A System of English Grammar: Constructed Upon the Basis of Murray's Grammar and Adapted to the Use of Schools, Academies, and Private Learners

D.S. King, 1838 - 172 Seiten

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Seite 170 - A million torches lighted by thy hand Wander unwearied through the blue abyss : They own thy power, accomplish thy command. All gay with life, all eloquent with bliss, What shall we call them ? Piles of crystal light, A glorious company of golden streams, Lamps of celestial ether burning bright, Suns lighting systems with their joyous beams ? But thou to these art as the noon to night.
Seite 169 - O, THOU ETERNAL ONE ! whose presence bright All space doth occupy, all motion guide ; Unchanged through time's all-devastating flight ; Thou only God ! There is no God beside ! Being above all beings ! Mighty One Whom none can comprehend and none explore...
Seite 172 - Hark! they whisper; Angels say, Sister Spirit, come away. What is this absorbs me quite? Steals my senses, shuts my sight, Drowns my spirits, draws my breath?
Seite 168 - Is it for thee the lark ascends and sings? Joy tunes his voice, joy elevates his wings. Is it for thee the linnet pours his throat? Loves of his own and raptures swell the note.
Seite 172 - The world recedes; it disappears! Heaven opens on my eyes! my ears With sounds seraphic ring: Lend, lend your wings! I mount! I fly! O Grave! where is thy victory? O Death ! where is thy sting ? The Universal Prayer FATHER of all!
Seite 150 - The dial could scarcely keep its countenance during this harangue ; but resuming its gravity, thus replied : " Dear, Mr. Pendulum, I am really astonished that such a useful, industrious person as yourself, should have been overcome by this, sudden action.
Seite 165 - From Nature too I take my rule, To shun contempt and ridicule. I never, with important air, In conversation overbear. Can grave and formal pass for wise, When men the solemn Owl despise ? My tongue within my lips I rein; •• For who talks much, must talk in vain.
Seite 170 - But the effluence of Thy light divine, Pervading worlds, hath reached my bosom too ; Yes .' in my spirit doth Thy spirit shine As shines the sunbeam in a drop of dew. Nought...
Seite 151 - A celebrated modern writer says, " Take care of the minutes, and the hours will take care of themselves." This is an admirable remark, and might be very seasonably recollected when we begin to be " weary in well-doing," from the thought of having much to do. The present...
Seite 112 - EXAMPLES IN FALSE SYNTAX PROMISCUOUSLY ARRANGED, We adore the Divine Being, he who is from eternity to eternity. On these causes depend all the happiness or misery which exist among men. The enemies who we have most to fear, are those of our own hearts. Is it me or him who you requested to go ? Though great has been his disobedience and his folly, yet if he sincerely acknowledges his misconduct, he shall be forgiven.

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