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pleading earnestly with the Virgin Mary and yet shewed him all possible esteem and res. St. Francis, for their intercession in his pect?" He answered, “I can hardly name behalf. At length his lordship ceased. Do- a polite family where the conversation ever nald, who had stood trembling with the turns upon the things of God. I hear much novelty of his situation, the fear of interrup- frothy and worldly chitchat; but not a word tion, and anxiety for the result, now gently of Christ; and I am determined not to visit knocked at the door. “Come in," was his those companies where there is not room lordship's reply; and Donald entered.- for my Master as well as for myself. “ Who are you, man? What do you want?”

One of the kings of Sweden was, it seems, was the inquiry. Donald stated his case, the steward's harsh conduct, and the certain

under great impressions of spiritual religion

for some time before his death. A peasant ruin of himself and his children, after his ancestors had so long occupied that portion

being once on a particular occasion admitted of the family estate. The peer listened, was

to his presence, the king knowing him to be touched with the tale, and having heard

à person of singular piety, asked him “What something of Donald, assured him of his

he took to be the true nature of faith?”protection, and that his lease should be

The peasant entered deeply into the subject,

and much to the king's comfort and satisrenewed. Many artless, but earnest thanks

faction. The king, at last lying on his followed, and he was departing, when a

death-bed, had a return of his doubts and thought of anxiety for his noble master occurring to his mind, Donald returned, and

fears, as to the safety of his soul; and still spoke thus : “My lord, I was a bold man,

the same question was perpetually in his

an; mouth, "What is real faith?" His attenand you forgave me, and have saved me and my poor family from ruin. Many blessings of

dants advised him to send for the Archbishop attend you! I would again be a bold man

gs of Upsall; who, coming to the king's bed

; if I might, and say something further to

side, began in a learned logical manner, to your lordship.” “Well, man, speak out.”

:9 enter into the scholastic definition of faith. « Why, my lord, I was well nigh a ruined w

The prelate's disquisition lasted an hour.

When he had done, the king said, with much man, so I was bold, and came to your lordship's door, and as I stood there I could not

energy, “All this is ingenious, but not

comfortable ; it is not what I want. Nobut hear your lordship praying to the Virgin Mary and St. Francis, and you seemed un

thing, after all, but the farmer's faith will do happy. Now, my lord, forgive me, but I

i for me." cannot help thinking the Virgin Mary and The old duke of Bedford used to say, St. Francis will do you no good, any more “I consider the prayers of God's ministhan your lordship’s steward and porter did ters and people as the best walls round for ine. I had been a ruined man if I had my house." trusted to them, but I came direct to your lordship, and you heard me. Now, if your lordship would but leave the Virgin Mary

CORRESPONDENCE. and St. Francis, who will do no more for, your lordship than your lordship’s steward (10

(To the Editor of the Protestant Operative.) and porter would do for me, and just go Sie. direct to the Lord Jesus himself, and pray to

Having seen the following, I thought him for what you need, he will hear you, for it inight be worthy a place in your Protestant he has said, Him that cometh to me, I will in nowise cast out.' Will your lordship

- Operative. forgive me, and just try for yourself ?” A QUAINT EPIPTAPH ON QUEEN ELIZABETH. It is said, that his lordship was struck

“Spain's rod, Rome's ruin, with this simple argument, and afterwards

Netherlands' relief, found, what a poor penitent sinner looking to Jesus always finds-pardon, peace, and

Heaven's gem, Earth's joy,

World's wonder, Nature's chief, salvation.

Britain's blessing, England's splendour,

Religion's nurse, the Faith's defender.” ANECDOTES.

This was found in the old church of St. For some few years before the death of Clement, Eastcheap. the great Mr. Hervey, he visited very few of the principal persons in his neighbourhood.

Yours, Mr. Editor, Being once asked, “Why he so seldom

Most respectfully, went to see the neighbouring gentlemen, who



CABINET It is said that women have more power in Do you want to escape God's wrath, and their looks than men have in their laws, and come to an eternal life in heaven? Resolve more power in their tears than men have in then to wait upon an awakening, soul-pierctheir arguments.

ing ministry, and bless God for that sermon Travel.--All travel has its advantages.- that stabs sin at the heart, bless God for If the passenger visits better countries, he that ministry that speaks most to thy conmay learn to improve his own; and if for- science. tune carries him to worse, he may learn to enjoy it.-Johnson's Tour in the Hebrides.


“PRAY WITHOUT CEASING."-1 Thess. v. 17.

SATAN'S DARLING CHILD. Protestantism and Popery.--A series of

twelve Lectures are now being delivered to When our Lord on Calvary's mount Open'd wide the living fount,

the members and friends of the Marylebone

Tradesmen and Operatives' Protestant AssoConquer'd death and hell and sin, And brought eternal mercy in,

ciation, in the School Room, 10, Gee-street,

Seymour-street, Somer's-town, at 8 o'clock Satan, mortified and vex'd,

precisely. The first has been delivered.-Bruis'd, dismay'd, and sore perplex'd, 1. April 25th—The necessity of opposing Writhing, vanquish'd, lost to hope, Popery; and the manner and spirit in which Set his wits to form a Pope !!

such opposition is to be conducted—Rev. J. Now behold the wretched thing,

R. Barber, M.A. 2. May 2nd–The PaShadowing forth his father's sting ;

ganism of Popery-Rev. A. S. Dubourg. In the deep concerns of life

3. May 9th-The Church of Rome heretical Raising most unholy strife,

-Mr. J. Chant. 4. May 16th—The unAnd in vile malignity

changeable Character of Popery-Mr. A. V. Rending every social tie;

Allen. 5. May 23rd–The Jesuits and Widely spreading fictions dire,

their Principles-Mr. E. Dalton. 6. May That lead to everlasting fire.

30th—The Jesuits and their acts—Mr. E. Yes, thou Vicar Apostolic,

Dalton. 7. June 6th-Popes and AntiDealer in the diabolic,

Popes-Mr. J. Callow. 8. June 13th-The Well has wily Satan spread

persecuting Principles of the Church of All his darkness round thine head; Rome-Mr. R. H. Binden. 9. June 20th Deck'd thee out in robes of state,

-The persecuting Practices of the Church Like an earthly potentate ;

of Rome--Mr. R. H. Binden. 10. June Taught thee, in thy little day,

27th-The Inquisition-Mr. C. Sibley. 11. 1 To revel in despotic sway.

July 4th-Monastic Institutions--Mr. T. A. Thou, beguiling and beguild,

Smith. 12. July 11th—The Operations of Art his very fav'rite child.

Modern Popery identical with those of Doubtless he esteems thee well

former times, Mr. A. V. Allen. For thine aid in peopling hell:

Admission by tickets only, to be had And to pay thee for the past,

(gratis) of Mr. Moulton, 1, London-street, Will receive thee home at last ;

Fitzroy-square; Mr. Baisler, 124, OxfordWhile demons, with triumphant grin,

street; Mr. W. Nicoll, 13, St. Paul's-terShout “Open for the Man of Sin.”

race, Camden-town; the Secretary, 58, There no longer decked in state

Great James-street, Lisson-grove ; and at Mourning crowds will round thee wait ; 11, Exeter Hall. Weeping, wailing, joyless toss'd,

We heartily recommend our various Every hope of comfort lost,

Operative Societies throughout the kingdom Where are now the prayers of men

to follow the example of their brethren in To bring them out of fire again ?

Marylebone, and set on foot similar courses Where are now the masses said

of lectures. To restore the troubl’d dead ? Where are all thy pardons given ?

Southwark.-On Monday, April 3rd, a False !--not ratified in heaven!

very clear and masterly lecture was delivered Horrors must thy soul assail ;

to the members and friends of the SouthFrightful picture!-drop the veil. wark Tradesmen and Operative Protestant

Iota. Association, by the Rev. Chas. Hebert,

M.A., of Clapham. Edward Dalton, Esq. croachments of Popery, and the duty of presided. The subject of the lecture was united effort and united prayer was strongly to Romanistic views of the Lord's Supper.” urged. There was ample proof afforded of The lecturer drew an able parallel between the possibility of uniting in the great work the views of the Church of Rome and the in which we are engaged, with all those Church of England on this vital point, and Protestant Christians who “hold the head," then reviewed in detail the various erroneous and possessing the true unity, are “ One in views which had a Romanising tendency, Christ.” A vote of thanks to the Rev. and clearly proved that the views of the friends and the Chairinan for their kind Tractarian School were far nearer the views assistance, was moved by Mr. E. Dalton, of the Church of Rome than those of the and seconded by Mr. A. V. Allen. The Church of England. The Rev. James E. Doxology was sung, and the meeting sepaDalton, Fellow of Queen's College, Cam- rated. We earnestly hope that the City bridge, Mr. Chant, Mr. Binden, and Mr. Association may continue to realize the Allen also addressed the meeting.

advantages arising from union with ChrisThe Jesuits. In the press, and will be tian men, in contending for the faith,—a published on Wednesday. the 10th of May union so important in our day, when exclu. " The Jesuits; their Principles and Acts" sive views are eating up, as it were, the very by Edward Dalton, Secretary to the Pro

vitals of Christianity. testant Association. 1 vol. 18mo. cloth GREAT PROTESTANT MEETING IN LONDON. lettered, 3s.

The annual meeting of the Protestant Association

will be held (D.V.) in the Large Hall, Exeter Hall, Protestant Excursion. The Annual Steam on Wednesday, May 10th, at 12 o'clock. John Packet Excursion for the benefit of the Me

Pemberton Plumtre, Esq., M.P., has kindly con

sented to preside. The Rev. Robert J. M'Ghee, tropolitan Tradesmen and Operatives' Pro- the Rev. Hugh Stowell, Rev. Thomas Mortimer, testant Associations, will take place (D.v.) and other valued Christian advocates, have also on Tuesday, June 20th. The Friends of

consented to take part in the proceedings. We

have every reason to anticipate a most cheering the Association will embark at the Old Swan and noble demonstration of Protestant feeling. Pier, at 8 o'clock, A. M. for Richmond, and

ANNUAL SERMON.--The anniversary sermon on leave for London about 6 in the evening. behalf of the Protestant Association, will be An early application for tickets should be preached (D.v.) in Gray's Inn Road Episcopal made to the Secretaries of the various Asso

Chapel, (Rev. Thomas Mortimer's,) on Thursday,

May 4, by the Rev. George Croly, LL.D., Rector of ciations. Tickets 2s. 6d. each. The whole St. Stephen's, Walbrook. Service to commence at of the Packet will be engaged.

three o'clock in the afternoon. The City of London Tradesmen and Ope. ratives' Protestant Association held a publicN ew Works.—The Protestant Association meeting on the 10th of April, at the George have just published a most admirable tract Hall, Aldermanbury. The room was crowded by the Rev. Hugh McNeile, entitled, “The some time before the meeting commenced. Church of Rome proved to have the marks In the absence of General Marshall, who of Anti-Christ.” had promised to preside, but was prevented The Child's Book of Martyrs, publishing by illness, the chair was taken at 7 o'clock in penny parts monthly, appears already to by Mr. C. Sibley. The meeting was opened have given great satisfaction, and most dewith prayer by the Rev. Joseph Irons, of servedly. It is well written, and admirably Camberwell. The subject for consideration adapted to give the rising generation à announced in the bills, was—“Danger and wholesome sympathy with our martyred Duty; apostacy of Romanism and Puseyism." forefathers, a holy resolution to walk in their It was ably spoken to by Mr. R. H. Binden, steps, and a healthful horror of the abomiRev.Joseph Irons, Rev. Dawson D. Heather, nations of Popery. We hope our readers from Belfast, Rev. J. R. Barber, and Rev. will strain a nerve to spread it far and wide. Rich. Luckin, of Clerkenwell. The object On the rising generation, under God, the of the Association was firmly maintained, a safety of England, and the preservation of united protest was raised against the en- our British Protestantism, may depend. Published under

the direction of



og and

at 11, Exeter Hall; SIMPKIN, MARSHALL & Co.


Seven Shillings per Hundred, for Distribution.


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great association when I say, that our desire lies, we will give no countenance to such is to wield the sword of the Spirit, which is principles as those to which I advert.—(Loud the word of God.—(Hear.) But I would cheers.) This evil has sprung up--we are ask you—in the days in which we live, is obliged to express it—from a quarter from there not some need for such an association which we might have hoped for better things as this?-(Hear, hear.) I would ask you to -(Hear)—from a quarter where we might look for a moment at what has recently been justly have looked for sound learning and going on in the island of Malta.—(Hear.) truly religious education.-(Hear, hear.) You know, I am sure, the instance to which And I cannot but express, humbly, the disI allude-that a British officer, for inadver- appointment which I myself feel that this tently casting out of the window a few nut- plague which is amongst us has not been at shells, which fell near to, or within reach of, once met with that vigour and decision the canopy of the host, which was passing at which it seems imperatively to call for. the time through the streets, was brought to (Cheers.) I cannot but regret that the epistrial, and though the very judges who tried copal trumpet of our whole bench has not him said that there was, in the evidence pro- given forth a less uncertain sound.—(Hear, duced, no proof of any intention on his part hear.) Knowing, my friends, who those are to offer insult to the host, was, in the exer- who are now sitting at my right hand and on cise of their tender mercies, sentenced to six my left on this platform, it would be altomonths' imprisonment.--(Hear, hear.) Hap- gether inexcusable on my part if I were to pily, however, though Popery may be there occupy much of your time on this occasion, in the ascendant, it is not altogether domi- or on this subject; but allow me as you nant-(Cheers);- and we are now enabled have been so kind as to invite me to fill this to congratulate each other in the know- honourable station to-day—to express my ledge that that British officer has been re- earnest hope and desire that you, in your leased from his imprisonment by the orders different localities, will, at least, give no of the government at home.-(Cheers.) I countenance to these principles to which I would, my friends, beg you to look also at have thus alluded.-(Cheers.) Depend upon what has been going on during the last year this, a little of this leaven will leaven the in the island of Tahiti.-(Hear, hear.) You whole lump.—(Hear, hear.) It has been have seen there how the Church of Rome frequently thrown in my face, when lifting endeavours to introduce herself, even at the up my voice against these principles, that I cannon's mouth.-(Hear, hear.) And again, ought to look at the “ devout acts,” and the I would ask you, my friends. is there not a “holy men,” and so forth, connected with cause for our associating ourselves together, the carrying out of these principles; and when we see the many Roman Catholic this is no doubt a dangerous snare to many churches and chapels and cathedrals which persons.—(Hear.) But I have, by the blesare rising up among us ?-(Hear.) I would sing of God, been strengthened myself, and ask you, has there been any cause for the I think we may strengthen each other, when increasing appearance of such buildings we remember what was said by the Apostle among us, by any peculiar or corresponding Paul, when, moved by the Holy Ghost, he increase in the number of our Roman Ca- exclaimed, “ Though we or an angel from tholic population ?-(Hear.) Have not, ra- heaven preach any other Gospel to you than ther, the popish principles that have been that which we have preached to you, let him spreading among ourselves offered induce- be accursed."-(Hear.) And I say again, ments for the spread, at the same time, of if any man presume to preach to you any these churches, (Hear, hear)—and led to the other Gospel than that which you have rehope that, when built, they would not be ceived, let him be accursed !-(Cheers.) I without their worshippers ?-(Hear, hear.) have ventured, my Christian friends, to adBut, whilst I would make these few remarks dress to you these few observations. Need with respect to the Church of Rome herself, I add a word to the ministers of that pure I would also ask, has there not arisen a and glorious Gospel whom I now see sitting peculiar need for such an association as this, around me? Shall I say to them, “Preach when we consider the Popery which is show- the great doctrine of the atonement with ing itself in the established Church of the reserve ?-(Hear, hear.) No, I (addresland ?-(Hear, hear.) Yes; and if we have sing the clergy on the platform) say to you, cause for alarm arising out of the other lift up your voice; lift it up with strength ; cases I have named, I think we have in this be not afraid ; proclaim your Saviour, your a peculiar and crying call upon us to lift up Redeemer, and your King. Stand fast in our voice (Hear)-to unite heart and hand, the liberty with which Christ has made you and to declare that, so far as in us, at least, free. Stand firmly on the grand fundamen

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