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to another quarter, and again to another and another ; and again and again did I see similar masses of heathen men, swarming like ants through the thoroughfares of this populous city. As a Christian missionary, my mind was overwhelmed with the power of this one thought, of countless masses of men hurrying on to eternity.-Rev. J. W. Dulles.



A Young Jew Baptized. ONE of our young men, whom I have noticed in former communications, has for months past expressed a desire publicly to confess Christ; and on Sabbath, June 8, he was baptized at the close of our forenoon service. He is the only son of a very respectable Jewish family in Bucharest, and for four or five years belonged to that unstable class of inquirers who come and go, seeking in. tercourse with the missionary in private, or in the stated services, just as an occasional inward impulse prompts them.

When absent from Constantinople temporarily, he invariably sought the missionary in several towns where he sojourned. On his last arrival here, fifteen months ago, he failed in finding employment, owing to the prevailing commercial pressure, and I proposed that he should learn a trade, and thus secure his maintenance for the future. Accordingly I apprenticed him to a bookbinder, at which occupation he has steadily worked and very creditably progressed. During this period it has pleased the Lord to draw him to himself, and to bless the instruction received from week to week, and when, on the Sabbath, he put his seal to the truth as it is in Jesus, I felt much comfort in the conviction that his yea and amen proceeded from a heart truly renewed by the Spirit of God.

Rev. R. Koenig.

A Backslider Restored. EIGHT days later our half-yearly communion season came round, and in connection with it we had additional evidence that the Spirit of the Lord has not left us. One of our oldest church members had for more than a year past been in a state of painful deadness and backsliding. I now saw in him a convert of fifteen years standing before me as a broken reed, confessing his sins, and weeping over them as at the first; and with fresh and newly awakened love he was again enabled to sit down at the foot of the cross, and show forth his Lord's death in the supper together with his brethren.-Rev. R. Koenig,


ONE summer's evening a little boy was sitting at the door of a cottage, and, as night descended, he fell asleep, and dreamed.

In his dream he was an old man with grey hairs on his head; and upon thinking over his past life, he said to himself, “I have lived all these years and not known God, the Great Father. I have never thought anything about religion. Oh that I had my time to live over again! I would learn to live for some good purpose. I would strive to make myself useful in the world, and to know the Great Father of whom the Bible speaks."

The sun had sunk, and darkness covered the earth, when this little boy awoke, and found himself once more a child on the door-step of his father's cottage. He did not forget his dream, but earnestly sought Him who said, “Ì love them that love me, and those who seek me early shall find me.” Nor did he seek in vain.-- Children's Friend.

AN OPIUM-SMOKER BECOME A CHRISTIAN. A CHINESE of about sixty years of age, the son of an admiral, is now in reduced though independent circum. stances. For twenty years he has been addicted to the vice of opium-smoking. Years ago he he the gospel preached, and was convinced of its truth. Since then be has been desirous of a better peace than the world can give. The pernicious drug failed to calm his troubled mind.

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About a month ago he presented himself at the hospital, and frankly told me his disease, and asked my assistance to deliver him from the fangs of his enemy. prepared some camphor and opium pills for him, directed him how to use them, and sent him away, scarcely expecting to see his face again. But day after day he came, and even when he did not require medicine, he came to be present at the devotional exercises which precede the medical work. Since the first day he began to take my medicine, he has abstained from the opium pipe. At first he was a pitiable object to behold, -pale, haggardlooking, and palsied. Now he has a more cheerful look, a steadier gait, and, I trust, a happier mind. This man has now been baptized by the missionaries of the London Missionary Society at Amoy.- Letter from Dr. Carnegie.


Once, as a poor family sat round the table to a scanty meal, one of the children looked up reproachfully at his father, and down distastefully at the portion before him.

The portion was bread, and the bread was dry and mouldy.

The father was quick to see his son's discontent; but he spoke gently,

“My dear boy, I am sorry we have nothing more pleasant than dry bread to-day. I am still more sorry that our bread is mouldy; but see,”—and he handed his own portion to the boy, who saw then that his father had taken the very worst part of the loaf for his own share, had cut and pared away the most mouldy and bitter parts of his children's slices on to his own plate.

The boy coloured, looked wistfully into his father's kind and patient but anxious countenance, and burst into tears. His mouldy bread was sweet after that.

Christian! you sometimes are tempted to look up reproachfully to your heavenly Father, and down discontentedly at your hard and scanty portion. You half revolt against the mouldy loaf, and are prone to envy the prosperity of others. Perhaps the best cure for this discontent, and the best way to make your bitter bread sweet, is to be shown of what your Saviour's portion consisted,

“How bitter that cap no heart can conceive,

Which he drank quite up, that sinners might lire.
His way was much rougher and darker than mine;
Did Christ my Lord suffer, and shall I repine?"

-The Cottager.


“ SUCH was the portrait an apostle drew,

The bright original was one he knew :
Heaven held his hand,--the likeness must be true."


“I BEGGED." A LITTLE boy in Jamaica called on the missionary, and stated that he had lately been very ill, and often wished his minister had been present to pray with him.

“But, Thomas," said the missionary, “I hope you prayed yourself?

Oh, yes, sir.”

Well, but how did you pray ?”.
Why, sir, I begged.

A child of six years old, in a Sunday school, said “When we kneel down in the schoolroom to pray, it seems as if my heart talked to God."

A little girl, about four years of age, being asked, “Why do you pray to God ?” replied, " Because I know he hears me, and I love to pray to bim.".

“ But how do you know he hears you ?"

Putting her little hand to her heart, she said, “I know he does, because there is something here that tells me so.”- Children's Friend.



October 1862.

Oct. 4. The words of the Lord are pure words:

as silver tried in a furnace of earth,

purified seven times.-Ps. xii. 6. 11. Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a

corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it

bringeth forth much fruit.—John xii. 24. 18. This is life eternal, that they might know

thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ,

whom thou hast sent.-John xvii. 3. 25. Take this child away, and nurse it for me,

and I will give thee thy wages.-Exod. ü. 9.

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