Product Innovation Strategy, Pure and Simple: How Winning Companies Outpace Their Competitors

McGraw Hill Professional, 1995 - 174 Seiten
Product Innovation Strategy Pure and Simple is based on Robert's 10 years of intensive research into a very basic question: Why are certain companies so adept at creating and introducing new products, while others are not? Robert uncovered an answer that was equally simple: successful innovators rely upon more than serendipity; they follow a process, one that they deeply ingrain in their corporate cultures and to which they continually adhere. You'll find the real-life stories of those companies here - compelling insights into the ways in which firms such as 3M, Honda, and Johnson & Johnson have institutionalized the innovation process. But, beyond this rich assortment of case histories, anecdotes, and object lessons, you'll discover how your company can implement the proven strategy that Robert has distilled and presents in this trailblazing book. For the first time anywhere, find out how easy it is to integrate the four steps that comprise a winning product innovation process. And there's more still. Robert also details a variety of different "spins" on the strategic innovation process ... provides a glimpse at the future role of new product innovation in an increasingly fragmented marketplace ... describes how to make innovative thinking part and parcel of an organization's culture ... and takes a close-up look at how the innovation process affected the fortunes of Gillette and of Kodak.

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The Fuel of Corporate Longevity
The Seven Deadly Sins of Corporate Stagnation
The Search for New Product Opportunities

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Michel Robert is founder and president of Decision Processes International, Inc., an internationally known consulting firm with 40 partners in 15 countries. His clients include such major companies as Caterpillar, 3M, and GATX. A noted speaker, he has written articles in numerous business magazines and journals, including Forbes, Barron's, Harvard Business Review, Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, Time and Business Week. He is the author of Strategy Pure & Simple, Product Innovation Strategy Pure & Simple, and Strategy Pure & Simple II. Robert lives in Westport, CT.

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