Transactions on Computational Systems Biology IX

Corrado Priami
Springer Science & Business Media, 23.10.2008 - 153 Seiten
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This issue of the journal reports regular papers. The ?rst contribution is by ParasChopra and Andreas Bender and discusses quantitative modelling aspects of the bgl operon for E. coli. The second contribution is by Rodrick Wallace and Deborah Wallace and deals with ecosystem transitions a?ecting phenotype - pressions and selection mechanisms. The techniques used are statistical models. The thirdcontributionis byRoberto Barbuti,Andrea Maggiolo-Schettini,Paolo Milazzo, Paolo Tiberi and Angelo Troina and presents the Stochastic Calculus of Looping Sequences (SCLS) suitable for the description of microbiologicals- tems, such as cellular pathways, and their evolution. The last contribution is by Federica Ciocchetta and describes the use of biological transactions to make atomic sequences of interactions in the BlenX language. May 2008 Corrado Priami LNCS Transactions on Computational Systems Biology – Editorial Board Corrado Priami, Editor-in-chief University of Trento, Italy Charles Au?ray Genexpress, CNRS and Pierre & Marie Curie University, France Matthew Bellgard Murdoch University, Australia Soren Brunak Technical University of Denmark, Denmark Luca Cardelli Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK Zhu Chen Shanghai Institute of Hematology, China Vincent Danos CNRS, University of Paris VII, France Eytan Domany Center for Systems Biology, Weizmann Institute, Israel Walter Fontana Santa Fe Institute, USA Takashi Gojobori National Institute of Genetics, Japan Martijn A.

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A Quantitative bgl Operon Model for E coli Requires BglF Conformational Change for Sugar Transport
How Sudden Ecosystem Transitions Can Entrain Both Phenotype Expression and Darwinian Selection
Stochastic Calculus of Looping Sequences for the Modelling and Simulation of Cellular Pathways
The BlenX Language with Biological Transactions
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