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Theroomookkodul, or the Junction of Three Rivers. This village is built on the brink of these three rivers, like Benares on the Ganges, running between two girries or mountains. Hence this place is sacred, and all the persons buried or burned on the sandy bed of these rivers are “sure of reaching heaven.” After crossing three rivers, I went to the main street and preached to a large audience. I took for my introduction the question of the Moonsif, What made you become a Christian ? and showed God's way of forgiveness. He called all the Christians murderers, because he saw at Chintandrapettah many cows killed and eaten. I told him that all was made for our use. Another man tolerably acquainted with English, one of Mr. Anderson's scholars, agreed to everything I preached. He and another companion are objects of great hatred to the villagers, because they do not worship idols, and do not observe other ceremonies. They accompanied me a part of the way, and promised to come and see me and receive a Tamil Bible.


Baptisms at Burnshill. I am glad that I am able to report that yesterday a considerable number of people were added to the Church here by the ordinance of baptism. I had then the satis. faction of baptizing eighteen adults and twenty-two children. It is remarkable that, on this occasion, all the adults are females except one. Of the infants, thirteen are males, and nine are females. Three of the husbands of persons baptized have for some time been members of the Church, and three are following their wives in the way of making an open profession of Christianity, but are not yet baptized. Three of the females have heathen husbands, but one of them is separated from her husband, who is a polygamist. Two are widows, and three are young unmarried females, one probably not more than fourteen, but whom I have long noticed to be a most docile child,

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crippled steamer, and asked if they needed help. 'I am in a sinking condition,' cried Captain Herndon. 'Had you not better send your passengers on board directly?' I said.

Will you not lay by me till morning ?' answered Captain Herndon. 'I will try,' I replied ; ' but had you not better send your passengers on board now? Lay by me till morning,' again said Captain Herndon. I tried to lie by him ; but at night, such was the heavy roll of the sea, I could not keep my position, and I never saw the steamer more. In an hour and a half after the car. tain said, “ Lay by me till morning,' the vessel with its living freight went down, and the captain and crew and a great majority of his passengers found a grave in the great deep. But for this delay, all might have been saved.”

Of all the heavy losses in consequence of procrastination, the heaviest is the loss of the soul. The Bible, the Spirit of God, and the still small voice of your own conscience warn you of danger, and you see there is danger. You know you are on the stormy sea of ungodliness ; you feel the darkness creeping on; you look for a refuge, and you see the great pilot Jesus Christ, and hear him cry, Come unto me; now is the accepted time, now is the day of salvation." Do you get aboard without delay? or, alas, are you saying, “ Lay by me till a more convenient season." Do not put him off. He will not save you unless you are willing to be saved-unless you come and cast yourself on his strong and ready help. Put off, and you will surely go down ; you must be lost. - Child's Paper.


You would not let them break out before a king or a prince. Why, then, before any one ?

“HINGES ALL OVER." “WHEN I look at myself,” said a converted South Sea Islander, “I find I have got hinges all over my body. I have hinges in my legs, my jaws, my feet, my hands. If I want to lay hold of anything, there are hinges in my bands, and even in my fingers, to do it with. If my heart thinks, and I want others to think with me, I use the hinges to my jaws and they help me to talk. I could neither walk or sit down, if I had not hinges to my legs and feet. AJI this is very wonderful. None of the strange things that men have brought from England in their big ships is to be compared to my body. He who made my body has made all the people who have made the strange things which they bring in ships; and he is the God whom I worship.

« But I should not know much about him, if men in their ships had not brought the book they call the Bible. That tells me of God who made the skill and the heart of man likewise ; and when I hear how the Bible tells of the old heart with its sins, and the new heart and the right spirit, which God alone can create and give, I feel that his work in my heart and his work in my body fit into each other exactly. I am sure then, that the Bible, which tells me these things, was made by him who made the hinges to my body; and I believe the Bible to be the word of God."


The word Noah means rest or comfort. This name was given to Noah when he was born, because his father thought, " This son shall comfort us concerning our work and toil of our hands, because of the ground which the Lord hath cursed” (Gen. v. 29). All parents expect to find comfort in their children, and bear much care and anxiety for them in that hope. How sad that


should be disappointed. Yet some children, instead of comforting their parents, " bring down their gray hairs with sorrow to the grave. Are you a comfort to your parents, or do you increase their sorrows ?-N.



A LITTLE boy was amusing himself with his playthings upon the Sabbath. “Edward,” said his mother, “it is the Sabbath-day.'

Oh, is it?" said he ; "I did not remember." “That is the very command which God has given us," said his mother : Remember the Sabbath-day, to keep it holy.'

Children often excuse themselves by saying, “I did not think," "I did not remember;" but such excuses are not acceptable to God. We ought never to plead forgetfulness as an excuse for the neglect of duty.


READ with a firm determination to make use of all you read. Do not by reading neglect a more immediate or more important duty. Do not read with a view of making a display of your reading. Do not read too much at a time. Reflect on what you read, and let it be moderately enjoyed and well considered.



September 1861.

Sept. 7. The Lord is my strength and song, and he

is become my salvation.—Exod. xv. 2. 14. Let my soul live, and it shall praise thee;

and let thy judgments help me.-Ps.

cxix. 175. 21. Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?

-Rom. viii. 35. 28. He hath done all things well: he maketh

both the deaf to hear, and the dumb to speak.–Mark vii. 37.

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