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kings may be seen riding gloriously on his wbite horse. Pray for yourself, and say, I am a poor dying sinner; Lord, open my eyes that of thy law the wonders I may see. .” Pray for your families, that they may stand at last in unbroken companies with the Lamb on Mount Zion. Pray for ministers, that they may have the unction from the Holy One, and the tongue of fire. Pray for God's children, that they may be revived as the corn, and that, like Naphtali, they may be "satisfied with favour, and full with the blessing of the Lord.” Pray for all the churches of Christ, that they may “have rest and be edified, walking in the fear of the Lord, and in the comfort of the Holy Ghost." Pray for the young, that they may seek and find Jesus now, like one who found him lately, and said, “ There's glory in my heart now." Pray for Sabbath schools, that they may be nurseries of the church below, and of the church above, and that in all the classes there may be found groups of the lambs of Jesus. Pray for sinners in your own congregation, whether they be open sinners or cold formalists, that they may be awakened to seek the Lord weeping. Pray for non-church-goers, that they may see the worth of divine ordinances, and be taught to say before they die, “ How amiable are thy tabernacles, O Lord-a day in thy courts is better than a thousand.” Oh, if God would pour out the Spirit of prayer on every hearer, what life, and light, and power- what solemnity-what Bethel-like fear-would be felt in all the services !

A STRONG ARGUMENT. A YOUNG man, when about to be ordained as a Christian minister, said that at one period of his life he had been pearly betrayed into the principles of infidelity ; "but,' he added, " there was one argument in favour of Chris. tianity which I could never refute-the consistent conduct of my own father.”

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A GOOD woman, searching out the children of want one cold day last winter, tried to open a door in the third storey of a wretched house, when she heard a little voice say, “Pull the string up high; pull the string up high." She looked up and saw a string, whicb, on beipg pulled, lifted a latch, and she opened the door upon two little half-naked children, all alone. Very cold and pitiful they looked.

Do you take care of yourselves, little ones?" asked the good woman.

“ God takes care of us," said the oldest.

“And are not you very cold ? no fire on a day like this !”

Oh, when we are very cold, we creep under the quilt, and I put my arm round Tommy, and Tommy puts his arms round me, and we say, 'Now I lay me;' then we get warm," said the little girl.

" And what have you to eat ?".

When grandmother comes home, she fetches us something. She says God has got enough. She calls us God's sparrows; and we say, 'Our Father' and 'daily bread ' every day. God is our Father."

Tears came in the good woman's eyes. She had a mistrusting spirit herself; but those two little “sparrows,” perched in that cold upper chamber, taught her a sweet lesson of faith and trust she will never forget.

And have you, children, who have almost everything else, this sweet spirit of content and thankfulness ?Children's Friend.



Native Mission at Indapore. THE Rev. Narayan Sheshadri, the earnest native minister at the head of this mission, writes on 8th March :

You will be glad to hear that, about three months ago, I was privileged to establish a female school in this town. This was done after advocating the cause of female education for upwards of eight months. We had various obstacles to overcome, and I cannot say that even now our way is quite clear before us, the people have so many objections to send their girls to our school. However, a very good beginning has been made. The school we have been permitted to set up is attended by about thirty-five girls. They all belong to the bigher classes. Owing to these being our harvest days, their attendance has not been very regular.

The boys' school is placed under a teacher, whose sole business is to get children to come to school to teach them to read. After four o'clock P.M. I myself visit the school, and take the religious part of the tuition upon myself.

You will be glad to hear that, with the assistance of a Christian lad, I am permitted to instruct between sixty and eighty children of the lower classes out of the word of God. _This is done every morning between eight and nine. We have now got a firm hold of the young of this place. Most of them anxiously wait for us.'


Indian Ladies in a Railway Train. While returning from Burdwan, I entered at the station a second class railway carriage. There were in the carriage about half a dozen European gentlemen and one up-country native gentleman. Close to the last-mentioned person, and in the furthest corner of the carriage, there rested what seemed to be a large package of goods, completely covered over with cloth. Wondering what a bale of cotton, or a package of any other goods, had to do in a second class carriage, we directed our eyes towards it, when, lo and behold the supposed package seemed to

One of the European passengers, reading surprise in our countenance, said, “I suppose you are wondering what that thing in the corner is: it is a Hindu lady, the wife, I suppose, of the gentleman sitting beside her.” It was past noon, in one of the hottest days of May. It was perfectly sultry, not a leaf of a single tree moved. The weather was perfectly grilling. And yet this Hindu lady was sitting beside her inhuman husband, completely covered over from head to foct with sevenfold cloth! Whether the poor creature, thus treated more like a bale of cotton than a human being, caught fever during the operation we did not hear, though it was to us a marvel that she did not die of suffocation in the carriage. -Indian Reformer.

Our New Missionaries.

Dr. Robson and Mr. Don have entered on their work in such a way as to hold out the most cheering prospect of their future use and efficiency. God be praised for it. In fact, we are at this moment full of hope and joy in the Lord. They hare both proved a great comfort to me; and, if spared, they will prove a credit to our church and mission, and a blessing to many.

Mr. M'Donald has also shown himself a true missionary; while Mr. Ross useful in his department. So that all the four accessions within the year have proved to us accessions indeed ! Again, I say, God be praised for it. - Dr. Duff.



Prize Essays by Children. SEVERAL children had sent me contributions for the missionary work amongst Israel. I availed myself of that opportunity to address in my paper, the Herald, the following question to all the children, namely, “Why do children give their money for the proclamation of the gospel amongst the Jews ?". I offered three prizes for the three best essays, and I have got sixty-siž by children from seven to fourteen years of age. Boys and girls, the children of poor persons and of barons, have sent in their answers, and very shortly the prizes will be allotted and distributed. Several parents have thanked me for these prize essays, as it gave them an opportunity of speaking anew to their children about the kingdom of God, and to exhort their children to give themselves to the Lord. - Rev. C. Schwartz, Amsterdam.

I Have Peace in My Heart." In March of 1859, I had the privilege of baptizing two Jewesses. One of them was married, and she had been ill for a long time. She has suffered much in the last eighteen months, but found also much comfort in believ. ing. She was a very simple woman, but loved the Saviour. She knew fully that she had been blind, and that Christ had opened her eyes, yea, her heart. During the last four weeks, which she passed in an hospital, she had much to endure, but bore it calmly, Christian-like. Being with her the day before her death, I inquired of her how she now felt, as death was at hand. Her calm, short, but decided answer was, “I have peace in my heart in the Lord Jesus.' She said scarcely anything more, and fell asleep the next day in Jesus.

I accompanied the corpse to the church-yard. It was the same place wherein Mrs. Bremer was buried about eighteen months ago, who died a few days after her baptism. Her last words were, "To me to live is Christ, and to die is gain;" and the one now laid in the grave said, “I have peace in my heart in the Lord Jesus.”_ Rev. O. Schwartz.

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