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Two hundred and fourteen students have been in training in the Normal College.

Fifty-nine have received appointments to schools.

Seven have withdrawn, either from illness, a desire to change their occupation, or a want of fitness for the work.

One hundred and forty-eight remain in the Institution.

Five schools have received temporary assistance during the illness or otherwise necessary

absence of their teachers.


The schools in Manchester and its neighbourhood have received visits from Mr. Wilks as usual. In thirty-eight other places the schools have had the advantage of his inspection and counsel.

In the South-Western counties Mr. Madgin has rendered service, in various ways, to the schools in fifteen towns and villages which he has visited.

The schools in the metropolis, and in thirty-six other places,'have had visits from Mr. Baxter, who has inspected eighty-two schools, . besides conducting several public examinations in town and country.

Mr. Phillips has visited fifty towns and villages in North Wales on the inspection of schools, and in other modes promoting the work of education in that part of the Principality.

Thirty places in South Wales have received visits from Mr. Roberts, who has inspected schools, conferred with Committees, and held public meetings for educational purposes.


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CHRISTMAS EXAMINATIONS, 1854. We announced in our last that the ordinary Examinations for Queen's Scholarships and Certificates had just taken place at the Borough Road, under the superintendence of Her Majesty's Inspectors. The results of that examination have since been announced; 29 young men, and 24 young women obtained Queen's Scholarships, and have since been received in the Society's Training College. All the students in the Training College, who had completed one year's residence, viz., 37 male and 25 female students, were presented for the certificate examination; 33 of the former, and 24 of the latter were successful. Sixty-eight teachers of schools also obtained certificates, of whom 53 were schoolmasters, and the rest mistresses. It will be observed that a new system of classification has been adopted, the teachers of schools being divided, according to age. The elder teachers, who compose Class A, are permitted, if they choose, to select the papers of the second year, and so to compete for a higher class of certificate. The following are the names of the successful candidates.

QUEEN'S SCHOLARS. MALes. First Class.-Charles William Croad, Borough-road B. S.; Francis Muir Gordon, Marylebone Presbyterian School ; John Jenkins, Pembroke-dock B. S.; Edward Jennett, Milton, near Gravesend ; James Reeves, Tiverton B. S.; Andrew Stevens, New Leake W. S.; Thomas Watkins, Pembroke-dock B. S.; John Burgess, Stockport B. S.; John Evans, Holyhead B. S. ; Frederick Sweet, Bideford B. S.

Second Class.-J. A. Fewings, Queen-street W. S.; Thomas Metcalfe, Lancaster B, S. ; James Roscoe, Sharples B. S.; Charles James Hayes, Radnor-street W. S.; John Schofield, Lees, Zion B. S.; George Rooke, Fordingbridge ; John Walmsley Whaley, Lancaster B. S.; Jonas Ashton, Louth B. S.; James Lenton, Oundle B. S. ; Charles A. Porter, Sherstone B. S.; Alfred Smith, Tenterden B. S.; Samuel Lewton, Maesteg Llynvi Iron Works B. S.; Edward Bird, New Town B. S. ; Joseph Roberts, Ruthin B. S.; William H. Platt, Tunstall W. S.; David Morgan, Swansea B. S. ; John Phillips, Blaina B. S.; John Holmes, Wantage W. S.; William James Seago, Hackney-road W. S.

FEMALES.First Class.-Jemima Taylor, Kingsbridge and Dodbrooke B. S.; Ann Elizabeth Parish, Borough-road Model School; Ann Hilldred, Boston B. S.; Sarah Davis, Hackney-road B. S.; Lucy Windle, Brooksbottom W. S.; Ann Standley, Derby B. S. ; T. Mary Jane Ludlow, Borough-road Model School; Sarah Ann Jones, South Islington, Pentonville B: S. ; Jane Crouch, Hackney-road B. S.; Mahalah Jenman, Chichester B. S.

Second Class.-Caroline Hall, Derby B. S. ; Mary Phillips, Pembroke-dock B.S.; Mary Wood, Spitalfields, Wood-street B. S.; Martha Hulford, Vauxhall-walk W. S.; Lucy Martin, Faversham B. S.; Joanna Rundle, Kingsbridge and Dod. brooke B. S.; Mary Hallam, Louth B. S.; Mary Harding, Falmouth B. S. ; Mary Ann Reynolds, Vauxhall-walk W. S.; Martha Green, Louth B. S. ; Jane Irving, Carlisle B. S.; Jane Wray, Darlington, Bridge-street W. S.; Anne Akass, Hall, Holderness Ward B. S.; Emma Clynick, Vauxhall-walk W. S.



First Class.David Evans; Thomas Hepton; John Parry ; Albert James Pope; George Russell ; Charles Shepherd ; Charles Wood.

Second Class.--Jabez Fieldhouse ; William Heppard ; William Hugh; John Shearsmith Moore ; George Henry Smith ; Charles Stuart; John Thomas; John Thompson ; Frederick White ; Thomas Wise.

Third Class.- Thomas Bedford ; James Bithell ; Charles Bown; Jabez Ambrose Comfort ; David Davies; James Goddard ; Samuel Gosney; Henry Hayes; Benjamin Goslett Hill; Thomas Ingleton ; John Osborne Lee; Lewis Llewellyn ; Francis Lowry; Joseph Outhwaite; George Thomas ; Robert Wiffen.


First Class.-Emma Bates; Jane Anne Clarke; Jemima Mary Dearing; Frances E. S. Edmonds; Mary Hancock; Elizabeth Richardson Jones; Ellen Laver ; Annie Moore; Agnes Sample ; Jane Elizabeth Webb.

Second Class.-Anne Cooper ; Anne Farmer ; Harriet Finey ; Georgina Gale ; Lizzie Gray ; Sarah Hinckley ; Frances Jane Ince; Sarah Ann Keen; Susanna Outing ; Adelaide Pellowe; Sarah Scott.

Third Class.- Emily Best ; Caroline Cocks; Ann Elizabeth Watt.

SCHOOLMASTERS. Class A. Second Class.--Edmund Salter, Manchester Jews' S.; Joseph Wallis, Rye W. S.

Third Class.-George Bateman, Greetland W. S. (Halifax); John Burton, Burnley, Salem Chapel S. ; Charles Cooper, Wantage W. S.; Edward Ellis, Denbigh B. S.; John Fairbairn, Petersfield B. S. ; 'John Graham, Snaith W. S.; Joseph Griffiths, Mold B. S.; Robert Handley, Penryn W. S. ; David Harvie, Paddington, Westbourne S.; Robert Hutchinson, Warrington, Newton-le-Willows B. S.; Henry Kirk, Hurworth W. S. (Darlington); William Salisbury, Rawtenstall, Holy Mount S.; Robert Steel, Great Bolton, Eagley Mills B. S.; John Wood, Woburn, Aspley Guise ; Richard Woods, Hull, South Myton W. S.

CLASS B. Second Class.-James Curtis, Leicester, Hill-street B. S.; Henry John Merriman, Alwalton, Earl Fitzwilliam's S. (Peterborough); James Orrin, Mumbles B.S.; George Pegler, Earith (St. Ives, Hunts.); Colin Roberts, Somerstown B. S.; John Saunders, Braintree Public S.; Daniel Tomkins, Great Yarmouth B. S. ; Thomas Watson, Sheffield, High Green W. S.

Third Class.—Reuben Bancroft, Kingswood W. S. (Bristol); Thomas Beavan, Whitchurch W. S. (Aylesbury); Christopher Birkett, Burton-on-Irwell W. S. (Manchester) ; Thomas Brooks, Witney W. S.; Andrew Brown, Ancoats, Chalmers S. (Manchester); George Clifford, Trowbridge B. Ş. ; William Coates, York, Albion-street W. S.; Matthew B. E. Dent, Abingdon B. S.; George Emery, Llyn Iron Works (Bridgend); Edward Fisher, Folkestone B. S.; Thomas Gortley, Berkeley S. (Gloucestershire); Edwin Jolin Gubb, Wallingford, Benson B. S.; Joseph Hillier, Machynlleth, Cemmes B. S.; William Brown Kerr, Kendal W. S.; Harry Alfred Long, Cambridge B. S.; Thomas Mackereth, Salford, New Jerusalem S.; Benjamin Morris, Nantwich W. S.; George Neat, Melksham B. S. ; William Parsons, Lynn B. S. ; Ingram Plested, Stroud B. S.; Charles Prouse, jun., Guernsey, St. Peter's Port B. S.; James Wilkin Rattray, Charlesworth B. S. (Glossop); Thomas Jackson Reynard, Silsden W. S. (Keighley); William Roberts Russell, Taunton B. S.; William Sanders, Cardiff W. S.; Edward Job Smith, Tortworth S. (Wotton-under-Edge); Levi Woolley, Dunster W. S.; William Saunders Young, Spitalfields, Wood-street S. Class C. TEACHERS (PREVIOUSLY CERTIFICATED) WHO HAVE PASSED IN THE


MASTERS.--First Class.-Charles Mansford, Wesleyan Training School, Westminster

Third Class.-John N. Clemons, Epping B. S.
MISTRESSES.-- First Class.-Louisa Scott, Borough Road Normal School.

SCHOOLMISTRESSES. Class A. Second Class.--Mary Ann Coleman Starling, Norwich, Octagon Chapel $.

Third Class.-Ellen Bullen, Spitalfields, Wood-street S.; Catherine Sibson, Vauxhall-walk S.

Class B. Second Class.-Sarah Annie Kingdon, Bedminster B. S.; Sarah Anne Plant, Leicester, Hill-street B. S.

Third Class.-Charlotte Collens, Bolton-le-Moors W. S.; Ann Crossman, Bridge end, Maesteg Iron-works S.; Elizabeth Hancock, Ravenhead, British Plate Glass Company's S. (St. Helen's); Isabella Ann Outhwaite, Folkestone, Elham B. S.; Martha Parkinson, Leeds, Basinghall-street B. S. ; Emma Pearl, Tean B. S. (Cheadle); Rohanna Quillins, Oldham W. S.; Mary Anne Roe, Thirsk B. S.; Mary Spreadbury, Darlington, Kendrew-street S.


DRAWING PRIZES. Under a recent arrangement of the Government, the determination of the merits of the several candidates for certificates, so far as Drawing and Design are concerned, is referred to the Department of Science and Art, which is connected with the Privy Council for Trade. This department has awarded a prize, consisting of a set of mathematical instruments, to each of the following candidates, 24 of whom were students in the Normal College.

Joseph Griffiths; John Clemons; Robert Hutchinson ; Frederick White ; Ingram Plested ; James Goddard ; Charles Prinsep; Charles Hunt; Albert Pope; Colin Roberts ; James Orrin ; Thomas Bedford ; Andrew Brown; James Bithell; William Heppard; David Evans; Charles Stuart; Lewis Llewellyn; Jabez Fieldhouse ; John Thompson ; William Hugh; Francis Hewitt; Evan Williams; Jabez Comfort; John S. Moore; George H. Smith; Joseph Outhwaite; Samuel Gosney; Susanna Outing ; Sarah Keen ; Lizzie Gray; Ellen Laver; Mary Hancock.

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SOCIETY'S DEPOSITORY. The attention of committees, managers, and teachers of schools, is directed to this branch of the Society's operations. School materials of every description, such as Lesson-Books, Copy. Books, Maps, Slates, Pens, Pencils, and Diagrams, are now on sale at the Depository, at very reduced prices.

The following additions and alterations have been recently made in the Society's Catalogue:

Book slates, 6d., 9d., Is., ls. 6d. each.
Superior oak slates, 8+6, 3s. 6d. ; 11+7, 4s. 6d.; 12+8, 5s. 6d. per dozen.
Tuning forks, ls. each.
Box of extra large size models, £2.
Lesson boards, for whole sets of lessons, ls. 3d, each.
Lesson stands, for infant schools, 4s. 6d. each.
Sketch books, 3s. per dozen.
Envelopes, 7d., 8d., and 9d. per 100.
Note paper (five quire) packages (superior), Is. 6d. ; half-ream packets, 33. each.
Bow compass, in box, Is. 4d. (forming a complete set of instruments.)
Colour boxes, 6d., 9d., ls, ls. 6d. each.
Memorandum books, 2d., 4d., 6d. each.

Darnell's copy-books are now done up in neat packets of 1 dozen eacb, at the same price as formerly.

With a view more especially to the convenience of country correspondents, arrangements have been made by which they may obtain any books or other materials they may require, which are not in the Society's Catalogue. Teachers will now find it greatly to their advantage to send all their orders direct to the Depository, as every article they may need, either for the use of their schools, or for their own studies, will be procured without any delay, and supplied at cost price.

Catalogues will be sent by post gratis, on application at the Depository, Boroughroad.

*** It is particularly requested that when books or school materials are ordered, which are not found in the Society's Catalogue, an exact description of such should be given, with the price and publisher's name. By observing this rule the execution of orders will be greatly facilitated, and mistakes will generally be prevented.

GEORGE A. BURBIDGE, Depositary. All remittances should be enclosed to Samuel Bradford, Accountant, and Post Office Orders made payable to him, at the Borough Post Office, London.

HOME REPORTS.—NorthÁMPTON. The following extract relates to the extreme difficulty of securing regular attendance in girls' schools. We believe that the evil is a pressing one, and is rather on the increase, especially in many provincial towns. If the friends of any British Schools have found means of meeting this difficulty, and will communicate the result to us, we should be glad to give it publicity :

• With respect to the girls' school your Committee have nothing special to cormunicate. The Ladies' Committee report that they are perfectly satisfied with the way in which the teachers have discharged their important duties; but they would gladly see a much larger attendance in their very commodious schools; they cannot but lament the apathy manifested by so many parents as to the education of their children, the slightest excuse being sufficient to detain them at home. No sooner does the girl emerge from mere babyhood than she is set to assist in household duties; or at the age of ten or twelve she is sent out into a situation as nurse, or is allowed to come to the school for half a day only, and thus loses much of the benefit which might be derived from a more constant attendance.

“Little need now be said on the importance of education for all ; its necessity is acknowledged by men of all shades of opinion. There is a danger, however, lest while we are occupied in discussing the various educational schemes-National or Voluntary, Religious or Secular, which now occupy public attention--we neglect the machinery already existing.

Every two or three years a generation passes through the period during which the educating influences of the schools can be brought to bear upon them; the necessity of contributing to the family maintenance calls them early to the hard labour of life. lf, therefore, we let our hands hang idly until some means of educating all have been devised and put in action, the opportunity of many will pass by; they will grow up ignorant and unable to estimate the value of knowledge; and, as parents of another generation, will exhibit that apathy and indifference to the intellectual welfare of their own children, which forms the greatest obstacle to the success of our efforts in the present day.”

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READING BRITISH SCHOOLS. “The average attendance during the last year has been as good as usual. The slight diminution in the number now on the books, as compared with the previous year, may, in the opinion of your Committee, be partly accounted for by the efforts which have been made by other friends of education to gather together the children of the

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