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is written, Unto you who believe he is precious," and if you are a child of God you will know and feel

what the words mean (1 Peter ii. 7). At one time Christ was like “a tender plant” to you, and like "a. root out of a dry ground.” You saw "no form nor comeliness in him, no beauty that you should desire him.” At that time you were at ease in Zion-you had no concern for your soul. Do you remember that time? Is it Wherwise with you now? .

Have you been pricked in your heart by the Holy Spirit? Have you been made to see how impossible it is for man to be just with God? and has the Spirit drawn away the veil from the face of Immanuel, and given you an unfeigned glance at the brow that was crowned

with the thorns, and the cheek from which they plucked off the hair ? Has the Spirit opened a window into the heart of Jesus, and let you see the fountain-head of that love that “ passeth knowledge ?" Then you will be able to say, “To me he is precious.” If you see plainly that all your standing before God is in him, that he is your foundation-stone, your fountain, your wedding garment, then you will feel him to be precious.

Most people refuse to come to Christ. Read Luke xiv. 16, 24. They all with one consent began to make excuse. Why is this? Just because they do not see and feel that he is precious. But, oh, if you feel that he is your only righteousness-your only fountain of living water-your high priest—your shepherd-your advocate ; then you will say, He is precinus !" You will never say, “ Have me excused."

I carry to you the sweet invitation, “Come, for all things are now ready.” Jesus is ready to wash and clothe you in his own blood and righteousness. The Holy Spirit is ready to come into your heart and make it

The Father is ready to put his arms round your neck and kiss you (Luke xv. 20). The angels are ready to give thanks for you and to love you as a brother, a sister,for eternity. Now, will you come, for all things are ready ?

Are you now saying in your heart, “I cannot but be. lieve I am the chief of sinners, and Jesus offers to be my refuge, my mediator, my all in all ; I feel he is precious?” O dear friend, I trust you do. This only will make you happy in living, and blessed in dying.

This is a poor dying world. Man that is born of a woman is of few days and full of trouble. There is no part here that death cannot take from us. have Christ, you have the only imperishable portion. Oh, nay the IIoly Spirit give you a firm hold of Jesus! Then we shall meet in that place where there shall be no


But if you more death, neither sorrow nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain. The Lord deal kindly and gently with you, both soul and body. Farewell.


As gold, the most precious of all metals, is at the same time one of the most pliable, so among men the tenderest natures are often the noblest. Believe me that He who has promised that a cup of cold water given in his name shall in no wise lose its reward, will not despise the tears which Christian love and sympathy cause you to shed. Gotthold.

I was.

A GOOD WAY TO SPEND MONEY. “The first piece of money I ever had,” said a gentleman, showing us into his library, “ I spent for a book. It

was the Pilgrim's Progress.' I well remember how pleased

The pictures, the reading, the fly-leaves were mine, and my name was written on a fly-leaf. That book laid the foundation of my library. All the change my uncle gave me-change which my coinpanions would have wasted-I saved for books. Every book I bought I felt anxious to read, and that prevented my time as well as my money from being wasted; foi the, books which I bought I consulted older friends about, and they were worth reading. And I would say to every boy and girl, save your pocket

money, and lay the foundation of a good library with it. Good book's are wise and faithful companions.”

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Death of Gophi Nath Nandi. On Monday, 18th March, a note reached me from Futtebpore, about half way between Allahabad and Cawnpore, conveying the mournful, and to me stunning, intelligence of the sudden death of my greatly beloved son in the Lord, the Rev. Gophi Nath Nundi. Oh, he was a dear one indeed! so simple, so docile, so humble, so affectionate, so grateful, so earnest, so disinterested, 30 intensely devoted, so single-eyed, so single-minded, so wholly absorbed in labours of faith and love, so instant in season and out of season!

It is only a few weeks ago since he was in Calcutta on a special embassy of faithfulness, affection, and love. He was then in h ordinary state of health ; and on Sunday evening-sweetly, tenderly, and impressivelyaddressed a native congregation in our little chapel. Ah, little did I dream when parting with him then, that it was the last time I was to gaze on that mild but earnest

countenance! Little did I dream when we knelt down together, hand-in-hand, in my study, to commend each other to the Father of spirits, it was the last time we should meet till we hail each other before the throne on high, as redeemed by the blood of the Lamb! But so it has proved. I mourn over hiin as I would over an only son, till, at times, my eyes are sore with weeping. It is not the sorrow of repining at the dispensation of a gracious God and loving Father! Oh no; but the outburst and overflow of affectionate grief for one whom I loved as my own soul. But he has gone to his rest; ay, and to his glorious reward. His works do follow him.

There are spiritual children in northern India, not a few, to mourn over his loss-a loss to them altogether irreparable. It is not quite four years since himself and his dear partner were caught by the mutineers-examined and condemned to die by the Moulvie, who, at Allahabad, was for a few days sole despot there. Nobly and martyrlike did he and his wife submit to their doom, rather than deny the Lord that bought them. And from a cruel and ignominious death they were rescued only by the sudden and unexpected arrival of the heroic General Neil. But be has now had a peaceful end, and an hon

There may his ashes softly repose till the resurrection of the just !- Rev. Dr. Dutt.

oured grave.


Native Preaching Tours--The Great Physician. WHEN I preached here opposite to a school, the teacher there ordered the boys to roar unusually and thus disappoint us. By a little perseverance and loud speaking they were silenced, and we got a patient hearing from all the men. I preached on Christ healing the woman with the issue of blood, and turned their attention to Christ, as the Physician of souls. The large number of women for my audience heard with great attention. Most of the people were afraid to get our tracts here, believing the great Physician's medicine to be in it. But we tried to remove this fear from them. In spite of this, one came running to Appavoo and returned our tract.

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