A Brief Memoir of the Life and Writings of the Late Lieutenant-Colonel William Martin Leake

Whittingham and Wilkins, 1864 - 43 Seiten

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Seite 8 - ... upon the plateau, had not thus been swept away. The remains of coarser materials are, however, themselves of great extent, and are sufficiently important to insure the attention of science. The ruins of Assos fully warrant the opinion of that eminent authority, Colonel Leake, who thinks that they give perhaps the most perfect idea of a Greek city that anywhere exists.
Seite 12 - Sir, Lord Elgin having requested through Sir Alexander Ball that I would allow a Ship to call at Cerigo, to bring from thence to Malta some marble antiquities*, and as I am perfectly disposed to meet his Lordship's wishes on this occasion, I am to desire you will send a small Transport to Cerigo, with the first Convoy going up the Levant, and leave her there, for the purpose of receiving the antiquities beforementioned on board (provided it is a safe place for her to remain at) till the return...
Seite 13 - Lordship's most serious consideration. The question is not, shall the King of Sardinia keep it ? that is out of the question ; he cannot, for any length of time. If France possesses it, Sicily is not safe an hour; and the passage to the Levant is completely blocked up.
Seite 39 - Hellenica, with SUPPLEMENT and APPENDIX, completing a descriptive catalogue of twelve thousand Greek Coins, with notes and Index, 4to. map, cloth, scarce, £5. 15s 1856-59 "In the 'Numismata Hellenica...
Seite 8 - ... in the Far North about June fifteenth and leave about August twenty-fifth, thus staying fourteen weeks at the nesting site. They probably spend a few weeks longer in the winter than in the summer home, and this would leave them scarcely twenty weeks for the round trip of twenty-two thousand miles. Not less than one hundred and fifty miles in a straight line must be their daily task, and this is undoubtedly multiplied several times by their zigzag twistings and turnings in pursuit of food.
Seite 45 - ... the preceding letter to The Very Reverend Dr. Turton, Dean of Peterborough and now Regius Professor of Divinity in the University of Cambridge, was favoured by him with the following observations upon it, for which he begs to offer his best acknowledgments: — " James I., by Letters Patent, granted to the Chancellor, Masters, and Scholars of the University of Cambridge...
Seite 45 - February, 1861. as my said Trustees shall in their absolute and uncontrolled discretion deem proper; provided nevertheless, and the before-mentioned bequest is on this express condition, that it shall not be lawful for my said Trustees to dispose of the said Coins, Cabinets, Maps, Manuscripts, Electrotypes, Vases, Statues, Marbles, Bronzes, Gems, Articles of Vertu, and Books, to the said University, unless and until a Resolution or Grace has been passed by or in the Senate of the said University...
Seite 41 - In 1 828 he was elected a member of The. Club ; and at the time of his death he was the senior member but one of the Royal Society Club.
Seite 38 - Journal of a Tour in Asia Minor, with remarks on the ancient and modern Geography, 8vo. map, bds.
Seite 13 - Gallies are to be laid up, from the impossibility of even purchasing provisions for them. In short, my Lord, Sardinia is gone, if the French make a landing ; not from their regard to the French, for I am sure the greater part hate them, but the Islanders must be released from their present miserable condition.

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