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" Thy Kingdom Come."

Steadfast in the Faith. So far as I can learn, no backsliding in faith or practice has occurred among the Christians of Madagascar. Their zeal and activity seem to have suffered no abatement. Their religion is still characterized by upremitting prayer. Several of them tell me in their letters that they still observe the hour, from seven to eight on Thursday evening, as originated in England, for special prayer to God, or rather to praise him for his distinguishing goodness to them. Their numbers have increased in a manner almost incredible to themselves. David Johns says the forty-five cases of Scriptures, and also of tracts, will not be enough. The best men for character and ability in the country are now numbered with the Christians. Among the signatures to one most excellent letter are the names of three officers of the palace.—Rev. W. Ellis.

Light Arising in Russia. At the Huntly Conference, the Rev. Dr. Brown, said, This revival of religion is not a local, but a world-wide movement. In Russia, though not attended by the same demonstration as in this country, the revival movement is nevertheless being distinctly felt. A vast number of Bibles, some 30,000, had lately (in July) been printed off, and such had been the demand that they had already been nearly all bought up. That was one indication of the rising of the tide in Russia. Another was the organizing of Sabbath-schools. At St. Petersburg there were now 140 schools, attended by about 30,000 youths-most of them of recent establishment. Another was the temperance movement, which had no equal in America or in this country. Some two and a half years ago, in one government, no fewer than 76,000 individuals joined the temperance society, and fast in their principles.

these 65,000 remained stead.

The Churches of Armenia. The churches of Aintab, Marash, and Oorfa have not only undertaken their own support, but bave determined to provide for the evangelization of the towns and vil. lages in their immediate vicinity. These churches, founded so recently themselves, are thus becoming lights to the regions around. Many of the Armenian priests are greatly enraged by the progress of the missionaries, and the agents are more frequently attacked than formerly. In one village, near Nicomedia, a colporteur has recently been beaten almost to death by the mob.

News of the Churches.

A Cry for Something Better. An evangelist was passing through a village in the east of France, whose whole population was in an uproar-the agents of the public authority were taking to prison the priest, guilty of unnameable crimes, and loaded with universal abuse. A short time after, the mayor wrote an urgent appeal to the evangelist to come and give a religion to the people, who on no consideration would be persuaded to receive another priest, or continue in the Romish faith! The appeal was complied with, and the gospel is being preached there.

In Bordeaux a work of revival is going on among foreign sailors. Pastor Emilien Frossard, with a young French evangelist, visits the various ships, and unfurls the Bethel flag wherever permitted.

Signs of a Change. THE Rev. T. B. Atkins writes to the King's County Chronicle (Ireland):—In a former number I referred to the revival in Tipperary and the King's County. It will be pleasing to many who read this paper to know that we have still much cause to rejoice. One who was lately converted has been removed by death to another world; his last words were, “ Lord, keep me walking in the right path, and receive me into thy glorious kingdom.” A person speaking of the change in one small town, said, “The public-houses are becoming lonely;”—a better testimony of the good fruits of the revival we could not have. At Templemore the good work among the soldiers has continued.


ANSWERS TO PRAYER. London: Monthly Tract Society. 24mo,

16 pages. Price One Penny.

Whatever encourages us in prayer, or helps our faith in God as the hearer of it, does good to our souls. Such good this little book is fitted to do. Here are gathered many interesting examples of answers to believing prayer. MONTAGUE STANLEY, THE ACTOR. London: Rcligious Tract

Society. 12mo, 24 pages. Price One Penny.

A brief narrative of the life and death of Montague Stanley, who was drawn by the grace of God out of a profession whence, it is to be feared, few men of God come. His case was a beautiful illustration of the words on the title-page, “Him that cometh to me, I will in no wise cast out.


Book of grace, and book of glory !

Gift of God to age and youth,
Wondrous is thy sacred story,

Bright, bright with truth.
Book of love! in accents tender

Speaking unto such as we;
May it lead us, Lord, to render

All, all to thee.

Book of hope! the spirit sighing,

Consolation finds in thee,
As it hears the Saviour crying,

Come, come to me.”
Book of peace ! when nights of sorrow

Fall upon us drearily,
Thou wilt bring a shining morrow,
Full, full of thee.

-Early Days.


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BY TAF REV. ANDREW A. BONAR, FINNIESTON, GLASGOW, © O you remember a story in Mr. Moffat's Mis

sionary Labours and Scenes in Africa, about a lion lying in wait for a man} The man had gone to a pool of water, and then had lain down on a sloping rock to watch for any stray antelope that might come to drink; but while so doing fell fast asleep.

The heat of the sun reflected from the rock awoke him; but, when he would have risen from his position, he saw a large lion within little more than a yard of his feet, with its eyes glaring in his face. After a few moments he made a motion toward his gun, which he had laid down whilst he slept; but the lion no sooner


saw him move than it gave a tremendous roar. Again, after an interval, he made the attempt, when again the lion started up as if enraged at his daring to seek a weapon of defence. The sun's rays soon made the rock like a heated plate of iron. At length the day closed. The night passed on, and yet every hour the lion was on the watch. The sun rose, the rock was soon as hot as yesterday, only by this time his feet had become past feeling, roasted by the intensity of the heat. About noon, the lion rose up and walked leisurely to the pool of water, eyeing the man all the while, so that when he once more stretched his hand toward his gun, the lion, enraged, made as if he would spring upon him. This day passed over, and another night also. But in the forenoon of the following day, the lion again walked down to the water, and while there was arrested by a noise from another quarter, which caused him suddenly to plunge into the bushes and disappear. It was only now that

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