Digestion and its derangements

S.S. & W. Wood, 1856 - 441 Seiten

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Seite 445 - How to Nurse Sick Children; containing Directions which may be found of service to all who have charge of the Young. By CHARLES WEST, MD Second Edition. Fcp. 8vo.
Seite 321 - Every wise man, after fifty, ought to begin to lessen at least the quantity of his aliment; and if he would continue free from great and dangerous distempers, and preserve his senses and faculties clear to the last, he ought every seven years go on abating gradually and sensibly, and at last descend out of life as he ascended into it, even into the child's diet.
Seite 446 - Comprising a familiar explanation of the structure and functions of the organs of Man, illustrated by comparative reference to those of the inferior animals.
Seite 235 - Thus Harvey sought for Truth in Truth's own Book, The Creatures, which by God himself was writ; And wisely thought 'twas fit, Not to read Comments only upon it, But on th
Seite 77 - ... to right. The bolus, as it enters the cardia, turns to the left, passes the aperture, descends into the splenic extremity, and follows the great curvature towards the pyloric end. It then returns, in the course of the smaller curvature, makes its appearance again at the aperture in its descent into the great curvature, to perform similar revolutions.
Seite 209 - ... which hung upon a peg among the other things. The ladle was again employed, for the...
Seite 189 - The immediate results may be stated in the five following deductions : 1. Alcohol diminishes the excretion both of the solid and fluid constituents of the urine.
Seite 445 - THE MICROSCOPIC ANATOMY OF THE HUMAN BODY, IN HEALTH AND DISEASE. Illustrated with Several Hundred Drawings in , , Colour. Two vols. 8vo. cloth, £1. 10s.
Seite 444 - Dublin Quarterly Journal of Medical Science, February, 1853. " In closing our observations on M. Vidal's work, we beg to recommend it warmly to our readers, for we regard it as the most complete treatise in any language, on the venereal disease , and it is, moreover, illustrated with singularly faithful and beautifully executed colored drawings. Anything more true to nature, in pathological illustration, we have never witnessed ; indeed, we would consider them, in themselves, without the letter-press,...
Seite 312 - In an hydropical body ten years buried in the churchyard we met with a fat concretion, where the nitre of the earth and the salt and lixivious liquor of the body had coagulated large lumps of fat into the consistence of the hardest Castile soap, whereof part remaineth with us.

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