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See that happy family, four boys and two girls, playing upon the green. Notice their rosy faces, and light foot. steps. Listen to their joyous voices, and merry laugh. Perhaps their clothes are coarse and worn. Perhaps their dinner has been of the plainest kind. But one thing they have in abundance,-strong, joyous health.

Now turn into that cottage at the other end of the street. There lives a poor widow, left with five children. She makes a brave struggle for bread to her little onesbut often she gets little work, and often when she can get it, she has no strength to do it. That thin face and hollow cough tell that she is wasting away. And her eldest, a meek, patient boy, is confined to his bed by hopeless disease. Another is already threatened with his mother's consumption, and of the three others, scarcely one of them is well for a month together.

Dear reader, are you thankful for health ? Look at the picture. Here is a rich boy, and a poor boy. The rich boy is pale and sick, and has been wheeled into his father's garden. The poor boy is strong and healthy. Would you envy the rich boy with all his riches ? What are all riches if we have not health ?

Be thankful for health. It is a talent from God. Are you using it for his service ? or are you wasting it on the follies and weary pleasures of the world? Oh, seek to give the best and freshest of your days to God. Think not to offer him the dregs of your life. A dying king, who had worn himself out in the service of sin, was told that there was mercy still, if he would come to Jesus. you think," was his sad answer, “ do you think that God will accept of the devil's leavings ?” There would have been mercy for him; but, ah! how sad to have such a thing to say!

" Do "What are all riches if we have not health ? "


See Page 188.

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2 In robes of white, o'er the streets of gold,

Beneatb a cloudless sky,
They walk in the light of their Father's smile ;

But will you be there, and I ?
Will you be there, and I ?

3 From every kingdom of earth they come

To join the triumphal cry,
Of Worthy the Lamb that once was slain ;”

But will you be there, and I?
Will you be there, and I ?

4 If we seek the loving Saviour now,

And follow him faithfully,
When he gathers his children in that bright home-

Then you will be there, and I;
Yes, you will be there, and I.


ONE WHO FOUND MERCY. By the Rev. W. Tait, M.A.

Dublin Tract Depository. 24mo, 20 pages. Price One

Penny. Following upon the showers of blessing which have lately been falling, many little books are appearing about those who have shared in that blessing, as Ole by one they are falling asleep. Here is an instructive memorial of “one who found mercy," though his first answer to a kind word about his soul was, “Do not torment me before the time." It is from the pen of an able and devoted minister of the Church of England. MARY BLACK; or, The New Frock. Birmingham: C. Cas

well. 32mo, 8 pages. Price One Farthing. A very little book about a little girl who was awakened by means of an address given on the examination day at a school in Edinburgh. Little Mary went that day thinking about her frock, but came away thinking about her soul.



August 1863.

Aug. 1. The precious blood of Christ.—1 Pet, i. 19. 8. If any man suffer as a Christian, let him

not be ashamed; but let him glorify God

on this behalf.—1 Pet. iv. 16. 15. Put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make

not provision for the flesh, to fulfil the

lusts thereof.—Rom. xii. 14. 22. Herein do I exercise myself, to bave always

a conscience void of offence toward God,

and toward men.-Acts xxiv. 16. 29. I have taught thee in the way of wisdom;

I have led thee in right paths.-Prov. iv. 11.


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