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A Boy was once urged by his playmates to take some ripe cherries from a tree which his father did not want touched.

“ You need not be afraid," said they, “for if your father found it out, he is so kind he wouldn't hurt you.

“That's the very reason why I would not touch them,” replied the boy. It is true my father may not hurt me, but my disobedience I know would hurt my father, and that would be worse to me than anything else."



A Native Church in Calcutta.

On 23 February last a very interesting meeting was held in the Free Mission Church, Calcutta. In the month of June, last year, a native congregation was organized, with a Bengalee minister, Bengalee elders, and Bengalee deacons. This was its first congregational meeting. After the report was read, the following resolutions were moved and seconded. How deeply interesting it is to read the very names of the speakers !

1. Moved by Baboo Ishan Chandra Ghose, and seconded by Baboo Ram Charan Mukerjea: “That the report which has now been read be adopted and published, and the proceedings of the Deacons' Court approved of.”

2. Moved by Baboo Shib Chandra Banerjea, and seconded by Baboo Pyari Mohan Rudra: “'That the congregation desire to express their deep sense of gratitude to the Lord, for his great mercy in giving them the blessings of a stated gospel ministry and a completed Church organization; and pray that he would be graciously pleased to continue to vouch safe to them the light of his countenance."

3. Moved by Baboo Umesh Chandra Chatterjea, and seconded by Baboo Larish Chandra Bose: “ That this meeting desires to record their sense of obligation to the Committee of the Foreign Missions of the Free Church of Scotland, at Edinburgh, for so generously paying half of the minister's stipend; and to the Rev. Dr. Duff, for the lively interest he has taken in the welfare of the congregation.”

4. Moved by Baboo Kailas Chandra Bose, and seconded by Baboo Mati Lal Mitra: “ That a vote of thanks be tendered to the Deacons' Court, and especially to its treasurer and clerk, for the manner in which the financial affairs of the Church have been couducted during the last seven months."

The speeches made by the friends named above-and they all spoke in the English language-were such as to call forth gratitude to God in every Christian heart.


Ordin of a Native Missionary. THE Rev. Alexander M'Callum, writing to the Convener on the 14th February, mentions that Mr. Ramanoojum had been ordained to the charge of Wallajabad, and surrounding villages, on the Thursday previous. The new church was well filled on the occasion, both by Europeans and natives, the heathen portion of the audience being packed together at one end of the building and around the doors as closely as they could stand.


No Rest but in Christ.

MR. VAN ANDEL, of Pesth, writes to the Convener, under date March 17th :

“We have just had,” he says, our half-yearly ex. aminations in the school, and they came off again very successfully indeed. How it would have delighted your heart could you have heard those dear Jewish children examined on the Epistle to the Hebrews !

“A very remarkable inquirer has turned up lately, and he is not the first of the kind I have met with here. Some few years ago a poor Jew had got an idea of becoming a Christian, and, not knowing anything about the differences in the various Churches, be applied to the Roman Catholic priests, who very gladly took him up, and, without any instruction, baptized him on St. Stephen's day, in honour of that Hungarian saint, making quite a grand occasion of it, and getting some of the nobles of the land to appear as his godfathers.' But all this was only to make a show, for the poor fellow never knew who these godfathers were ;, and the priests, as soon as he had been baptized, took no more notice of him than if he had been the greatest stranger. In addition, he had soon to learn, through bitter experience, that the Jews likewise turned their backs upon him: so there he was, forsaken by all. Once more he applied to the priest who had baptized him, stating his great distress, and the priest did really take pity at last, and gave him a ticket for half a pound of bread!

After this the poor man struggled on as well as he could; he thought he would get on better in a country where he was not known, and tried to get to America, came actually as far as London, but then he had no more money,—tried to earn some, but did not succeed, because he did not understand English; so he was sent home again by the Austrian Embassy. Here he tried afresh, but had a great deal of misfortune. Some of his children attended our school for some time. At last his little daughter advised him to come to me, saying that she felt sure I would give him some good advice. And this it was that brought him to my house, and then he saw for the first time in his life a New Testament, which he is now reading with great diligence. The other day when I examined him upon what he had read I was greatly pleased with the result. He also attends our services, and I am trying to find some situation for him."


NINEVEH was 15 miles long, and 40 round, with walls 100 feet high, and thick enough for three chariots.Babylon was 60 miles within the walls, which were 75 feet thick and 300 high, with 100 brazen gates.— The largest of the Pyramids is 481 feet high and 763 feet on the sides ; its base covers 13 acres. The stones are about 30 feet in length, and the layers are 206.--Thebes, in Egypt, presents ruins 27 miles round.-Sunshine.

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