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the pleasant reading party afterwards — not Arrived at Ostend the company separated,
that very much reading would be done, and fled in diverse directions - the Oxford men
although the large book-case gave mighty to their little reading nook among the moun-
promise-not much reading, but much fishing tains; the artists for a stroll through all the at-
and more idling and dancing and flirting with taipable picture-galleries ; and the gentlemen of
the jolly little Fraulein of the inn. And there, distinction—the faded dandies of St. James's,
too, was the usual family of distinction, the and with them Grantley and his wife-to Baden
aristocratic male head thereof, very haughty and (to an Eldorado the Captain hoped); the old
holi me tangere as to appearance, and with a men to a fountain of Jouvence, after a
broad-rimmed eye-glass, placed on what Bell's magic flight through the delicious Rhine-land-
Life would facetiously call his “ dexter optic," that land the very name of which has the sound
and with bin the high-bred lady, who stares of music, and makes one lay down the pen, and
askance at the mingled crowd on board, and dream. At the close of a beautiful summer-day,
with her a French maid, who will commence to when land and lea, mountain, and river which
be dreadfully ill long before the boat gets into reflected the mountain, blazed with a gorgeous,
sea-water; and a courier, of foreign extraction, l golden splendour they drew nigh to a town
whose costume is a mavellous thing to behold, the windows of whose houses gleamed like
and is characterized by the Oxford men as an brightest jewels, to a veritable Paradise,
"awful big cheese," and partakes of the bitter beer if delicious scenery, magnificent buildings,
with them with exceeding affability. Pale and ever-changing groups of gaily-attired prome-
jaded old roués from the clubs cluster together naders, and the sounds of witching music steal.
and mumble politics and scandal on the poop; ing through the evening air can form a Para-
these bope to recreate their strength, and put dise. In looking at Baden one is tempted to
off that sure-footed enemy, Death, for a short think of the old proverb or saying of an ancient
time, by a rigorous course of the waters, and in- divine, that the devil had all the finest music
tend keeping away dreadful ennui by a little certes, that gentleman, and he is very rise in
roulette ; and the long-bearded, roughly-dressed Baden, has there the monopoly of an Elysium
young fellows by them, who have already on earth!
brought out their tablets and pencils, are of the Ella looked forward to her future home with
struggling band of the brush, who hope that a degree of eager curiosity, which not even the
they may tack on the dearly-beloved R.A. to pressure of great grief could entirely quell.
their names, in time. Honest young people, | Everyone knows the painful longing which
whose wants are simple and easily satisfied, strains one's eyes to catch the first glimpse of
give them their much-adored meerschaum and the place where we are to live in for some time.
a glass of beer and something to sketch from, Going to school for the first time, how ea-
and they are content. There are two passen gerly the little crying boy strains his eyes
gers the less, though, in the favourite steamer towards the brick-house with the belt of fir-
"Cycnus,” than when we were about to start. trees round it! and with what respectful awe and
The cry of "Any more for the shore” had terror he listens to the coachman's description
scarcely died away when a suspicious-looking of Beatem Academy! Going up to College a
pale-faced man, about whose mouth there was callow freshman, with all his troubles to come,
a strange twitching, and about whose manner what a strange thrill of pride and curiosity per-
a curious hurry and nervousness, felt his vades bis mind as he sees the long line of pol.
shoulder touched by the hand of an ordinary lard willows that fringe the river! And then,
respectable personage, and turned round to face in a grey haze, the stately Christ-church towers,
his doom, to feel the iron clutch of that Neme. and the front of the schools before whose stern
sls, from whose bonds he so fondly hoped to and frowning pillars all his battles are to be
escape. You have the inimitable face of the fought and all his triumphs won! And shortly
detected criminal in Frith's wondrous picture the train rolls up to the station, and he is in the
"The Railway Station”-that white face, in midst of the mad hurly-burly, with men of his
which one can almost see the dry lip qui own age, struggling for luggage in the maddest
vering, that blank stare of horror in the eye; | possible manner. Painful as this feeling of
such was the face of the passenger on curiosity is at all times, it is doubly so when we
board the “Cycnus," when he felt the hand feel certain that the bourne we are approaching
of the trusty emissary of Scotland Yard on will be for us no haven of rest, but that a scene
his shoulder, and needed not the assurance of trouble and misery is dawning upon us.
of worthy Inspector Scott to tell him that when forced to leave home-perchance a dear
the game was up. It was a painful scene, home, that has been broken up, and the warm
but one of frequent occurrence, and after ashes of the hearthstone scattered to the winds
toe people had ceased pitging the anguish of by the untimeous death of the bread-winner, or,
the miserable wife, they fell to talking, with a more piteous still, by the departure to a better
certain degree of pride, of the infallible nature land of the “angel in the house "—the mother
of Justice, and many more things to the same who sanctified all homes' belongings by the
cune, though possibly many of them might have halo of her presence. Then, if haply the son is
had cause to tremble having within them “un cast upon the world's cold charity, or the
divulged crimes,” but, being lucky in that, they daughter forced to earn a genteel livelihood (the

painful mockery of that word genteel!) by tuition; when the delusive advertisement has | per, feels perchance a tenderer touch of pity to. been answered with the courage of despair, and wards the not-forgotten name; and the mother the long, cold journey has been travelled, and steals after nightfall into the picture-gallery, late at night the long line of lights come gleam- where a fine handsome boy is placed with his ing up through the dark, and a light horizon an- face to the wall, and covers the canvas with nounces that beneath its canopy lies the wontearful kisses. More ghastly oftimes is the drous mother-city, then what a cold feeling of story, where the ruined gambler, reduced to despair settles down, like lead, into the desperation, has sought with his own rash stranger's heart, a rush of blinding tears, hand to explore the amnious do udus, the “mys. which obscures for a moment the view, while terious bourne from whence no traveller e'er still the inemory of happier times seems like the returns," and presented himself, another victim music of faintly-heard chimes, or, like the in the sacrifice to the great goddess Fortune. regretful sound which lingers after the keys Fortunately for the new arrivals, there haphave ceased throbbing to the exquisite sonatas pened to be some people staying at Baden who of Beethoven! With feelings such as these, then, were not quite lost, and still remained within Ella Grantley approached the delightful, wicked, the charmed circle of respectability-people who reckless city of Baden, where still the ball kept had shared Grantley's hospitality at Portman rolling, and still the little game was being made, Square; and though it would be but consonant and the croupiers raked in the spoils with im. to human nature for them to have given the passive faces. The next day, when, hanging on cool and haughty stare of forgetfulness when her husband's arm, she ventured out to hear the they met their hosts in ruin, still these people band play, was a very great ordeal. Obliged to did not behave fashionably for once. To Ella see that her husband nodded to, and seemed on (frightened and cowering before the enfans familiar terms with, men from whom she shrank perdus of the Kursaal and the roulette-tables) as instinctively as does the sensitive plant from these people seemed as visitants from a better the touch of man, she wondered if they world, and the poor harassed lady took refuge had ever been gentlemen, these swaggering with them, with a weary sigh of satisfaction, desperadoes, with the ruffling manner and These people, too (their name was Charteris), cool impertinent stare, which brought the actually went to church at Baden, with strict angry blood surging into her cheeks. Pro- regularity (a thing singular for the place), and bably they had all been gentlemen at some sat under the valuable preaching of a slightly. former period of their existence, and had soiled English divine, who had been a fellow of seen better days—better in the sense that a Trinity, had come out with young De Crcesus, dishonest action or a mean advantage would the millionaire's son, but having assisted the have made them blush; indeed, they might gamblers to considerably lighten the young have been the pride of any woman, and man's Oxford man of his golden coins, he was released “ own ideal knights;" but now they resemble from the tuition of the youth, and chose to stay the daring mariner of Horace's ode, for the “Æ£s on in Baden, addicting himself rather to absinthe triplex,” the triple brass of shamelessness, and preaching to the English residents, on the has covered their cheeks, and their hearts are as chance of an occasional pound to keep body the nether mill-stone, utterly insensible to the and soul together, warnings of what was once conscience; they / The Charteris people also gave English rehave forgotten the old gentlemanly instincts, unions, kept very select on Tuesday evenings and the only instincts which they adhere to now when all the native talent that could be procured are those of the bird of prey-cunning of hand, in the way of singing was assembled, and as all ruthless of heart, with the utmost unconcern and the Baden world was ringing with the fame of a with the most business-like air; taking the certain prima donna assoluta whom everybody money of the dupes who fall into their traps, raved about, and about whom there were strange and laying as a salve to the battered remains of stories extant, to the effect that she was “ under conscience-which sometimes in the night time, the protection” of a certain Italian who always when “poppies and mandragora” have not been accompanied her, and sang a decent second, able to summons sleep, accuses them-the com- ' “ I always like to have the woman to my forting assurance that if they did not win the home, my dear,” said Mrs. Charteris to Ella; money, somebody else would. And thus they “she sings divinely, and I have seen her do improve the shining hour, these exiles at Baden Maritana, at the little opera we have bere, in a and Hamburg, sometimes in the height of suc. way that would make some Covent Garden cess, like Midas turning everything to gold, and people look small; but I must confess that she the while that the golden tide lasts arraying frightens me, with her fierce cruel face and terthemselves in gorgeous raiment, and giving rible eyes. She always seems to be looking far suppers to dubious company: when the tide away, and goes through her performance in a turns and fortune frowns, content to take bread painfully mechanical way. I don't quite envy and water fare, and accept the loan of a few the human being that crossed her path. She francs, till, like as Mr. Micawber says, “some- lis on in " Lucrezia Borgia” on Monday night; thing turns up," and after a life of mingled po- and some night we will have her here. The verty and dishonour, they sink into a foreign Cotogai (for that's her name) never refuses me, grave; and the grey-haired old father at home, for some reason or other.” when he sees the ruined son's death in the pa- ! The invitation to the opera Ella refused, not feeling inclined; but accepted the invitation to sackbut, psaltery, dulcimer, or any kind of the evening-party, promising to bring her hus- sweet music." band-the husband who at that present moment i These characters have been so often described, was gambling with all his might and main, and that my patient reader is probably ready to cry having a successful run.

out,“ Quousque tandem?" I am not going to The tide of play is at its height in the gorgeous abuse your patience, as did Catiline that of the room of the Kursaal to-night, and everything famous Roman orator; I will content me with that can allure the eye and gratify the senses is saying that the company assembled at good there. A great blaze of light throws out, in Mons. Benazet's little pandemonium was no strong relief, the magnificent carvings of the | better nor worse than do generally congregate pillars and the heavy hangings which are thrown there-dupes and their protectors, hawks with back in order that the evening-breeze may carry the hooked beaks and talons ready to clutch the in the dreamy notes of a delicious German gold, immensely wealthy Russian nobles who waltz which the band is playing. There is very did not require much scraping to show the prolittle sound else, except the monotonous click verbial Tartar, impassive Englishmen of all of the rolling ball, and the croupier's chaunt of kinds taking their losses quietly and calmly as “ Rouge gagne, et couleur perd. Faites votre a hero meets his death, shoddy American genjeu. Le jeu est fait.

tlemen having just become millionaires by Truly, Mons. Benazet understood human cha “striking ile,” rough of demeanour, unutterably racter when he made the accompaniments of gorgeous as to apparel, and demi-monde ladies the devil's work so fascinating to the senses. with wonderful costumes, chignons that sparkled It was the pleasantest of all lounges, this room, with gold dust, and jewellery that other people when the night grew a little chill and people besides infidels might adore, and with them the were tired of sitting under the limes, and silly fools their victims, who strutted about as awearied of the merry stream of parti-coloured, though proud of their property, and seeming to gay groups, that passed and re-passed, in a say "Voila! Here I am, the fortunate possessor species of rhythm, to the pealing strains of the of so much beauty and magnificence, and beatdivine “ Soldaten-Lieder valze." Then there ing you all to nothing in the fashionable game are refreshments to be had, and the good Rhine of immorality.” wine, with crystal bubbles, that court the lip

And thus, from morning to night, amid a and make merry the heart; and when one has

wonderful atmosphere of music and laughter, eaten and drunk, what better amusement can

and gaming and dancing and eating, the sun there be than just to place one's little coin on a colour, and if the little coin makes unto itself

rose and the sun set upon Baden; and if some

times the crack of a pistol disturbed the player, more little coins by way of company, what more

and something was carried out covered with a charming than to leave the gambling-room,

ghastly white cloth, why it was all in the day's having broken the bank and left the croupiers

work, and the cry rose still louder from the to tear their hair, in impotent wrath!

slight interruption, as does the hoarse cry of a And so the habit grows, till what was only

maddened crowd stopped by a slight barrier. a little amusement-the mere staking of a small

Faites votre jeu, Messieurs. Le jeu est fait !coin, as every gentleman should who visits the “ Bads”-has degenerated into a terrible passion for play, till the rosy-cheeked portly English tourist, who entered the room as a mere joke first time, finds bimself thither, year after year, with an ever-increasing ardour for the “ black

CHILDHOOD.- Children are but little people, yet and the red," till he has lost all control over the

| they form an important part of society, expend much dreadful habit, and the Kursaal has proved to

of our capital, employ a greater portion of our popuhim “the hall of the lost footsteps."

lation in their service, and occupy half the literati of Nothing is commoner at the gaming-table, our day in labours for their instruction and amuse. playing roulette, than an old grey-baired ment. They cause more trouble and anxiety than the withered woman, in whom the fires of passion national debt; the loveliest women in her maturity of have smouldered out into the gray ashes of charms, breaks not so many slumbers, nor occasions so apathy, whose only token of life is that wild many sighs, as she did in her cradle; and the handcunning gleam which flashes from her eye when cinning gleam which Aashes from her eve when somest of men, with full-grown mustaches, must not the croupier announces her colour as winning;

flatter himself that he is half so much admired as he and the eager way in which she stretches out

was when in petticoats. Without any reference to her withered talon-like hand to gather-in her

their being our future statesinen, philosophers, and winnings, and then mumbles and chuckles

magistrates, in miniature disguise, children form, in

their present state of pigmy existence, a most influenover the golden pile, in a manner dreadful and

tial class of beings; and the arrival of a bawling insickening to behold. “ Auri sacra fames, quid |

fant, who can scarcely open his eyes, and only opens non mortalia cogis pectora.” Here was the its mouth, like an unfledged bird, for food, will effect sanctity of age, the venerable beauty of the the most extraordinary alteration in a whole housecrown of silver hairs, the pride of experience, hold ; substitute affection for coldness, duty for dissilow, low in the dust before the golden idol, pation, cheerfulness for gravity, bustle for formality, which to worship requires not the incitement of and unite hearts which time has divided.

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From the body of evidence produced by the tific stand-point of observation. It becomes labours of skilled physicians, acting as medical more alarming when the visitation depopulates inspectors, and from a mass of testimony ar- a neighbourhood of ours, and when the deathrayed during the last few years before legis- rates of a city in which we reside reveal the lative committees, the public must have be- presence of fatal infection on every side of us. come familiar with the sanitary wants of our | But what will the community, as yet unawakcity. They have learned that numberless ened to peril, reply to our assertion, based on abodes of human beings in our midst are the medical statistics, that fevers comparatively nurseries of disease, as well as the centres of light among the poorer classes wax to malignant misery. They know that we have alleys, lanes, fatality when introduced to the quarters of and streets, in which sickness is ever present- luxury and refinement? Typhus, for instance, that there are dwellings which can be fitly de- comparatively mild in its attacks upon the scribed only by the suggestive title of “fever-| lower strata of society, becomes virulent when Dests ;” and that there is a process of moral and transferred to the mansions of wealth and apphysical decay among our poorer population parent exclusiveness. Originating in the same which can only be classified as “tenant-house specific contagion, and developed through the rot." Facts of the most stubborn kind demon- same malarious influences, as an endemic, it strate the existence in our community of a bar- no sooner becomes liberated upon the wings of barism which shames civilization, and of degra. ammonia than it assumes directly a mortal chadation that accuses Christianity. We have racter, changing, as it were, its very essence, as learned that our preventible deaths are num. it passes from poor to rich. Among the habered by tens of thousands; that fevers have bitants of gregarious localities, abandoned to become endemics within a hundred precincts ; Gilth and neglect, and becoming actual purveyors that multitudes are poisoned by putrid effluvia; of disease, the mortality in cases of fever will that squalor, filth, and physical sufferings are be found to average less than one in thirty ; but the daily concomitants of half our social life. among the affluent and comfortable the deaths

Medical theorists may dispute as to the con- are as one to five cases. So, then, the chances tagious principle of our common low, nervous, to survive, attacked by typhus or other local and bilious fevers. We need not enter into fever-apart from putrid hospital types -- are entangling discussions regarding the compara- against our “ better classes” in the proportion tive prevalence of typhus, synochus, or other of six to one, as compared with the poorer. A more arbitrary distinctions of febris. It is enough poor denizen of the crowded tenant-house, to realize that, in our city, we can trace a deathe attacked by low typhus in his dark abode, may trail of SOMETHING-call it by whatever name be prostrated, and speedily recover; while the you please - which prostrates as quickly, and dweller in Square, after succumbing to overcomes as surely, as any malignant type of sequent symptoms of stupor, headache, conspotted pestilence. Passing from individual vulsions, muscular contractions, and deliriums, to individual, from tenement to tenement, al may perish miserably, at last, under the true, tergately afflicting every member of a family, malignant typhus. and every family residing under the same roof; The labours of Hercules, as recited in classic we can identify its characteristics, whether we story, were types, it has been said, of succes. classify it or not. We shall never fail to remark sive reforms or ameliorations introduced by its appearance where circumstances lead to its wise monarchs into ancient society. However introduction ; and we must inevitably chronicle that may be, it is certain that we have in mo. its establishment wherever those circumstances dern communities the equivalents of many such concur to afford it proper nidus and support. monsters as were destroyed by Alcmena's son. It is observed by naturalists that, where all Not to apply the threadbare simile of Augean things tend to the disclosure and sustenance of stable to London back-streets, we may aptly any production, in that place- no matter how liken the tenant-house nuisance to that other the germen may be conveyed-we are sure to embodiment of malarious poison which the find developed the peculiar species, which, by strong man encountered in Lernean morasses. babit and sympathy, accords with the local sur. We have, in fact, a domestic Lernean marsh in roundings. The same, undoubtedly, is true of the filthy and feculent “ back-slums” of our disease. If abject poverty, scanty food and city, and a local bydra in the many-headed clothing, filthy habitation, dejection of mind, evils of that horrible excrescence—the tenantand debility of body, be latent causes that en- | house. gender contagious or infectious diseases in one To recognize this abominable packing-box district, we may be certain that “ like will beget arrangement as a dwelling-system for human like” in other districts, however remote. beings is to scandalize civilization. To declare

It is sufficiently frightful to contemplate the it a "laboratory of poisons”-whose emanaTayages of a pestilence from some safe scien- tions vitiate health and morals, whose agencies

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