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Amazing grace! Go, tell it to all men ! Go, tell it to the heathen and the Jew, for this is the story that, when the Spirit is there, moves the soul to a repentance like Peter's; to a blessed sorrow like the woman's who washed Christ's feet; to a faith like the jailor's ; to a happiness like the Ethiopian eunuch’s, who went on his way rejoicing; to love like the love that constrained Saul of Tarsus to watch for souls night and day with tears, till he finished his course with joy.


WHEN I was among the Choctaw Indians in 1848 (says a missionary), I spent a Sabbath at Good Land. In the afternoon the dying love of Christ was commemorated, one hundred and twenty Choctaws sitting down, then and there, to the table of our blessed Lord. On that occasion I addressed to them such words of exhortation and encouragement as seemed to be appropriate. When the service closed, nearly all came forward and gave me the right hand of fellowship. As I was about to leave their humble church, a Choctaw took me by the hand, looked earnestly into my face and said, “Shall I know you in heaven ?" I replied, that I thought he would. He gave me another look, pressed my hand, and passed away. I saw him no more.

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PASSENGERS by land or water usually try to be friendly, that they may make their journey agreeable. We are all on a journey to eternity; why cannot we always try to make it as pleasant as possible ?


When shall these abominations cease? How true it is that the “dark places of the earth are full of the habi. tations of cruelty !” A dark place is this kingdom of Dahomey. Its king is a human butcher, and his palace the shambles.-Church Missionary Gleaner.

ACCUSTOMED TO DIRT. A VILE course of life is like a man on a journey. At first he doesn't like a little dirt, but let him go on and he will care less for being bespattered all over.



Village Preaching-Thiruporur. The residence of Murugun, the head of the Andees, (beggars). This is a place of great resort for pilgrims once a month. What Veeraagavulu is at Tiruvullore for Vishnuvites, Subramuniyen, alias Murugun, is for the Sivavites at Thiruporur. He is the physician-general the Sivavites. We placed ourselves near his car-stand, and in less than five minutes upwards of three hundred devotees assembled to hear what we had to say. An opportunity like this seldom offers itself. So that all the brethren tried to improve it according to the grace given them. Man is lost ” was the first topic to which we called their attention. " Come to Jesus" was the next topic we introduced. Here was the chief difficulty, they felt that if they believed this the ancient temple with its gold idols must be forsaken. They began to plead therefore of the power of their gods to redeem them as well as Christ. The conversation next turned upon the kind of Mediator we require. Our ideas were entirely new to them. In the first place they saw no reason why we needed a Mediator, and when the reason was given, they did not see why a God-man was required to be our Mediator. This gave us an opportunity to expatiate very fully on the necessity for a Divine Saviour. This blessed Saviour calls every one of us to come unto him and be saved. Come unto me,” says he, “all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” To the devotees of the place, these words seemed to contain something very sweet. The labours and the difficulties they underwent, the trials and hadships they had to overcome with a view to get the burden of their sins removed, were known to them only: He who spoke these comforting words, they felt, must be a loving and a gracious Saviour. This was altogether a noble oppor. tunity. Would that we had angels' tongues, and seraphs' hearts, to glorify the precious name of our Redeemer in the midst of the heathen.-V. T. Paramasiven.


Progress among the Karens. MR THOMAS, of the Karen department of the Henthada mission, writes,-“There has been no year in which our efforts have been crowned with greater success. Karen preachers have been established in nine different places, in five of which new places we have been permitted to plant churches of the living God. Our prospects in this department were never so cheering. We hear of many new places still, where the people are ready to receive the gospel. Connected with this mission are fiftyfour out stations, forty-five churches, one thousand five hundred church members. One hundred and fifty have been baptized this year. There are sixty native preachers, of whom four are ordained.” He says also S“ Pious English officers are doing a great work in Rangoon. Prayer and conference meetings are carried on by officers and soldiers, quite independently of the missionaries. The prayer-meeting is an institution of some of those regiments. Nor are these meetings carried on in a lifeless, formal manner.

Far from it. There are in this country British officers who would compare favourably with many American ministers and lay brethren, by their earnest, faithful dealing with sinners of all ranks. A great change this from the state of things common in the early days of the Serampore missionaries. May the work thus spread until all know the Lord.”

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READ atttentively Isaiah xliv. 9–21. There you will find a full account of idol-making. This wonderful chapter has convinced many an idolater of the senseless character of his idol worship.

The following instance, mentioned in the Quarterly Token occurred in Sierra Leone. A native convert belonging to a distant tribe, expressed himself as follows

“Master, those words you spoke last night struck me much. When you preached you read Isaiah xliv., and explained. You showed how my country people stand.

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