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may assume any character or name, per- that all Europe demanded their suppresform any office, preach any doctrine, or sion; and Clement 14th, to whose wish, maintain any error, so that the Pope and will, and desire, they had sworn to obey, Popery be exalted and advanced by them after four years' deliberation, issued a Bull in all their efforts. These agents are em- suppressing them for ever and ever : and he, ployed as spies over kings, judges, senators, well knowing their character, declared that clergy, and indeed every class in society. this act of suppressing the order would be They are bound to meet at certain times at his own death. And so the event proved ; appointed places, and faithfully to deliver for in the next year, 1774, he died from the up to their superior, and the superior to the effects of poison, doubtless administered by next officer in degree, every thing that has the hand of a Jesuit, as he himself predicbeen done, or intended to be done, by ted. every prince, ruler, or subject, in every na. Since the period of their suppression for tion; and the highest officer in degree ever and ever by Clement 14th, the power makes known the entire proceedings to the of Popery manifestly decreased. This being Pope, and upon such information the perceptible to Pope Pius 7th, he again, in Pope frames his future plans-by this he defiance of the infallible act of his INFALLIknows the extent of his power, and the BLE predecessor, Clement 14th, again remeans at his disposal for their execution. established them by his INFALLIBLE They were ever found to be an admirable Bull, dated 7th August, 1814, for ever and auxiliary to the Inquisition; they gave the ever; in which he states that the present inquisitors the requisite information; and position of the Church of Rome called for history will testify with what dreadful seve- the aid and assistance of such valuable and rity they proceeded to act upon it.

“expert rowers” of the papal vessel ; so The king of Portugal, a subject of Rome, that her evil, corrupting, and soul-destroytogether with other Popish monarchs, ex- ing fruit might be abundantly and unsparpelled them from their kingdoms, as the ingly distributed throughout the world, to greatest traitors and the vilest enemies of the destruction of the peace and security of mankind, by their treachery, cruelty, and nations, and the overthrow of the glorious villainy.

“gospel of the blessed God.” So many and great were their enormities,

(To be concluded in the next.)

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A Citizen of London torn from his Family for having a Book against Transubstantiation

in his possession. AFTER the passing of “the law of the six they made this whip of six strings so cruel articles," as it was called, in Henry VIII's in its enactments, that it could not be put in reign, a law which enforced the principal force to its full extent. Commissioners were errors of Popery, to possess a book against appointed to carry the act into execution transubstantiation was held criminal. In- throughout the kingdom. Those who sat at deed, the friends of Popery went too far; London, in fourteen days committed five hundred persons to prison, who were dragged compter, and the next day carried before the from their families, and accused of offences lord mayor and aldermen, at Guildhall, who against this law! The prisons could not sentenced him to stand in the pillory, in contain this vast number, in addition to Cheapside, with half the pig on each shoultheir other tenants, and several of the com- der ; they then led him back to the compter, panies' halls were used as places of confine- with the pig tied round his neck. ment. The dreadful consternation that en- Frebarne's wife, fearing lest her husband sued, may be more easily imagined than might be involved in further troubles, exerdescribed ; and the reader must bear in ted herself for his deliverance : and at her mind that if the charges were proved, exe- request, Dr. Barnes informed Cromwell of cution must follow; for no one was allowed this proceeding, who sent for the lord mayor, to escape as formerly upon abjuring. Al- and spoke to him upon the subject. She though the form of trial was in some respects also went to one of the sheriffs, named altered for the better, and the prisoners were Wilkinson, desiring him to be good unto only to be condemned upon the verdict of a her, and to get her husband out of prison. jury; yet such a trial was then very different The sheriff said to her, “O! woman, Christ from what it is in our days; no counsel was hath laid a piece of his cross upon thee, to allowed to plead for the prisoner, and the prove whether thou wilt help him to bear it judge endeavoured to find matter of con- or no;" and promised to do what he could demnation against him, rather than to watch for her husband, desiring she would come the proceedings in his behalf. Let us thank again the next day, which she did, but being God that we have no “ law of six articles" overcome with fatigue and anxiety, she now a days.

swooned away, and remained ill for many


Cromwell's interference prevented further

proceedings; the pig was carried to FinsAGO.

bury-field, and there burned, by the bishop's DURING Lent, in the year 1538, the wife order; and Frebarne was set at liberty, upon of one Thomas Frebarne, of Paternoster- giving bond to appear to answer this charge, row, longed after a morsel of pig, and her whenever he should he required. His landhusband was induced to speak to one Fisher, lord, however, who appears to have been a a butterwife of Hornsey, who brought him a violent papist, turned him out of his house ; pig, but took one of its feet to Dr. Cocks, and for “ four years after he could not get the dean of Canterbury, at that time dwelling another, to his great hinderance and unin Ivy-lane, and told him of Frebarne's de- doing." spising the injunctions of the church, as to the direct observance of Lent.* The dean related this to the company who dined with

A POPISH MIRACLE!! him that day; among whom was Mr. Gar- “A Lady of the name of Rhetore has rett, the garter king at arms, Frebarne's been recently cured, through the interceslandlord.

sion of the Virgin Mary, of a dangerous Mr. Garrett sent for his tenant, and gave illness, which M. Dupont, the medical him to the custody of the bishop of London's adviser of Mdle. de Rhetore, had pronounced sumner, ordering that officer to carry him to be incurable. That gentleman has written and his pig before the bishop. He was on the subject the following letter, which there accused of eating salt beef and calves' has been copied from the Hermine into the heads during the same season of Lent. Union Catholique :-“I hastened to see her This Frebarne denied, and shrewdly asked, and examine her. 'I am cured, Sir,' said “My lord, if the heads are eaten in my she to me with an ineffable smile—she who house, where are the bodies eaten ?” “You had so often read her fate in my eyes ! On spake,” said the bishop, “ against pilgrim- further enquiry she told me that she had felt ages, and will not take holy bread nor holy a burning heat like fire come nearly over water, nor yet go in procession on Palm the whole of her body, and that after a few Sunday; thou art no christian man.” moments it was succeeded by a delicious Frebarne and his pig were then taken to the coolness. From that moment she was cured.

From that moment, too, she, whose right * A decree issued at Cadiz, in 1825, for the better thigh during ten months had presented an observing of Lent, forbade all keepers of innor eating-houses, from supplying their guests with enormous mass of tender sores, walked with any suppers during that season, unless they had a a light and firm step: every appearance of licence from the church for that purpose, and then they were only to be supplied with fish! It also contained a variety of other vexatious regulations. My astonishment was at its height when I was aroused from my reverie by the entrance blessed the Candles !!!—these ceremonies of a venerable and learned priest, who in- attract great crowds, I fear only to be formed me that Mdle. de Rhetore had be- amused by the spectacle : they are a species sought the intercession of the Virgin ; that of Ballet of Action, in which there is incithe church had offered up prayers for her; dental music, much changing of vestments, and that at the very moment she received many genuflections and prostrations, somethe communion she found herself cured, the times ending in one of the Cardinals kissing Holy Sacrifice having been offered nine the toe of his Holiness. A Protestant times for the recovery of her health. May visiting Rome has no right to find fault science meditate and piety be edified' with these ceremonies of her Church : but (Signed) ‘DUPONT ( Offices de Sante).'"- he cannot help asking whence this pantoFrom the True Tablet of July 2, 1842. mimic worship came—whether from the

What frightful blasphemy this is ! The Jews or Chinese ? the latter having long Church of Rome must think the efficacy of practised the Toe Salute.” Christ's sacrifice of very little worth, when I n closing these remarks respecting it is obliged to be offered up nine times to Rome and the Pope, I would just add, that cure one woman of a disease! How differ- a friend of mine lately asking an Italian ent is the view of Protestants, who believe what he believed the cause of the degradation that the one sacrifice of Christ upon Calvary of Rome and Italy at the present time to be, was a full and perfect satisfaction for the sins when she was once the Fame and Glory of of the world ! 'How infinitely more honour- all nations ?—the Roman's reply was able to Christ-how far more scriptural and “The Pope AND PRIESTCRAFT.” consolatory! Blessed be God that we are not members of the Church of Rome !

Let us hope that God will be pleased to remove the scales from off their eyes, to see

that this is actually their degradation and CORRESPONDENCE.


P.S. Mrs. Wood, formerly an actress, has (To the Editor of the Protestant Operative.)

turned Papist lately. I think this is not to Dear Sir,

be wondered at; for what is Popery but a In these strange times, I have copied farce composed of actors and actresses perthe following strange statement from the forming outward forms and ceremonies under Morning Herald of 28th Feb. 1843 ; being the name of religion. an Extract from “Notes on the Road, &c." Letter the 37th, and dated Rome, 3rd February, signed, “Small Talk;” and which

HINDOO READY WIT. may be acceptable for Publication in either A Hindoo woman having been summoned one or both of those valuable pamphlets, the to give evidence before the court of judicaProtestant Magazine, or Operative.

ture in Calcutta, deposed that such a cirFrom yours faithfully, cumstance happened in her presence. The W. J. BARKER.

judge asked where it happened: she replied

in the verandah of such a house. “Pray, “The Vatican no longer thunders.—The my good woman,” said the judge, “how Palace, once celebrated for its 11,000 rooms many pillars are there in that verandah ?—this Court of the Pontiffs, long so pom- The woman, not perceiving the trap that pous and arrogant, is now all simplicity and was laid for her, said, without much consimoderation. In our days, it is nothing deration, that the verandah was supported more than the most enormous--the most by four pillars. The counsel for the opposplendid of museums. But enough; etiquette site party immediately offered to prove that demands that I should speak of the Pope the verandah contained five pillars, and that first :-He is ensconced in a snug corner of consequently, no credit could be given to the building, leading a solitary life, his ex- her evidence. The woman, perceiving her penditure barely surpassing that of our error, addressed the judge, and said, “ My Archbishops. He is understood to be an lord, your lordship has for many years preamiable man, and a great Theologian; and, sided in this court, and every day that you moreover, reported to be half Protestant!!! come here, ascend a flight of stairs : may I which doubtless is all untrue. He was beg to know how many steps these stairs busy last week making three new Cardinals, consist of?The judge confessed that he and blessing their horses !!! which done, did not know.-"Then,” replied she, “if there was a sort of Lord Mayor's Show! your lordship cannot tell the number of Yesterday, he attended St. Peter's, and steps you ascend daily to the seat of justice, it cannot be astonishing that I should forget

INTELLIGENCE. the number of pillars in a balcony, which I never entered half-a-dozen times in my “PRAY WITHOUT CEASING.”—1 Thess. V. 17. life.” The judge was much pleased with the woman's wit, and decided in favour of

Derby.-A meeting was held in the her party.

Lecture Hall on Monday, Feb. 20th, for the

purpose of hearing a lecture from Mr. CABINET.

Edward Dalton, Secretary to the Protestant

Association, on “the Principles of the Thus exclaims a faithful minister, nearly Jesuits.” The Rev. R. Macklin, M.A., 200 years since, setting forth the want of Incumbent of Christ Church, in the chair, humiliation in hearers of the Gospel as the There were present, Rev. J. G. Howard, cause of its little success with them-[could Vicar of St. Michael's, Rev. Edward Wade, he exclaim otherwise now had he lived in these &c. &c. T'he meeting was very well attended ; times ?]—"Truly heretofore three thousand and the lecture gave so much satisfaction, were converted at one sermon; but now that there was a universal request that there is scarce one that is converted with another lecture should be delivered on the three thousand sermons. Oh! whence is it same subject in the same place, to which that the work of conversion is almost at an Mr. Dalton assented, and accordingly deliend in England, in London ? It is rare to vered a second lecture on “ the Acts of the hear of a soul converted : we hear of many Jesuits," to a still more numerous auditory, that are perverted, that are led into bye- on Friday, Feb. 24th. The Rev. R. Mackpaths of error, and heresy, and blasphemy, lin was again in the chair, and Rev. P. and schism ; but it is a rare matter to hear Browne, Rev. John Latham, Rev. George of one converted. Men and women are not Audouin, &c. &c. were present. This lechumble, broken-hearted, and so not fitted ture was even better liked than the first, and to receive the Gospel.

was enlivened by a little interruption on the

part of some Romanists present, which, POETRY.

however, was met in so christian a manner

by the Chairman and the Lecturer, that OXFORD.

good resulted from it. Two Romanists who

were present waited on the Rev. R. Macklin Oh what an age for change is this! the next day, and received from that valued What wonders do appear!

minister of Christ much faithful admonition The railroad bears with mighty speed, and christian instruction. It is hoped that To make the distance near.

the interview, which lasted nearly two hours, Soon as we're in the flying train, was not altogether in vain. We find ourselves at home;

Newhall, near Derby.The anniversary And so another railroad runs

meeting of the Newhalì Protestant AssociaFrom Oxford swift to Rome.

tion was held in the Parish School-rooms But oh, it is a dang'rous train !

on Tuesday, Feb. 21st. The Rev. John Ye travellers beware!

Moran, M.A. in the chair. The Rev. R. Many might not expect to go,

Macklin and Mr. Dalton attended as a deWho yet are landed there.

putation, and the Rev. J. H. Macguire and

Rev. s. C. Brown rendered also their valuBut solemn is a thought like this,

able assistance. The Rev. Messrs. Greeves, When souls are borne along,

Valpy, and Mc Gowan were also present. When outward things engage the mind,

The attendance was very good. And inward things are wrong!

Brailsford, near Derby.--The annual Believers must be earnest now,

meeting of this branch was held in the To warn, and “watch, and pray:".

Parochial School-room on Wednesday EvePerhaps if more of prayer were made,

ning, Feb. 22, on which occasion the exMore clouds would pass away.

cellent Incumbent, the Rev. W. A. Shirley, The arm of God remaineth strong, ably presided, and the Rev. R. Macklin and His grace is still divine;

Mr. Dalton addressed the meeting. Yet can he cause a flood of light

Spondon, near Derby.The anniversary Around the land to shine!

meeting of this auxiliary was held on ThursOr if it be his Sov'reign will

day, Feb. 23. The respected Vicar, the That perils shall increase,

Rev. A. Holden, presiding. The Rev. R. He can make strong the “ little flock," Macklin, Rev. W. Fletcher, Mr. Dalton, And multiply their peace.

Colonel Clowes, Major Gell, &c. &c. were present; the first three taking part in the tant Association was held on Monday Eveproceedings. The attendance was very ning, March 13. Mr. Edward Dalton pregood.

siding. The speakers were Messrs. Soden, Matlock, near Derby.A very interesting Sibley, Theophilus A. Smith, and Binden. anniversary meeting was held at this beau- The report, which was read by the Secretary, tifully romantic place, on Tuesday, Feb. 28. was remarkably good and interesting. The The Rev. W. Melville, Rector, in the chair. subject handled by the various speakers, was The Rev. George Harvey, Rector of Wins- “the Modern Workings of Popery." A ter, Rev. R. Macklin, Mr. Dalton, Rev. F. petition was adopted against the grant to the G. Greville, Rector of Bonsall, Rev. Mr. Popish College of Maynooth. Higgs, Rev. Alexander Orme, Perpetual ANNUAL SERMON.-The anniversary serCurate of Tansley, Rev. George Audouin. mon on behalf of the Protestant Association, &c. &c. were present: the first three taking will be preached (D.v.) in Gray's Inn Road part in the proceedings.

Episcopal Chapel, (Rev. Thos. Mortimer's,) Birmingham. — Mr. Dalton delivered a

. on Thursday, 4th of May, by the Rev. Dr. lecture on “ the Principles of the Jesuits,"

Croly, LL.D. Rector of St. Stephen's, Walto a numerous audience in St. Mary's :

:. brook. Service to commence at 3 o'clock School-rooms, Birmingham, on Thursday"

wys in the Afternoon. Evening. March 2nd.

ay City of London. — The first half-yearly

The Rev. J. C. meeting of the City of London and FinsBarrett in the chair. Also a second lecture on “the Acts of the Jesuits," in Bishop Dan

bury Protestant Conference was held in the Ryder's School-rooms, on Friday Evening,

20P British School Room, Tabernacle-row, on March 3. Rev. M. A. Collison presiding.

ing, Monday, February 27th. The Rev. A. S. ag...


Thelwall, M.A. in the chair. The ChairA most interesting and admirable tract has just been published at Derby, called

man gave a very effective address on the

“Necessity of Christians studying the Po“ The Impostors detected; or, a very necessary warning to all true and faithful followers

pish controversy,—its peculiarities, and the

spirit in which it should be carried on.”of the Lord, as Protestant Churchmen or Dissenters, in a conversation between George

Mr. Binden then spoke on “ Indulgences

and Pardons.” Mr. W. J. Scott on the Steadfast and William Littlecare.” It has

as “Sacrifice of the Mass.” Mr. Sibley on made a considerable sensation in Derby; the Roman Catholic Priest having actually

y; the.“ Secret Policy of the Church of Rome." threatened to bring an action against the And Mr. A. V. Allen on the “ Advantages

Mr. Whitley on the “Invocation of Saints." publisher.

of the Conference.” The meeting was nuGreat Protestant Meeting in London.- merous, and great interest was evidently The annual meeting of the Protestant Asso- taken in the proceedings. ciation will be held (D.v.) in the Large Hall, The City of London Protestant AssociaExeter Hall, on Wednesday, May 10th, tion purpose, God willing, to hold a public at 12 o'clock. On which occasion, that meeting at the George Hall, Aldermanbury, most consistent christian statesman and on Monday, the 10th of April. The chair ornament to the House of Commons. JOHN to be taken at 7 o'cloc! PEMBERTON PLUMPTRE, Esq. M.P. hasThe Protestant Conference is held every most kindly consented to preside. The alternate Monday evening, at the Girl's Rev. Robert J. Mc Ghee, the Rev. Hugh School Room, Tabernacle-row, City-road. Stowell, Rev. Thos. Mortimer, and other It is open to the members and friends of all valued christian advocates, have also con- the Associations. On Monday, the 17th sented to take part in the proceedings. We April, “The Supremacy and Infallibility of have every reason to anticipate a most the Church of Rome" will be discussed. cheering and noble demonstration of Pro- The Jesuits.-- In the press, and shortly will testant feeling

be published, “The Jesuits: their Principles Hackney.-The annual meeting of the and Deeds." By Edward Dalton, Secretary Hackney and Shoreditch Operative Protes- to the Protestant Association. 1 vol. 18mo. Published under

the direction of



at 11, Exeter Hall; SIMPKIN, MARSHALL & Co.


W. Davy,]
Seven Shillings per Hundred, for Distribution.


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