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7. 12. Joh reneweth his complaint, 773. How thankful we ought to

but admitteth his sinfulness. be to God for trying us.

8. 1. Bildad the Shuhite addresseth 774. Our conviction of God's


mercy and justice.

9. 1. Job acknowledgeth the power 775. God's power and justice de-

and justice of God.

mand resignation on our part.

9. 20. Job deploreth the hopeless- 776. Our blessedness in having

ness of his case.

Jesus for our Mediator.

10. 1. Job reneweth his murmurs 777. The light which the Gospel

under God's dispensation.

throws upon our present life.

11. 1. Zophar exhorteth and re- 778. Of seeking God by faith in

proveth Job.

Christ Jesus.

12. 1. Job beginneth to answer bis 779. The danger of bitterness in

friends scornfully.

religious controversy.

12. 16. Job declareth God to be the 780. That God overrules all things

Ruler of the world.

for good.

13. 1. Job rebuketh his friends. 781. The duty of mutual re-


13. 14. Job professeth trust in God, 782. That we ought to be thankful

but complaineth of his dis- for affliction.


14. 1. Job describeth man's transi- 783. That we may judge of our

tory life on earth.

future lot by our present state.

14. 13. Job concludeth his first an- 784. The true use and advantage

swer to his three friends.

of earthly blessings.

15. 1. Eliphaz findeth fault with 785. The best method of conciliat-

what Job had said.

ing the ill tempered.

15. 17. Eliphaz dwelleth on the 786. The hopelessness of being op-

miserable end of the wicked.

posed to Almighty God.

16. 1. Job reneweth his complaint 787. Against resting satisfied with

against his friends.

imaginary well doing.

16. 11. Job ascribeth his affliction to 788. The blessedness of being


chastised in mercy.

17. 1 Job lamenteth his misery and 789. How to meet death with joy


and thankfulness.

18. 1. Bildad with angry words re- 790. Of waiting for the issue of

neweth his argument.

our conduct until another life.

19. 1. Job detaileth his afflictions, 791. Of sympathy with sinners

as grounds of pity.

in their sufferings.

19.21. Job declareth his trust in a 792. The hope of final redemption


our best comfort in trouble.

Job, ch. 20-33.

LECTURE 793–814.

20. 1. Zophar reneweth his discourse 793. The misery of having the will

on the end of the ungodly.

rebellious towards God.

20.19. Zophar declareth the end of 794. Against the abuse of riches

the oppressor.

and authority.

21. 1. Job maintaineth that the wick- 795. Of looking not to the things

ed do sometimes prosper.

of time but to those of eter-


21. 22. Job accounteth for the pros- 796. The wicked are reserved for

perity of the wicked.

future judgment.

22. 1. Eliphaz speaketh for the third 797. Against speaking vexatiously


to those with whom we differ.

22. 21. Eliphaz exhorteth Job to re. 798. These promises to the penitent

pent, with many promises.

compared with those in the Gos-


23. 1. Job declareth his confidence 799. Of aiming at perfect love and

in God's favourable decision. perfect obedience.

24. 1. Job sheweth how men sin 800. It is good for us not to know

whilst judgment is delayed. the day of judgment.

24. 13. Job concludeth his reply to 801. The evil of rebelling against


the light.

25. 1. Bildad urgeth God's great- 802. That we, being justified

ness and man's sinfulness.

through Christ, rejoice in hope

of glory.

26. 1. Job sheweth that he also 803. That we ought to vie with

can set forth the greatness of each other in glorifying God.


27. 1. Job declareth his abhorrence 804. The way of wickedness is a

of wickedness.

way of wretchedness.

28. 1. Job compareth human skill 805. The immeasurable value of

with heavenly wisdom.

saving knowledge.

28. 20. Job declareth the source of 806. That God is the great Teacher

divine wisdom.

in things heavenly.

29. 1. Job maketh a statement of bis 807. Of learning by the pattern of

conduct in prosperity.

a good example.

30. 1. Job lamenteth the contempt 808. How meekly we ought to

heaped upon him.

put up with insult.

30. 15. Job describeth his sufferings 809. The happiness of resignation

of mind and body.

to the will of God.

31. 1. Job setteth forth his beha. 810. Of being restrained from sin

viour in private life.

by a sense of God's majesty.

31. 24. Job concludeth his account 811. Of being willing to abide

of his manner of life.

death and judgment.

32. 1. Elihu expresseth his great 812. The right end and object of

anxiety to speak.


33. 1. Elihu reproveth Job for mur- 813. God being almighty is not

muring against God.

accountable to man.

33. 14. Elihu accounteth for the af- 814. The use of affliction in bring-

Aliction laid on Job.

ing us to Christ.

a 2

JOB, ch. 34–42.

LECTURE 815-830.

34. 1. Elihu chargeth Job with lav- 815. God, being almighty, and all

ing found fault with God.

good, cannot do wrong.

34.16. Elihu adviseth Job to hum- 816. Nothing can trouble those to

ble himself before God.

whom God giveth peace.

35. 1. Elihu insisteth on the irrever- 817. If we trust in God, He will

ence of Job's words.

turn our mourning into joy.

36. 1. Elihu sheweth that God is 818. The constant superintendence

just in his ways.

of God's providence.

36. 16. Elihu recommendeth Job to 819. The works of nature prove God

magnify God in his works. to be almighty and unsearch-


37. 1. Elihu calleth on Job to con- 820. That God is unsearchable by

sider God's wondrous works.

38. 1. Jehovah answereth Job out of 821. The ignorance of man ought

the whirlwind.

to make him humble.

38. 19. Jehovah convinceth Job of 822. We may know God sufficiently

ignorance and weakness.

to believe in Him, and love


39. 1. The instincts of several ani- 823. The thought of God's power

mals set forth.

ought to humble us.

39. 19. The horse, the hawk, and the 824. The ways of God in his works

eagle, are described.

fit to humble our minds.

40. 1. Job owneth to his sinfulness, 825. How man is humbled, and

and resolveth to amend.

God glorified.

40. 6. Jehovah again chargeth Job 826. That we all stand in need of

with sin. Of behemoth.

God to save us.

41. 1. Of God's great power shewn 827. That God is irresistible and

in leviathan.


41. 12. Leviathan is further de- 828. That our adversary the devil


is subject to God's power.

42. 1. Job, abhorring himself and re- 829. That we should count them

penting, is accepted of God.

happy which endure.

42. 12. The Lord giveth Job twice 830. The chief lessons which we

as much as he had before.

learn from this whole book.

LECTURE 831-834.
1. 1. The happiness of the good, and 831. The psalms expressive of
misery of the wicked.

Psalm 1-4.

devotional meditation.
2. 1. The prevalence of Christ's 832. The typical application of the

kingdom against opposition. Book of Psalms to Christ.
3 1. David bemoaning affliction, 833. The past mercies of God our
professeth trust in God.

plea for obtaining more.
4. 1. David prayeth, exhorteth, and 834. Of adding prayer and piety
declareth his joy in God.

to our confidence in God.

Psalm 5—23.

LECTURE 835–855.

5. 1. David prayeth, and professeth 835. Of praying for the fulfilment

faith in God's mercy.

of God's righteous judgment.

6. 1. David prayeth for mercy, 836. The fearful end which awaits

health, peace, and triumph. the enemies of the Lord.

7. 1. David protesteth against a 837. Our duty, when we labour

false accusation.

under false charges.

8. 1. David magnifieth God's power 838. That we are invited to reign

and goodness.

with Christ in heaven.

9. 1. David praiseth God and pray- 839. How God will befriend us

eth Him for deliverance.

against all enemies.

10. 1. The Psalmist protesteth to 840. The indignation which we

God against the godless.

ought to feel at the oppression

of the poor.

11. 1. David encourageth himself 841. How much the righteous may

in God against threatened dan- venture to risk and do.


12. 1. David shocked by the abund- 842. That God will preserve the

ance of iniquity, appealeth to good though surrounded by



13. 1. David mourneth, prayeth, and 843. That our religious affections

resolveth to rejoice.

ought to be lively,

14 1. David declareth the depravity 844. The children of men and the

of the natural man.

children of God distinguish-


15. 1. David stateth who shall dwell 845. The character of them that

in God's holy hill.

shall be saved.

16. 1. David foresheweth the re- 846. Our interest in the prophe-

surrection of Christ.

cies of Christ's resurrection.

17. 1. David prayeth God to defend 847. How the wicked are a sword

him from his enemies.

in the hand of God.

18. 1. David praiseth God for deli- 848. The graciousness of One so

verance from all his foes.

great as God in fighting for

Psalm 24-44.

Lecture 856-878.

24. 1. David sheweth who shall as- 856. Our hope of ascending into

cend into the hill of the Lord. heaven with Christ.

25. 1. David declareth his integrity, 857. We must both rely on God's

but prayeth for pardon.

mercy, and obey his will.

26. 1. David stateth several points 858. Sundry parts and proofs of

in his integrity.

serving God sincerely.

27. 1. David declareth his confi- 859. That we ought to wait on

dence in God

God with a good courage.

28. 1. David prayeth, and blesseth 860. Of praying God to speak

God for hearing him.

peace unto our souls.

29. 1. David calleth on the great to 861. God's great power demands

glorify God.

our lowly reverence.

30. 1. David praiseth God for the 862. The end of our redemption

brief endurance of his

anger. is that we glorify God.

31. 1. David rejoiceth in a special 863. The application of this psalm

deliverance at God's hand.

to our blessed Lord.

32. 1. David describeth the blessed- 864. Instruction in the way of holi-

ness of a sinner forgiven.

ness for them that are for-


33. 1. An exhortation to praise the 865. Of singing to the praise and

Lord for many reasons.

glory of God.

34. 1. David praiseth God for his 866. Of recommending the graces

deliverance from Achish.

in which we have been defi-


35. 1. David desireth the help of 867. The excellency of inspired

God against his enemies.


35. 15. David continueth to pray 868. How we ought to behave to-

against his enemies.

wards the enemies of Christ.

36. 1. David giveth account of the 869. The case of the wicked con-

wicked, and praiseth God. trasted with that of the good.

37. 1. David argueth against envy- 870. The miserable end of the

ing evil doers.


37. 21. David argueth further against 871. The eternal blessedness of

envying evil doers.

the righteous.

38. 1. David declareth his sin, his 872. How to frustrate the malice of

sufferings, and his sorrow. evil men and wicked spirits.

39. 1. David reflecteth on the vanity 873. By what means our life may

of this life.

cease to be vanity.

40. 1. David sheweth the inefficacy 874. The character of the Messiah

of the legal sacrifices.

as foreshewn in this psalm.

41. 1. David complaineth of the 875. The sufferings, resurrection,

treachery of his friend.

and ascension of Christ.

42. 1. The psalmist devoutly long- 876. The joy of hoping in the

ethi after God.

midst of affliction.

43. 1. The psalmist prayeth for ac- 877. Of hoping for yet further in-

cess to divine ordinances.

crease of church accommodation.

44. 1. The psalmist, under affliction, 878. The church under reverses

professeth trust in God.

must trust in God.

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