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power, became deeply impressed with the idea that God was not in her native isle. At the same time, she was overcome by the feeling that she must go in pursuit of him, where he was to be found. She accordingly stole away from her parents, and travelled across the country to the usual outlet by the ferry to the mainland. As she proceeded, she made no secret of the errand on which she had departed; and as her relations had taken up the opinion that she had become unsound in her mind, little attempt was made to recall her. So soon as she was out of Skye, she began to ask every passenger whom she met where she might find God? for that he was not in her country. She called at houses too by the way, asking direction. In her uncommon inquiry pity and kind treatment marked the conduct of all towards her. Her question excited surprise; but as her manner expressed sincerity and deep earnestness, every one answered her soothingly, and as unwilling to interfere with the hallucination under which they conceived she laboured. In this way she journeyed for days and weeks, but, though disappointed in every application for the knowledge which she sought, she did not desist. At length she reached the town of Inverness, often heard of; and which her youthful imagination had long pictured the centre of all that was good and valuable, as well as great. The first person whom she there met, and to whom she made application, was a pious lady, addressed by her on the street. She stopped her, and said in Gaelic, “ I am come from Skye, where God is not; can you tell me where I shall find him?” The lady was struck, not more with the unusual nature of address than the deep-toned earnestness and solemnity of her man

Her first impression was that of all the others to whom the poor child had spoken by the way; but she engaged in conversation with her, and became satisfied of her sanity. Come with me, at last she said, perhaps I can bring you to where you shall find God. She took her to her home. Next day was Sabbath. The wanderer accompanied her kind protector to the house of God. For the first time the gospel was proclaimed in her hearing. It came in demonstration of the Spirit and of power to her soul. She was an awakened sinner, and soon became a happy convert.

She lived for many years in the lady's family-never again returned to Skye.


She married and settled in the parish of Cray, near Inverness, and was one of the most eminent Christians of her day. She lived long, and was greatly distinguished for her devotedness and fervency as a follower of the Lamb. Often have the pious in Skye said to each other, Who can tell but the prayers of her who was led by a way which she knew not to the knowledge of the God of Abraham, may be receiving their answer in the great work which in this dark place he has been pleased to produce? Often, doubtless, were this good woman's earnest supplications offered up for her native isle; and if, though after a long time, the Day-spring from on high did visit the vale where first she drew breath, who will say, but in granting this blessing the Hearer of prayer had regard to her request, and fulfilled the word of his promise, that the seed of Jacob shall seek him not in vain ?

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***8 Week.






Mt. Sipai-The Law. 1491
The Golden Call. 1491
The Provocation. 1490
The Wilderness.




xix. XX.

xxxii. to xxxiv. Numbers

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i, to iv.



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