Memories of French Palaces

Bradbury, Evans, 1871 - 352 Seiten

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Seite 59 - It is now sixteen or seventeen years since I saw the queen of France, then the dauphiness, at Versailles; and surely never lighted on this orb, which she hardly seemed to touch, a more delightful vision. I saw her just above the horizon, decorating and cheering the elevated sphere she just began to move in, glittering like the morning star, full of life, and splendour, and joy.
Seite 327 - Yes! where is he, the champion and the child Of all that's great or little, wise or wild? Whose game was empires, and whose stakes were thrones? Whose table earth — whose dice were human bones?
Seite 197 - ... that his execution should be postponed for twenty-four hours. In the interval, he had a repast prepared with care, on which he feasted •with more than usual avidity. When led out to execution, he gazed for a time, with a smile on his countenance, on the Palais Royal, the scene of his former orgies. He was detained above a quarter of an hour in front of that palace by order of Robespierre, who had in vain asked his daughter's hand in marriage, and had promised, if he would relent in that extremity,...
Seite 234 - to the Elysee to see the Emperor : he summoned me into his closet, and as soon as he saw me, he came to meet me with a frightful epileptic laugh. ' Oh, my God ! ' he said, raising his eyes to heaven, and walking two or three times up and down the room. This appearance of despair was however very short. He soon recovered his coolness, and asked me what was going forward in the Chamber of Representatives. I could not attempt to hide that...
Seite 304 - No sooner was it known," are his words, "that the interests of France had induced me to dissolve the ties of my marriage, than the greatest sovereigns of Europe intrigued for an alliance with me. As soon as the Emperor of Austria heard that a new marriage was in agitation, he sent for Count Narbonne, and expressed his surprise that his family had not been thought of.

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