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conclusion, it would but have been courteous to wait till the fact announced itself. But there was no truth in the assumption; and so the implication was doubly dam- that is, damaging....."the more haste the worse speed." The ultra supineness of speculation on horse-racing in 1854-so far year

has advanced-points the moral of the new movement in its practical exchequer. The return to paper currency is not so well relished as promises to pay were before the sterling one of anticipatory "stump up.” People hesitate about circulating in the Ring, like the pigs of the good old times, that perambulated the parish ready roasted -provided with apple-sauce and knives and forks—asking the neighbours to help themselves and friends. If a man pays his “ book” debts —'tis his own fault......Default, however, is rather " stylish”- that is to say, on the authority of the doers.....“ Lord

,, my fine fellow, was backward in coming forward ; what's the odds if you and I are

slow and sure ? Grumbling at procrastinated 'tip' is gross impertinence. Why do the raffs tick if they can't afford it ?" Do they suppose Fashion is the Golden Calf ?

“Where are those martyr'd suints, the Five per Cents.?

And where-O! where the d-l are the rents ?"

Ready money, my dear boy, is weight-for-age work—à taste all fast folks turn up their noses at. • Don't


you may get it ?' That's honour's handicap- light come, light go'-'cut and come again'that's the ticket !'

But avaunt badinage ! matter of much moment is at issue......... The vast interest involved in the turf-assumptively a sport merely, in fact a project for beneficial investment—demands from the proverbial prudence of this most practical of social communions a recognised convention for the order and probation of its policy-a sound and salutary system in connexion with its speculative principle, within the letter and spirit of the act of recent origin for the suppression of foul and popularly prejudicial gambling, to which national racing had been prostituted. Betting, book-making, backing horses, laying against them, hedging, to stakes and forfeits, implies, now as ever, a compact that parties whu so operate are dealing on money in their possession, or at their command ; therefore no pretence of discourtesy can attach to the means which should furnish facilities for carrying out the covenant of honour. ...... Q. e. d.- there lacks a practical medium, through whose agency evidence should be available in confirmation of such convention credit a referential resource in proof of such claim to confidence- facility for developing an implied fact......" Still harping on my” proverb prejudice. I cannot but prefer a word for the philosophy of the wise old saw“ save me from my friends."...... Thus common conscience must countenance the Turf to canvas its case...... The Licensed Lottery lot put forth their philanthropy : its popularity, prevailed—and so did the scheme. Then came the “ sweeps"--with one fell swoop-and even so they disappeared. Last—not least-the “ Lists” arose, with foul for. tune looming on their future. “Die !” cried Anno Decimo Sexto et Decimo Septimo VICTORIA REGINÆ ; and lo! they are defunct. Here is the hand that would and should have done it-peradventure that could, and did achieve its prepense purpose...... It grew distract at the

desecration of honour and honesty ; it felt that it was “ tucking up its fingers for a fight.” And why not shy the castor within the ropes ?(that gauntlet grim of cockney chivalry)......

" All's but naught : Patience is sottish ; and impatience doth

Become a dog that's mad." Wherefore, then, except a fellow-creature,—when his “dander's up?"

So Lotteries, and Sweeps, and Lists, and Offices went “ down to dusty death.” And Ilope was glad, and plumed its pleasant pinionswhen lo ! another friend is “to the fore. Yea! in these days prophets “ be upon the earth !" Behold Delphos, of “Diott-street, Bloomsbury Skevaire,” knoweth all about the downe of Do-the-Boys, and offers it “ to his friends” for twelve postage-stamps and an envelope, with the Queen's head on it (I hope the transfer involves no treasonable traffic?) Who may wonder that they nibble at the bait ? that they swallow the hook-or that he hands it to them with a Hookey Walker ?”......

“Well ! he'll have his day-and welcome ; when he's down-down with him : and that won't be long first”... “ What's that you say

?“All U-P before the Metropolitan bursts, Delphos."

“You never mean that ere, do 'ee? 0 ! oow !...... I'm all of a prosperation,' as the mutton-chop said to the gridiron”

Now fools prevail-now knaves will have their day:

'Tis “ tit for tat”-“ thus runs the world away!” Having, in boon spirits, made our progress towards the balance, le us weigh occasion more gravely, that he be not tested—and “found wanting.” Olympic philosophy is a science whose study craves wary walking. It will be in the memory of many that it has cost not only the freshman dear but the accomplished M.A. One whose name stands foremost in the Turf annals of the current century was fain, during his novitiate in connexion with it, to do that, for which later in life he pursued others-to the knife. One of the most polished—the most chivalrous—the most popular of his class in his time—in the terrible hour that threatened his whilom brilliant, spotless honour, died miserably by his own hand, rather than risk disgrace. A youth—as gracious and as good as ever graced town—with a noble estate and a château, one of the "princely homes of England,” with his premier pas fresh painted on the paths of fashion-became a pauper—and a lunatic! These are miserable modern instances—and they do not stand alone. Experience can multiply a perilous per centage for that catalogue of calamity. The sparkling debut of the Ring is as a pleasure passage amid summer fields. The air is fresh and fragrant—the sun glows glad and bright....... Anon, the clouds cluster dense and dark ; the tempest tears around ; rivers of rain descend ; the sky is a-fire; the thunder roars ; the earth rattles ; there is crash and convulsion ; man is left to ruminate on and to rue-the ruin....... So it is, but too often, with the father, whose young promise was not predestined to perish in poverty, or pitiless peril. Where is now the family and the hearthstone, and the gentlest of the gentle that shed grace upon it-once the cynosure of all that was English-through whom the squire_once in sporting sympathy the parallel of him who has outrode “the battle and the breeze ?”-Gone--all gone--and “left not a wrack behind.”

Such were the victims of a plague that distorted a noble national sport-morally—“from its propriety.” The root of this evil was-money —“effodiuntur opes irritamenta malorum. That which Aix-la-Chapelle, Baden Baden, Spa, cum multis aliis, were to Hoyle and billiards,Newmarket, Epsom, Doncaster becomes to the taste-prone to “witch the world with noble horsemanship.” Keen craft was at work, and lost no time to turn the course

“ Clean from the fashion of the thing itself.” By subtle, but sure degrees, it passed from a scene of social revel and hearty intermission into a dire drama—where Greek met Greek—to prey upon high principle—and the plenteous purse. The green sod was enlisted for the dirty work-hitherto monopolized by the green baize....... This was contumacious contrast to the sporting tryst of the chivalry of this “ bright isle.”......

Fair girls at play may punch our noses :

A clown's coarse pull-un autre chose is. About a quarter of a century ago the first positive indication of a menacing movement, in the whole speculative policy of horse-racing, was manifest. The manner of its matter was evidently undergoing an unseemly metamorphosis. The element of intercourse was fast dissolving into class chaos. People were permitted participation of the Ring at Royal races who were looked upon as curs of low degree” in “ Rotten Row.” Betting at this period was treated as portion of the drawing business of public-houses...... Boniface patronised the book trade. This was the first sporting scandal that sound sense was taught to scout, after a tussle with reason that expired with the odour of defunct brimstone. The second episode was of a more common character; it took in

fancy''—and more “flats.” It stared society out of countenance in every Tom and Jerry casement within the bills of mortality. Ahasuerus ! grant it stopped there, and went no farther! It had its turn, and then took the way of all vice! Last, not least, was the catastrophe, played in the Royal Palace of Westminster. In this was demonstrated the device of anticipatory “cly-faking,” and thereupon the performance was, as the case often is at the play-houses, _dnd.'

The curtain falls on serious comedy to rise on lighter but more legitimate action. There was much difficulty and delay before it could be got out; but, once presented to the public, peradventure it may reckon on a good run-fast, fair, and decisive...... Its introduction to the world chivalric was indeed an essay of earnest effort, but it was the energetic struggle of one who had set his life upon the cast...... It has been seen by the Stewards of the Jockey Club—by the Ides of March, may it not hold similar relations with the great Ring itself? In all respect and corresponding confidence it is adventured mise en scène. It was wrought hardly, it has hopes high, looking trustingly forward to the harvest of providential perseverance. Behold, then, “here it is !”

" At Kilvie there was no weathercock,

And that's the reason why." Abstract of the Prospectus of a Society, about being immediately registered-provisionally; and offered for public approval and patronage :


That which, on and after the first of December 1853, may be done in Bets upon “Events of Horse Races and the like contingencies,” is inferred from an act of the 16th and 17th Victoria, Cap. CXIX. The vast amount of capital embarked in the Turf-assumptively as a sport, but in effect as a beneficial investment-demands from the proverbial prudence of this most practical of social communions a recognised convention for the order and protection of its policy. Therefore this undertaking is promoted : to provide for that great National Institution-endowed with rich intrinsic means and resources, successors of the provision-courtesy, which constituted the capital of its early annals--a sound and salutary system, in connection with its speculative interest, within the letter and spirit of the Act aforesaid. The convenient direction of the system on which it is founded is thus dealt with in a late number of a periodical enjoying much public favour......

“Life Insurance is a chance-game based on certainties, and intended, not that one man should win at another's expense, but that the severity of any one man's loss may be mitigated by diffusion among a large number, on each of whom the share of the transferred burden presses very lightly. But it is not Life Insurance simply that lies before us. There are Fire Insurance, Ship Insurance, Railway-accident Insurance, General-accident Insurance, Honesty Insurance (Guarantee Societies): all are modes in which one of two tendencies may be exercised--that of periodically laying by small sums for future purposes, or of speculating on future events, which may be almost certainties in the aggregatebut which are chance in respect to any one individual instance.

The latter of these “tendencies” involves the essential theory of racing engagements-Backing Horses, Laying against Horses, and Hedging Stakes and Forfeits.

Turf speculation implies, as it always has done, a compact that parties to it are dealing on money in their possession, or at their command. No pretence of discourtesy therefore can attach to a plan which furnishes facilities for carrying out that covenant of honour: neither can any design of evading the Law, as set forth in the Bill of the 20th August, 1853, be imputed to an agency purporting no cognizance of Bets, direct or indirect-no receipt of money—“on condition of paying money on event of any bet;" but merely to seek and supply evidence of claim to confidence and credit, on the ground of ascertained character and substance. May not grace and cordial countenance then be canvassed in behalf of a measure, whose object is to vindicate the position and forward the fortune of Britain's noblest National Sport?

CONDITIONS TO BE PROVIDED FOR BY DEED OF SETTLEMENT. - In executing this Deed, those who affix their signatures to it pledge themselves to recognise and observe its convention.

The Board of Directors shall be elected by general ballot of the Shareholders, in person or by proxy, from members of their own association, as soon as letters of allotment for one hundred Shares shall have been applied for, and issued to, the number, which, under the 7th and 8th Vict., c. 110as mended by 10th and 11th Vict., c. 78, may constitute a Board of Directors.

Capital realized by sale of Shares shall be invested in Government Stock, in the joint names of the Directors, and credited to the holders of such Shares with the interest it carries.

All transfers of Shares shall be negotiated through the Secretary of the Society, who shall lay them before the Board for recognition, if no objection

Applications for Shares must be accompanied by unexceptionable references, according to the form issued at the Society's office.

Share property shall confer the privilege of confidential communication as to the accredited social position, and funds invested with the Society, of parties having corresponding relations with it.

Engagements involving prospective settlement shall be void, as against a party to them, by whom the Share-represented credit, on faith of which they are founded, has been withdrawn in the interval.

be in the way.

Commission upon certificates of reference shall be averaged at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

The Dividends derived from these fertile sources of profit, a perpetually revolving series of reference, and the constantly recurring register of Shares, shall be annually divided among the Shareholders.

The principle of the Society's finance, absolutely limiting its operation to the receipt of money on Shares, and the repayment of it on call, will wholly secure Shareholders for loss or liability, irrespective of Legislative intervention.

[P.S.-.Not having seen the proof of the conclusion of my paper in last month's number, I beg to say the quotation from Ovid's Epilogue to his Metamorphoses, page 16, should have been

[blocks in formation]


Bang! And over he rolls again : a further addition to the cupboard, and another tribute to the

of the unerring Mr. Evans. Rabbit-shooting is the pony-racing of the trigger. It is to this fun, with a light single barrel and a couple of smart terriers, that they enter Master Arthur ; and when that amiable young gentleman is completing his accomplishments at Harrow or Westminster, Evans, the butler, takes his gun and place. You distinguish Evans by that black velvet “vest”-indisputable evidence of a servant who has arrived at the dignity of wearing his own clothes. So may he fill up the vacuum of a leisure afternoon : well aware that in coney killing he is commiting no crime, as rabbits, under favour of certain circumstances, are not game, and so scarcely held “sacred” for those only of high degree.

Considering the way in which they multiply, it has always been to us something of a query as to what become of all the rabbits brought to bag ? They can scarcely be reckoned a common dish. A boiled one, smothered in onions, has certainly some repute--"providing always" you don't have it too often, say about once in three years. A rabbit-pie, again, may be rather a delicacy to him who cannot by any possibility procure anything else; while a rabbit-currey is a really good thing almost at any time. Perhaps, after all, the secret centres in the prowess of our friend Evans, who supplies the servants'-hall a little more bountifully than his fellows may appreciate. We know, indeed, of an establishment under the Chilton Hills where the household became imbued with the attributes of the animal they had so long lived on ; and so, instead of answering a knock or bell, scurried away into all kinds of corners on the first signal of an approach.

Still the shooting part of the business is pleasant occupation enough —at least, so seem to think Messrs. Evans and Quick ; and we leave them to the enjoyment of it.

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