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reference to some leading truth. They form a means of interesting and profitable fellowship in the Spirit among ehildren of God when absent from each other.


Dublin Tract Repository. 16mo, 96 pages. Price 2d. Here is another gathering of precious leaves from the tree of life. There are no divisions or plan expressed; but a careful order and fitness can be observed in the arrangement,-a “Pilgrim's Progress” from grace to glory, set forth in the "true sayings of God.” It is in large type, and unsurpassed for cheapness-ninety-six pages for twopence.


Not all the blood of beasts

On Jewish altar slain,
Could give the guilty conscience peace,

Or wash away the stain.

But Christ, the heavenly Lamb,

Takes all our guilt away ;
A sacrifice of noble name,

And richer blood than they.

My faith would lay her hand

On that dear head of thine,
While as a penitent I stand,

And there confess my sin.

Believing, we rejoice

To see the curse remove;
We bless the Lamb with cheerful voice,

And sing his bleeding love.




Free Church



DECEMBER 2, 1861.


AST New Year, in our New Year's Hymn, we

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sang of

“ A year of grace begun." Blessed be God, it has indeed been a year of grace in Scotland. We suppose that never in any one year since Scotland was a nation,-never since the days of John Knox or before them, has there been a year in which, so far as man can judge, so many souls have been gathered to Christ. Glad tidings have been coming from month to month, from day to day, of many inquiring, What must I do to be saved ?” and of many who have found that in the Lord Jesus

“There is rest for the weary,

There is rest for you."

Dear young readers, we have tried to interest you in these things, by telling you what God has been doing among your fellow-sinners, and by keeping you in remembrance about your own souls. Once more, ere we part, we would affectionately ask, Has this year of blessing been a year of blessing to you? Jesus of Nazareth has been passing by; have your eyes been opened ? Or has another harvest passed, another summer ended, and still are you not saved ?

You were once walking along a street; the sky grew dark ; heavy drops began to fall, warning you of a deluge of rain, and you fled for shelter to the first open door. A storm of wrath is coming on all Christless souls. Has not God been letting, as it were, some drops fall upon the guilty conscience,-those convictions of sin which you have been feeling, warning you to flee to the open door? Flee, dear reader, flee from the wrath to come. You are losing time. If you trifle till the door be shut, and the storm come,-Oh, what will becoine of you? Do you know of any other shelter to flee to ?


An elderly woman at a fair at Croydon, near London, said, “ Please, give me a tract ; I got one yesterday about

Home,' and surely it cut me home. Oh, did'nt it cut right and left ; hit me in every place. I know it is for my good. You would think they knew all about me. I got a lesson, and I mean to follow it. I will seek that home; that I will, I promise you."

A REASON FOR THANKFULNESS. TAEY that deserve nothing should be content with anything. - John Mason.



A Visit to Dr. Duff's Institution, My visit to this school was deeply interesting to me. Guided by one of the missionaries, we first visited the youngest class. Here I found two hundred and fifty bright little fellows, composing the twenty-first class / This is the nursery from which the other classes are supplied. From it I was taken to the next highest—that is, the twentieth class; and thence to the nineteenth, and the eighteenth, and so on to the first class, asking a few questions to see the progress made.

Here you will suppose it ends; but, no! This is the school department, and above these there are five classes higher still, in the college department, embracing a hundred and thirty young men, some of whom have been for ten or twelve years under instruction. Of the pupils, at least one-fifth are Brahmins, and many of them from the most influential and even from the most bigoted families in Calcutta. I was struck with the fact that the heathenish marks were removed from almost every forehead (if not from every one),--a thing which would in Madras be held a renunciation of Hindooism; and, in place of the shaved head, with the sacred coodamy or queue, there universal, here the lads almost without exception wore their hair all over their head, in the European manner. They also, for the most part, wore shoes; and, if transported to Madras, would be taken for a company of professed Christians.--An American Missionary.


Waiting for the Morning. What has cheered us greatly of late is the evidence we have of the moving of the Spirit of God in some of our schools, touching and quickening a soul here and there. We do not wish to say much of this till we see the issue; but to watchmen on the walls of Zion longing for the coming day, the first streaks of dawn are precious. -Rev. A. B. Campbell.

Village Preaching. The Rev. P. Rajahgopaul, when preaching among the villages near Madras, has sometimes strange congregations. Of one morning's work he writes :

“We rose early, between three and four o'clock, and after a long walk, reached Chellanthumpully. Thus early, we found a great many men and women at work spinning cotton and weaving cloths of different kinds, and a few idlers walking about with sticks in their mouths cleaning their teeth. We quietly took our position beside a goddess temple which stood on the side of the main road, with a third road across. At the sound of our voice, the workmen threw off their work, and came running and arranged themselves around us. The women stood at a little distance by themselves. In a short time they numbered upwards of ninety people; and what a picture they would have made under the pencil of an artist ! All of them half-naked, some of them still more; some looking at us with inquisitive eyes, some grinning and opening their mouths at us; others with their hands on their waist, inquiring who we were, and what we wanted.”


The Bible in Persia. I EXPECT great effects, with the divine blessing, from the quiet perusal of the Scriptures by Mohammedans. I know that much good is arising from the peaceful circulation of the Bible in Persia, a Mohammedan country in our own neighbourhood. I know individuals there who, instructed by the Bible alone, are desirous of em. bracing Christianity.-Rev. Dr. Wilson.



Murder of a Jew by a Jew. The quiet abode of our excellent missionary at Haskiog, has been the scene of a shocking occurrence. During

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