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Family worship was not known under Mr. Runyan's Toof; nor_was there a single praying member in his family. The labourer did not like to live under such a roof. He did not like to be, even for a season, a member of such a family.

Of how many houses in our happy land can it be said in truth, God is not in the house! The house may be spacious, elegant, furnished with every comfort and convenience, but God is not in it. There are none in that house to thank him for the blessings bestowed upon them. There are none there to serve and honour him.

TO-DAY AND TO-MORROW. HELL may be our home to-morrow, if Christ be not ours to-day.-Hevitson.


* The Kingdom Come."


A Strange Congregation, Old Calabar. When we were met, the assemblage presented rather a strange appearance. On my brother's right hand was seated the principal lady of the town, in her native dress, on his left hand were the Ibibio chiefs, with several of the town gentlemen; and round about were seated their retainers, earnest, active-looking, and armed to the teeth. In the centre was a fire, beside which sat two prisoners in chains; and, in evident expectation of some crumbs falling from such a collection of people, a number of chickens and a goat were moving about. The whole congregation numbered about sixty. It was very pleasing to see the earnestness with which every one seemed to listen to what was said. It was the first time that many of them had heard the gospel, and they seemed to wonder at the strange things that greeted their ears. - Rev. J. Baillie, U. P. Mission,

The First Convert at Tien-tsin. An American missonary writes from Tien-tsin, the new open port to the north of China :

“ Last Sabbath day the first Christian convert in Tientsin was baptized by Mr. Blodget, who was the first missionary to settle in this place. The subject is a poor blind man, who has been for some time in the hospital opened by the officers of the British expeditionary forces, for the afflicted Chinese. Before going to the hospital, he heard Mr. Blodget preach several times, and showed great readiness at answering questions. In visiting the hospital, Mr. Blodget always found Chang-li (which is the man's name) eager and attentive in listening, and ready and correct in replying to questions proposed. The first time he seemed affected was on hearing that beautiful hymn beginning, –

"Alas! and did my Saviour bleed,

And did my Sovereign die?' “So great was his emotion at the time, that his whole frame was convulsed, and he sank upon the ground. It was manifestly the truth which moved his heart. He committed this hymn to memory, and used often to repeat it in the hospital to the other patients. He said he never liked to repeat one particular verse before other persons, as it always atfected him so much, and was the first that moved him so deeply. "The verse runs,

"Well might the sun in darkness hide,

And shut his glories in,
When God, the mighty Maker, died

For man, the creature's sin.' - Mr. Blodget became satisfied that the poor man was the subject of a real change of heart, and with due solemnity, in the presence of other missionaries and a Chinese congregation, administered the rite of baptism. We thank God for one snatched as a brand from the burning."

Hymns among the Hindoos. MR. BALLANTINE writes that he had translated into Mahratta language several hymns, such as, “ There is a happy land,” “Will you go ?” “I have a father in the promised land,”“ I was a wandering sheep,” “I am a pilgriin,”, and “I am a stranger,

« Little travellers Zionward,” “I want to be an Angel,” “What's the News ?” 'Many of these hymns are now being sung in Mahratta to the same tunes in which they are sung in English. “My daughter Annie,” he says, “ has taught the girls in her mother's school, and they have very sweet voices, and sing them very nicely. The Mission has just determined to print 1000 copies of these hymns, just as in the smallest hymn-book you sent, with the tunes inserted.-Letter from Bombay.


OUTLINES OF BIBLE GEOGRAPHY, Physical and Political. By

the Rev. W. G. Blaikie, A.M. Edinburgh and London: T. Nelson and Sons. Crown 8vo, cloth, with Maps, 90 pages. Price 18. 3d.

For accuracy, ingenious clearness of arrangement, cheapness, and general excellence, this little volume is the best of the kind we have met with. Though confined within 90 pages, it contains a careful digest of the most trustworthy books upon the subject. We have tested many parts by our personal knowledge of Palestine, and find the book to contrast favourably with some others, which are superficial, and far from being correct. The two maps are admirable, and prepared with characteristic accuracy and beauty. The wonder is how all can be given for so low a price. We recommend this little manual to ministers, as well as to teachers and scholars. The subject is one, the importance of which has hitherto, we fear, been too little regarded, in the exposition of historical Scripture.


Edinburgh: James Taylor. 4 pages, large type, 3d. per dozen.

“Take heed how ye hear," but take heed also how ye read. The Bible is God's voice to us, speaking from heaven. These are some wise words which young and old would do well to keep in mind when they open their Bibles.

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What would the ancient Jewish kings

And Jewish prophets once have given, Could they have heard those glorious things,

Which Christ revealed and brought from heaven ! How glad the heathens would have been,

That worshipped idols, wood, and stone ; If they the book of God had seen,

Or Jesus and his gospel known? Then, if this gospel I refuse,

How shall I ere lift up my eyes ? For all the Gentiles and the Jews Against me will in judgment rise.



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RE you going to be Christ's, dear young friend,

and have you got from him a robe to wear? They all wear the white robe in his kingdom. The King put off his white robe of glory once for you. His robe was turned to red the day he died for sin. When John saw llim in his dream in Patmos, Jesus

wore it still, a vesture dipped in blood before the throne of God : and the armies of heaven, clothed in fine, clean, white linen, went after Him, the King of kings and Lord of lords.

You have only got rags on in the sight of God if you have not come to Christ, rags crimson all over with spots

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