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MATERIALS. -Boar’s-head crochet cotton, of Messrs. Walter Evans and Co., Derby.

This circle will form a pretty cover for a loop. At the end of the round fasten off and toilet-pincushion. It may also be used as a cut the cotton. centre for a couvrette, with smaller circles 7th. Fasten the cotton to the point of one of round it.

the loops, and work 1 slip-stitch, * 7 chain, i Begin in the centre. Make a chain of ten

slip-stitch in the point of the following loop.

Repeat from *. stitches, and join it into a circle. 1st round. 20 double within the circle.

8th. The same as the 5th. 2nd. i double, 17 chain, 1 slip-stitch in the 9th. Double crochet with 1 purl over every one double to form a loop; work round the Toth stitch. loop in double crochet. Increase once on each Before beginning the 10th row, prepare the side, and once at the top. Work once more in small circles of the outer border, which are double crochet round the loop, increasing as made separately, as follows :-Begin in the before, and working one slip-stitch at the bot. centre. Make 4 chain for a first long double, 7 tom of the loop. Six purl are worked in this chain, 1 long double in the first of the 4 chain second round over the loop, three on either side. forming the first long double; work 2 more Each purl is composed of 4 chain. At the end long double, always divided by 7 chain; then of this round fasten off and cut the cotton. again 7 chain, and fasten the last to the top of There should be four leaves similar to the first, I the first long double. Nowwork in close crochet each divided by 4 double.

all round the star, adding one purl over every 3rd. Fasten the cotton at the point of one of fourth stitch. When you have completed sixthe four leaves, and work 1 double, * 5 chain, teen similar small circles, continue to work 1 purl, 5 chain. Now for the small pattern, round the large one. joining two leaves together; make 3 chain, 1 10th. Begin upon the 3rd stitch after 1 purl, purl placed downwards, 1 chain, I purl placed and work i slip-stitch, 7 chain, 1 slip-stitch in upwards, 2 chain, 1 double between the two one stitch of a circle, between 2 purl; turn, and first purl of one leaf, 2 chain, 1 purl, 2 chain, 1 over the 7 chain work one slip stitch, I double, double between the two first purl of next leaf, | i long double, 1 short treble, 1 treble, I long 2 chain, 1 purl placed upwards, 1 chain, I pur treble, miss 3 stitches under the leaf thus downwards, 3 chain, 1 slip-stitch in the first of formed, and work 1 double in the fourth; now the three chain at the beginning of the pattern begin a loop, formed of 1 chain, 1 purl, 1 chain, to complete the pattern, then 5 chain, 1 purl, 5 | 1 purl, 3 chain, 1 purl, 1 chain, 1 purl, 1 chain; chain, I double in the point of the next leaf, under this loop miss two stitches, 1 purl, and and repeat always from *.

two more stitches of preceding round, and then 4th. Between each leaf and each pattern | begin another leaf similar to the first. Work which divides them you have 10 chain, with a alternately one of the pointed leaves, and one purl in the centre; work 1 double in each of loop with purls. There should be sixteen leaves these chains, and 1 in the lower part of the in the round, and one of the smaller cirles is purl; also work 1 double in the point of each

| fastened on to the point of each leaf. To renleaf, and of each triangular pattern, so as to

der the work firmer, insert the needle at the form an entire circle of double stitches.

back of one circle, in the first space, from the

point where the circle was joined on to a leaf. 5th. All double crochet, increasing here and | Make a chain of six or seven stitches, and fasten there.

it by a slip-stitch in the point of the nearest 6th. # 5 double, 1 chain, 1 purl, 1 chain, 1 loop. Make a second chain of the same length, purl, 3 chain, 1 purl, 1 chain, i purl, 1 chain, and join it on in the nearest space of the next fasten the loop of chain and purl by l slip- circle. Repeat the same process for each circle. stitch, and repeat from *. There must be 16 They are also joined together by a stitch worked loops in the round, and 5 double between each lin one purl on either side.


(Specially from Paris.) TOILETS FOR COUNTRY-SEATS. port, but are made to fit the upper part of the

figure quite closely. For long dresses several FIRST FIGURE.-Dress of gray pou de soie, very pretty supporters have been invented in the consisting of a skirt and corselet cut out of a shape of loops &c.; and dresses tied up at the single piece, and having one large plait at the sides and backs are in favour both for street waist behind. The skirt is gored in every and evening wear. Short skirts have appeared width, and cut in notches at the bottom. The at the Tuileries in full-dress. A very pretty corselet is cut at the top in similar notches, and walking dress is composed of an under-skirt of the short sleeves are finished in the same manner. striped grey silk, of two shades. The over-skirt Under-body of muslin, with guipure transparents, is of plain gros-grain, of the lighter shade, with in which a ribbon is run, and the long under- | a piping of green silk between each of the gored sleeves are finished up the back of the arm with widths. The upper skirt is much shorter than the same description of ornament. A jacket, the under one. Bodice of plain silk, with two in the rotonde form, trimmed with a jet em- short pointed basques at the back. Buttons of broidery above a flounce of guipure, is worn green velvet down the front of the dress, on with this dress out-of-doors. I may mention the edge of the tight sleeves, and half circling that a band of the material, edged with narrow the arm-hole. For these short dresses summerguipure and studded with large buttons, orna-poplin, Mohair, and Alpaca, either plain or ments the front of the skirt.

striped, are much in favour. For serious robes Second FIGURE.-Silk gauze dress, with of silk, the newest and most favourite is two skirts. The first is trimmed with four rows

grenat ; the tint is a charming one, and is very of silk bias-pieces of the same colour as the one

distinguée. dress. The second skirt, which is raised à I am glad to say that natural flowers are l'antique on each side, has three similar rows.

being greatly worn for ornaments in the hair ; Basquine body, lined with silk to match.


Tight and

Tichi and the difficulty of keeping them fresh through sleeves, lined with the same, and finished

the evening has been overcome by the use of round the arm-hole and at the wrist with rows

hollow flexible tubes of India-rubber perforated of bias-pieces to match those on the skirt with holes for the reception of the flower-stems, Belgian-straw bonnet, in the plateau form, ar

form and filled with moss previously saturated with trimmed with convolvolus flowers and foliage."

water. These tubes take the form and colour Barb-strings of Chantilly lace, fastened by a

of natural branches, and are easily adapted to cluster of convolvolus.

* any style of coiffure.

Long sash-ends continue to be worn, as do Trimmings are worn both on the fronts and the pointed waist-bands. Everything-shawls, backs of dresses, and while short skirts are in mantles, basques-affect the peplum-form, while favour (with young persons for promenade), the graceful drapery (properly so-called) contrained dresses are made more deeply trained tinues to be in general vogue. than ever, but the skirts, in either case, are Chignons are worn higher every day: some gored; and the short waists and scanty fulness appear on the very summit of the head, and remind one of the days of Queen Charlotte. long plaits have in some measure taken the Here the dresses are, for the most part, place of curls; but the newest style of coiffure worn without any fulness whatever, and adopted by lovers of originality is, instead of appear almost drawn over tight-fitting crino-curling or plaiting the hair, to let it fall on each Jines. The latter, when intended for trained side of the chignon as low as the waist, merely dresses, are wider than ever at the bottom, tying it at intervals with a tuft of beads or where these caudal appendages require sup- I flowers-a pretty idea, is it not?


POETRY accepted, with thanks.--" Roses from the The MS. returned as desired, but we would advise

Harem ;" * Doomed;" “ The Soul and the Wil. him to read and carefully rewrite the sketch, which low;" “ Hope in Despair;" “Receipt for a Head;" | has much in it that deserves to be preserved). “Mowers tossed the Hay.”

“ The Leyburns of Altringham.” — The author is Declined, with thanks. "Among the Mows;" | thanked for the offer of this story, which is not

“ Tell Him” (very sweet and refined in sentiment, suited to our pages. but the incqualities of the rhyme require amend

id- Accepted.--"All Potterton's Fault.” ment). “Tellefer's Song to the Conqueror” labours under the same defect. "The Squirc of “Ashbury” |

my “At Brecon.”_"T. F. M.,” “S, P. A.” will please (the MS. has been returned by post).

to accept the above answer. Received.--"Out with King Mob” (the writer shall We regret the absence of our sprightly Paris letter,

have an answer as soon as the MS. is read); “Be- which for some cause has not come to hand this fore the Wind” (not equal to the author's intention. 1 month.


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