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said, “ God is ready to impart all this to you also. He is showing you much mercy. He gave you the desire to learn to read, and sent me to teach you; and he will teach you to know himself, and will save you if you will give your mind to these things.” She brightened and said,

This alone has induced me to learn to read, that I may learn about God, and meditate on these things. You know we Hindu women have no use for reading, but my desire is strong to know about God.”, I inquired if she prayed to God. “Oh yes !” she said.

"Just as you have told me. Are you not always telling us?"

“Let me read you a prayer,” I said. She assented to many parts as it was read, and I pressed all being presented in Christ's name, and for his sake. -Mrs. Sewell, L. M. Society.

" How do you

pray?" "


Rarotonga. THOUGH degraded and vicious in the extreme at the time of John Williams' first visit, under the power of the gospel it long since became the abode of peace and righte.

All the people of the island are now avowedly Christians, and the five churches include in their fellow. ship at least one third of the adult population. Many native teachers from this island, after having received an extended course of suitable training, have been instrumental in introducing the gospel to the benighted groups of Western Polynesia, where they have distinguished themselves by zeal and ability in the work of the Lord. -Missionary Chronicle.


MAKE SURE OF IT. A Few Words to Young Men. By

One of Themselves. London: The Book Society. 24mo,

24 pp. Price One Penny. In the city of London, about a thousand souls pass into eternity every week. This is the death-bed story of one of them, a young man, who died agod twenty, worn out in the slavery of sin. When death knocked at his door, neither Bible

nor Testament was to be found in his house. The “few words" are taught by means of a terrible illustration, “ He is gone-but where?"

PEOPLE OF CONSEQUENCE. London: English Monthly Tract

Society, Red Lion Square. 24mo, 16 pp. Price One

Penny. An interesting story, well fitted to show the sin and the silliness of the " airs ” which some young people, and older people too, give themselves. By nature we put self first: but when God's grace converts the heart, we learn to place God first, our neighbour as ourself, and ourself last.' The more this is done, the more happy we are ourselves, and the more we cause happiness to others.”



A LITTLE lamb was bleating

As we passed the meadow side;
It had wandered from its mother,

And it missed its faithful guide.

Other sheep were near it,

But it only looked for one,
For the nourishment it needed,

As it wandered sad and lone.

The mother heard its bleating,

And she rap with joyful haste
To restore the little wanderer

To its own sweet place of rest.
Take a lesson, dearest children, -

You know we love you true ;
Keep near the gentle Shepherd,

Who is ever kind to you.
Be sorry when you grieve him,

And pray you never máy
Be thoughtless little wanderers

From Christ, the Living Way.


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1863. WENTY years after the ever-memorable Dis

ruption, the General Assembly of the Free Church of Scotland met in the Assembly Hall, Edinburgh, on Thursday, 21st May. The Rev. Dr. Guthrie, the Moderator of last year, preached the opening sermon from Mark xvi. 15, “Go ye therefore into all the world, and preach the gospel to every crea

ture.” Dr. Guthrie began by showing that during the first centuries after the truth as it is in Jesus was known in this land, those who professed it had to contend against its enemies often to the death, and nothing, therefore, was done for spreading it abroad. Then came the dark days of moderatism, when spiritual truth was trodden under foot, and the very mention of missions to the heathen was treated with scron. Then came better times, and one of their first-fruits was the sending out of Dr. Duff as a missionary to India. Dr. Guthrie urged upon the Church the duty of encouraging her young men to go as missionaries to the heathen, and of being kind in the provision made for them after they had served in the foreign field, and also for their families.

The Assembly was then duly constituted, when, on the motion of Dr. Guthrie, seconded by the Earl of Kintore, Mr. Roderick Macleod of Snizort, Isle of Skye, was unanimously elected Moderator. Mr. Macleod delivered an interesting opening address; and after further business of a formal kind, the Assembly adjourned.


Report on the Conversion of the Jews.

During the forenoon meeting, the Assembly was chiefly engaged in devotional exercises, which were conducted by the Moderator, Mr. Mackenzie of Nairn, Mr. Nixon of Montrose, Mr. M‘Coll of Glasgow, and Mr. Main of Edinburgh. Special prayer was offered in behalf of Matamoras and the other Christians in Spain who are suffering imprisonment merely for reading the Bible.

In the evening, Mr. MOODY STUART, Convener, gave in the report of the Committee for the Conversion of the Jews, which gave encouraging accounts of the work, and especially of the success of the missionary schools in Pesth. The Assembly was also addressed by Dr. Duncan of the New College, Mr. Edward, missionary to Jews at Breslau, Dr. Robert Buchanan, and Mr. Arthur Fraser

(elder). The collection for the year was £2706; for the former, year, £2857; decrease, £151. Donations for the year, £289; last year, 2378; decrease, £89. Legacies, £691; last year, £1090; decrease, £399. Juvenile offerings, this year, £125; last year, £120; increase, £5. Whole income, £3821 ; expenditure, £4613; excess of expenditure, £792.

SATURDAY, 230 MAY. The Assembly was to-day engaged in consultation about the Collections for the Schemes of the Church ; Mr. Nairn, Dundee; Mr. Ciugston; Mr. Isdaile; Dr. Begg; Mr. Wilson, Dundee; Mr. C. J. Brown; Dr. Moir (elder); Mr. Trail, Glasgow; Mr. Turnbull, Huntingtower; Mr. Thorburn; Mr. Macgregor, Paisley; Mr. Sinclair, Kirkwall; and others, taking part. Then in reference to New Congregations, about the management of the Mission Schemes, about a case referred from the Synod of Moray, another from the Presbytery of Orkney, and other matters of business. There was as usual no meeting in the evening.


Finance Committee.

Dr. Candlish, who till now had been absent from indisposition, entered the house for the first time, and was warmly welcomed.

The Assembly, during the forenoon sitting, was chiefly occupied with a case of a painful kind from the Presbytery of Orkney, regarding an irregular marriage.

Afterwards, Mr. GEORGE MELDRUM (elder) gave in the report of the Finance Committee. Mr. Meldrum stated that all the Committees close the year with a balance in their favour. This is the third year in succession that the Committee have bad the same satisfactory report to

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