to the operative reader. We the Church of England beginning a "dubimost heartily recommend it. They have ous existence in the reign of Henry VIII." also published the Rev. J. McGhee's admi- --Salopian Journal. rable speech, delivered at the Annual Meeting of the Protestant Association.


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"If they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.”—Isaiah viii. 20.

No. 41.

AUGUST, 1843.

Vol. IV.


Church of Rome has entirely reversed this BETWEEN TWO FRIENDS ON THE DOCTRINES

DOCTRINES order ; and by placing good works first, as

the procuring cause of the favour of God, AND CEREMONIES OF THE CHURCH OF ROME. she falls back again to all the inventions of (Concluded from p. 51.)

self righteousness, that prevailed in the

world before the light of the gospel was Mr. A.-You see we must first be in given to it. Can the Church of Rome then Christ as true believers, or in other words, be the true Church, and the Spouse of we must be born again. “If any man be Christ ?-or is she Antichrist? in Christ, (said the Apostle Paul,) he is a Mr. B.-I must confess she seems to new creature ; old things are passed away, have many of the marks of Antichrist; but behold, all things are become new.” (2 Cor. I must look a little more into the word of V. 7.) We are then saved ; and because he God; I never thought it was so simple and has saved us, we begin to bring forth the plain before. fruits of good works to the glory of his Mr. A.—Yes; and now, my dear friend, name, and serve him to the utmost of our I leave you to search the Scriptures, which power to the end of our days. You know are able to make you wise unto salvation.' the gardener grafts a tree, not because it By the sick, the lame, and the blind, of has borne good fruit, but in order that it whom we read in the New Testament, who may do so in future. Just so the believer prayed and entreated Christ to heal them, is taken from a state of nature, grafted into we are taught what we are to do—as they Christ, the true vine, and planted in the sought health for the body, so, he that would garden of the Lord, to bring forth the fruits be saved, must seek health for the soul; and of the spirit while he remains below, and we know they never asked in vain. They then to be transplanted to his kingdom were first healed, then told to go in peace above. Thus the moral image of God is and sin no more. I would advise you to restored to the soul, though subject to the read the gospels and epistles frequently and opposition of the old nature, which requires regularly through; and remember what we the watchfulness, and constitutes the war- have recorded in St. Luke's Gospel, that fare, of the Christian ; while from first to the Saviour did for the disciples when he last, in the plan of salvation, God has all the joined them in going to Emmaus; in the glory. Now notice once more how the 24th chapter and 45th verse it is written,

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