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Bntered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1870, by HURD AND Houghton, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court for the Southern District of New York.

Riverside, cAMBRIDGE:
st E. R. rot Yp E D AND PRINT ED BY
H. O. houghton AND COMPANY.

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It was my original intention to have published these notes of my journey in the two-volume form, comprehending much additional material which would have made the work a complete and minute survey not only of the entire region traversed by the Pacific Railroad, but of much of the incalculably valuble and interesting region tributary to it on either side. Of the latter part of my journey, after leaving Salt Lake City, - I have here, however, had room to give only the more salient features; and by the same circumstances which rendered it advisable to reduce the book to a single volume, I have been compelled to throw much of the matter relating to the Mormons, their home, their problem, and their destiny, into what to most readers is the least attractive and most superficially noticed form — an Appendix.

It is principally on behalf of this Appendix that I utter a word of prefatory remark. The engrossing question, “What shall we do with the Mormons’’ is, so far as I know from personal reading and infor. mation obtained at the best hands, treated in this Appendix from an entirely new point of view. I may say frankly that I believe my solution of the question the promptest, the most feasible, the least productive

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