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Cork Protestant Association.-On Wednes"PRAY WITHOUT CEASING.”_1 Thess. v. 17. day evening, Feb. 8th, a public meeting of

1. the Association was held in the Protestant London.—A meeting of the members and Hall, which was crowded almost to suffocafriends of the Protestant Association was tion. There were over six hundred present, held on Tuesday, Jan. 31st, in the Rooms and many could not obtain admittance. At of the Society, Exeter Hall, to hear a state- half-past 7 o'clock, the chair was taken by ment from the Rev. Edward Nangle, re- the Rev. W. C. Neligan, L.L.D., amidst specting the Achill Mission. John Hardy, great cheering. The Report for the past Esq. M.P. in the chair. The statement year was adopted. Resolutions were passed, was, as might have been expected, highly and petitions agreed upon for the withinteresting.

drawal of the grant from the College of Southwark.-A crowded meeting of the Maynooth, and the Irish National Education Southwark Association took place on Mon- System. After singing the Doxology, the day, Jan, 30th in the National School-room, meeting then adjourned highly gratified with - Borough-road. The Rev. J. Horton in the the proceedings. chair. The Rev. M. H. Seymour, Mr. Derby.—The Derby Protestant Operative Binden, Mr. Clark, and Mr. Sibley were the Association held a meeting in the Mechaspeakers. It was a most admirable meeting, nics' Institute, on Monday Evening, Feb. and a fervent tone of Protestant feeling 20, for the purpose of hearing a lecture on was well sustained throughout.

the Jesuits and their principles," from Mr. York Operative Protestant Association.-- Dalton, the Secretary of the Protestant On Thursday, Feb. 2nd, the members and Association. The Rev. R. Macklin prefriends of the York Operative Protestant sided. Though the evening was exceedingly Association met in the Merchants' Hall, wet, the attendance was very numerous and Fossgate, for the purpose of hearing a lec- respectable, and every body (with the exture delivered by the Rev. J. H. Beech, ception of a few Papists, who however Wesleyan Minister, York. Notwithstanding thought it wisest to be silent) appeared the inclemency of the weather, the Hall was highly delighted. Mr. Dalton has visited filled by a respectable audience. The sub- Derby and the midland parts of England, ject of the lecture was “The real objects of on behalf of the Protestant Association, for Popery." The chair was occupied by Mr. the purpose of delivering leotures and atE. Bellerby, president of the association. tending the anniversary meetings of Branch

The Committee of the Protestant Associa- Associations. We hope to give a detailed tion have adopted a circular, which will be account of these proceedings in our next sent to the friends of the society throughout number. At present, we can only report the country shortly, calling upon them that he found a most excellent Protestant afresh to petition Parliament against the spirit existing in Derby, which may be atannual grant made to Maynooth College. tributed to the very efficient body of Church The Committee have likewise adopted a of England clergy with which that place is Petition “ for the Restoration of the Pro- blessed ; and especially to the unvarying testant Constitution of Great Britain and zeal and christian labours of the Rev. R. Ireland ;” in other words, for the “ exclu- Macklin.-Would that all places had equally sion of Papists from Parliament:" and they zealous and faithful pastors. earnestly call upon their fellow-Protestants The Metropolitan Protestant Operative throughout the land, to come forward with Associations advertised a Steam Packet similar Petitions.

Excursion last summer, which proved alMarylebone.—A meeting of the Maryle- most a failure for want, it is believed, of bone Operative Protestant Association was timely notice. As there is no doubt a sufheld in the Fitzroy School-rooms, on Tues- ficient number of the members and friends day evening the 21st of Feb. Mr. Binden in of the Associations who will be glad to avail the chair. The speakers were Messrs. Dort. themselves of the pleasure of a summer exSibley, Moulton, and Allen.

cursion of Protestants, it is proposed to Tower Hamlets. —- A very respectable engage a Steam Packet, capable of containmeeting of the Tower Hamlets Church of ing 500 persons, for a visit to Gravesend or England Protestant Association was held on the Nore, in the month of June or July next, Tuesday evening, the 14th of Feb. in the if a sufficient number of promises can be New National School-room, Limehouse. obtained by the 10th of May: without a cerThe Chisholm in the chair. The Rev. C. tainty of this kind, a Packet cannot be Day, Rev. T. Cuffe, Rev. J. R. Barber, hired. Any profits which may arise, will be Messrs. James J. Cummins, Lord, Dalton, devoted to all the Associations. The tickets and Dixon, took part in the proceedings will be, if to Gravesend, 2s. 6d. ; to the Nore, 4s. Communications stating the children such works as will acquaint them number of tickets each writer can dispose with the true character of Popery, and the of, to be addressed to Mr. Smith, 11, gracious deliverance from its baneful power Exeter Hall.

: wrought out by God in the Great ReformaNew PublicATIONS. - The Protestant tion? Association have just published an abridg. With this object in view, the Protestant ment of the celebrated History of the Great Association put forth “ The Child's Book Reformation, by J. H. Merle D’Aubigné, in of Martyrs ;” in which the histories of one volume 18mo. This is bringing down those Saints of the Most High God, who one of the most interesting works of the pre- suffered for the faith of the Gospel in Engsent day to the capacities of the middling and land, from the commencement of what is operative class, and we doubt not it will meet termed Lollardy, to the close of the Marian with a great circulation. The work from persecution, will be detailed in chronological which it is abridged, sells for £1 13s. which order. It will appear in monthly numbers, rendered it impossible for thousands of the ld. each, uniform with the “ Teachers' operatives of England to purchase; this Offering,” and illustrated with numerous abridgment is only four shillings.

woodcuts. The Protestant Association have also pub- .We hope that our friends will endeavour lished a very improved edition of the Rev. to give it an extensive circulation, especially Edward Bickersteth's Divine Warning to among those nurseries of our faith-the the Church at this time, containing much Sabbath Schools of England. valuable information respecting the present diffusion of Infidelity, Lawlessness, and

Great Protestant Meeting. The annual Popery. It is a work which cannot be too

meeting of the Protestant Association will widely circulated.

be held (D.v.) in the Large Hall, Exeter We would earnestly request the attention

Hall, on Wednesday, May 10th, at 12 of our readers to a little work about to be

he o'clock. Due notice will be given of the published by the Protestant Association,

annual sermon, as well as the chairman and entitled, “The Child's Book of Martyrs,"

,' speakers at the meeting. the first number of which will appear on the s

The “ Union of Christian Young Men's 31st of March.

Societies" held their first public meeting It surely cannot be a matter of small mo

on the 8th of Feb. at the Colonnade Schoolment to those Christians who are desirous

room, Brunswick Square. A numerous, of promoting the spiritual welfare of the

• respectable, and intelligent company of young, that one of the main objects of the

young men of different denominations asPopish faction in England is, to obtain in

sembled. The Rev. J. Hamilton, of Regent fluence in our educational establishments,

Square Scotch Church, addressed them on and to spread the pernicious principles of

the importance of intellectual culture to Rome among the young and unwary. The find

"enable them to carry out their plans of useincrease of Popish schools and colleges ; the efforts of the Jesuits, one of whose ob

It was highly interesting to see so many jects is, “ peculiar care in the education of

differing in minor points, united in their boys ; " the number of juvenile Popish

ardent love of Protestant Truth ; but especibooks continually issuing from the press

"ally interesting to the Marylebone Protesall prove this. In short, the practical les

tant Association, the “Union” having son which Popery is teaching us every day

originated in their Mutual Instruction is just this : « Let us have the education of your children, and we care not what the City.-The second annual meeting of the City of present generation says of us ;-we will Ġ

į London Operative Association was held in the

George Hall, Aldermanbury, on Wednesday Evenmake sure of the next." Seeing, then, that ing, Jany. 25th, G. Philip Smith, Esq. in the Chair. these things are so, is it not important that The report read was gratifying and very encouan effort should be made to counteract these meeting, Rev. J. R. Barber, Mr. Šibley, Mr. Dal

raging,, after which the following addressed the movements, and to disseminate among our ton, Mr. Lord, and Mr. Binden.


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at 11, Exeter Hall; SIMPKIN, MARSHALL & Co.


W. Davy,]
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“If they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.”—Isaiah viii. 20.

No. 37.

APRIL, 1843.


A SCENE IN THE VATICAN Scriptures." This is clean contrary to all

the most holy and infallible decisions of our (Concluded from page 21.)

venerated predecessors who have so worthily The Pope and his Librarian examining

filled the throne of the Pontificate. Away the books in the Vatican Library.]

with such a work! It is enough to raise

the dust of buried generations to hear such Pope.-Bring me another volume. rank heresy. Err from not knowing the

Librarian.-Your Holiness will lose your Scriptures ! — the thing is impossible ! appetite for Cardinal Postatizza's supper, if Every body knows that the Lutherans have your soul is to be ruffled by the sight of so all erred from the true Catholic faith because much Lutheranism. Had not your Holi- they did know the Scriptures. And a very ness better postpone the investigation of the little common sense is needed to see that remaining volumes ?

every body would fall into the same error, Pope.-By our Lady and St. Peter, you and leave us no dutiful subjects to support speak well! I had forgotten Cardinal Pos- this sacred chair, if they knew the Scriptatizza and his entertainment. Certes, tures. these heretical sentiments that we have just Libr.--Your Holiness now has Mark beread will but ill agree with the delicacies of fore you—it is open at chapter 7. which we are soon to partake.

Pope.--I read here (verse 9)—“ Ye reject Libr.-Shall I burn the whole ?

the commandments of God, that ye may Pope.-No doubt they are all alike tainted keep your own tradition.” These are the with Lutheran heresy; yet I would not be very words that arch-heretic Luther used: precipitate. It behoves us to be cautious whether he, or some other flaming firebrand and merciful. Let us examine some of the from the bottomless pit, first penned them, later volumes of the series.

I know not; but they are heretical, so away Libr.-Your Holiness has now the volume with them! containing Matthew, I open it at the 22nd Libr.-Your Holiness now has John, and chapter.

it is open at chapter 14th. Pope.-(Holding up his hands with hor- Pope.-Oh! the cunning craftiness of ror) - What! Blessed Virgin defend us and these Lutherans. Here is a piece of sublety the chair of St. Peter !—The writer actually worthy a Melancthon. In verse 6, Christ is says (v. 29), “ Ye do err, not knowing the represented as saying, “No man cometh

unto the Father, but by me.” Every body creet suppression of the truth when he was must therefore, according to this, go to God in danger, “even affirming the same with through Jesus Christ. What a blow at the an oath ; " I have also proved myself a true most holy and comfortable doctrine of the link in the chain of apostolic succession, mediation of angels and saints !--What a by imitating the prophetic wisdom of Judas, foul dishonour to the glorious Queen of who evidently foresaw that he was to betray Heaven !-Away with it, it is not fit to be Christ before the great work of salvation seen in the sacred precincts of this holy could be accomplished. palace, whose walls have so often resounded Libr.-Most true, your Holiness. And to the edifying invocations of the angelic as your Holiness condescends to talk of company and the pure worship of the august these high and celestial matters to one so Queen of angels.

unworthy of your Holiness's regard, may I Libr.—Your Holiness now has Acts before beg to ask what your Holiness thinks of the you, and chapter 17.

impudence of the English heretics, who Pope. Here is another blow aimed at the boast that they have apostolic succession in holy Catholic Church, which may the shield their so-called church? of the Blessed Virgin and the sword of St. Pope.-Ha! ha! — Apostolic succession Peter avert! In verse 29, I find the arch- in the Anglican Church ! -Ha! ha! ha!heretic saying, “We ought not to think that The barefaced impudence of the scoundrels. the Godhead is like unto gold, or silver, or The argument against them is very clear. stone, graven by art and man's device."— There is but one chain of succession-we The faithful are too wise, I flatter myself, have that; it is, therefore. clearly impossiafter all the decisions of councils upon this ble that they can have it. subject, to fall into this snare. What, the Libr.—But is it not, they will say, quite Godhead not like our graven images !-im- possible that the chain may be in the Anglipious assertion !-they are the very images can, and not in the holy Catholic Church? of God, his exact likenesses, and are to be P ope. It is not so, because we say it is adored and reverenced as such by all the not so ; and we are the only authorities emfaithful. Away with the volume to the powered to decide such a point. flames !

Libr.—Your Holiness reasons with the Libr.-Your Holiness now has

eloquence of an angel, and with the persuaPope.-Stop ! stop ! I have had enough. sive omnipotence of an archangel. I wonThe more we look into this work, the more der not that the faithful have long held that heresy do we discover. I marvel not that the chair of the Pontificate iinparted celeswhoever studies it becomes a heretic, and tial wisdom and ineffable grace to its posdeserts the holy Catholic Church. I only sessor. marvel how the Vatican has stood so long Pope.-None know the potent efficacy of with such an accumulation of Lutheranism that seat, but the happy occupier. Are we lying beneath its roof.

not the Vicar of Jesus Christ, and should Libr.-Certainly your Holiness may bless we not possess eloquence and gifts of no the guardianship of the Blessed Mary, ever ordinary kind ! Virgin, and the kind patronage and assist Libr.-Your Holiness is the quintessence ance of the saints, for preserving us from of holiness, dignity, and wisdom. such combustible materials.

Pope.--And now let us see these accursed Pope. I would as soon sleep with a dag- books burnt.-Be quick! ger at my throat, or a barrel of gunpowder Libr.-They shall meet their fate pretty under my bed, as with such a work near quickly, I'll warrant, your Holiness. me.

Pope.-—Why do you linger? Libr.-It certainly is enough to rob your Libr.-Your Holiness has the penetration Holiness of repose. If your Holiness had of Gabriel, and anticipates the wishes of not been a most holy follower of the Apos- your humblest servant-the post of secretles, and a singularly devout worshipper of tawy to the College of Cardinals is vacant. the Blessed Virgin, God only knows what Pope.—You are a worthy man, Parazitta, calamities would have fallen like lightning and shall have it. upon the church.

Libr.-Your Holiness is the greatest of Pope.—Well, there is some wisdom in sovereigns, the kindest of princes, the most your words. Truly I have followed the most affable of masters, and the most angelic of holy Apostles ; truly I have worshipped de- Pontiffs. Well may the host of heaven bow voutly the Virgin ; I have imitated the zeal to do you homage, and crown you with everof St. Peter, when he cut off the ear of that lasting glory. heretic Malchus; I have imitated his dis

ON THE AGENCY EMPLOYED TO this, Dominic, a monk, founded an order of OVERTHROW THE TRUTH. men called Inquisitors, as the agents, and AN ESSAY.

the Inquisition, as the machinery, for the

wholesale punishment and extermination of By MR. R. H. BINDEN.

those they deemed heretics, and as an effec(Continued from p. 6.)

tual means of destroying heresy.

With such eagerness was this invention Having ascertained what was the agency, received by this system of apostacy, that it and who were the agents, employed in the endeavoured to force its establishment into earlier ages of Christianity to overthrow the every country, as the best instrument of truth in the Church, and to set up in the maintaining its usurped power, and of quietworld an opposing system, it is now essen- ing every adversary. So high and important tially important to discover, by what agency, was this discovery, that the name of the and what kind of agents, this system of apos- founder was added to the calendar of saints tacy seeks, to maintain her own aggrandize- of the Church of Rome, which commanded ment and supremacy over the Church of the her adherents henceforth to apply to him by living God.

prayer and supplication, for his powerful This system of apostacy from the truth, and prevailing intercession with the majesty as established as to the Pope's supremacy, of heaven. How awful is the thought, that may be, and is, very justly denominated all the subjects of Rome should be taught Popery, from its antagonistic principle to to pray for grace to follow in his steps, who truth, and its assumption of universal power was the agent, in the hands of Satan, for the and authority—and under this title we shall advancement of Popery, in destroying thounow recognise it.

sands and tens of thousands of their fellowPopery having obtained in the most power- mortals. ful branch of the Church-that of Rome To give greater effect to the power of the the universal sovereignty, it became neces- Inquisition, councils of the agents of Posary to put in motion various kinds of pery put forth canons and decrees, asserting machinery, and to employ numerous and the power of this system to exterminate zealous agents to enforce its demands heretics and heresies; and that it was the against all those who scrupled to acknow- duty of kings and rulers to assist her in this ledge its usurped power and assumed au- vile and bloody work, or suffer dethronement thority. The most powerful agency used by the hands of the Pope ; who, as head of for this end was Persecution ; this she has this system, claimed the power to cast down employed in a variety of ways with dreadful or raise up, to plant or destroy, at his soveseverity. The land of Palestine groans reign will and pleasure, thrones and dobeneath the sacrifice of human life, and foul minions, and every thing else that might crimes committed during the crusades by the prove an impediment or obstacle to the armies of the triple-crowned tyrant, in their exercise of his power. endeavour to regain the Holy Land from the To give strength to the power of the Turks ; but they signally failed, after the agency of the Inquisition, another order of destruction of about 2,000,000 of human men was instituted, called “the order of the beings.

Jesuits ;” a very peculiar order of agents in After the persecution of the heathen and this system. They were distinguished above superstitious inhabitants of the East, its the other orders, sects, and parties in this engine of destruction was brought to play apostacy; for besides the usual vows of upon the faithful servants of God in every poverty, chastity, and obedience to the nation, by inflicting upon them death, con- superior, they swore unreserved and imfiscation of property, and indeed every plicit submission to the will and wishes of species of suffering that this Satanic agency - the head at Rome, the Pope; which to could invent, to uphold the usurped power them was as imperative as the divine will of and authority of this false and delusive God; because they asserted that the Pope system.

was God upon earth, and his title “Our Notwithstanding all the efforts to uproot Lord God the Pope." faith from the earth, “the word of the Lord They have regular discipline, proficient was powerful, and prevailed; taking root officers, and proper places of reference ; downward, and bringing forth fruit upward,” all being under one head or general, who to his praise and glory: so much so, that is at Rome, to whom they have sworn abthe agents of Popery sought for other solute and entire obedience. They have means, wholly and entirely to exterminate unlimited power in their operations; they and destroy all opposers. To accomplish have power to do or say any thing; they

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