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More than forty years ago, a little girl seven years of age, stood weeping and trembling at the door of her pastor's study. In kindly accents she was invited in, and encouraged to open her heart, and tell what it was that so distressed her. “O

sir," she cried, “I have been a great sinner all my life. I have lived seven years without God and without Christ. Do you think such a sinner as I am can be forgiven ?" The good minister told her that Jesus died to take away her sins, if she would believe in him, love him, and give him her heart, and then marked out a few chapters in the Bible for her to read, and prayed with her. Soon

peace and happiness filled her mind, and she told her mother she wanted to join the Church. Her mother thought she was too young to profess Christ before men, and said to her, "My dear child, I am afraid that you will

go back to the world, and bring disgrace upon the Church of Christ.'

With many tears, she replied, “ Cannot the Lord Jesus keep a child in the right way as well as a grown person ? He has promised to take the lambs in his arms, and carry them in his bosom. I believe in him with all my, heart. I kuow that I love him, and I want to obey him."

Her mother could resist no longer ; she gave her consent, and the little girl was admitted to the church. She still lives, and has trained up a large family in the fear of God. Several of her children have also become members of the church.

The grandmother of this child was converted to God after she was ninety years old, and though she came to Christ at the eleventh hour, 'was permitted to work in his service for five years, when she crossed the river of Jordan with praises on her lips.


Core just as you are.

Wait not to look over either your good deeds or your bad deeds. Forget them all for the moment, and come to him for salvation.


Thy Kingdom Come.

A land “good to live in." I have now the desire of my heart, and am permitted to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the Egba nation. Many times in Sierra Leone, have I heard those of our members who were stolen from this land, speak of it as a place where the ministers of Jesus would be listened to with attention and respect. Sometimes one would say,

Ah, massa, suppose Egba people take the gospel, dat country will be good to live in.” This is true, the country is one of the finest in Africa.- Rev. M. Champness, Abbeokuta, Africa.

Willing Givers in Samoa. The mission in Samoa furnishes a noble example of Christian liberality. The year 1859 completed the twenty-fifth year from the first settlement of English Missionaries in that group of islands. The money accounts of that year were as follows:Amount of Salaries to Native Teachers and

Evangelists having the oversight of two

hundred and twelve Village Stations £560 0 0 Contributions at eight principal Stations 930 14 8

Making a total of £1490 14 8

In addition to the above amount, the Samoan Churches have contributed liberally towards the support of the Evangelists whom they have sent forth to enlighten the benighted Islanders of Western Polynesia. Here, then, we have an evidence of the power and grace of God in a people who, but a quarter of a century since, were slaves to all the vices of heathenism, but who now exhibit the practical influence of the gospel in its self-sustaining and self-extending power.

Chinese Children Singing. The first Sabbath after our coming here was the Chinese New Year's Day, and we had many about us wbo heard more or less of the truth, and exceeding all in interest were a large number of children, who were taken with the new colloquial hymns, and continued during the first few days of their year to recite and sing them with great zeal. A number of these dear children still continue to come in the evening when they are at leisure, and join quietly in our worship. The “Happy Land,” both hymn and tune, is the great favourite here, as at Foo-Chow.Rev. W. C. Burns.


Revival in Raratonga, South Seas. From Raratonga, the chief of the Hervey Islands in the South Pacific, the Rev. E. R. W. Krause reports that the people of that island had, during the early part of last year, been favoured with“ times of refreshing from the presence of the Lord;" and that, as the result, the several Native Churches had received additions amounting in the whole to three hundred members, while one hundred and fifty others were candidates for that privilege. Such triumphs of mercy in a grown up population of not more than two thousand five hundred, are alike wonderful and delightful.


HAVE YOU A BIBLE ? London: Hamilton, Adams, & Co.

64mo, 16 pages. Price 1d. Five little stories about five Bibles, and the use made of them by the persons to whom they belonged. Young reader, have you a Bible, a Bible of your own? If it could speak, what would it tell of the use you make of it?

I'll not Want.” By Cousin Kate. Edinburgh: T. Nelson & Sons. 24mo, 16 pages

Price 1d. Annie Lee was a poor orphan, “naebody's bairn,” as she called herself, for her father and mother were dead. Her little history is a beautiful example of the meaning of the words she so delighted in from first to last,

“ The Lord's my shepherd, I'll not want."

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