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At one of the Newfoundland fisheries, a boat and crew trying to enter a small.harbour found themselves outside a long line of breakers, in great peril. The wind and weather had changed since the boat went out in the morning, and her getting safely back seemed pretty doubtful. The people on shore saw her danger, but could not help her. Every moment increased the danger, and anxious friends ran to and fro. Among the crowd was a large dog, which seemed fully alive to the peril of the boat and the anxiety of those on shore. He watched the boat, surveyed the breakers, and appeared to think as earnestly as anybody, What could be done ?

At last he boldly plunged into the angry waters, and swam to the boat. The crew thought he wanted to join them, and tried to take him aboard. No, he would not go within their reach, but swam around, diving his head and sniffing, as if in search of something.

What was he after ? What did the creature mean? What did he want?

“Give him the end of the rope," cried one of the sailors, guessing what was in the poor dog's brain; "that's what he wants.”

A rope was thrown out; the dog seized the end in an instant, turned round, and made straight for the shore, where, not long after-thanks to the intelligence and sagacity of Tiger--the boat and crew were landed safe and sound.

Be kind to the doggies. Many a heroic deed and faithful service have they done for man.- Child's Paper.


As the late Dr. James W. Alexander of New York was one day passing out of a warehouse where he had been making a purchase, he met near the door one of the clerks whom he knew, and touching him on the shoulder, kindly and earnestly said,

My dear

-, you ought to be with

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He passed on, not knowing at the time whether any impression had been made by the remark. But the “winged word,” sped by the Holy Spirit, found its way to the heart of the young man, and in a little while he was with them who are indeed God's people, on their way to a better country, even a heavenly.-- American Messenger.


THY GOD SHALL BE MY GOD." A FATHER who did not believe in God or his holy word, came home one evening and asked where his little girl

“She has gone to bed," said his wife. "I'll just, go and give her one kiss,” said the father, for he loved his little daughter dearly. As he stood at the door of her bedroom, he heard some one praying. It was his little Jane, and be heard her say, "Do, God Almighty, please lead daddy to hear Mr. Stowell preach.”

She had often asked him to go, and he had always said, “No, no, child.”. After listening to her prayer, he determined, the next time she asked him, to accompany her, which he did, and heard a sermon which took his attention and pricked his conscience. On leaving the church, he clasped the hand of his little girl in his, and said, “Jane, thy God shall be my God, and thy minister shall be my minister.” And the man became a true follower of the Lord.



June 1862.

June 7. Son of man, I have made thee a watchman

upto the house of Israel : therefore hear the word at my mouth, and give them

warning from me.-Ezék, iii. 17. 14. For the Son of man is come to seek and to

save that which was lost.—Luke xix.

10. 21. Remember them that are in bonds.—Heb.

xiii. 3. 28. Thou shalt remember that thou wast a

bondman in the land of Egypt: therefore I command thee to do this thing. Deut. xxiv. 22.

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THE CUP AND THE PLATTER. The following incident will illustrate the strictnešs with which the rules as to pots and cups are enforced among these Hindu Pharisees. Eleven Brahmins passing through a district wasted by

arrived exhausted by hunger and fatigue at a village. To their surprise and disappointment, they found it deserted. Rice they had with them, but no vessel in which to boil it. Looking around, they could find nothing but the pots in the house of the village washerman. But for Brahmins even to touch these would be a defilement almost impossible to wipe out. Pressed by hunger, they bound one another to secrecy by an oath, and having washed one of the pots a hundred times, they boiled their rice in it.

One of them alone refused to partake of the repast, and on reaching home he accused the other ten before the chief Brahmins of the town. The rumour quickly spread ; an assembly was held, and the offenders compelled to appear. Aware of the difficulty in which they were likely to be involved, they were prepared for the charge ; and according to previous agreement, each protested that the accuser alone was guilty of the offence which he laid at their door. Which side was to be believed? Was the testi. mony of one man to be taken against that of ten? The result was that the ten Brahmins were declared innocent, and the accuser, being found guilty, was expelled with ignominy from the caste. Though the judges could scarcely doubt his innocence, they were offended by his disclosure, and could more conveniently sacrifice him than his ten perjured brethren.

“Ye make clean the outside of the cup and platter, but your inward part is full of ravening and wickedness. Ye fools, did not he that made that which is without, make that which is within also ?”

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