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creature:""Old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” Dear children, has such a change ever taken place on you? Perhaps you would like to know how the change, in those of whom I have spoken, began to show itself—what was one of the very first indications of it-one of the very first ways in which it appeared. You will seeing by turning to the last three words of

Acts ix, 11: “Behold, he prayeth.” One of the first things that told of the change on Saul of Tarsus and on Africaner, was, that they prayed to God; not merely repeated words ; not merely said prayers—for even wicked people can

do that, but

prayed. ....

Will praying

save me? No; don't make that mistake: Jesus alone can. As I have said before, praying is only asking for salvation. Believe, and be saved. Repent, and be saved. Give yourselves to Christ, and be saved. But if we do not ask to be saved—if we do not pray for salvation—how can we expect to get it? I know there are some among you who once did not pray; I know there are too many among us to-day, old and young, who never pray; and isn't it a terrible thing? Drowning, and never to cry for help! going down to hell, and going

'Lord, save me !” It will be a terrible thought in eternity, not to have prayed! I might have had pardon, and peace, and salvation for the asking,—but I would not pray! I might have had heaven and glory,—but I would not pray! As I said

PERISH”—which will you You cannot begin too soon ; you may begin too late. The day is coming when many' who never prayed before

pray for the first time—the first time in real earnest. Ob, what a prayer meeting there will be then of those

in silence, without one cry,


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before, it is choose ?



who never attended a prayer-meeting before! What a prayer in which they must all unite !-"Then shall they cry to the mountains, Fall on us; and to the hills, Cover us,

A SWEEP AND HIS SOOT-BAG. In February 1859, an interesting Sabbath-school meeting was held in the parish of St. Silas, Manchester, at which a strange-looking contributor appeared on the platform, with a letter of apology for his boldness. His appearance and his epistle produced a strong sensation throughout the meeting. You will not be surprised at this when you read his letter, and observe who was the bearer.

"SIR-I hope you will forgive my boldness for appear. ing on the platform this evening; this being a place that sweeps are not accustomed to attend. But as there is such need of cultivation in the Mission-field, a few willing hands have been tryi to help the cause by collecting small portions together; and that you may

know there is sympathy in the heart of a sweep, I beg you will accept this bag of soot, hoping it may help to cultivate the land.


The bag was emptied, and the soot (silver soot) was worth 14s. 4d.

It was agreed to by all that any number of such sweeps, with such cleanly and profitable bags of soot, would be received at our meetings with the loudest welcome. -Quarterly Token,


How many a worldly person hath Satan reasoned into the bottomless pit !

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Induction of the Rev. Lal Behari De,

CORNWALLIS SQUARE, CALCUTTA. UPWARDS of twelve years ago, the native converts of the Free Church Mission, Calcutta, were formed into a church, under the late Dr. Ewart; the intention, from the first, having been to appoint an ordained native pastor as soon as circumstances permitted.

At an expense of twenty-one thousand rupees,-given to Dr. Duff for the purpose when last at home by a noble lady,-a neat church or chapel, with a suitable house for the pastor adjoining, has been erected in Cornwallis Square, within the mission premises. It is now pearly two years since these have been finished. In the ebapel

, public

worship has been celebrated regularly every Sabbath-day-in the forenoon in English, in the evening in Bengali.

Before a native pastor could be settled by the Free Church Presbytery, it was deemed desirable to require that the members of the church should show that they were both able and willing to contributé, from the very outset, at least one half of the pastor's salary. This they have been enabled to do to the satisfaction of the Presbytery. Accordingly, a unanimous call, agreeably, to the forms of the Free Church, having been given to the Rev. Lal Behari De, already an ordained native missionary, Sabbath evening, 17th March, was appointed for his induction or formal introduction as pastor of the flock.

By appointment of the Presbytery, the whole of the services were conducted by Dr. Duff, who, after sermon, put the usual questions to the chosen pastor, and then introduced him with the usual formality. Thereafter, a solemn charge was delivered, first to the newly inducted pastor, and, secondly, to the members of his flock.Calcutta Observer.

Preaching Tours in the villages.—Mahabulipurum.
HEPE the remains of Hindu Sculpture are to be seen.

The designs of unfinished temples, cars and idols are all grand and bespeak Hindu skill and folly-skill in the workmanship, 'folly in the dedication of one of the fine. arts to the service of blind superstition. In this place we had a noble opportunity of turning the attention of the people to heaven and earth as God's handiwork. He that made such a beautiful heaven with sun, moon and stars that revolve by day and night, cannot with reason be compared to images made of stocks and stones. The Father of lights cannot be likened to beings whose deeds resemble the darkness of hell. Our fathers and we preferred the service of dumb idols to that of the living God. • And yet how gracious is this God. Instead of punishing us according to our deserts, he most mercifully sent his beloved Son Jesus Christ to bear our sins. The Brahmins and stone wasons who heard our preaching did not seem to be pleased with our message. We gare to them several tracts, &c., and entreated them to read prayerfully, promising spiritual good. -V. T. Paramasiven, in Madras Native Herald.



Need of Female Education. THERE is much room for exertion, with the view of improving the domestic and social condition of the females in heathen countries; and the associations that are formed at home for this great object have every reason to go forward.Rev. Mr. Laing.

Collections Falling Off. Our collections at this station are falling off this year. This arises from the low price of grain, such as maize and millet, on which the natives chiefly depend for money. I'might have stated that the native grain is four times cheaper than in former years. Some of the natives, when thay have not money to give for the furtherance of the gospel, give sheep or goats, and for these there is a ready sale.- Rev. Mr. Laing.

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