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Church of England

In Thirty LECTURE S.

Pursuant to the Design of the Late Reverend

Doctor BUSBY. By BENJAMIN FARROW, Rector of Coningsholm in Lincolnshire. Η παιδεία ομοία οι χρυσώ σεφανω, και οι μην έχει και

avollaris. Demoph. Udum & molle lutum eft, nunc, nunc properandus, & acri Fingendus fine fine rotů, --Pers.

John XIII. 17. If ye know these things, happy are ye if ye do them.

LONDON: Printed for john Wyat, at the Rose in

St. Paul's Church-Tard. 1728.

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HERE bave been so many Books written

on this Subject, and some of them by such

Eminent Hands, that it may be thought a Piece of Vanity, and Presumption, in any one who comes after them to undertake it : But as this was mo Discouragment to many that have gone before me ; fo neither do I think so well of my own Performance, as to imagine it will be any hinderance to others, who may come efter me. On the other Side, I mall rather be glad if what I have done, may excite others to do it better. I know that many Excellent Men have morit incomparably well on this whole Cathechism, and many more on the several Parts of it. The Creed

The Creed , the Commandments, the Lord's-Prayer and the Sacraments, have been such Common Themes, that nothing New can be said on them ; neither do I pretend to it. If I have but only set things in a somewhat different Light, and given them another Turn from what others have done before me, 'tis all that can be expected from me.

As to the Occasion of making these Lectures, it mas in pursuance of that Landable and Charitable

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Design of the Late Reverend Dr. Busby, wherein be at once made Provision for the Relief of some of --the poorer Clergy, and for the Instruction of Youth in the Principles of Religion. And as I once came in for my Share of that Donative, so I cou'd not satisfie my self without taking some Pains, in discharging the Trust committed to me.

I know not whether it be necessary on this Occafion to take notice of what I have said in the Tenth Lecture, of the vast Extent of the Universe, and of the wonderful Providence of God over it. I have been informed that Monfienr de la Bruyere has. dorit very finely on this Subje&. But as I have never yet seen that Book, neither in French nor English, nor so much as heard of it till long after that Lecture was finished; I hope that if there should happen to be any Affinity or Resemblance between them, yet none will bereafter accuse me of drawing an ill Copy, from so good an Original, which I was never yet acquainted with ; and what I have there said, was only the result of my opon thoughts, on what I had formerly read on that Subje&.

Aug. sth. 1707.







Church of England.


Lecture I.

Queft. What is your Name :
Answ. Joseph or Samuel, Pary or Elizabeth.


HIS excellent Catechism confifts of four ge

neral Parts, and treats of the Four several

Subje&ts following: 1. The Creed 2. The Commandments. ži The Lord's Prayer, and


4. The

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