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Publija Nov 1798. Fl.Du Roveray. London.

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The Rape of the Lock was first published

in the year 1711, and was written in less than

a fortnight. It was occasioned by a frolic,

carried rather beyond the bounds of good breed

ing, in which Lord Petre cut off a lock of

Mrs. Arabella Fermor's hair: the poem was un

dertaken at the request of Mr. Caryl, in order

to reconcile the two families, this frolic having

occasioned a serious rupture between them.

It was received with such universal ap

plause as to induce Pope to extend it the fol

lowing year from two Cantos to five, by the

addition of the machinery of the Sylphs and

Gnomes. This improvement, which may


considered as one of the happiest efforts of art,

did not, however, receive the approbation of

Addison, who, possibly, might not conceive

the propriety with which the introduction of

this new machinery could be effected. Ad

dison's opinion in this instance was so far

from being confirmed by the voice of his co

temporaries, or by the decision of posterity,

that it was attributed to jealousy, though it

contains no proof of his being actuated by so

base a motive: yet, when we consider the im

perfections of human nature, and Addison's

conduct in regard to Pope and Tickell’s trans

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