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tal doctrines of the reformation.—(Cheers.) The resolution was then adopted. They, indeed, are the doctrines of God and The Rev. Robert M'Ghee then came of your Saviour, and the very gates of hell forward to move the next resolution, and was shall not prevail against them.-(Loud received with much applause, and delivered applause.)

a most powerful and impressive speech; for The SECRETARY then read the report, which, we refer our readers to the pages of which, amongst other topics, referred with the Protestant Magazine for June. He imsatisfaction to the proceedings of the Metro. pressed on the meeting the necessity of politan Operative Protestant Associations. active exertion against all Popish efforts,

Major BROCK moved that the report be and concluded by moving the following reprinted.

solution :-"That from the statements laid The Rev. E. BICKERSTETH, in seconding before this meeting, and the satisfactory the motion, expressed his regret at the documents by which those statements have smallness of the income of the association, been established, it appears that the daring in comparison with the magnitude of its assumptions of the Pope, and the advances objects, and the large assemblies which made by the Papal apostacy to obtain spicomposed its meetings. He thanked Mr. ritual influence and temporal power in this Plumptre for the speech he had made the empire, render it the duty of all who are other night in the House of Commons in faithful to the cause of Christ's true religion reference to the Tractarians and their doc- established amongst us, loyal to the sovetrines, which he said the association were reign, and desirous to maintain the blessings going to publish.—(Hear.) Referring to of civil and religious liberty, to unite, in what had occurred at Tahiti, he called on his every station in which it has pleased God to dissenting brethen, who had shown such place them, to deliver our Roman Catholic Christian zeal on that subject, to remember countrymen from this anti-Christian yoke, also how much Popery was spreading at and to maintain the blessings of religious home, illustrating this spread of Romanism and civil liberty, which, under God, were by a reference to the active exertions of the established at the time when a Protestant Romanists at the Roman Catholic establish- sovereign was placed on the British throne." ment at Old Hall-green, in his own coun- -(Loud and repeated cheering.) ty, and to a charge which had been put forth Colonel VERNER, M.P. briefly seconded last year by the Archbishop of Lyons, under the resolution, avowing his steady adherence the sanction of the Pope, containing the to Protestant principles, and his concurmost fearful blasphemy in the aggrandize- rence with every sentiment which had fallen ment and adoration of the Virgin Mary which from his valued friend who preceded him. it inculcated, and which shewed that the It was then carried unanimously. Pope of Rome ought to be opposed more The Rev. Hugh STOWELL next moved, strongly than ever, on the old Protestant “ That in the present juncture of ecclesiasti. ground that he was the Antichrist-the Man cal affairs, the laity are specially called upon of Sin--and that Popery was the Babylon of to ascertain their spiritual rights and mainthe Revelations.-(Hear.) The Rev. Gen- tain their spiritual liberties, since they are tleman also adverted to the semi-Popery in as deeply interested in the great struggle our Universities, which was exhibited in the which is going on, within and without the growth of formalism of every shape. He did Church of England, as the clergy themnot like the name, either, of Anglo-Catho- selves.” The rev. gentleman said, I cannot, licism-(Hear)-it looked too much like my Christian friends, promise to take you Roman Catholicism - (Cheers) ;-and the into the stirring and stimulant field of present Pope himself had described it to the political Popery. I feel, with my rev. brolife when he said (speaking of the Tracta- ther, that our share in the resistance to porians), “They want Popery without the litical Popery, if ever indeed it belonged to Pope.”—(Cheers and laughter.) The coun- us to resist it, is well-nigh, if not altogether try, however, would not, by the grace of God, done; that there are events fast hastening to suffer this to be; and the Protestant Asso- a crisis in the sister isle, and finding their ciation had become more than ever dear to sympathetic accompaniments in our own him since this new attempt to unprotestan- land, that will and must awake the attention tize the Church had arisen. He concluded of our legislators and rulers; and that we, by calling on the meeting, and on all Pro- therefore, the messengers of the Prince of testants, to unite to exalt the name of Jesus Peace, will have chiefly to fortify the hearts, Christ, as the certain and only obstacle to and to strengthen the faith of the people of the spread of Popery and Tractarianism, and God in the midst of the conflict and the every other opposition to the advancement tempest which are lowering darkly over our of true religion.—(Cheers.)

land.-(Hear, hear.)-My purpose is, to draw your attention, not so much to what is together for the faith of the Gospel."'-(Hear, passing in the political hemisphere as in the hear, hear.)--Again, you have a right to the Theological; not so much to what is acting exercise of your own private judgment and beyond the borders of our church, as to what conscience in the sight of God; and if you is at work within her own bosom; not so once give up that right, you put out your much to the duties of legislators, as to the eyes, and there are priests who are ready to duty of every man, woman, and child through- bind their chains round you as the Philisout the length and breadth of the good old tines did with the fallen champion of Israel, Church of England.-(Cheers.)-There is and then they will make you grind for their no Christian man that has calmly watched purposes.--(Cheers.) I am not arguing for the progress and developement of a contro- the rash intemperate exercise of private versy, to which by name I need not allude, judgment; nor are we fighting with shadows but must perceive that one of its directest or men of straw, but with a fearful reality, aims and ends is to bring the laity down into when we take our stand against usurped desa state of supine, sluggish, inactive subjec- potism of the corporate body over indivition to the clergy; so that they are to be nó dual conscience and understanding -(Hear, longer a living part of the living body, but hear.) He who takes his Bible for his merely the dead inert mass on which the guide, and our church articles for his direcclerical order are to enthrone themselves, tories, will not be self-confident or rash; but and to move, to rule, and guide, at their own the exercise of private judgment, guided and will, and for their own haughty designs and governed by the clergy, as far as they lead purposes.--(Hear, hear.) -But are the laity according to the “lively oracles," deterindeed so wanting in intelligence and free- mined ultimately by the sole authority of dom of thought, in acquaintance with the the word of God, is the inalienable right and Bible and with the chronicles of church his- bounden duty of every Christian man.tory, as to be imposed upon by modern (Cheers.) Every man must give account of mummeries, or duped by modern Jesuits in himself to God; in the last great day there disguise?-(Cheers.) What, let me ask, will be no absorption of individual judgment are the rights of the laity? Why, they have in corporate judgment, consequently every a right to look upon themselves, and feel man must now believe for himself, pray for and act, as an integral part of Christ's holy himself, embrace the truth for himself. Catholic Church, just as much as the clergy. (Hear, hear.) Priests may tell you they For what is the head without its members ? will give you fixedness of creed and exempand yet I will not call the clergy the head; tion from anxiety; but beware of that sop; for we have one head in heaven, Christ Je- it is a honeyed pill, but it is an opiate to sus, and we own no earthly head; there is but conscience; it will give stillness, but not one that can hold the universal sceptre and peace; unanimity, but only of the sepulchre wear the “ many crowns.”—(Applause.)- -the uniformity of the cold and motionless Did not the laity in primitive times take dead.--(Cheers.) Do not the Scriptures part in deliberations even on questions of continually appeal to individual responsibidoctrine? Was not the apostolic council lity and judgment? (Luke xii. 57; 1 Thess. composed of “the apostles and elders with v. 21; and 1 John ii. 20, 27, were here the whole Church?” and we will have no quoted.) And what will be said by some convocation without representatives of the of our modern innovators on the freedom of laity.-(Cheers.)—Were not laymen also the laity, who conceive it the height of preadmitted to all the early councils ? And sumption for a Christian lady to say a word were the inspired epistles, alluding as they in defence of the truth, when they find the do to various ecclesiastical matters, addressed beloved disciple writing to an “elect lady," to the clergy only, or to the entire church? bid her, if a deceiver and Antichrist come -(Hear, hear.)-Further, the laity have a with false doctrine, not to receive him into right also to co-operate with the clergy in her house, nor bid him God speed ?-and the work of Christ, the spread of pure reli- yet, when such a venerable and justly venegion at home, and the propagation of Chris- rated name as that of “Charlotte Elizabeth " tianity abroad. The glorious enterprise was (Cheers.)-is coupled with the defence of not at the first confined to the apostles and articles of the faith, there is a burst of indigtheir coadjutors, the laity only contributing nation, as if she were one of the darkest hethe money and the means; but all the retics that ever infested the church, and church met together to pray for, and to hear deserved to be burned at the stake in Smithof, the progress of the Gospel, and were field ?-(Hear, hear.) The teaching of the present at the laying on of hands on the Spirit of God, my lay friends, is not probishops, and are represented as “ standing mised exclusively to the clergy, but to any fast in one spirit, with one mind, striving one who, “lacking wisdom, shall ask of God." Yea, God says of his church, "all the church says, except as it is confirmed thy children shall be taught of God." (Hear, by the Bible, as our glorious sixth article hear.) And as it is your right and duty to declares. Holy Scripture is that sun that exercise your judgment meekly and prayer- shines amid all the clouds, the glorious fixed fully, so is it, when you find false doctrines rock that braves the blast and the billow, or unscriptural observances introduced into and which earth and hell, and Rome and the church, faithfully to withstand them and Tractarianism, never can destroy.--(Great denounce them. If, for instance, you find cheering.) My lay friends, these, your spi. any, that in despite of her rubrics and in the ritual liberties, are in danger. I speak not face of her canons, would substitute a stone now of enemies without, though I might altar for a simple communion table; if you say, that no man can doubt that the repeal find any that represent the supper to be an agitation in Ireland is the forerunner of awful and solemn repetition of the sacrifice some dreadful conflict, that is intended to on the cross, and pretend that the clergy are involve England in its wake, and, perhaps, therein “making the body and blood of to hand us over to the tender mercies of Christ," and that the sacrament is to be France, or of no friendly powers across the adored in some indirect way as being the Atlantic.--(Hear, hear.) But I rather refer present Saviour that we are to worship; then to our peril within. Let any man read Mr it is your duty, following the Saviour's own Goode's “ Case As It Is," if he has the least instruction, to go and tell such an one his doubt that there is a large body in the fault between you and him; and if he will Church of England banded together to not hear you, tell it to the bishop_(Hear, bring the laity into subjection to the hierhear);-thank God, we are not called upon archy, and to set up over us, if not the Pope to bow down to self-constituted presbyterian of Rome, an Anglican Pope in his stead.bishops, but we have our spiritual rulers, (Hear, hear.) And if you ask me, what, and there is not a bishop on the bench that under these circumstances, are your duties? has declared in favour of all the mummeries I answer, do not be deluded or beguiled by that some would connect with the table of fair names and flattering speeches and vothe Lord.-(Cheers.) And if the bishop luntary humility, but try men by their howill not hear you, I will not say turn dis- nesty and their adherence to their ordination senter-(Hear, hear);-no, the good old vows. Are they indeed pious who are guilty Church of England is not to be abandoned of “pious frauds ?”--(Hear, hear.) Are -(Cheers) ;-it will be time enough for they pious who misquote the fathers ?-that, when the Thirty-nine Articles are (Hear, hear.) Are they acting fairly who changed, and the Breviary supersedes the offer a stronger or a weaker dose of innovaholiest form of prayer the church on earth tion, according to the character they are ever enjoyed—(Renewed cheers) ;-and even dealing with ?-(Hear, hear.) Are they inthen we would carry our primitive episcopacy genuous and honest who denounce Rome one and succession into some corner of the year, and retract their denunciations the earth, and we would not go over to Presby- next?-(Cheers.) I have read their writings, terianism, nor Congregationalism, nor Me- studied them, prayed over them, and I never thodism.-(Much cheering.) My lay friends, met with writings of any set of divines more what said St. Paul, when he enjoined it on characterized by tortuous sophistry and unChristians to follow him? “As I follow fair dealing, than the notorious “ Tracts for Christ.” And, “ if an angel preach any the Times, "-(Cheers)—with all their gueother doctrine" than the gospel, “ let him rillas and light infantry, from “ Bernard be accursed.” This may not be in the canon Leslie" down to “ The Warden of Berkenlaw of any earthly church, but there it is in holt," and the songs and ballads which the canon law of the perpetual Church of reverend divines are composing for the nurChrist in every age.-(Hear, hear.) You sery and the cottage.-(Renewed cheers.) must therefore judge whether it be the very Let any upright jury be empanelled, to say Gospel which is preached to you. Take whether such writers are acting fairly and then your Bible in your hand when you go honestly, and what will be their verdict ? I to church, hold it up, and compare what you deny not their sincerity ; but they supply hear with what you read. Oh! I love to see another melancholy proof in church history, a forest of Bibles held up while the minister how any approximation to the fearful prinis preaching from the Bible.--(Cheers.) ciples of Rome darkens and benumbs the Hold up the Bible; not the unwritten word, mind, and makes it confuse falsehood and the shifting sand of tradition, that meteor of truth, good and evil.--(Hear, hear.) But, the marsh, that would leave you in the quag- my lay friends, do not fly off and recoil into mire to find you had followed a phantom latitudinarianism and dissent, in fear of high and grasped a lie. The question is not what churchmanship. He is the high churchman who abides by his church as it is, every one sent her--what think you ? The Breviary keeping in his place, laymen, clergy, and of the Church of Rome; and that young bishops, the bishop only primus inter pares; lady is now safely lodged in the hosom of

—and I hope there is not a bishop on the Popery.- (Hear, hear, hear.) It is idle, bench that would wish to be higher, for he is when they have led the poor confiding victim quite high enough.-(Hear, hear.) There down the slope, to say, “Oh! we did not is nothing so beautiful in society as a gentle mean you to fall over at the end into the slope rising to the summit; broad chasms abyss.'-(Cheers.) It is too late to stop; mar the whole ; let us not have the clergy and if they were honest, they would go before grouped in the fine sacristy, guarded off from them, or go with them.—(Renewed cheers.) the profane vulgar in the outer court. No; Let me only add, at this late hour, two relet us keep our beautiful and gentle grada- marks. Be not supine. Events which used tions, which give us one common interest.- to fill a generation, are now developed in a (Much cheering.) In passing, let me re- year; they hasten after one another, like mark that I think we attach too much weight shadows in autumn over the waving cornand importance to Tractarianism, as if it ex- field; and there is no time to be lost. It tended further than it does; I can speak for may be now or never: next year the cloud our good town of Manchester, and I can may have burst. Friends, be alive.--(Cheers.) speak for the great mass of the good old And finally, whilst alert, be not affrighted. Evangelical clergy of Bristol, though there It was beautifully said by a dying saint, may be two or three striplings and unfledged “There is no danger to the Christian.” divines, who talk a great deal about bowing His daughter had whispered, tremblingly, to the communion table, and praying in this “You do not think there is any danger ?” place, and reading the Scriptures in that, “My child,” he answered, “ do not use such whilst I do not think their knowledge of a word; there is no danger to the Christian. Tractarianism goes much further.-(Cheers.) – (Hear, hear.) Then there ought to be no If you were to take the great mass of the fear to the Christian. Let us be firm, not people, you would find a burst of righteous fearful; ardent, not anxious; calm, not indignation against them; they would say, cowardly; and, spite of the storm and the If we are to have Popery, let us have bare- waves, we shall so pass through this troublefaced old Popery at once; if you are right, you some world as to reach the land of everlasdo not go far enough; and if you are wrong, ting rest.-(The rev. gentleman sat down you go too far.'—(Hear, hear.) It is true, amidst enthusiastic cheering.) sir. What do they mean by drawing our It being now past five o'clock, the resolupeople down to the edge of the precipice, tion was very briefly seconded by the Rev. and then crying, “Oh! stop, stop; we W. CARUS Wilson; and it being carried never meant you to fall in!”—(Cheers.) unanimonsly, a vote of thanks to the chairI could name a young lady, who, whilst in a man was passed in like manner, on the great state of anxiety on these subjects, ap- motion of Major-Gen. MARSHALL, seconded plied to a distinguished doctor (I am ready by R. C. Glyn, Esq.; which being courto give his name to any one in private), and teously acknowledged, a doxology was sung, asked for some book to settle her mind; he and the meeting broke up.


[graphic][merged small][merged small]


Child's Book of Martyrs.-We again re

commend this most able and valuable little Places or conditions are happy or mise- work; especially to any of our readers who rable, as God vouchsafeth His gracious pre- may be engaged in the delightful occupation sence more or less.-Exod. xxxiii. 14, 15; of Sabbath School teaching. It is most Psalm xxiii. 4.

appropriate as a prize or reward book. God draweth straight lines, but we think, and call them crooked.-Ezek. xviii. 25. Tower Hamlets.--The Tower Hamlets

What unthankfulness is it to forget our Operative Association held their Annual consolations, and to look only upon matter of Meeting on Wednesday Evening, May 24th. grievance; to think so much upon two or Edward Dalton, Esq. in the Chair. The three crosses as to forget an hundred bles- following took part in the proceedings: Mr. sings.-Psalm lxvi. 8–17; lxviii. 19; ciii. Sibley, Mr. A. V. Allen, Mr. R. Binden,

Mr. Callow, and Mr. Chapman, a convert

from Popery. POETRY.

Belfast Protestant Operative and Reforma

tion Society.-This society held its usual SONNETS ON LUTHER. weekly meeting on Tuesday evening, May By a Member of the Cork Protestant

16th, in the school-room attached to the Operative Association.

Methodist Chapel, Donegal-place. Nine

ty-three new members were enrolled, a con1.

siderable number of whom were electors of A STUDIOUS Monk was in the Convent cell, Wasting his midnight lamp with ancient lore,

the borough. A letter was read from James When on a shelf, which had conceal'd it well,

Emerson Tennent, relative to the petition on He found a Book he had not seen before,

the repeal of the union, which was lately forCover'd with dust-forgotten and despis'd; warded by the society to that gentleman. A

He took the volume in his hand,
And read, that he might understand,

report was read from the committee on And in his heart its glorious truths he priz'd ; “ exclusive dealing, and the exclusive emIt was the Bible, Gov's own BLESSED Book, ployment of tradesmen and labourers ;" The Monk was LUTHER: and to him it prov'd

after which the following questions were So great an engine, that the world he shook,

While on its Rock of strength he stood unmov'd; ably and eloquently discussed ;-"Is the And was, while back on Rome her darts he hurl'd, Church of Rome immutable, unchanged and "The foremost man of all the Christian world!” unchangeable?“Are the laws still unreII.

pealed, under the influence of which twenty He was a burning and a shining light,

millions of human beings were most barbaEndued with boldness from the sky,

rously slaughtered in a few years, simply for And with the eagle's soaring eye,

being Protestants?Is the decree of the In storms and darkness blazing still more bright. No threats could daunt him, and no labours tire,

Council of Constance still in force, which No dangers turn him from stern duty's path; enacted, that no faith was to be kept with No storms could queuch his burning spirit's fire heretics, under which John Huss and Jerome

He dreaded nothing but JEHOVAH's wrath; Thus to the Diet at Worms he boldly went,

of Prague were burned, 1414?“Do the Even if devils were as numerous there,

Romish bishops, priests, &c., still continue, As tiles upon the houses' roof tops were, at their ordination, to swear to root out, exConvinc'd that he was God's own instrument.

terminate, and destroy Protestants?” “Who Thus, after passing thro' deep floods of strife, He gain'd on JORDAN'S BANKS a CROWN OF LIFE.

was the first person burnt in England for being a Protestant?” “How many Protes

tants were slaughtered in Belgium in one INTELLIGENCE.

year for being Protestants ?” “How many Protestants were slaughtered in Ireland on

the night of the 23d of October, 1641 ?” “PRAY WITHOUT CEASING."-1 Thess. v. 17

“ Has Popery ever neglected an opportunity

to persecute when it had the power ?“Can The Jesuits.—The Protestant Association a Papist consistently with the principles of have just published a valuable work, showing his church, be a good member of society, or from their own writings and the undoubted a loyal subject in a Protestant state-a good records of history, what the principles and master to a Protestant servant, or a faithful acts of this dangerous body have been from servant to a Protestant master--a good hustheir formation. We recommend it most band to a Protestant wife; or can a Papist cordially as containing information most woman be a good wife to a Protestant husimportant to be known in the present day band ?” During the proceedings the room when Jesuits are so active and numerous. in which the society hold their meetings was

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